The Strange Story Of A Guy Next Door And A Novelist 4.3

The Strange Story Of A Guy Next Door And A Novelist

Chapter 87

3.6K Apr 14,24 Byul Ae Byul

It's a bit unusual, but a man moves in next door to a novelist that's on the rise, and because of that, something about the novelist is changing bit by bit. And eventually, this story will reach its end.
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Sangyang:The Wanderer 4.2

Sangyang:the Wanderer

Chapter 42

158 Apr 14,24 Gyujik

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Portrait of a Bad Guy 3.6

Portrait Of A Bad Guy

Chapter 90

1.9K Apr 14,24 Okdong-i

not found...
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Plum Blossom Shade 3.9

Plum Blossom Shade

Chapter 60

56 Apr 13,24 Barley

Read manhwa Under the Plum Blossom Tree / Di Tn Hoa M / Plum Blossom Shade / Shade of Plum Blossom / The Shade of Plum Blossoms / / / As the son of a prestigious political figure in Joseon, Hajin has only ever been interested in studying to become like his father. That is, until he meets Namwoo, a young man who takes on various odd jobs as he struggles to pass his school exams. As they overcome
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Lop-Eared Guard 4.3

Lop-Eared Guard

Chapter 103

3.5K Apr 13,24 Changpei Literature , Lin Qian , 原点格子漫画

For the world to function and sustain, it has to be inevitability built on hierarchy. As precious, rare resources, high-grade omegas are kept in captivity by powerful, elite alphas in order to reproduce the next high quality generation. Yan Yi, a lop-eared rabbit omega, had once ravaged the battlefield with the powerful peregrine falcon alpha Lu Shangjin, and had once loved him deeply. Now, he c
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Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again 3.7

Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again

Chapter 61

3.6K Apr 13,24 书耽网 , 糖糕很甜

Qianfu You You You Xiang FuhunleYe Linghan's words turned Ji Ran from an Alpha to an Omega. Ji Ran endured the rejection reaction after changing his physique, endured Ye Linghan's repeated injuries, and after Ye Linghan divorced him, he turned and left heartbroken.And Ye Linghan, who got his wish, looked at the empty villa, and suddenly came to his senses
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Fudanshi Kazoku 4.4

Fudanshi Kazoku

Chapter 33

1.4K Apr 12,24 Suzuri Machi

Saotome family also known as the family full of fudanshi. From the single dad to his two sons, BL runs in their blood.
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After My Death, The Prince Is Unbearably Grieved 3.9

After My Death, The Prince Is Unbearably Grieved

Chapter 23

766 Apr 12,24 兔淼淼 , 书耽网 , 虎岫工作室

Wo Zou Hou, Wangye Tongbuyusheng; After My Death, the Prince Is Unbearably Grieved, , Use Yourself As A PoisonHe used his body as a gu, risking his life to detoxify him, but he was spoiled and hated. Five years later, Chi Yan's Gu poison was completely cured, Bai Luo ran out of energy and decided to leave, but he kept Bai Luoqiang by his side by all means When the humble and selfless love is exhau
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See You My King 3.9

See You My King

Chapter 76

2.2K Apr 11,24 温远

Zhang Li witnessed the "stone statue" he was closely associated with disappear in front of his eyes. Filled with grief and regret, he comes to arrive in at Elbis, a mythical ancient civilization from long ago that had mysteriously perished. At last, he encounters the stone statue again, only to find that he wasn't the old crybaby that clung to him every day, but a cold, ruthless tyrant instead. Ca
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Unrequited Love Diary 3.8

Unrequited Love Diary

Chapter 5.2

16 Apr 11,24 Gori

Jun Hayase, a third-year high school student, kept his unrequited love, a male student, in his diary. One day, his junior Kyosuke and his roommates, found his diary. So as to not blurt out his secret to his crush, Kyousuke puts out a demand, [go out with] Hayase is swayed by her forcible junior who suddenly kisses him and pushes down.... What happens to his unrequited love?
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You Can’t Escape From Me 3.2

You Can’T Escape From Me

Extra. : Mini Theater

961 Apr 11,24 潭石 , 长佩文学 , 欧泊漫社

“Young Master Chi, I doubt you’ll help me unconditionally. Am I right?” “You’ll find out soon enough what this deal entails. Now, all you need to do is to give me an answer. Do you want this opportunity or not?” “Yes, I do.” Chi Mingyao made a deal with an actor who was brave enough to block him because of a car accident. He only wanted to tease the little actor at first, but eventually, he genuin
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New Year's Passion 3.7

New Year's Passion

Chapter 59

770 Apr 11,24 Bori

It was an exhausting love. I've only experienced it once. It was an unrequited love that shook my entire life. However, I met him again. That drunkard guy who got dumped by a man. Although I had promised that I won't waver again like I did last time, I still can't control my heart. Why are you still struggling for me?
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Wind Beneath My Wings 3

Wind Beneath My Wings

Chapter 35

402 Apr 11,24 Hongda

Read Wind Beneath My Wings [Official] on mangabuddy
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Nameless 3.8


Chapter 34.75

463 Apr 11,24 Gidde

Nuka, who has been taking illegal guide drugs as an unregistered esper, is kidnapped by the military guide Astin one day in the name of esper management. Quarantined by the military, Nuka is fascinated by Astin's strong guiding, and "You'll have to consider it a lifetime honor to be guided by me."
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Stuck in My Sister's Dating Sim 4.2

Stuck In My Sister's Dating Sim

Chapter 53

1.9K Apr 10,24 Mongdo

All I wanted to do was save my sister’s game, but how did I get dragged into it? I got transmigrated into my younger sister’s stupid dating simulation game! Jinsoo Lee has played this game before and knows enough about it… to realize he’s been transmigrated as a trouble-making, good-for-nothing villain who dies way too soon. His new plan is to lead a quiet life while he figures out a way back
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Senshun Kansoku 3.7

Senshun Kansoku

Chapter 9

283 Apr 10,24 Toriya kou

Wakamatsu Haruka (3rd year of middle school) finds the new student Hachiya Shuuto (1st year of middle school) sleeping at the train station and Haruka can't help wanting to take care of the small Shuuto. This is the story of a member of the baseball club and the leader of the school band.
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Monochrome Rumor 4.6

Monochrome Rumor

Chapter 83

4.5K Apr 10,24 Chiyul , Momoko , Pyunbaeknamusoop

When I woke up after an unexpected car accident, K ended up possessing the body of a hopeless idol... He was nicknamed "Beautiful Trash", a man who seemingly knows nothing but money and is involved in a messed up web of sponsors. There's also rumors discarding his fellow members of 2 years in the midst of a contract with larger agencies? I thought I'd been scammed, but the origin
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Profundis 3.9


Chapter 67

4.2K Apr 10,24 Jae Young , Morphish , Eise

A time where positivity and compassion for the weak have disappeared. 13 years ago, the life of the whole family was shaken when a mutant came out of the abyss, into the world. An old catastrophe, the most powerful star Almuten. Yoo Geon, who has lost his one and only older brother, is saved by the S-class hunter Woo Shin-je who appeared just in time."Be the guide of Erehon and obey my commands, e
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The Lord Has Hidden Intentions 4.2

The Lord Has Hidden Intentions

Chapter 100

2.3K Apr 10,24 简简单 , 麻辣火锅

I treated you like a brother, but you treated me like a love interest. And you've stolen every girlfriend I ever had! I just wanted to get married and have a baby, why is that so difficult?! A black-hearted white lotus vs. straight guy. A wild fantasy, omegaverse, that's both sweet and seductive~~
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The Moon Comes to Me 4

The Moon Comes To Me

Chapter 65

54 Apr 10,24 长佩文学网

When Tao Xi was in his third year of junior high school, he learned about his fate of being deliberately exchanged by his "mother" when he was born. He lived in confusion until he saw Lin Qinhe from Wenhua No. 1 Middle School, a prestigious school thousands of kilometers away, on the remote live broadcast screen of a high school in a poor county. That was the first time he glimpsed the moon in the
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Ring 4.6


Chapter 98

868 Apr 09,24 Dong Ye

.A sweet story between a little angel and a big angel~
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The Specific Heat Capacity of Love 4.1

The Specific Heat Capacity Of Love

Chapter 1: Updated Long Strip Version [End]

231 Apr 09,24 Moss,Old Xian

A girl goes to the seaside on her class field trip and accidentally meets a mysterious handsome boy, after talking, she hears a dramatic story about a bird and fish, finally the kind girl decides to help the bird fulfill its last wish.
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The Moon God Doesn't Understand Love 4.3

The Moon God Doesn't Understand Love

Chapter 65

409 Apr 09,24 Jiu ling dong man

An auspicious cloud thousands of years ago—Because Huang Yue wanted to undergo punishment under Heavenly Tribulation with the dragon Xia Ying, he lost his life. Xia Ying tried his best to save Huang Yue, and so Huang Yue was reborn as the Moon God, and the fate of the two prevailed. After rebirth, Huang Yue was demoted due to his poor performance, and met with Xia Ying once again. The sparks
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I'm Sick Ah 3.8

I'm Sick Ah

Chapter 60

685 Apr 08,24 木火然

not found...
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