Regarding That We Decided to Live in the Countryside With The Female Knight Who Came to Us 4.7

Regarding That We Decided To Live In The Countryside With The Female Knight Who Came To Us

Chapter 69: The Itous' Grandson

10,505,442 Dec 03,21 Sakuta, Akino Kakashi

Saeki Kanji, 32 years old and still single, is living in the Japanese countryside, which is in decline. After graduating from university with a degree in economics he took a job as a salary man in a leading company in Tokyo, but retired when he inherited the family farm in Miyama village when his parents passed on. He soon took to the life of a simple farmer. One day a beautiful woman
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No Home 4.8

No Home

Chapter 136: New Dorm (10)

1,737,666 Dec 03,21 Wanan

Haejoon Goh, who ran from home, and Eunyung Baek, the problem child who lives in a tent. These two, who met under terrible circumstances, are forced to live together in an abandoned dormitory. This is a story of difficult growth between two people who hate both the dorm and each other.
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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai 4.9

Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai

Chapter 120

9,222,737 Dec 03,21 Mizu Asato

From the author of Denkigai no Honya-san and Dansai Joshi comes a short-length comedy about Raidou and his seatmate Aharen-san, who has problems determining how chummy she has to be when approaching other people. Get up close and personal with the small, quiet but unfathomable girl, Aharen-san!
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Song of the Night Walkers 4.8

Song Of The Night Walkers

Chapter 78: Why Is Cheating Bad?

7,957,705 Dec 03,21 Kotoyama

Unable to sleep or find satisfaction in his daily life, Yamori Kou begins exploring the city at night, where he meets a strange girl who offers to help his insomnia by sleeping beside him.
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I Want Your Mother to Be with Me! 4.9

I Want Your Mother To Be With Me!

Chapter 33 [End]

5,266,905 Dec 03,21 Yutaka Tazawa

New Manga UP! Romantic comedy about a freeter who ended up falling in love with a single mother.
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Jinrui o Metsubou Sasete wa Ikemasen 4.9

Jinrui O Metsubou Sasete Wa Ikemasen

Chapter 24: What's This Feeling?

573,133 Dec 03,21 Takahata Kyu,Kaba Yuuji

On his way home from work the 26 year old salaryman, Kawakita Osamu, encounters an alien named Lilin. She and her species plan on invading the earth but she ended up getting stranded on this planet. Can Osamu raise her to become a kind-hearted kid before her species eradicates humanity in five years?
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Futago Complex 4.8

Futago Complex

Chapter 24

713,915 Dec 03,21 Orihara Sachiko

You're a good guy !!!! Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they love each other, sometimes rivals? Momo that can't be released a little while well, and is always taking care of the trouble. Ayatsuki,a tsundere (?) Story of twin high school students who are the opposite of personality!
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Kimi no Okaasan wo Boku ni Kudasai! 4.6

Kimi No Okaasan Wo Boku Ni Kudasai!

Vol.4 Chapter 33

516,269 Dec 03,21 Tazawa Yutaka

New Manga UP! romantic comedy about a freeter who ended up falling in love with a single mother. Links: Artist's Twitter @kimihahak
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Tensei Shite Inaka de slowlife wo Okuritai 4.6

Tensei Shite Inaka De Slowlife Wo Okuritai

Chapter 48: Royal Capital Escape Drama

16,421,285 Dec 03,21 Renkinou

The protagonist, Inaka Yuuji, was ran over by a truck because his awareness was dulled from overworking. “Ahー, with this I don’t have to work so much anymore. I want to spend my next life leisurely……” was the wish Yuuji blurted out, He met God and it was decided he will be reincarnated in the countryside of the other world. He became Alfred Slowlet, 2nd
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Utsukushii Koto 4.2

Utsukushii Koto

Vol.1 Chapter 1

0 Dec 02,21 Konohara Narise

From Good Girls Scan BL: Matsuoka is addicted to the high he gets when he's showered with stares of men when he walks the streets at night, dressed in the clothes of his ex-girlfriend. One night, his gloomy superior from work, Hirosue, rescues him after he's sexually assaulted by a man who'd been passing by. Though Hirosue was infamous for his awkwardness and dullness, Matsuok
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What I Get for Marrying a Demon Bride 4.8

What I Get For Marrying A Demon Bride

Chapter 39

3,160,565 Dec 02,21 Nadeshiko Yamato

A romantic comedy where Tomoyuki is married to a demon for a wife, a literal honest to goodness demon.
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Although Life May Deceive Us 4.4

Although Life May Deceive Us

Chapter 23

149,014 Dec 02,21 Kim ji su

“Once I enter university, I’ll definitely study hard and change my life for the better!” Kam SaHam, a broke college freshman is bent on changing her life by pursuing Fashion Design. However, in a curious turn of event, she ends up pretending to be loaded amongst all the rich kids in high society (Hi-So). Will she get called out or could she somehow find love amidst this chaos?
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Kiss Me Please 3.9

Kiss Me Please

Chapter 13

103,945 Dec 02,21 Han Ji-Heh,Han Jihae

A story about a man with a disease where he dies if he doesn’t kiss, and the secret kissing contract made in order to keep him alive; an office contract romance. (Hour of Lunacy)
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I’ll Become the Tyrant’s Tutor 4.4

I’Ll Become The Tyrant’S Tutor

Chapter 45

5,884,308 Dec 02,21 Chae Yoohwa

If there is no “Beauty” in “The Beauty and the Beast”, then who shall lift the Beast’s curse? “One day, someone trapped in a world of black and white will appear, and stain your world with blood.” Thanks to this prophecy, the “Beast”, Prince Raynsis, was abandoned and left to fend for himself. To undo the curse, he needs the “Beauty&rdquo
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Love at First Sight 4.1

Love At First Sight

Chapter 80

3,270,703 Dec 02,21 Updating

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Once, It Was Love 3.3

Once, It Was Love

Chapter 42

146,484 Dec 02,21 Fumiko ichi,Sora minazuki

Just like always, I made dinner and waited for my husband to come home. But when he came back, he kept ignoring me. He acted as if I wasn't there. What's more, after he finished dinner, he started checking his phone with a beaming face I had never seen before. It seemed like he was secretly texting with a girl. And that girl was none other than my younger sister... "Why did it have to be my sister
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Class Maid 4.5

Class Maid

Chapter 94

1,596,982 Dec 02,21 Shimamura

Otaku schoolboy Arise Riku, who is solely interested in female anime characters, is a fan of Yu-Tan from the maid cafe. However, he comes to find that Yu-Tan is actually Maejima Yuuko and sits next to him in class. He decides to give up his feelings, but…
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Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator 4.4

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 679

143,749,000 Dec 02,21 Daxingdao Anime,Shili Jianshen,Uncle Zhong

During the anti-cataclysm period, the monk Chen Fanyu fell into the catastrophe of the day, but he dreamed of returning to the earth's young age in five hundred years. In the last life, I was on the top of the universe, overlooking the world, but no one was accompanied. This world is only willing to live with the right person. After 500 years, the immortal reborn and returned to the city, to m
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Dance Dance Danseur 4.7

Dance Dance Danseur

Chapter 12

135,115 Dec 02,21 George Asakura

Junpei is happily snoozing away during his sister's ballet recital when a male ballet dancer steps onto the stage. Moved by the strength and skills the dancer displays, the boy discovers his love for this art. But after a certain tragedy happens, he vows to leave his past behind and turn into the epitome of manliness. What will he do when his love for ballet reignites?!
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Just for a Meowment 4.7

Just For A Meowment

Chapter 60

2,498,886 Dec 02,21 Kkanaria

Orphaned at birth and bullied at work, Myohee has been through countless trials in life. But when she gets scammed by her only friend and ends up bankrupt, Myohee feels as though she’ll never find the silver lining to her cloud. She decides to end her own life by jumping from a building, but mid-air, the grim reaper halts her descent, saying her time isn’t up yet. She’s ordered t
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 Delicious Scandal 4.6

Delicious Scandal

Chapter 14

181,381 Dec 02,21 Lim Solee

Kim Ro Sa has long dreamed of being a singer and finally her dream came true. However, her career did not go as smoothly as expected. Until one day, she met Chef Ian, who turned out to be a judge of the survival cooking event she had attended.
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