A Tipsy Marriage Proposal for the Emperor 4.7

A Tipsy Marriage Proposal For The Emperor

Chapter 64

3K Jul 20,24 Geojuja

A Tipsy Marriage Proposal for the Emperor / Whether it's beauty, status, or a Ph.D, Elliere has it all. But one thing she doesn't have is luck with men, which she discovers when her prideful fiance dumps her for "being a know-it-all." Enraged, Elliere storms to the bar and drunkenly rants about her troubles to a mysterious stranger, whose good looks inspire her to ask for his han
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Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita 4.8

Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita

Chapter 49

61K Jul 20,24 Shimotsuki Hiiro

"Won't I be able to get filthy rich if I use this skill?" Continually exploited at work, Amata Shirou quits his job and moves to his grandma's house.  When he finds out that it's connected to another world, he comes up with a plan to set up a business selling Japanese goods. The story of a man getting rich using his skill that converts the curre
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Greatest Clan 4.8

Greatest Clan

Chapter 47: Coming To Terms

51.5K Jul 20,24 jaki,yamori-chan

Noel, a youth who admires his grandfather, who was hailed as a hero, and aspires to be the strongest Seeker. But his Job that appeared in the appraisal, was the support class Talker. Talker is a peaky job with the weakest individual abilities. A job that could never become the strongest. 「If I create the strongest clan and become the clan
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Anecdotes with Master After the Novel Transmigration 4.1

Anecdotes With Master After The Novel Transmigration

Chapter 21: Nan Qiu

47 Jul 20,24 野兔头11

After transmigration, both Shizun and the original protagonist's personas went out of character!! Double male lead, Shizun x Transmigrator.
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Unseen Immortal for 300 Years 4

Unseen Immortal For 300 Years

Chapter 32

238 Jul 20,24 Mussoorie , Original , Jinjiang Literature City , Wandering Grass Studio

There are thousands upon thousands of demons in the world, and half of them reside in Night Glow City. As for the other half, they all died in northern Dark Jade City, the one under the High Constellation Immortal Xiao Fuxuan. Only one demon was imprisoned for twenty-five years and still lives. And he is Night Glow's city lord, Wu Xingue.
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In My Death, I Became My Brother's Regret 4.3

In My Death, I Became My Brother's Regret

Chapter 29

426 Jul 20,24 一亭

The half-demon, Jing Mo, was killed by his older brother Jue Ming when his demonic energy lost control. He found himself in the body of a young man named "Bai Shu", and this body seemed... abnormal. Due to suspicious circumstances revolving around the disappearance of Jing Mo's body, Jue Ming kept an eye on Jing Mo who desperately hid his true identity. With one of them hiding a secret and the oth
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I’m Sure It’s My Baby 4

I’M Sure It’S My Baby

Chapter 58

5.2K Jul 20,24 HAN Mint , RED (III) , Holog

After getting hit by truck-nim, she was reborn in another world as Claire, the eldest daughter of a baron. With a harmonious family, a lovely younger sister, and a modest estate, Claire had planned to live as an unemployed moocher and never work again. However, one night, she drunkenly slept with Duke Erich Clausener, rejected his proposal, and, when she returned home, found out that her younger s
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Black Killer Whale Baby 4.9

Black Killer Whale Baby

Chapter 24

34 Jul 20,24 Moon Sihyun , Team_Jenna, Q00 , Dohin , 문시현

Calypso has experienced repeated reincarnation, and is her 4th reincarnation. In her previous lives, she always died before she reached the age of 22 and returned to where everything started. During her 3rd life, she discovered that when a dragon goes on a rampage, it distorts dimensions. Determined to use this knowledge, she plans to exploit the dragon’s power to return to her original
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The Snake Demon Wants to Flee 4.5

The Snake Demon Wants To Flee

Chapter 10

39 Jul 20,24 Idol Meow Studio (爱豆喵工作室), Jué Wèixiāng Yā Bó (绝味香鸭脖)

An extreme two-sided war of romance between a flirtatious snake demon that claims to fuck the gods VS a righteous but cold Daoist who only knows how to fight! Due to an unexpected mishap, the Snake Demon King could only bond with the (weird) righteous genius. This story about how the Snake Demon King tries to undo the bonding while trying to figure out how to take back his throne, but loses his bo
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Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again 3.7

Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again

Chapter 75

4K Jul 20,24 书耽网 , 糖糕很甜

Qianfu You You You Xiang FuhunleYe Linghan's words turned Ji Ran from an Alpha to an Omega. Ji Ran endured the rejection reaction after changing his physique, endured Ye Linghan's repeated injuries, and after Ye Linghan divorced him, he turned and left heartbroken.And Ye Linghan, who got his wish, looked at the empty villa, and suddenly came to his senses
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My System Is Very Serious 4.4

My System Is Very Serious

Chapter 30

564 Jul 20,24

I will continuously fight to protect humanity, and for the well-being of all people! Constantly activating the restless system definitely not because the locked enemy is the Black Stocking Beast Girl.'
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Requiem for the Queen 4.4

Requiem For The Queen

Chapter 40

2K Jul 20,24 Deokgu, Yuna (정유나)

At night, Princess Millaria, who dreams of an unnamed queen, becomes intertwined with the body of a queen from a hundred years ago, as if by fate. And thus, she discovers the queen's diary."I entrust the kingdom to you. I humbly plead with you, bowing my head like this."A dark cloud loomed before her, causing confusion!"Who are you?"Ferdinand, the Duke, somehow recognizes her true
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Quan Zhi Gao Shou 4.8

Quan Zhi Gao Shou

Chapter 157

80.3K Jul 20,24 Butterfly Blue, Chang Pan Yong Zhe, D.lan苍岚

From Moss Scans: In the multiplayer online game Glory, Ye Xiu, is well known as the Textbook level expert and a top-tier player. Due to a series of circumstances, he was forcefully expelled out of his professional team. After leaving the pro gaming scene, he resides at an Internet Café employed as one of the managers. When Glory launches the tenth server, he throws himself into the game once more,
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The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With the Ending 4.6

The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With The Ending

Chapter 38

993 Jul 20,24 Snug Hamster

Read manhwa The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With the Ending / [You didn't make it all the way to the ending]Possessing a dating simulation game,Serdel, whose fiancee had an affair, felt the bitter of ending failure.Reset to the original starting point,She swears she'll never live the way she used to.First of all, let's start everything with dealing with this man!"Youn
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I’m Sorry for Being an Unqualified Empress 4.3

I’M Sorry For Being An Unqualified Empress

Chapter 52

2.4K Jul 20,24 Chae Jeongyeon

After an unhappy marriage, Rose Etoile dies miserably at the hands of her husband, the Emperor of the Solstern Empire. Somehow, she goes back to the day before the emperor's marriage proposal to her, and at the rate she's going, it looks like she'll have to marry that bas**** again."I'll go to Hellavant instead of Lady Muriel, the Marquis's daughter!"Rose escapes from the madman to the Helavant Em
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Third Night Only 4.7

Third Night Only

Chapter 77

3.7K Jul 20,24 Got W , Nalanala

29 years old , Baek Dohee who feels hopeless and skeptical about her life , dreamed of escaping from a frustrated heart , meets Jun Won in place of her friend , Nuri. Due to an unknown attraction they end up having a one night stand , but at the climax. Dohee passes days without meeting Jun Won inorder to forget that day. Dohee reunites with Jun Won , who has taken the position of team leader. How
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Time Traveler 4

Time Traveler

Chapter 43

130 Jul 20,24

Read manhwa Time Traveler /
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One of the Lewd Demons 4.5

One Of The Lewd Demons

Chapter 97

8.2K Jul 20,24 Kim Mare

On the way home from meeting her friend, Oh Ha-na meets 'Mama', a demon who feeds on human greed and lust. In order to avoid this devilish crisis, she asks for help from a suspicious man, Luxria, whom she meets by chance, but this man makes a dangerous proposal to Hana. "Do you want help? Then you should have sex with me."
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Night Fragments 3.9

Night Fragments

Chapter 56

50 Jul 20,24 Sinran

Author's other works:
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Wan Gu Shen Wang 4.4

Wan Gu Shen Wang

Chapter 409

61.6K Jul 20,24 Xiaomingtaiji , Huang Shaoxing Man ,

The past life died because of the imperial concubine, and he was born again in the high school era. It coincides with the recovery of the aura and the great changes in the world. When rejuvenating a teenager, he will follow the path of his journey, and he will protect his own friends. Loved ones. When he does not choose to stay, he will push him all the way.
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I Was Born as the Second Daughter 4.7

I Was Born As The Second Daughter

Chapter 62

16K Jul 20,24 Nyugung Ding Pangpang , Yong Wongchan

I Was Born as the Second Daughter manhwa, My mother died of a serious illness. Then I met a man who had the same hair as my pink hair that I shouldn't show to anyone?! He even looked like me and said that he's the emperor! I also had 3 older brothers! "Mom Will I be able to get along with my new family?"
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The King's Avatar 4.7

The King's Avatar

Chapter 157

38.1K Jul 20,24 Butterfly Blue,Chang Pan Yongzhe,D.LAN Cang Lan

The King's Avatar Manhua Adaptation Rerun. Widely regarded as a trailblazer and top-tier professional player in the online multiplayer game Glory, Ye Xiu is dubbed the "Battle God" for his skills and contributions to the game over the years. However, when forced to retire from the team and to leave his gaming career behind, he finds work at a nearby interne
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Dragon's House-Hunting 4.6

Dragon's House-Hunting

Chapter 42.5: Side Story 5: A Day In The Life Of The Yuusha

2K Jul 20,24 Tanuki Kawo

A dragon expelled from family because of his cowardliness in search for new home in world full of elves, gnomes, orcs and stuff.
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Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? 4.6

Jitsu Wa Ore, Saikyou Deshita?

Chapter 92: More Level Experiments

122.7K Jul 20,24 Takahashi A

A shut-in is reborn into another world with the promise of a peaceful life. Although born into royalty, because his magic appeared to be weak, his parents abandoned him without a thought in the forest to be devoured by monsters. However, his magic is actually inhumanly strong. Just what will he have to do to attain the peaceful life he so desires? Alt. Description: I, a HIKKI-NE
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