Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji 2.6

Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji

Vol.2 Chapter 23: Utter Defeat

0 Sep 25,21 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

Japan, 1996. After graduating from high school, Ito Kaiji moves to Tokyo to get a job, but he fails to find steady employment because the country is mired in its first recession since World War II. Depressed, he festers in his apartment, biding the time with cheap pranks, gambles, liquor and cigarettes. Kaiji is always thinking about money and his perpetual poverty frequently brings him to tears. 
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CasinoGui 4.1


6,166 Sep 22,21 Hanaichi Nozaki,Yoshida Shirou

Gen Suzuki, a young man who grew up in an orphanage, is trying to live an honest life.   But when the cruel reality of the 10 million yen debt from her sister hits him, he decides to rob a Dark Casino.   What awaits him is the baptism of the underworld!
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The Legendary Tripod 3.6

The Legendary Tripod

Chapter 1

8,391 Sep 21,21 Updating

Long before the universe came into existence, a magical object appeared out of chaos. No one knows how many years has passed, and now it actually split into 18 pieces. Each piece of it contains some overwhelming power that eventually metamorphoses into an immortal being. By chance, Yun Changkong obtained the tripod of the God of war. So begins his wonderful journey to the supreme.
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Tanaka no Atelier ~Nenrei Equal Kanojo Inaireki no Mahoutsukai~ 2.9

Tanaka No Atelier ~Nenrei Equal Kanojo Inaireki No Mahoutsukai~

Chapter 1: Reincarnation

27,060 Sep 15,21 Buncololi

Tanaka is a middle-aged man with a face only a mother could love and a personality that no mother could love. After dying from an accident, a god sends him to another world where he has healing magic.     This is a new manga version of the LN isekai series of the same name.
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Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Kenki Koiuta 4.6

Re:zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Kenki Koiuta

Vol.2 Chapter 11

71,308 Sep 15,21 Nagatsuki Tappei

When a demon falls for an angel…    Long ago, a great war raged between the royal military forces of Lugnica and the demi-humans. A hero was born on that battlefield–the Sword Demon, Wilhelm Trias. This is the story of that legendary swordsman–and the woman he loved.    ---
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Valhalla Penis Mansion 4.5

Valhalla Penis Mansion

Chapter 10: Oh Shit, I'm Fucked Up

680,806 Sep 10,21 Gurashi,Yuhito

Shota Iijima picked up erotic books during his childhood and suffers from a severe foreign sister fetish. Thereafter, from the years between his age of 12 to 15, he masturbated 999 times. For his 1000th round of masturbation, he had been transferred to a different world. And Shota is sold as a slave. A paradise for women and hell for men… Valhalla, the
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Kaguya-sama: Love is War - Full Color 4.7

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War - Full Color

Chapter 28: Kaguya Wants To Be Joined

74,760 Aug 22,21 Akasaka Aka

All's fair when love is war! Two geniuses. Two brains. Two hearts. One battle. Who will confess their love first…?! Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are two geniuses who stand atop their prestigious academy's student council, making them the elite among elite. But it's lonely at the top and each has fallen for the other. There's just one huge problem standing in the
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I Killed Him 4.6

I Killed Him

Chapter 15

102,156 Sep 18,21 Updating

You must never tell anyone. If you don't follow it, you die." Kwon Soon-hyang, the owner of the building who suddenly murdered the tenant. Seven years later, he is killed by someone ahead of his surrender. Shin Yeo-ju, a detective who digs up a huge conspiracy and absurdity behind the death of Soon-hyang Kim, a lawyer who gives a clue to the case linked to the death of his own cl
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Take Off Your Clothes For Me! 3.7

Take Off Your Clothes For Me!

Chapter 10: Wan Wan♪ Pyon Pyon♪ Buhihi♪ Ahyiii~♡

174,305 Aug 25,21 Kurou

The shy girl, Ninose Shizuk, is a high schooler who makes a living out of drawing adult oriented manga. Every day, in order to survive, she puts her heart working on it, until she encountered a certain problem...
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Mukai Usagidou Nikki 4.8

Mukai Usagidou Nikki

Vol.2 Chapter 14

24,042 Aug 19,21 TAKANO Hisa

In the Meiji restoration period of Japan, the government bans ghost stories and tales about demons. Despite this, a rental book shop called “the Reflected Rabbit” lends out books about ghouls and ghosts to its patrons.
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Silent War 4.4

Silent War

Chapter 138

2,908,169 Aug 25,21 Yansae

Hyun's life isn't what he expected, and one day he gets too close to someone he shouldn't love.
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Shark 4.7


Chapter 80: Jeong Do Hyeon's 2Nd Student

1,516,669 Sep 20,21 김우섭

Sharks don't have lungs, but they do have to breathe oxygen to survive. Instead of breathing air, though, sharks get oxygen from the water that surrounds them. So they have to move around, if they stop moving for a while, they sink into the water and die, So Sharks have to move and move constantly from birth to death. The same goes for you. If you want to survive, keep moving, then you will be the
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Theseus no Fune 4.8

Theseus No Fune

Vol.2 Chapter 13: The Fifth Grade Of Teacher Tamura

25,066 Sep 16,21 Higashimoto Toshiya

28 years ago, Tamura's parent was responsible for a mass indescriminate poisoning case while he was in elementary school, and he grew up branded the son of a criminal. After his wife dies in childbirth, Tamura heads back to Hokaido to confront his past. The mysteries surrounding his father, a police officer, goes back to the year of 1989...
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Yuusha Shoukan ni Makikomareta kedo, Isekai wa Heiwa deshita 2.9

Yuusha Shoukan Ni Makikomareta Kedo, Isekai Wa Heiwa Deshita

Chapter 29.5

286,650 Aug 11,21 Heian Jirou

Suddenly appearing in a different world, it looks like I got caught up in a Hero Summoning. And of course, I'm not the Hero, but it's another guy……and while being very cautious and scared of the  cliche-like development, I was thrown into the maelstrom of war……or not. The Demon Lord? It was defeated a thousand years ago. Hero? He's just the main actor in a festival. Nobles? Th
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Damena Onee-san demo sukida yo ne? 4.5

Damena Onee-San Demo Sukida Yo Ne?

Vol.1 Chapter 5

174,400 Jul 31,21 NISHIZAWA 5miri

English: Story of an onee-chan who doesn't act her age x a careless young boy who is easily swayed by her. Chapter 4 & 5 are not part of the main storyline.
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Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu - Twitter comics by Fountains Square 4.2

Boku No Kokoro No Yabai Yatsu - Twitter Comics By Fountains Square

Chapter 57: Every Detail / Young Lady

647,846 Aug 24,21 Hagiya Masakage, Fountains Square (Circle)

A collection of Twitter fan comics about Ichikawa and Yamada (from Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu) by Fountains Square.
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That Man's Room 4.3

That Man's Room

Chapter 51

403,617 Jul 28,21 Salmong

Will this virgin be able to keep up with his experienced partner?
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Dog Man 2.9

Dog Man

Chapter 12: Episode 12

40,864 Jul 25,21 Kim Gyu-Sam

Official Chinese
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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - Yousei, Shimasu ka? 4.5

Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita - Yousei, Shimasu Ka?

Vol.1 Chapter 4.5: Extra

64,691 Jul 23,21 Kichijou Terae

It's been several centuries since human beings declined due to the steep drop in birthrates. The most prosperous species on the Earth are "Fairies", 10 cm tall creatures with high intelligence. I became a UN arbitrator between the humans and the fairies and returned to my hometown to help my grandfather. I thought my job would not be a tough one and visited one of the fairies' habitats to say hell
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Trace: Kasouken Houi Kenkyuuin no Tsuisou 4.7

Trace: Kasouken Houi Kenkyuuin No Tsuisou

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Don't Believe Anyone, Part 1

39,927 Sep 07,21 Koga Kei

A crime suspense story set in a forensic laboratory where specialists work to uncover clues from seemingly insignificant bits of trace evidence. The story begins when Sawaguchi Nonna, a rookie forensic researcher, meets Mano Reiji, the man who solved her parents' murder case. Official Indonesian TV Drama
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The Rising Of The Vibrator Hero 3.7

The Rising Of The Vibrator Hero

Chapter 6: Valhalla Pussy Mansion

483,482 Aug 03,21 Saitou Michi

Kenji is just an ordinary college student. One day he was noticed by Senpai, and was asked to retrieve Senpai's personal belongings, which happened to be a bag of sex toys. On the way he met Mana-chan (a girl he liked), who after finding out what he was carrying told the supposed Man-Thot to be gone, and bounced out. Wanting to explain the misunderstanding, Kenji chased after her, but
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Siren ReBIRTH 3.7

Siren Rebirth

Chapter 32: End

106,316 Aug 05,21 Yukai Asada

The siren of despair echoes again – A new manga interpretation of the legendary horror game “Siren”.
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Hey, Handsome 3.6

Hey, Handsome

Chapter 1: A Competent Surgeon

186,236 Jul 16,21 Elise God

Park Young-hoon is a plastic surgeon avoided by his patients because of his ugly appearance. After having his heart crushed by the woman he had a crush on, he decides to change his life by undergoing a full-body surgery. After the surgery, Young-hoon became really handsome and the woman around him started to be in interested in him. Doctor Park... . Can I also become prettier?
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Kimi no Okaasan wo Boku ni Kudasai! 4.5

Kimi No Okaasan Wo Boku Ni Kudasai!

Vol.4 Chapter 28

194,162 Sep 22,21 Tazawa Yutaka

New Manga UP! romantic comedy about a freeter who ended up falling in love with a single mother. Links: Artist's Twitter @kimihahak
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