Charlotte 4.8


Vol.2 Chapter 11

346,293 Jun 04,20 Maeda Jun

Very few adolescent boys and girls have an onset of special abilities. Yuu Otosaka uses his ability unbeknownst to others in order to lead a satisfying school life. And then, a girl named Nao Tomori suddenly appears before him. Their encounter reveals the destiny for wielders of special abilities.
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Please Take My Brother Away! 4.8

Please Take My Brother Away!

Chapter 51: If Only You Had This Much Motivation While Studying!

1,277,362 Jun 04,20 You Ling

The conflicts and fights over daily trifles have never ceased between this pair of interesting siblings, the cool little sister "Secondra" and her funny elder brother "Minuto", but as long as one of them is in need of help, the other will never stand aside and do nothing. What a weird match! Now let's have a look at their friends. Joy Zhen, the old chum of Minuto, is a h
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Fiancée’s Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess 4.9

Fiancée’S Observation Log Of The Self-Proclaimed Villainess

Chapter 21

3,820,338 Jun 04,20 Natsume Hasumi, Shiki

Crown prince Cecil was so brilliant that everything in life was easy to the point of boring him, then one day, his fiancée Bertia suddenly said "Prince Cecil, I am a villainess!" Claiming that this world is the same as that of an "otome game" from her past life and that she is playing the role of the "villainess" in it, she aims to play her part well and have their
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A Journey to The Past 4.8

A Journey To The Past

Chapter 147

4,482,580 Jun 04,20 Vivibear

The story is about a little Master, Gong Yao Ying, in order to accomplish the assigned tasks, she travels across the different periods. The stories are created after meeting with the famous historical figures.
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Kimi Ga Shinu Made Ato 100 Nichi 4.6

Kimi Ga Shinu Made Ato 100 Nichi

Chapter 36: I'll Bet On You

568,755 Jun 04,20 Migihara

A romcom centered around two childhood friends: Tarou and Umi. It took four tries professing his love, but he finally gets a 'Yes'. Not long after, Tarou finds that Umi only has 100 days to live!
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Yubisaki to Renren 4.8

Yubisaki To Renren

Chapter : Maidens In Love ( Special From Twitter)

615,724 Jun 03,20 Suu Morishita

“I’ve met you and my world and my heartbeat changed.”<br>The pure love story of a hearing-impaired woman and a man who travels the world.
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Shen Yi Di Nu 4.7

Shen Yi Di Nu

Chapter 296.5

22,232,170 Jun 03,20 Ping Ping Jun,Yang Shi Liu

Passing to another world at the sound of duang, divine doctor in both Chinese and western medicine Feng YuHeng became the abused first wife's daughter of Da Shun Dynasty at the fraction of a minute. Wanting to kill me, one scalpel will cause you hemiplegia? Fighting with me? Carrying the pharmacy, holding fame and profit, even the Emperor worms his way into being friends with me! But what is the c
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A Capable Maid 4.8

A Capable Maid

Chapter 35

5,690,283 Jun 03,20 Sanho,Yuin

The useless maid, Marie, has never been able to do anything correctly. But, after caring for a dying prisoner, she becomes a person she had always wanted to be. This is the start of the capable maid, Marie.
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Blue Glass 4.6

Blue Glass

Chapter 37

875,613 Jun 03,20 Ji-hye oh

You may know the story of Princess of Nakrang, but behind the scenes of the ancient Nakrang Kingdom’s royal palace, unfolds the story of a different princess.The youngest princess of the Nakrang Kingdom, Seol is determined to pursue a different life from her sister Ran, who by unlucky fate, was persecuted by her father and brothers.The slave boy she rescued Miru, the odd-eyed Jamalta, and the one
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Unbending Flower 4.4

Unbending Flower

Chapter 11: Another Incident

549,693 Jun 03,20 MiZi

The story of the princess of Zhen Zhi Quan, Dong Chu, with a marriage contract token and the lord of the North, Ling Zhen Ying. However, Dong Chu's purpose is to cancel the contract?!
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The Tyrant Falls in Love (Can Can) 4.4

The Tyrant Falls In Love (Can Can)

Chapter 39

1,133,074 Jun 03,20 Can Can, Xiatian Dao

Xiao Man, the beloved heir to the north area's martial arts club, suddenly decides to transfer to a south area high school to pursue "him". However, on her first day as a transfer student, everyone –including the teachers– mistakes her for a male delinquent. How will she get the boy she likes to see her as a love interest instead of a "buddy"? Adventure into
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Yaonie jiaozhu kuai tang xia 4.6

Yaonie Jiaozhu Kuai Tang Xia

Chapter 65

2,957,446 Jun 03,20 Hong Jun (虹君)

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Crimson Karma 4.8

Crimson Karma

Chapter 30

1,686,526 Jun 03,20 Lemonfrog, emongeguri

Kasiya Del Roman is a soldier crafted to become an assassin. She lost her human emotions long ago and lived her life as a simple tool, just to be thrown away in her final moments. She couldn’t even die a proper death as she opened her eyes to a battlefield of a different world. Will she live the same life she did in her original world
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Otome Equation 4.2

Otome Equation

Chapter 13

139,144 Jun 03,20 Narae / Merbiseu

I’m an old single soul and currently working part time at a net Café. I love gaming because it gives result to my efforts, unlike reality. One day, I came across a very interesting game called ” Daughter Cultivation” during my part time. The graphics, picture quality, voice over… everything is just so
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Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome 4.6

Otome Danshi Ni Koisuru Otome

Vol.5 Chapter 591: It's Not Okay

8,984,399 Jun 03,20 Shimazaki Mujirushi

A 30 episodes short comic by Shimazaki Mujirushi Mizuguchi Mayu, a girl who hates men, fell in love at first sight with a... "man-in-drag"!? Does she likes "girls"? Or does she likes "boys"? Find out in this heart throbbing pure love comedy! (from twi4)
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Descent Of A Goddess 3.9

Descent Of A Goddess

Chapter 97

1,763,298 Jun 03,20 Yaongyi

A high school girl who rises to pretty girl fame in her school after she masters the art of make-up via Youtube.
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My Phoenix's on Top 4.8

My Phoenix's On Top

Chapter 90: If I Were To Die

3,673,832 Jun 03,20 Ao Xiao Ze

Unlucky girl from the modern time goes to another world, unexpectedly receives an incredible power, and capturing the crown princes from four countries' heart, all the way to become the imperial harem's lord?
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Anti-Gravity Girl 4.5

Anti-Gravity Girl

Chapter 68

711,048 Jun 03,20 Winter

A girl who was born specially and a normal boy.
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Yoru no Yomeiri 4.8

Yoru No Yomeiri

Vol.5 Chapter 17

543,610 Jun 03,20 Mio Nanao

In the summer her grandfather passed away, high school girl Kiyoi found herself abandoned. To protect her home, she decides to marry that man…!!
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Isanghago Aleumdaun 4.8

Isanghago Aleumdaun

Chapter 77: Season 2 Chapter 29

3,455,332 Jun 03,20 Honey Bee

The secret behind the goblin's wife who appears once every one thousand years.... By the author of Flow.
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Nuan Nuan Wu 3.4

Nuan Nuan Wu

Chapter 20: Yuan Yuan's House (4)

134,228 Jun 03,20 Mu Mu Yi

Fenced within a small courtyard is a large tree, and many plants and flowers sing joyfully every day. Sitting on the second story, she drinks tea while painting, bathing in the brilliant sunlight that passes through the trees. The only problem is, the cute delivery guy keeps her waiting. And also-- “Did you drink all of my tea again, Yi Nuan?” Original Webtoon:
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One Of A Kind Romance 4.7

One Of A Kind Romance

Chapter 75

1,427,795 Jun 03,20 Doo Boo

Gong Yoo-Il is an aspiring writer on the hunt for a job and a die-hard fan of the idol, Ryu-Min. Tak Moo-Yi is a top actor with legions of fans. Add a mysterious stalker, and chaos ensues. This is the story of a one-of-a-kind romance!
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Wanzhang guangmang buji ni 4.2

Wanzhang Guangmang Buji Ni

Chapter 218

9,746,557 Jun 03,20 Wu Yue Ying

Yin Yi Mo took the blame instead of his beloved man and went to jail for five years; five years later, she came out from prison, what she found wasn’t Ou Luo Xi’s marriage proposal, but him with her most hated different-mother sister, in the bed. Under the despair and helpless circumstances, Yin Yi Mo meets the richest person in A city...
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Ugly Woman’s Harem Code 4.2

Ugly Woman’S Harem Code

Chapter 103.5

5,332,441 Jun 02,20 丑女的后宫法则, Zhiyin manke

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