Omochi-sama 5


Chapter 0 V2 : [Oneshot]

82 Dec 20,17 HAGI Warako

When Akiko was a child, on the first day of the new year, a rice cake suddenly came to life and told Akiko that it will grant a wish that she has. It's always been like that year after year, until one year a cat stole the rice cake that she was supposed to eat. Her family didn't have anymore left, and stores were sold out. She tries very hard to find a rice cake, but why is this? What is her wish
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Omochabako no Kuni no Alice Special Deluxe Edition Booklet 5

Omochabako No Kuni No Alice Special Deluxe Edition Booklet

Vol.1 Chapter 2 V2 : Joker Story

128 Dec 20,17 QuinRose

This volume contains two stories that follow the Omochabako no Kuni no Alice fan disk which is part of the Heart no Kuni no Alice series (aka Alice in the Country of Hearts). Alice and the role holders have been placed into a magical parody setting. Some are students and some are teachers at the prestigious magic school, Symphonia.Chp 1 - Elliot StorySummary: N/AChp 2 - Joker StorySummary: On her
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Silver Diamond 4.9

Silver Diamond

Vol.16 Chapter 048

2.3K Dec 20,17 Sugiura Shiho

From Storm in Heaven: Rakan lives alone, and the plants in his garden grow so thick and fast that it seems like a jungle. One day a man, holding a gun made of wood, falls right down into his garden. He seems to come from another world, and he's searching for someone who can bring back the green into his own dark and inhospitable world.
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Sora no Shinwa Chi no Shinwa 4.9

Sora No Shinwa Chi No Shinwa

Chapter 2 V2 : [End]

106 Dec 20,17 Narita Minako

From Wingtip Cafe: After Violet’s parents died, a dark-haired philosopher comes to the village and informs her that she is the heir of the “Heaven” clan.
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Son Yeon Jeon [Limit] 5

Son Yeon Jeon [Limit]

Chapter 70

753 Dec 20,17 Radiya

A weapon only permitted to a chosen few, and two men who use their weapons for two entirely different purposes. Original webcomic
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Hand x Red 4.9

Hand X Red

Chapter 19

422 Dec 20,17 Kurata, hideyuki (story), itsuki, hoshi (art)

Jim is a young boy bound by a curse which seals him in the darkness of purgatory for 100 years. Bound by a curse, half of his heart is held by his best friend Luca. Due to Luca’s betrayal, Jim lost both his “best friend” and his “heart”. Once every 100 years, Jim is allowed to roam free for only 10 days and search for Luca whom he must defeat! Hatred replaces friendship and friends become enemies,
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Ohmune Maou-sama no Hon 4.8

Ohmune Maou-Sama No Hon

Vol.3 Chapter 0 V2 : Ohmune Ma Ou-Sama No Hon 3 ~Ma Ou-Sama No Natsuyasumi~

246 Dec 20,17 DO-RAKU7 (Circle),USAZUKA Eiji

A 4-koma about a flatchested demon princess.
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Sixth Star Supika 5

Sixth Star Supika

Chapter 005

124 Dec 20,17 Onodera akira

Supika studies at a school that teaches the magics of astrology and astronomy. Astrologers like Supika can use three magic items, a sun, moon, or star. Supika uses the star Spica (Virgo's brightest star), which is the most powerful item she can use at her level. In the school, however, women are stuck as third class students--they aren't allowed to reach the higher levels boys can. Of course, Supi
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KMS Potato Times 3.5

Kms Potato Times

Vol.1 Chapter 2 V2 : Parody #2: Kyou No Cerberus "dog Meets Master Or Whatever"...

361 Dec 20,17 PrionBlank

KMS Potato Times, is a collection of rare/new/unknown manga series that Kisu KMS wishes to show to the English Manga Fans. Technically, since Kisu KMS dedicates itself on bringing rare series every month , but due to the number of current staff and stuff in real life, we're not capable of taking each and one of them without a translator. Thus KMS Potato Times is born.It's main purpose is to show
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Shoku no Hana 3.1

Shoku No Hana

Chapter 000

141 Dec 20,17 Kiiro yumi

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Shoujo Nemu 5

Shoujo Nemu

Vol.1 Chapter 10.2 : Commentary

178 Dec 20,17 Tsuchiya Garon

From Kotonoha: Based on a script by the author of Old Boy and brought to life by the late manga genius Hirosuke Kizaki, Shoujo Nemu tells the moving story of Nemu, a young girl who dreams of becoming a manga artist. Even though people couldn’t tell because of her shyness, Nemu possesses extraordinary talent, but it’s not until her encounter with Goro, a veteran manga artist plagued with self-do
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Shoujo Kakumei Utena 4.8

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Chapter 027

934 Dec 20,17 Saitou Chiho,Be-papas

From Viz: After young Utena's parents die, she wanders the streets. Just as she's about to drown herself, a prince comes to her rescue, telling her she must grow up to be a brave noblewoman. From that day on, she strives to become not a princess but a prince. Years later, she receives a mysterious rose-crested ring in the mail. Will she meet the prince again?
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Shirogane no Ou - Fenrir Craft 4.9

Shirogane No Ou - Fenrir Craft

Vol.2 Chapter 14 : The Place Where I Belong [End]

357 Dec 20,17 Aoto Takane

The day of the coronation has finally arrived, but peace is nowhere in sight. The King is still under attack by a mysterious faction that is trying desperately to put an end to his life. And this time around, the trials facing them might just be too great to overcome. His Majesty and his "Right Eye" both have secrets they're keeping from each other; secrets that could tear them apart... and des
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Shirodatsu no Masquerade 5

Shirodatsu No Masquerade

Chapter 001

95 Dec 20,17 Tsubaki kawori

From AQUA Scans: Elite Development Education Academy, Noblesse Oblige. The grandson of the academy's chairman, promised heir as the next chairman, Inaba Hakuto. The kind-hearted, younger brother who supports him, Inaba Kokuto. However, with the chairman's death, the fate of the twins begins to greatly warp. The one who holds the key is, the demon who resides in the mask... Masquerade...
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Natsu, Kimi ga Saku. 3.8

Natsu, Kimi Ga Saku.

Vol.1 Chapter 6 V2 : Thermidor Fireworks [End]

201 Dec 20,17 FUJIKAWA Touko

A collection of short stories. The title story:Shinobu grew up in a town so small that he didn't even have any classmates in elementary school. Without any friends his age, he spent his time learning about flowers with a local horticulture expert. Now that he's moved away to a city, he still sticks to himself, since he never really learned how to make friends. That is, with the exception of Yukihi
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Mushishi Gaitanshuu 5

Mushishi Gaitanshuu

Chapter 3 : Shimmering Of The Sea (Ashinano Hitoshi)

226 Dec 20,17 Ashinano hitoshi,Imai tetsuya,Kumakura takatoshi,Toyoda tetsuya,Urushibara yuki,Yoshida motoi

An anthology dedicated to Mushishi.
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Monster Girl Encyclopedia 4.8

Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Chapter 0 V2 : Monster Girl Encyclopedia

598 Dec 20,17 Kenkou Kurosu

Ch.0 has the Original Pictures. Updated 04/12/2012
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Sweet Magic Syndrome 4.7

Sweet Magic Syndrome

Vol.3 Chapter 38

305 Dec 19,17 Cuteg

From MangaHelpers: Amako is a young girl who has a great love of sweets. Due to her father's job, she had to move many times during her childhood, which prevented her from making close friends. Now she's 15 and starting high school, and it looks like she'll finally be able to have a normal school life! She intends to join the tea ceremony club, but it's going to be abolished this y
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Swan Lake 5

Swan Lake

Chapter 006 : Afterword

206 Dec 19,17 Higuchi Tachibana

From Dragon Voice Project: Collection of three short stories from the mangaka of Gakuen Alice. A older manga by Higuchi Tachibana based on certain fairytales. Cinderella, mermaid, and frogs... Main parts from fallen_18/lonelyduchess : Swan Lake: Nire, a girl that can be considered as Perfect. Unknown to others, she's actually poor. Very poor. Her goal is to marry a rich and handsome guy l
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The Red Demon Who Cried 5

The Red Demon Who Cried "moe!"

Chapter 001

125 Dec 18,17 Ruri hozuki,Sakura shio

A Yurimm Fairy Tale.
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The Queen's Season 4.3

The Queen's Season

Chapter 13

285 Dec 18,17 Bobokun

From Asclepias Scans: Eden, a captured servant and bodyguard to the prolific Count Ricardo Adolph, is forced to take part in a gladiatorial competition for his master while dreaming of his own freedom. Original Webcomic
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The Paradise on the Sand 5

The Paradise On The Sand

Chapter 004

134 Dec 18,17 Ima ichiko

A collection of four short stories. Chapter 1 is the 100 page title story. It's a supernatural shoujo about a man with one chance to escape from death, a mysterious woman he meets, and a tribe seeking to find its way back into Heaven. Chapter 2 deals with the mystery of a man gone missing, and presumed dead. Chapter 3 is a very short story about a couple in the mountains who pick up a strange gues
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Ana no Mujina 5

Ana No Mujina

Chapter 7.3 : Extra United Front

668 Dec 15,17 Amano Youichi

When, High school Student Sataki Tadashi, was young he received the ability to deceive people from a "Mujina". Since then, He has continued to live as a "Con-Artist". 3 years later, with the recommendation of the Kaminayama police, He puts those abilities to use for the sake of punishing "Evil that can't be judged with Law".
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