Meiyaku no Leviathan 4.5

Meiyaku No Leviathan

Ch.14 : Bow Star Of The Southern Sky [End]

1.1K Jan 20,16 Bau,Taketsuki Jou

Two decades ago, the dragons returned to earth. Soaring above the skies leaving behind trails of destruction. They attack humans for the simple reason, their destructive impulses. In order to fight the dragons, humanity acted. They began to dabble in magic...
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Slop Mansion ni Okaeri 4.6

Slop Mansion Ni Okaeri

Vol.1 Chapter 5

130 Jan 20,16 Takao Shigeru

From Ivyscan “It is said, there are other worlds than the one we live in… One of them is the fairy world.” My parents divorced when I was very young. I didn’t even remember what my father looked like. When I turned 14 years old, Mom finally let me go to Dad’s place. But what I found there wasn’t Dad, but a young man and a garden full of fairies, just like in Dad’s paintings…
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Celestial Clothes 4.9

Celestial Clothes

Chapter 13.5 : The Young Warrior And The Tengu Princess

272 Jan 20,16 Shiono Etorouji

After his mother's death, Miwatari Yuu returns from Tokyo to live with relatives in the city of his birth, Ousuku. Yuu is the latest of a line of Shinto priests that stretches back generations. After his arrival, he runs into a strange girl who seems to be searching for the Northern Lights. Yuu saw the Aurora as a child, though no one believed him, and his mother had told him it was the armor of t
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Snow White' 94 5

Snow White' 94

Chapter 1

71 Jan 20,16 Aihara Miki

A Snow White adaption.
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Snowflakes Fluttering Down Through the Clear Sky 5

Snowflakes Fluttering Down Through The Clear Sky

Vol.1 Ch.0

104 Jan 20,16 Himawari Souya

Snowflakes Fluttering Down Through the Clear Sky by Himawari Souya, is a love story about a princess and a knight.
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Re Collection 5

Re Collection


135 Jan 20,16 Takano Ichigo

In order to remember his forgotten dreams, love, and self, Natsume Kanade, a high school teacher suffering from amnesia, is suddenly visited by a strange man with dark-rimmed glasses who claims to be "God". Natsume Kanade wakes up with a terrible headache from the day before. Wait, what happened yesterday? More importantly, who is he? And who is the the guy with dark-rimmed glasses bossing him
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Sweet Valerian 5

Sweet Valerian

Vol.1 Ch.0

67 Jan 20,16 Hatano Hiyoko

[From Condensation]: About three girls who transform into rabbits to save people from the Stress Monsters.
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Fate/Mahjong Night 4.5

Fate/mahjong Night


109 Jan 20,16 TYPE-MOON

Original 4-koma updated daily at
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Mikake no Nijuusei 5

Mikake No Nijuusei

Vol.1 Ch.7 : Remember Me

130 Jan 20,16 Tsubana

Ayako, a normal high-school girl caught up in the experiment of an enigmatic genius, is divided in two. In the midst of the confusion of sharing her life, she remembers her sister who had died suddenly. What lies beyond the feelings she remembers and the feelings she’s forgotten…
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Pandemonium - Majutsushi no Mura 4.8

Pandemonium - Majutsushi No Mura

Ch.12 : [End]

727 Jan 20,16 Shibamoto Sho

A man who travels carrying a box on his shoulders, Zipher. When he collapsed exhausted, it was the inhabitant of a certain village―Domika―who rescued him. Against the opposition of other villagers, she lent her hand to him; but this village hides a big secret?!? (1): 4091886450ISBN (2): 4091886469
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Game Of Ninja

Vol.2 Chapter 5 : Game Of Ninja - Chapter #5 (The Fire Style)

141 Jan 20,16 Jacob Herrick

Enslaved Ninja are forced to compete in the Arena and fight until death!The victor is given the chance to progress until they defeat the current champion. If they succeed, the winner will be rewarded greatly and granted freedom.
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Xia Yin Wang: Wai Zhuan 5

Xia Yin Wang: Wai Zhuan

Vol.1 Ch.2

95 Jan 20,16 You Su Lan

The young King of Xia Yin Empire, who succeeded the throne at age 14, inherited a rare and powerful sorcery connected to the six great gods of the elements. Can this power enable him to change Xia Yin's terrible fate of imminent destruction and collapse?
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Jinjuu Houretsuden 5

Jinjuu Houretsuden

Vol.3 Chapter 37.5 : End

680 Jan 20,16 Morimoto Shuu

From Storm in Heaven: In ancient China there exists an alternate dimension called Jusenkai, whose inhabitants, the Senkaijin, possess tremendous powers. One of them, YanLang, fled to Earth along with his rebel army after being defeated during his attempt to overthrow the Emperor. In order to capture the fugitives, the Emperor sent his elite soldiers to Earth after them. LiFang has been trave
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Soraoto 4.9


Vol.2 Chapter 10

207 Jan 20,16 Takamiya Satoru

From Midnight Scans: "Heaven" is a company. The job of the "Messenger of Death" is to deliver the souls of the dead to heaven. The Messengers of Death are ranked according to ability. Uka, a "Rank C" dropout, is normally an average, easy-going high school girl. But what happens when she has to escort the one she likes, Tsumugi, to Heaven?
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Angel Lip 4.8

Angel Lip

Vol.2 Chapter 9

206 Jan 20,16 Arai Kiyoko

Mikina's father is the president of a modeling agency. Mikina was once a popular child model, but due to an accident, she developed camera-phobia and gave up modeling. 10 years later, Mikina's father's company is going through some financial difficulty. Mikina really wishes to be able to help revive the company, and one day, she received a mysterious lipstick... In 1999 Angel lip won the Sho
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Soul (Kim Yong Seon) 5

Soul (Kim Yong Seon)

Vol.1 Ch.2

87 Jan 20,16 Kim Yong Seon

{From Acacia15} Taepung is of a rather... prestigious family. But his father does not accept him, for no reason in particular. He is being beaten up by a gang when a ghost like girl comes and saves him.. And takes his most precious necklace. That girl is the "fortune teller" girl, Kain. But she seems to be possessed..
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Souryuuden 5


Vol.1 Ch.3 : Butterfly Dream

119 Jan 20,16 Tanaka Yoshiki

The story features four divine Dragon Kings, each with their own kingdoms: one to the north, one to the east, one to the south, and one to the west. The brothers are reborn in the modern world, complete with supernatural powers and the ability to become the Dragons they descended from. They are content to live ordinary lives until evil creatures come to attack them. It becomes the mission of th
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Sousoukyoku Nightmare 4.9

Sousoukyoku Nightmare

Ch.6 : Grafting

131 Jan 20,16 Aki Arata

Those who want to sell their nightmares come to the antiques and knickknacks shop - Aries. The owner of Aries is a child incarnation of Baku, the dweller of dreams who exchanges priceless oddities and experiences for human nightmares... so he may feed.
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Spicy Hot Life 4.6

Spicy Hot Life

Vol.1 Ch.0

90 Jan 20,16 Fuwa Shinri

Osawa Takatoshi is alone, his father left the family years ago and his mother is deceased. Now, Death God, Black, arrives at his door with a ring in his hand and a desire to eat curry. How can a Death God and a human find true love? And if they do, will they be able to stay together?
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Star Ocean 2 5

Star Ocean 2

Vol.3 Ch.17 : Star Ocean

217 Jan 20,16

Based on the PSP remake of Star Ocean 2 (Rena's side of the game). Rena is a girl living in Expel. From young, she has always believed strongly in the legend of the Warrior of Light and believed that one day he will appear before her. Then one day, the Sorcery Globe fell upon the planet of Expel, causing chaos to the planet. One day, Rena met Claude when she was at the Shingo Forest, who had
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Juuhime - Sincerely Night 5

Juuhime - Sincerely Night

Vol.3 Chapter 14 : Transcender 1

255 Jan 20,16 Takadono Madoka

From: Easy Going Scans Luca Athrason has been sentenced with 500 years of imprisonment – such is the price to pay for his sins. The only way for him to shorten his sentence is to accomplish his missions as the Church’s vanguard or as some might call it... The Church's Dog!
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Joou-sama no Tamago 4.5

Joou-Sama No Tamago

Vol.1 Ch.5.5 : The Olives & White Seeds [End]

174 Jan 20,16 Komura Ayumi

Mia is a princess of the country where people are either masochistic (M) or sadistic (S), but generally only royalty is (S). Her daily duties consist of insulting, stepping on and generally bullying her people, and they're all happy about it! But the day comes when Mia has to transfer to a foreign country for a year to study there. The only problem is.... people there are normal. When Mia changes
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Aka no Sekai 5

Aka No Sekai

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Flowers In The Palm Of My Hand

106 Jan 20,16 Bikke

From MangaHelpers: This volume is a collection of short stories. The title story "Aka no Sekai" features a boys' summer camp out in the country. The main character, Regulus, is reluctantly attending the summer camp, where he shares a room with a cheerful boy named Miran. Soon after arrival, though, some of the other boys begin acting strange, while claiming they want to see the color red. Will
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