Kokohore Boketsu-chan 4.9

Kokohore Boketsu-Chan

Chapter 1: 1St Dig

10,339 Jun 02,20 Kitamura Mashu

Rather than having zero defence, she pretty much has -10,000!? This self-destructing lewd girl is frighteningly cute! The girl who digs her own graves & the sadistic boy who gets carried away too easily; this is a story about them messing around and their cohabitation in this love comedy!!
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Ima Kako 5

Ima Kako

Chapter 2: Kako Onda

4,601 May 30,20 Matsuura Daruma

Yato Tsurumi, a teacher at a preparatory school, has the ability to see the "ghosts of places". The afterimage of his old life with his missing lover, Kako, now stands in place of their house, which was washed away by a flood. Tsurumi then finds himself in charge of a new student, Ima, who is burdened by her ability to hear the "sounds of the dead".
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Kaikan Douki 4

Kaikan Douki

Chapter 1: Discord

31,271 May 28,20 Honna Wakou

Niwa Tasuku working at Sanden Printing Company for 2 years now but still can't get along at all with with Yukino Tsumugi, a female colleague at the DTP department. Their colleagues try to 'break the ice' by inviting them out for drinks but later that night, they ended up in a love hotel. A strange "connection" is made between these two, one that would 'link' them duri
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Kuuden no Himegimi 4.4

Kuuden No Himegimi

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Track 8 - Everyone's Base

38,826 May 29,20 Toume Kei

The continuation of Kuuden Noise no Himegimi. Hosaka Mao's never stood out. Her father's a washed-up rock-and-roller. Her hair reminds people of Pippi Longstocking. She's nowhere near the in-crowd. The arrival of long-haired beauty Hasekura Yokiko changes everything... --- ["Kuuden Noise no Himegimi" was originally s
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Orenchi no Maid-san 2 (Hobby) 4.7

Orenchi No Maid-San 2 (Hobby)

Chapter 59: When He Was Little Believed In Charms And Did It Right Away

72,300 May 28,20 Oohara Roron

A side story (?) of the original Orenchi no Maid-san with the same characters, made by the same author as a hobby.
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Dousei JidaiDousei Jidai 3.8

Dousei Jidaidousei Jidai

Chapter 2: Sex Train

3,898 May 26,20 Kamimura Kazuo

Kyouko (21) and Jirou (23) live together in Tokyo without being maried. She is graphist in an advertisement agency, he just starts to be an illustrator. Their love struggle and daily life with friends and family in a world where sexual revolution is about to start.
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Road to Kingdom 4.7

Road To Kingdom

Chapter 2.1

74,926 May 26,20 Toshinori Ito,Kai Yumizu

This is the story of a young slave gladiator in an underground arena. He doesn’t know about his past or how he got to where he is, only that his name is Aegir, and that he is strong. One day he kills the boss and escapes the arena, joining a band of mercenaries as a new recruit. During one mission, they encounter the vampire, Lucy, who slaughters the band with her inhuman
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Rakugaki Manga 4.6

Rakugaki Manga

Chapter 2 [End]

29,941 May 25,20 Yamamoto Souichirou

A short twitter series by @udon0531.
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T-Dragon 3.8


Chapter 2: Invasion

10,453 May 25,20 SAKURATANI Shū

A sci-fi where the bar for suspension of disbelief is set very high. Nakamaru Koutarou, a high schooler and skilled kendo practitioner, has his peaceful life shattered when a mysterious virus with a 94% infection-fatality rate puts Japanese society on the verge of collapse and threatens the whole world. Right when his little brother is infected, he is scouted by an organisation
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Brutal: Satsujin Kansatsukan no Kokuhaku 4.9

Brutal: Satsujin Kansatsukan No Kokuhaku

Chapter 3: Episode 3

34,831 Jun 02,20 Koga Kei,Izawa Ryo

The manga centers on homicide detective Hiroki Dan, the son of a former police superintendent general, and who seems to be on the fast track to career success. He maintains a hidden identity as a serial killer responsible for more than a hundred murders of people he deems beyond the reach of the law.
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Isekai demo fuuzoku jou yatte mita 3.3

Isekai Demo Fuuzoku Jou Yatte Mita

Chapter 1

41,729 May 22,20 Morio Masahiro

Yuzuki is a call girl - a sex worker who doesn’t make prostitution her main profession. She gets sent to another world, and in order to get back to her own world she has to collect orgasms from all the different fantasy races that exist in the world she was sent to. So yeah. It’s similar to JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World, but compared to that the fanservic
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Denmu Jikuu 4.3

Denmu Jikuu

Chapter 1

2,514 May 22,20 TAKAYAMA Kazumasa

Denmu Jikuu
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My father became a cute VTuber girl! 4.7

My Father Became A Cute Vtuber Girl!

Chapter 2.5: Each Side's Episode

60,980 Jun 04,20 Akashingou Wataru

The highschooler Takashi, a fan of the beautiful VTuber girl Kizuke Yai, discovers the shocking truth that his beloved father has been the real person behind Kizuke Yai all along! Furthermore, even his mother has secrets of her own...!? The end of father/son conflict over the world wide web? Super-popular high-tension comedy!!
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Parasyte Reversi 4.7

Parasyte Reversi

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Diablo Iii

75,330 May 29,20 OHTA Moare

The struggle for survival between humanity and Parasites continues unceasingly around the world. Unfolding in the shadow of the legends of Shinichi and Migi, another battle for existence is revealed. Fukami, a veteran detective, investigates a brutal mass murder, and is unsettled by the composure of the informant: high school student Tatsuki. The source of that discomfort lies within Tatsuki's
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Mio's Diary 4.4

Mio's Diary

Chapter 5

5,746 May 24,20 Arai Cherry

4-koma manga by Arai Cherry, depicting the everyday life of elementary schooler Mio Maeda.
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Gear in Love 4.6

Gear In Love

Chapter 5: New Gear

45,044 May 26,20 Asuka Hizuki

Newly-transferred girl, Oribe, falls in love with the most popular and charismatic boy of the school, Sagara. But, Oribe is not what she seems? The tale of the mecha girl with the heart of a maiden unfolds!
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Semelparous 4.2


Chapter 1

8,967 May 19,20 Ogino Jun

To stop the otherworldly "Kaijuu" from invading Earth, individuals wielding special powers known as "Aegis" are tasked with the protection of the world. Aratsugu Yorino is one of the aspiring "Bastioners" - soldiers who fight the invaders within the wall between the two worlds. Yorino and her best friend Haruka were always at the top of their class
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Kami no Techigai de Shindara Zumi de Isekai ni Hourikomare Mashita 4.4

Kami No Techigai De Shindara Zumi De Isekai Ni Hourikomare Mashita

Chapter 2

92,902 May 19,20 Kakurou,Ishigami Kazui

Tomoya Sadoshima died after a serious accident after returning to a convenience store. Then, after regaining consciousness in a pure white world, a woman of divine beauty emerged, she introduces herself as "The Goddess of Creation." The goddess of creation prepared a remedy for her suffering, she offers him to reincarnate a different world than his own. But it was a world in
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Rain Man 3.6

Rain Man

Chapter 1: Emotion Generator

3,363 May 19,20 Hoshino Yukinobu

Amamiya Taki, an employee - albeit a reluctant one - of the Parapsychology Research Institute, is suddenly notified of the suicide of a twin brother he never even knew existed. This event sets into motion a shocking chain of occurrences, the first of which is the discovery that Taki has no brain. Note: Nominated for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2017.
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Kyuutei Mahou-shi Kubi ni Nattande,Inaka ni Kaette Mahou-ka no Sensei ni Narimasu 4.3

Kyuutei Mahou-Shi Kubi Ni Nattande,inaka Ni Kaette Mahou-Ka No Sensei Ni Narimasu

Chapter 0

19,675 May 18,20 Kitazawa Kyou,Sekai Rui

It’s about a guy who was fired from being a court wizard, so he became a rural magical teacher instead.
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Boy's Abyss 4.3

Boy's Abyss

Chapter 7: Abyss

82,329 Jun 01,20 Minenami Ryo

In a town with nothing, in the middle of a daily life with seemingly no signs of change, high schooler Reiji Kurose was "just" living. Family, dreams for the future, childhood friends. All of them were binding him down to that city. He thought he would "just" keep on living like that. Until he met her. Is there hope in living? Is there light waiting ahead? It's the start of
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Tongari Boushi no Kitchen 4.7

Tongari Boushi No Kitchen

Chapter 1

10,548 May 17,20 Shirahama Kamome,Hiromi Sato

Do you like Witch Hat Atelier? Do you like eating food? Then you’re going to love this spinoff of the main series, which focuses on magical meals and treats.
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Shachiku to shoujo no 1800-nichi 4.3

Shachiku To Shoujo No 1800-Nichi

Chapter 3: With All The Things Going On

56,716 May 24,20 Itaba Hiroshi

The corporate slave lives with a teenage girl ...! Single old man x teenage girls junior high school student, under one roof!  Masahiko Azumane is a man who works all night even on holidays and almost never catches a break from working,  it is normal for him to return home in the morning.  One day, a girl named Yuri, came to visit him, saying that she was the daughter of a former hi
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