Repure 5


Vol.1 Ch.1

81 Jan 20,16 Ikumi Mia

A guy named Al(?) goes around killing "rebel dolls", which were used as fighting machines in the war before, but their neglect over the years has made them become "rebels. One day while trying to look for some, a boy comes falling out of the sky in hand cuffs, and following him is some rebel dolls. This is a prize catch for a doll hunter, but why are they after the boy? And is that boy even human
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Ten☆kai☆Riku☆jou! 5



89 Jan 20,16 SETO Yuuna

The world of earth, and the world of heaven, seprated by the clouds. Rinne is one of those who lives in heaven. Then a wild fire that no one can put out in heaven, where it never rains, happens. Rinne is determined to put it out, but accidently trips and falls to Earth. The fire is still going strong in heaven, and Rinne has to figure out how to put it out.
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Seiten Nari (An Tsukimiya) 4.8

Seiten Nari (An Tsukimiya)

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Oneshot

88 Jan 20,16 Tsukimiya An

Growing up in a single parent family, she longed to have a father and brothers. Imagine her excitement after hearing that her mother's remarriage will fulfill her wishes! However, upon arriving at her new home, she accidentally swallowed their family treasure and gains some unknown powers, even becoming her new "brother's" slave! From then on, her life began to change.
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Otome no Sainou 5

Otome No Sainou

Vol.1 Ch.4.5

129 Jan 20,16 Matsuno Mika

Story One : Otome no Sainou Nakanishi Kiyoshin, nickname Onii-chan, is 14 year old chivalrous heroine. She witnesses a GUY, Kashiwaki Sachikana, being confessed to by another guy. The confesser gets agressive, and Nakanishi steps in. After that, Nakanishi and Kashi-kun become friends, and then... Story Two : Tsuki Iro Secret Back in elementary school, Alice (in manga 'president'&'m
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Noragami - Clash, O Ye Gods of Calamity 4.9

Noragami - Clash, O Ye Gods Of Calamity

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Clash, O Ye Gods Of Calamity (Part 2)

859 Jan 20,16 ADACHI Toka

Noragami Special,tells the story of the encounter between Yato and Magatsukami Rabou.> Spin-off of Noragami( )
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Mahou Sensou 4.5

Mahou Sensou

Ch.12 : White Wolf And Cherry Blossom

533 Jan 20,16 Suzuki Hisashi

From Chinatown KM: Nanase Takeshi is a normal high-school student with a slightly traumatic past. You could say he's hard-working but in reality, he really cares about what others think about him. For some reason, he is going out with his childhood friend, Isoshima Kurumi, but otherwise, he's a pretty normal guy. One day, however, he sees a girl wearing a uniform he had never seen before, who h
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Star Ocean: Blue Sphere 5

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Vol.3 Ch.14.5 : Omake - Cinderella's Decision

235 Jan 20,16 Mizuki Aoi

Galactic Era 366, a malevolent entity, "The Ten Wise Men", manipulated the Crest of Annihilation in an attempt to destroy the entire universe. Their aspirations were crushed by the heroes' actions across many planets, and the Ten Wise Men were defeated. The Universe was at peace once again. Thereafter, the heroes decided to go their separate ways. And two years later... Precis and Leon are stud
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Star Ocean: The Second Story 4.9

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Vol.6 Ch.30

364 Jan 20,16 Azuma Mayumi

The vast universe that spreads endlessly... There are as many hopes and dreams of people as there are countless numbers of well as nightmares... During a planet investigation, Claude came in contact with a strange energy field and got transported to an unknown planet. There, the earth swayed and monsters terrified the denizens. Claude met a young girl named Rena, and in addition t
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Gensou Suikoden 5 Anthology 4.9

Gensou Suikoden 5 Anthology

Vol.3 Chapter 31 : Miracle Man

396 Jan 20,16 Anthology

From Ramsus-kun: A collection of short manga stories by various artists based on the PS2 video game, Suikoden 5. Volume 1 1) Out of Contron Prince by Yuu Satsuki 2) The Prince's Counseling Room by Sakuraguni 3) Please Heal My Heart by Morozumi Sumika 4) Indecision by Michi Kiri 5) The Melancholy of a Great Tactician by Kawancha 6) Oath of the Setting Sun by Ayumi Takawatari - Miakis' Pr
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Suihelibe! 5


Ch.5 : Showdown! The Biology Club Vs. The Student Council

108 Jan 20,16 Azuma Naomi

First-year junior high school student Tetsu is alone, minding his own business, when a small flying saucer crashes into the classroom. The pilot happens to be a cute space girl named Lan, who looks surprisingly human despite her alien heritage. When she realizes her life forms escaped during the crash, Lan knows she can't recover all of them on her own. So she enrolls in school and joins Tetsu in
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Shuohu 5


Chapter 4 : Autumn – Untitled

99 Jan 20,16 Tutututu

Four little tales of fox spirits and human. Be it China, Japan or Korea, fox spirits always have a unique standing: each country has a tale or two about these infamous fox spirits. They can be both good and bad, revered and scorned, but they're always known for their intelligence and beauty. Enthralling creatures! ... Please read from left to right. ... Original webcomic. Original
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The Song of the Beast 4.3

The Song Of The Beast


97 Jan 20,16 Yoon

An oriental fantasy manhwa that spans between Earth and the Underworld, using re-interpreted Korean myths and legends!
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Suite Precure 5

Suite Precure


89 Jan 20,16 Todo Izumi

The world is threatened by Mephisto, the King of Minor Land, who tries to spread the Melody of Unhappiness. Mephisto is after the Legendary Score, in which the Melody of Happiness is written. In order to complete the score and protect the world, new Precure girls stand up to collect the scattered notes of the Melody of Happiness.
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Youhen Nibelungen no Yubiwa 5

Youhen Nibelungen No Yubiwa

Vol.1 Ch.2

91 Jan 20,16 Saki Hiroto

The story is set in a world were gods control the heavens, giants the earth, and nibelung (a strange looking race) the underground. The main character (Sigurd) wanting to learn what fear is makes his entrance during a battle between the (almost extinct) humans and giants. Things weren't looking good until he pulls out a broken sword that scares even the giants. At the same time, a goddess desc
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The Lawless 4.7

The Lawless


415 Jan 20,16 Khoo Fuk-lung

From: Easy Going Scans The story begins to unfold in 900-960 AD, Later Zhou dynasty when Chi Wu is being imprisoned after purposely losing to the emperor. His true goal lies within the prison itself, a clue to the whereabouts of world’s greatest lost treasure - Qi Lin Treasure. The words of his capture quickly spread to the ear of his senior and a former officer of the imperial court. Tie Zong
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Star Blacks 4.3

Star Blacks

Vol.2 Ch.9.5

194 Jan 20,16 Maki Youko

Kisaki is a 17 year-old high school student who likes her coffee. She lives with her father and brother in a sword shop and loves to hear the story of her ancestor who slew oni during the Age of Warring states in Japan (Sengoku Jidai). Her mother left when she was young and there is a Catholic nun who is like a mother to her. While taking several katana down to the store room she discovers a room
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Nightmare Express 5

Nightmare Express

Vol.1 Ch.3

111 Jan 20,16 Shimotsuki Kairi

On the seventh night where the sky was dyed rainbow colors, there is a legend that an invitation will be sent to the most unfortunate person in the whole country. The people of the world dubbed it 'the invitation to happiness'. When Luludy buys the invitation from a woman named Anne Marie, she boards a train in hopes of attaining happiness. However, things take a dreadful turn when she is to get
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Bloody Rose 5

Bloody Rose

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : End Of Misery

103 Jan 20,16 Seldi Behari,Sedilian Begaj

What would be your first thought if someone killed your parents? Certainly REVENGE... That being the case for Yoshi, who is a thief that wanders from place to place searching to find his parent's murderer, that were killed in a bloody attack his village was under years ago. His only companions.. His instinct, his memories and a rose which was given by his father shortly before he died. Follo
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Mahou Shoujo of the End vs Hakaijuu vs Versus Earth 4.8

Mahou Shoujo Of The End Vs Hakaijuu Vs Versus Earth

Ch.4 : The Final Chapter Of Shock!![End]

465 Jan 20,16 Sato Kentaro,Honda Shingo,Ichitomo Kazutomo

A four chapter crossover between Mahou Shoujo Of The End, Hakaijuu and Versus Earth.
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Paperweight Eye 4.3

Paperweight Eye

Vol.2 Ch.11 : Garden (The End)

328 Jan 20,16 Tazawa Kouji

From AQUA Scans: Marie is a shy college student and also a doll maker. Then one day, she is trapped in a gothic mansion by a mysterious young man calling himself "Kahrel." Kahrel demands that she "Creates the "people" that make up the world" for him if she wants to leave. The terrified Marie then has the dolls she's made in past come to life, and are bearing down on her! Gothic Doll Fantasy!!
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Laz Meridian 5

Laz Meridian

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Chase Up!

103 Jan 20,16 Yuiga Satoru

A romantic story taking place in the "Knights of the Round Table" epoch.. When he comes back to Japan after 10 years abroad, Chihiro offers a strange ring to his childhood friend and neighbor, Mana. Actually, this common-looking jewel possesses a magic power which can take the girl to a strange land called Avalon. There, she will meet a young boy named Lancelot and learn that he is in fact prison
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Natsu no Kakera 4.2

Natsu No Kakera

Vol.1 Ch.5.5 : Extra

122 Jan 20,16 Amano Shinobu

A collection of 5 short stories: 1. Natsu no Kakera When Miyuki goes off to the countryside to visit her grandfather in the hospital, she accidentally enters Madoka’s room instead. Although she finds him rude at first, they end up seeing each other every day and get closer. But, Miyuki only has a limited amount of time in the countryside. As the summer passes, how will things turn out for the
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