The Eyes of Sora 4.3

The Eyes Of Sora

Chapter 83: Amor Fati 3

809,891 Aug 08,20 Summer

When Jeongha, the temperamental young son of a wealthy businessman was suddenly stricken down with a mysterious illness, his father scrambled to look for a cure. But the debilitating affliction persisted. Desperate and out of option, the father sought out help from a temple up on a misty mountain to save the life of his only son. As he stood waiting at the foot of the mountain for the temple peopl
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Film Emperor's Reincarnation Script 4.2

Film Emperor's Reincarnation Script

Chapter 150 [ End ]

2,816,768 Mar 16,20 Bing Mao, Yuanyang, Xin Yeyu

After crawling through the showbiz world for more than ten years, the film emperor Yuan Mu gained an excellent set of acting abilities, just not the right kind to save himself from being murdered. Heaven messed up then, probably, as he reincarnated in the body of a ‘young hunk’. The appearance of this ‘young hunk’ was about eighty percent similar to his former
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Lost Child 4.5

Lost Child

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Extra 2 - Epilogue

105,680 Feb 05,20 Abe Miyuki

[From MegKf]: A story about a young man named Kazuma who has to deal with the fact that his twin brother, Naoki, loves him as more than mere brothers. Will Kazuma return Naoki's feelings?
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Isn't Our Prince Necessary 4.8

Isn't Our Prince Necessary

Chapter 5.5: [End]

86,119 Nov 13,19 Keiko Kinoshita

Haruka was always weak as a child, unable to normally attend school. Nevertheless, he dreamed of going to school as a regular person, and his wish finally came true. As a result, he is a rare specimen, innocent in the ways of the world, giving him the nickname of "Prince". Follow him in his new school life as he makes friends and befriends one friend, Ryouhei, a little more specially. Th
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Water Memories 4.6

Water Memories

Chapter 5: Paradise Game (End)

116,157 Oct 18,19 Yaya Sakuragi

1) The Memory of Water<br>Shiina is an ex-swimmer who is now a chain-smoking high school teacher. He's tried to leave his swimming past behind him, but upright student Kadokura won't let that happen.<br><br>2) Forecast of Life's Springtime<br>Minori is the son of professional gardeners and he's sick to death of flowers! Gardening club student Shoutarou kills
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Seto no Omise no Okyakusama 4

Seto No Omise No Okyakusama

Chapter 7: 4/365 Lover [End]

86,402 Oct 15,19 MITA Homuro

A bittersweet oneshot consisting of fairies and cakes.
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Black Feather's Scar 4.6

Black Feather's Scar

Chapter 5

115,909 Sep 22,19 우하

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Wild Butterfly (Hiroki Kusumoto) 3.5

Wild Butterfly (Hiroki Kusumoto)

Vol.1 Tomuraishi ~Protector Of The Dead~

49,584 Sep 06,19 Hiroki Kusumoto

A collection of 5 short stories:<br><br>1) Wild Butterfly<br>It is wartime, and Oliver takes up a job as an adjutant teacher at a small village school. When an unorthodox new teacher, Mikhail, arrives - the once somber and bleak campus becomes filled with new life. Soon the classrooms formerly stifled under strict imperial rule begin to reverberate with the children's joyful
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Kamakiri 3.5


Chapter 5.5: Extra [End]

132,106 Aug 13,19 Konami Shouko

When he was young, Kouichi ("Usa") was taken in by his cousin Kaname's family. Usa extremely hates when others touch his neck... But what might be behind his strange behaviour? Also contains non shounen ai oneshot "Under the Purple Shade"
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Himegoto (TSUKUDANI Norio) 4.7

Himegoto (Tsukudani Norio)

Vol.6 Himegoto (Febri) - Chapter 7 [End]

636,083 Jul 25,19 Tsukudani Norio

Hime Arikawa is a high-school boy with a huge debt, and he is saved by the girls of his school's student council after being chased down by yakuza debt collectors. The student council agrees to pay off his debt if he'll join the student council and spend his high-school life cross-dressing. Included in this work are the following spinoffs: • Himegoto + Hime's younger brother Kaguya joins th
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Spice Girls 4.6

Spice Girls

Vol.1 Chapter 5: The Wife Next Door

77,064 Jul 13,19 Ohsawa Yayoi

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Hanaya no Nikai de 4.6

Hanaya No Nikai De

Vol.2 Chapter 10: With Extra

137,695 Jul 06,19 Sugano Akira

This time, the focus is on the second eldest brother in the family from Mainichi Seiten — the bespectacled Akinobu who wakes up one morning in an unfamiliar bed with someone most familiar and unexpected. Mainichi Seiten series: Vol 1-2 Mainichi Seiten Vol 3-4 Kodomo wa Tomaranai Vol 5 Children's Time Vol 6-7 Kodomo no Iibun ----Aki-chan no Iibun
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Asterisk 4.8


Vol.8 Chapter 27.5

326,069 Jun 16,19 Morimoto Shuu

From Storm in Heaven: Fraw and Kio are angels, and it's their duty to protect the passage of souls to Heaven. When the two were growing up, Kio always looked after Fraw. However, their roles are suddenly reversed when Fraw is promoted to one of the highest ranking classes of angel, and Fraw takes it upon himself to protect Kio. Can Fraw keep his new position a secret while the two battle again
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Ashitagari Mono Mania 4.6

Ashitagari Mono Mania

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Sentimental Evening Pureness

343,321 May 31,19 Shinozaki Mai

Higuchi Yuuya has been adopted by the son of the woman who caused an accident that killed his parents, Saeki Tooru. Both agree to live as a 'family.' As time flies by, both have developed feelings that can't be explained.
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Vassalord 4.8


Vol.7 Chapter 35.5: Bonus

753,955 May 30,19 Chrono Nanae

Vampires Charles J. Chrishunds (Charley) and Johnny Rayflo have a strange relationship. Charley is a cyborg and a vampire hunter for the Vatican, while his master Rayflo enjoys a playboy lifestyle. While fighting crimes involving vampires, Charley struggles to control his lust for blood and for Rayflo, while Rayflo delights in seducing his servant and attempts to deal with issues from his own past
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Hybrid Child 4.5

Hybrid Child

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Extra

93,481 May 25,19 Nakamura shungiku

[From DMP]: The Hybrid Child is an amazing android that can grow if it is lavished with enough love and care from its owner. Neither fully machine nor fully human, the various Hybrid Child models develop strong emotional bonds with their owners. This volume contains several short stories of love, sacrifice, and drama: Young Kotaro learns the importance of responsibility when his Hybrid Child's
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11:59 4.7


Chapter 4 [End]

106,470 May 23,19 Bopul

After living in December 24th, Christmas Eve on endless repeat- Mokhwa seems to be the only one who's aware of the existence of the time loop. And on this repeated day, he spends time with his childhood friend 'Choi Gyun' despite having cut ties with him a long time ago.
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The Liar Next Door 4.2

The Liar Next Door

Chapter 5 [End]

117,723 Apr 20,19 Marino Nomo

What starts as a simple kiss between childhood friends, turns into something else?! Will their friendship crumble as they become adults or will it become something more?
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Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun 4.3

Ikemen-Kun To Saenai-Kun

Chapter : After Story

120,445 Apr 13,19 Hideyoshico

Kentarou is a plain, nondescript college student who has never had a girlfriend or any friends. After getting hit on the head by a wayward ball, he begins to notice that there are increasingly long periods of time in which he cannot remember what he was doing. One afternoon, he regains consciousness in an apartment he'd never been to before - and sitting next to him is a young man who then tell
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I Suspect my Childhood Friend is a Lesbian 4.6

I Suspect My Childhood Friend Is A Lesbian

Chapter 2

124,761 Apr 06,19 Mochi Au Lait

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Masakadou e Irasshai 4.9

Masakadou E Irasshai

Vol.1 Chapter 3

89,531 Apr 04,19 Yamamoto Kotetsuko

Bird shop owner Masaka meets exchange student Fon-kun.
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Banana Fish 4.7

Banana Fish

Artbook Angel Eyes - Cape Cod, 1985

772,033 Apr 01,19 Yoshida Akimi

Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of "Papa" Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the kingdom held out by the devil who raised him. But the hideous secret that drove Ash's older brother mad in Vietnam has suddenly fallen into Papa's insatiably ambitious hands-
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Futsuriai na Chocolate 4.4

Futsuriai Na Chocolate

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Aimai Na Candy

78,136 Mar 23,19 MIIKE Romuco

A collection of stories: 1-2) Futsuriai na Chocolate & Aimai na Candy Lately, a guy has been coming around to talk a lot to straight-laced library employee, Fukagawa. Oosawa is the manager of some very popular nightclubs and lives in a completely different world from Fukagawa. But no matter how Fukagawa acts coldly, Oosawa doesn't lose hope and every time he's touche
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Seven Days 4.8

Seven Days

Vol.2 Chapter 13.6: Extra

648,586 Mar 02,19 Tachibana Benio

From Vices and Devices: Bright and early one Monday morning, Shino Yuzuru asks Seryou Touji out on a lark when they run into each other at the school gate. Seryou, who's immensely popular, has the odd habit of going out with anyone who asks him out first at the beginning of the week, then promptly dumping them at the end of it. "Anyone" apparently includes male upperclassmen like Shino, and as
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