Douki to Tawawa 4.7

Douki To Tawawa

Chapter 2 [End]

9,566 Sep 22,20 Himura Kiseki,Yom

A collaboration work between Yom (author of Ganbare, Douki-chan) and Himura Kiseki (author of Getsuyoubi no Tawawa). The manga presumably takes place after Chapter 29 of Douki-chan and Chapter 284 of Tawawa.
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Wolf & Parchment: New Theory Spice & Wolf 4.8

Wolf & Parchment: New Theory Spice & Wolf

Chapter 6

283,289 Sep 22,20 Juu Ayakura,Isuna Hasekura

The young man Cole dreams of one day joining the holy clergy and departs on a journey from the bathhouse “The Spice and Wolf Inn,” owned by his savior, Lawrence. The Winfiel Kingdom's prince has invited him to help correct the sins of the church. But as his travels begin, Cole discovers in his luggage a young girl with a wolf's ears and tail named Myuri who stowed away for the
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Hiratsu cute, Shizu cute! 4.5

Hiratsu Cute, Shizu Cute!

Chapter 38: Shizuka Hikigaya-San

312,022 Sep 22,20 poipoipoita

Hiratsuka-sensei not being able to get married is wrong as expected! Follow the chemistry between Hachiman and Hiratsuka-sensei in this Oregairu doujin by Twitter user @poipoipoita.
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Ordinary Emperor 4.8

Ordinary Emperor

Vol.2 Chapter 8

254,741 Sep 22,20 Tsukasa Mikuni,Megimura

Raising the curtains of a fantasy parallel world are the strongest dragon clan and the weakest girl!<br>Working under a certain feudal Lord, Haru is very ordinary and lives a normal life.<br>However, the jewel in the ring her late mother had left her can only be found in the dragon country - it’s an extremely rare thing. After finding that out, her life completely changes.<br&
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Horimiya 4.8


Chapter 119: Heels

26,823,622 Sep 22,20 Hero, Hagiwara Daisuke

Horimiya manga is japanese manga written by Hero Hori is the typical adolescent woman...that has a-side she wishes no body else to actually discover about.Then there is her classmate Miyamura, your typical spectacles-sporting child in college along with a completely diffent individual out.When both match suddenly, they uncover each others' strategies and create camarade
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Uncle Cool 4.8

Uncle Cool

Chapter 63

2,725,921 Sep 22,20 Homer

A dramatic, hilarious and timid girl caught the eye of a grim looking man. She keeps her cool despite being frightened. On the other hand, this man actually has a completely different side of him! Let's witness as this hilarious love story unfolds between two distinctly different characters.
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I don’t want to be Empress! 4.8

I Don’T Want To Be Empress!

Chapter 34

2,084,159 Sep 22,20 Seong euntae

I don’t want to be the empress! Serena, the daughter of a noble is full of intelligence, status and appearance. But the truth is that she said that in her past life she was aware of the tragedies that could occur in the future. It will be that Serena can escape from this tragedy!
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The Treasured Sakura Tome 4.5

The Treasured Sakura Tome

Chapter 92: Lin Feng's Secret

1,801,884 Sep 22,20 Wei Cang, He Qu

On the day before his death, Lin Feng is given a mysterious tome from the deity of love. Using it, he gains all sorts of supernatural abilities and skills from it to enjoy life to it’s fullest potential.
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Mr. Villain's Day Off 4.7

Mr. Villain's Day Off

Vol.3 Chapter 30: Cute If You Think Of It

2,190,782 Sep 22,20 Yuu Morikawa

There exists an evil organisation that intends to invade planet Earth. The man called "General" fights everyday against the Earth's Defence Force, the "Rangers"! However, today is his day off.
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Spirit Fingers 4.6

Spirit Fingers

Chapter 138

1,712,279 Sep 22,20 Han Gyeong Chal

​An ordinary girl... joins an extraordinary drawing club?! A story of finding one's true colors.
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An Exorbitant Wife 3.6

An Exorbitant Wife

Chapter 272

4,796,343 Sep 22,20 Changdu Technology

Ex-boyfriend and the best friend drugged her for revenge but unexpectedly brought a mysterious man enters her world. For revenge, she married the ruthless man and her mysterious birth story was revealed...
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I got a date with the president 4.5

I Got A Date With The President

Chapter 94

826,260 Sep 22,20 Updating

i got a date with the presidentA thrilling story of office romance. Shin ha-ri attended a blind date on behalf of a friend. But is suddenly proposed to by her own boss! Will Shin ha-ri be able to work at the company safely?!
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Kuroko no Basuke - Replace Plus 3.9

Kuroko No Basuke - Replace Plus

Chapter 8

27,368 Sep 22,20 Fujimaki Tadatoshi,Takahashi Ichirou,Sawako Hirabayashi

Manga adaptation of the Kuroko no Basket -Replace- novels, mainly focusing on the Generation of Miracles during their Teikou days. Summary from BAP Scans In a certain powerhouse team from Teiko middle school’s basketball club, there was a 5-man group of prodigies called “Generation of Miracles.” And then, there was one more player, highly esteemed by tho
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Bread & Butter 4.7

Bread & Butter

Chapter 11: Fougasse

220,075 Sep 22,20 Ashihara Hinako

Life isn't going too well for Yuzuki. She's a 34-years-old and without a boyfriend. The elementary school she works at is close to firing her, and to top it off she doesn't know what to do with her life at all. But even when she quits her job and tries to have an arranged marriage things don't work out. Only the bread she eats at the small stationery store around the corner gives her comfort. So o
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Different Country Diary 4.5

Different Country Diary

Vol.6 Chapter 29: Page.29

197,414 Sep 22,20 Tomoko Yamashita

The daily lives of a 15-year-old orphan and the 35-year-old lady novelist she ends up living with, and what happens when two polar opposite worlds try to -awkwardly- interact.
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Bocchi Hakase to Robot Shoujo no Zetsubou Teki Utopia 4.8

Bocchi Hakase To Robot Shoujo No Zetsubou Teki Utopia

Vol.1 Chapter 16: Lonely Professor And Fears Of Death

117,818 Sep 22,20 Kanehito Yamada

Follows the daily life of a professor and a robot girl in a post-apocalyptic setting.
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Girl's World 4.3

Girl's World

Chapter 224: 224 - Part 2.10

1,445,867 Sep 22,20 Morangji

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...
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Hiru to Yoru no Oishii Jikan 4.8

Hiru To Yoru No Oishii Jikan

Chapter 12

634,322 Sep 22,20 Morikawa Yumi

"Today's dinner is omurice!" "Don't need it." A story of the cohabitation between a skilled high school chef and a middle aged novelist. After his father's move abroad, Asaoka Mahiru began living with one of his father's acquaintances; the indifferent novelist, Kitagawa Yoruko. Despite being close to other guys, she walks around without a bra
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Mazumeshi Elf to Youbokugurashi 4.7

Mazumeshi Elf To Youbokugurashi

Chapter 7: The Wanwan Tribe And Winter

318,815 Sep 22,20 Kurou Ooma,Takashi Watanabe

Suzuki Saburo is the typical isekai MC. A high school boy who started to get into cooking after getting an injury during baseball, he suddenly found himself in another world one day. With the only thing on his person being his custom knife, he wandered a desolate prairie for three days before falling unconscious. <br><br>When he woke up, he found that a nomadic tribe of elves took him
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Take Your Mommy Home 3.9

Take Your Mommy Home

Chapter 235

1,866,280 Sep 22,20 Shi Er Zhang Wen

Take Your Mommy Home– Why? Five years ago, it’s were you who slept me?,And why after five years, it’s you again? Bai Chu Xiao was angry and held Jiang Cheng Yu’s collar and said, “I’ve been through hard time so much, how do you plan to compensate me?” The evil charm of Jiang Cheng Yu’s smile, he hugged her and said, “Is it enough with two babie
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Take Me Out 3.6

Take Me Out

Chapter 6

4,544 Sep 22,20 Updating

Ye Xuan is a professional attorney, but in the inside he is actually a scum. After an incident when he is toying with a girl, he encountered and made acquaintance with a system….
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Mizu wa Umi ni Mukkate Nagareru 4.7

Mizu Wa Umi Ni Mukkate Nagareru

Chapter 24: Flows To The Sea [End]

104,088 Sep 22,20 Tajima Rettou

Naotatsu is set to stay with his uncle as he enters a new high school. However, a woman he has never met, Sakaki-san, picks him up at the station. He now shares a house with a salaryman who quit to become a mangaka unbeknownst his parents (the uncle),  a cross-dressing fortune teller, a college professor, and a 25 year old office lady all quirky in their own ways. Naotatsu, a hig
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Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru 4.4

Mizu Wa Umi Ni Mukatte Nagareru

Vol.3 Chapter 24: Flows To The Sea

14,185 Sep 22,20 Tajima Rettou

Naotatsu is set to stay with his uncle as he enters a new high school. However, a woman he has never met, Sakaki-san, picks him up at the station. He now shares a house with a salaryman who quit to become a mangaka unbeknownst his parents (the uncle),  a cross-dressing fortune teller, a college professor, and a 25 year old office lady all quirky in their own ways. Naotatsu, a high schoo
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Little Chaos 4.8

Little Chaos

Vol.2 Chapter 19: Yuu-Chan's Circumstances

163,710 Sep 22,20 Suzukawa Rin

Yuzu Itou, a transfer student, is filled with uneasiness. In her loneliness, two kind-hearted girls called out to her: Akiko-chan and Ukippe. "I made friends!", she thought happily. However, it turns out that the two seem to be rather shady... This is a comedy of these slightly precocious primary school students, of their cutely idiotic everyday life.
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