Second life of a Gangster 4.9

Second Life Of A Gangster

Chapter 10

154,394 Jan 26,21 Updating

Age 41, Oh Joong Seok. A man who did all kinds of misdeeds and put his life on the line for the organisation to gain the highest position. But who knew the end of his life would be so miserable… Joong Seok’s ‘virtuous living’ project starts now, one by one.
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Bonnou☆Saiyuuki 5


Chapter 2

16,045 Jan 26,21 Crystal Na Yousuke

The manga is a re-imagining of the famous Journey to the West story, and centers on the Buddhist priest Genjō and his journey to India as he is accompanied by three beautiful and charming women: Son Gokū, Cho Hakkai, and Sha Gojyo.
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Seinen Shoyo yo, Haru wo Musabore 3.6

Seinen Shoyo Yo, Haru Wo Musabore

Chapter 3: Why?

10,025 Jan 26,21 Yamada Shirohiko

-"At that time, I still didn't know the meaning of special." Katsuyuki, a junior high school student who has never known love, and Haru, the school's madonna who moved here from Tokyo. In a strange turn of events, the distance between them grows closer... It's beautiful, it's fragile, it's sad, and it's painful. A coming-of-age mystery s
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Mugen no Gunkan Yamato 4.2

Mugen No Gunkan Yamato

Chapter 4: Isoroku Yamamoto

27,157 Jan 27,21 Moto Souichi

Kamihara Kurusu who lost his consciousness found his soul in a time slip to Showa 16 (1941), the day battleship Yamato is launched. After realizing his situation, Kurusu sets out on a game to make Imperial Japan win the Pacific War. With the help of an ensign who can see and hear him, he shared his knowledge about the history of Pacific War to Yamamoto Isoroku, commander of the combined fleet. But
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Ushiharu 4.6


Chapter 7: Ears

39,845 Jan 20,21 Yukiko Gotou

The cow Ushiharu was brought to the middle schooler Kiyoharu's farm. To the people around him, she appears as just a normal cow, but just to him, she appears as a sexy cow-girl...!?
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Agnes Kamen 4.7

Agnes Kamen

Chapter 4: Knife Edge Chop

5,966 Jan 20,21 Hiramatsu Minoru

Professional wrestler Yamamoto Jingo just returned to Japan from a 5 year training trip in the US and Mexico, only to be greeted by his now defunct wrestling company: Yamato. He's come to find out that as soon as the president of the company passed away, the rival wrestling group "Teijitsu" took down Yamato. Jingo has now been forced to go seek revenge for the destruction of Yamato b
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A Kind World 4.7

A Kind World

Chapter 19: After A Nomikai, A Senpai In Love Sees Her Home. But Who’S That Guy…?

86,238 Jan 20,21 Kitada Ryouma

A collection of short stories involving a JK taking place in a world far kinder than our own. Written and illustrated by Kitada Ryouma.
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The Chronicle of Seven Cities 4.4

The Chronicle Of Seven Cities

Chapter 2: Arctic Front, Part ②

5,799 Jan 17,21 Tanaka Yoshiki,Fukuda Ikumi

The story is set in a near-future Earth, in the aftermath of a major disaster that shifts the planet's polar axis 90 degrees, situating the poles along the equatorial line and killing everyone on Earth. A moon-based colony avoids the disaster, and begins recolonizing the depopulated Earth by establishing seven cities in strategic locations. However, to ensure the loyalty of the Earth colony, t
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Hero in White Coat 4.8

Hero In White Coat

Chapter 2.3

168,477 Jan 27,21 Kokonoe Juuzou,Toyohata Tsubasa

Tenchi Kaito is a rare genius scientist. When he wakes up one day, he has been transferred to another world. Kaito obtains a rare magic called "Creation" that allows him to create things he once saw. With the help of a female mercenary, Kaito lives with her, earns money by using his creation magic, and spends his days in peace and fun, but he gets caught up in various disturbances. &hell
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Houkago no Salome 4.7

Houkago No Salome

Chapter 6: Naomi And Renji

84,248 Jan 23,21 Hoshikubo Akane

"Can you help me paint after school?" asks my classmate Naomi. Our feet carry us to the art storage room that no one goes to. I quietly become her assistant in producing artworks. Naomi suddenly arrived at an Osaka art high school. The pride of the gifted, hardworking Renji gets torn to shreds by her ominous talent. Renji bluffs "I can come up with something like that too." But
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Erotic x Anabolic 4.7

Erotic X Anabolic

Chapter 2

110,280 Jan 13,21 Achumuchi

Ageki Kyousuke,  a fat guy with a big appetite, has always been interested in Mitsukura Itsuha, a girl who doesn't stand out in his class. He comes across her alone on the rooftop after school, exposing her erotic body in an extreme swimsuit! Kyousuke finds out Itsuha's secret, which is too unexpected to be ......! [ So in short THICCNESS
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Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: The Legend of Lu Bu Fengxian 4.8

Shuumatsu No Valkyrie: The Legend Of Lu Bu Fengxian

Chapter 3: The Flying General Vs The Tyrannical Emperor

200,489 Jan 20,21 Fukui Takumi,Umemura Shinya,Ono Takeo

A spin-off centering on Lu Bu Fengxian.
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Products 4.5


Chapter 3: Chance Meeting

168,458 Jan 22,21 Minami Tamano,ZENOSHIN

Shiba, a college student with a communicative disorder, has been reading rumors circulating on Internet forums about women 'clones', which look like a human, but are not actually a human! Instead they are perfectly obedient to their owner's orders and fulfill every desire! This should have been hastily dismissed as an urban legend but then an incident started when Shiba was hospitalize
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Kage no Kyuuteimajutsushi 4.8

Kage No Kyuuteimajutsushi

Chapter 3: Backdoor Tactics

104,254 Jan 26,21 Ryousuke Hata,Shiroishi Kotoni

Leon is the kingdom's most worthless Court Magician.  One day, his repeated absences are punished and he is sent to the battlefield, but with the quick wits he was hiding he saved the Third Princess Sicily?  Then, along with the reformer princess, and steeling his own resolve, Leon becomes a specialized officer determined to control events from the shadows.
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Okinawa de Suki ni Natta Ko ga Hougen Sugite Tsura Sugiru 4.7

Okinawa De Suki Ni Natta Ko Ga Hougen Sugite Tsura Sugiru

Chapter 3: Mata Acha-Ya- (See You Tomorrow)

68,755 Jan 17,21 Sora Egumi

I, Teruaki Nakamura, transferred to a school Okinawa and developed a crush on a girl named Kiyan-san, but I don't understand her dialect. Higa-san is always helping me by translating the dialect. A slightly different cultural love starts on the southern island.  
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Golden Gold 4.6

Golden Gold

Chapter 2

4,966 Jan 10,21 Horio Seita

The legend of the God of Fortune remains. Hayasaka Ruka is a 2nd year middle schooler living with her grandmother on Neijima. One day, she spots a strange figurine by the sea and brings it home with her. Upon placing it in a mountain shrine and making a small wish, "Fukunokami", which resembles a peculiar doll, appears before her. But as Fukunokami's influence gro
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Dance Dance Danseur 4.7

Dance Dance Danseur

Chapter 8

22,046 Jan 11,21 George Asakura

Junpei is happily snoozing away during his sister's ballet recital when a male ballet dancer steps onto the stage. Moved by the strength and skills the dancer displays, the boy discovers his love for this art. But after a certain tragedy happens, he vows to leave his past behind and turn into the epitome of manliness. What will he do when his love for ballet reignites?!
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I want to be praised by a Gal Gamer! 4.5

I Want To Be Praised By A Gal Gamer!

Chapter 2

56,550 Jan 07,21 Goshumaro

Raito Sasaki is your average gamer, but he wants to be one of the best. So he decides to spend his money on a Trainer, Little did he know that his coach is a gyaru gamer gal! Will our protagonist be able to concentrate on the game?  Series on Pixiv:
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SSS-Class Suicide Hunter 4.9

Sss-Class Suicide Hunter

Chapter 23

1,695,513 Jan 22,21 Shin Noah (신노아),Neida (네이다),Bill K

I want an S-Rank skill too! I want it so badly, I could die for it! [You have awakened an S-Rank skill.] [But it only works when you die.] HUH!? WHAT’S THE POINT OF GETTING ONE IF I DIE !? 1st Trailer:
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Take off your mask, Ishikawa 4.9

Take Off Your Mask, Ishikawa

Chapter 3

72,348 Jan 11,21 Turbo Engine

Ishikawa-san, the girl in the neighboring seat, wears a mask no matter what she's doing. One day, Izawa catches sight of her face without a mask and wants to see it more and more... Masked or unmasked, it's a cute romantic mask comedy! (Synopsis translation by Shurim) Links: Author's Twitter:
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Furin Shokudou 2.2

Furin Shokudou

Chapter 12: On A Trip!?

70,788 Jan 13,21 Yamaguchi Masakazu

The manga centers on 35-year-old businessman Ryūichi Yamadera. Ryūichi travels around the country on business trips, and his sole pastime is trying different foods at local restaurants. He also ends up sleeping with the various married women he meets at the restaurants, while also being married himself.
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Onna Tomodachi to Kekkon Shitemita 4.3

Onna Tomodachi To Kekkon Shitemita

Chapter 3: Their First Outing As A Family

33,954 Jan 26,21 Shio Usui

Two women who are just friends make a pact... "If both of us are still single in 5 years, let's get married." Five years later, they meet again, and their married life begins.
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Hiyori-chan no Onegai wa Zettai 4.7

Hiyori-Chan No Onegai Wa Zettai

Chapter 3: Truth

33,830 Jan 11,21 Misaki Saginomiya,Arima Tsukasa

Kadokawa synopsis: "My requests are absolute." Hamure Hiyori can make any of her "requests" come true. Our love, which was never meant to begin, will turn my life and the entire world on its head. She's warm, cute, and somewhat air-headed. Even so, she has the power of her "requests" that no one can resist
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