Little Bit Psycho 4.6

Little Bit Psycho


33 Sep 27,23 Jagal

Jooheon was imprisoned by an unknown man.Even when asked why he was imprisoned, the answer that comes back is to remember Jooheon himself.Jooheon, who lost his daily life overnight, gradually clings to him even as he is swung around by the man who imprisoned him..Why the he**..? Why are you doing this to me!Original WebtoonNote: BTS of CH.5 -(1), Woowon from The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Pal
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Love with Intention 4.9

Love With Intention

Chapter 8

21 Sep 26,23 Manxi

Experience the compelling tale of Antong, a girl battling emotional turmoil, and Rong Shen, a refined and enigmatic psychological therapist. Antong's life takes a tumultuous turn as she grapples with family upheaval and the burden of emotional disorders, frequently falling victim to severe emotional detachment. Enter Rong Shen, a renowned heir from an opulent and mysterious family in Hong Kong. In
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ZomGan 4.5


Chapter 66

19K Sep 26,23 ongoo (옹구)

In a world where everyone struggles to live, Onmirae, the only boy who wants death.One day, a death squad appeared in front of him and offered him a proposal. ‘I’ll kill you, let’s rebuild human society together’ Todie, you have to save everyone.
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Introduction to Survival 4.7

Introduction To Survival

Chapter 44

8.3K Sep 26,23 Haru (하루), Mr Quokka

Remember. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seveneight" I will remember it until the end. until the end On the day, my wife Julia was trampled on by them, all of my life and goals became stained with burning hatred. Yes, I have to kill those people. "Bury me next to her on the day I have fulfilled my revenge." Until then, I must survive. In this survival hunt
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Vampires and Knight 3.9

Vampires And Knight

Chapter 230

26.4K Sep 26,23 Updating

I, a holy male knight, was captured after I lost a war against the vampires. “What, do you really want to die? That isn't going to happen. Embrace me, dear. From now on, you shall be my daughter.” said the silver-haired baby-face queen of the bloodsuckers. She lifted my chin and, with a viciously fanged smile, drew in toward my neck.
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Madonna Lily 2.5

Madonna Lily

Vol.2 Chapter 21: Decision

68 Sep 26,23 Shinohara Tomohiro

Juri, Makoto, Mistugi, and Kanon serve on the student council of a prestigious girls' high school and are the school's flowers, admired by all for their beauty and excellence. They are the symbols of purity of the school, like the Madonna Lilies, the white lilies dedicated to Mary, the Holy Mother. Yet, there is a hidden side to these girls: Juri's life revolves around a forbidden love; Makoto is
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Reincarnation Colosseum - Using the Weakest Skills in Order to Defeat the Strongest Women and Create a Slave Harem 4.6

Reincarnation Colosseum - Using The Weakest Skills In Order To Defeat The Strongest Women And Create A Slave Harem

Vol.3 Chapter 13: In The State Of A Woman

14.9K Sep 26,23 Harawata Saizou,Zunta

Average high school student Mikagami​ Kouji is a hardcore gamer. One day he gets isekai'd and he only gets the skill "copy" which is apparently useless but we all know it's secretly OP or something. He's enslaved to be a gladiator by his summoner, the big booba, head priestess Zayd. He has to fight in the Colosseum and if he loses he gets raped.
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Swallowing The Black Shade 4

Swallowing The Black Shade

Chapter 22

427 Sep 26,23 Umbifdong

"Hyung!" Hae-gyeom fits perfectly like a puzzle in Jihyun's life, who's lost his younger brother, Jihae, during their childhood.One day, Jihyun starts to feel a little strange in Hae-gyeom's behavior, whom he sees as a younger brother. So complex emotions begin to emerge. One day, Hae-gyeom said, "I'll do everything I can to make you see me as only me, no one else.&q
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Mobile Suit Gundam Pulitzer - Amuro Ray Beyond the Aurora 4.5

Mobile Suit Gundam Pulitzer - Amuro Ray Beyond The Aurora

Vol.3 Chapter 17: Report 17: Beltorchika Irma (Part 3)

57 Sep 26,23 Chihiro Oowaki

In UC0095, following the events of Char's Counterattack, Kikka Kobayashi gathers testimonies about Amuro Ray to show the world the kind of person he was.
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Ottoman 4.7


Vol.4 Chapter 37: The Less Cleaned, The More Effective

4.8K Sep 26,23 Kanazawa Shinnosuke

Souya is a sullen salaryman whose days are spent chasing after work deadlines all while still keeping his dream of becoming a manga artist. To him, his one and only support in life is none other than his beloved wife, Yuuka. One day, on his way back home, he was suddenly caught in an accident and before he knew it, an alien had taken hold of his body! Not only that, the evil threat of another alie
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Tower of God 4.6

Tower Of God

Chapter 590

279.5K Sep 26,23 Siu

Read ​Tower of God Manga The storyline centers around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Baam, that has spent his life trapped beneath a tower that was mysterious. Chasing after his only friend, as he attempts to locate his company, he manages to open a door to the Tower, and must face challenges at every floor of the cryptic tower.
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While I’m Back in Time, I’ll Get My Revenge 4

While I’M Back In Time, I’Ll Get My Revenge

Chapter 57.5

5.7K Sep 25,23 Kwon Yi Eun , Marucomics

Most people would consider getting a second chance at life a blessing, but Arnell Radfell is furious when she wakes up to find herself back in the past. Terrified of having to suffer through the horrors of her past life twice, she attempts to end her life again but is rescued by Sir Herbert Schladin, the very man who gave her the courage to end her life the first time. However, when Arnell finds
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Yuukoku no Moriarty: The Remains 4.8

Yuukoku No Moriarty: The Remains

Chapter 7: The Girl Gazing At The Rainbow, Act 3

84 Sep 25,23 Saita Yosuke

A manga adaptation of the Yuukoku no Moriarty light novels.
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Oni to Tengoku Sai 3.8

Oni To Tengoku Sai

Vol.1 Chapter 7.6: Extras 2

8 Sep 25,23 Aga Naomi

Tengoku, a school nurse, and Aoki, a high school teacher.They have been lovers for a few months, and have been experiencing infatuation, jealousy, and little by little, they've begun to embody what it means to be in a "relationship".One day, Aoki receives a phone call from a friend. He tells his friend that he has no intention of marrying his current lover. Tengoku, who was standing beside
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Immortal Eye 4.3

Immortal Eye

Chapter 62

1.8K Sep 25,23 Jang Se-i

After his wife and child leave him, Park Taesan decides it's time to give up his life as major player in organized crime. Before he can retire though, he's betrayed by one of his own and brutally murdered. However, Taesan gets a second life when his organs are sold on the black market and transplanted into Yoo Chang, the successor of a major company. With a mild-mannered pushover and a revenge-thi
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Big X 5

Big X

Vol.1 Chapter 5: The Hunters And The Hunted

3 Sep 25,23 Tezuka Osamu

Invited to Nazi Germany during World War II, Dr. Asagumo is asked by Hitler to collaborate with him on the research of the new weapon "Big X". Concerned about the possible effects of the completion of Big X, Dr. Asagumo intentionally delays the progress of the research, conspiring with his co-researcher, the devious Dr. Engel. Immediately before Germany is defeated by the Allies, Dr. Asagumo impla
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The Film Lives On 5

The Film Lives On

Vol.1 Chapter 8.1: Afterword

2 Sep 25,23 Tezuka Osamu

Miyamoto Musashi is a boy who has come all the way to the city to check out the studio of Matsuma Dan, a longtime director of manga movies (anime films). After having his work evaluated by him, Dan tells Musashi that his work is dead and lifeless: films live on and about. Not long after, Musashi comes across Sasaki Kojiro, a boy from a wealthy family who also aims to do manga movies. No matter how
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Harmonia 4.5


Chapter 101

1.1K Sep 25,23 YOON , JINU

Divers discover an immortal jellyfish in the Caribbean Sea and the key to immortality is seemingly at hand for humanity with the development of Harmonia, a pill that keeps its consumers looking young as long as it is taken daily. However, a fatal flaw is discovered when a singer experiences its side effect while on TV, rapidly aging until death. Trapped on Nakwon Island with his family, islanders
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Babylon 3.8


Vol.2 Chapter 11: Bad City

60 Sep 25,23 Mado Nozaki

The suspense story centers around Zen Seizaki, a prosecutor with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Office. While investigating illegal acts by a certain pharmaceutical company, Seizaki stumbles across a conspiracy over an election for an autonomous "new zone" established in western Tokyo.
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Da Lao Shiyi Hou Zhi Jide Wo 4.2

Da Lao Shiyi Hou Zhi Jide Wo

Chapter 186

2.9K Sep 25,23 丁嘉树 , Yuewen Manhua, 春日文化

Big Boss Only Remembers Me After He Lost His Memory / Boss Only Remembers Me After He Gets Amnesia / Boss Only Remembers Me After He Has Amnesia / D Lo Shy Hu Zh Jd W / / / Dillon, a captain at Eastern Airline and heir to the Alba Consortium Group, was involved in a collision and was inflicted with amnesia. He only remembered Wendy, who, in her desperation to rescue him, died in the process. S
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Bones 4.7


Chapter 3.5

893 Sep 25,23 Igeon,Museonmin

Ji Hyun, haunted by pain and inner anger, awaits a hunter on the way with the dream of becoming invincible. But cruel fate decreed otherwise, depriving him of the most precious thing - the cost of love and health. Wallowing in despair, but not resigned to fate, Ji Hyun stood on the edge of the abyss of the place. Having become a shadow of himself, he rose from the ashes and again eclipsed the heav
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My Beloved Fool 3.7

My Beloved Fool

Chapter 59

2K Sep 25,23 Shui Qian Cheng , Koowa内容团队 , White Moon Dream , 白月梦

Upon falling in love at first sight with his younger brother's good friend, Li Yu, Jian Suiying begins to exercise every means to hook this cold beauty with an endless stream of tricks. He originally thought he had tugged at Li Yu's heartstrings, but realized that Li Yu had acted as bait to let Jian Suiying have a taste of betrayal and hurt...
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Akuheki 3


Vol.2 Chapter 9

122 Sep 25,23 Limo

How far can someone bully you until you snap? Daimon has had to endure Kojima's relentless teasing and nagging at work, to the point that bullying Daimon became customary inside the company. But could Kojima's attitude be because he actually likes Daimon? Let's find out!
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