Okubyou na Yubisaki 4.9

Okubyou Na Yubisaki

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Living In The Water

53,904 Jan 20,16 Nomori Mina

1) Timid Fingers Hashibami recently lost his older brother, Isao to a tragic traffic accident. Though he pretends he doesn't care, deep down he is greatly hurt by it. He meets Ashino, a charming student who goes to the same school as he does. He later finds out that Ashino is connected to his brother Isao. What is his connection to Isao? Why is it bothering Hashibami so much? 2) Pure 3) Liv
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Shikou Shounen 5

Shikou Shounen

Vol.2 Chapter 12

93,363 Jan 20,16 Fujiwara Kaoru

A series of loosely-connected vignettes, each lead to the next by a stray thought. A young hit-man chased from his home; a dropped key to a bloody room; a meat-locker to hide a corpse; the watchful eyes of crows; a criminal?s chance at salvation; the sight of music in the air. Where will this story take you, and in what place will it end?
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Yurusarete Inai Watashitachi 4.8

Yurusarete Inai Watashitachi

Ch.story:-3 : 03: My Knight [End]

72,105 Jan 20,16 Sakurakouji Kanoko

Collection of oneshot stories: 1. Is love between adults and high school girls really taboo? Ritsuko's boyfriend, Yuuji, is an outstanding office worker who works in a foreign company. He always treats Ritsuko like a little kid just because he is seven years her senior. Does Yuuji really like me? Ritsuko is always insecure. Do I really like Yuuji? Can we really be together? 2. Taiyou and Daich
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Fushigi na Hito 5

Fushigi Na Hito

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Star And Heart

63,112 Jan 20,16 Ando Yuki

1. Mysterious Person Ruka is a high-school girl who holds affections for her teacher, Tokio. But one day, a mysterious person shows up and claims that he has come from the past! Not to mention, he calls himself by the same name as her beloved teacher, Tokio. What’s more unbelievable is that both “Tokio” have the exact same scar engraved on their palm… 2. A Small Love Story Hashi is one of the
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Hana wa Saku ka 4.7

Hana Wa Saku Ka

Vol.5 Chapter 36

690,421 Jan 20,16 Hidaka Shoko

Overworked, still single, 38-year-old salaryman Sakurai Kazuaki collides with a young man at the train station - causing the magazine he was carrying to be spoiled. This young man, Minagawa Youichi, is a student at an art college and lives in a big, old-fashioned mansion with two of his cousins. Since he happens to own the same magazine, he takes Sakurai to his house, saying "If I trade my copy wi
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Dousei Ai 4.9

Dousei Ai

Vol.4 Chapter 20

145,869 Jan 20,16 Mizushiro Setona

The first person who hurt me was of my own gender. Tsubaki is in the same class as Kaoru and Koutarou is the gentle big brother. What embrace their souls are desires and tenacity... They are hurt, they throb, they are drowned, they cry... They love with their body and soul, these are the real ordinary lives of these boys. (Note: the title for this manga (Dousei Ai) generally means "homosexualit
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Kusa no Kanmuri Hoshi no Kanmuri 5

Kusa No Kanmuri Hoshi No Kanmuri

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : ~The Ghost Of The Sakura Tree~

34,859 Jan 20,16 Techno Samata

It is still winter, but it is still to early for "spring" and "sakuras" but I hope that they blossom quickly. In a house that has "sakuras" there is a young boy that embraces one of his arms while treasuring it.
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We Broke Up 4.5

We Broke Up


208,901 Jan 20,16 Ryu Chaelynn

Everything starts after a break up? The intriguing story of an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend living together.
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Tenohira no Seiza 4.9

Tenohira No Seiza

Vol.1 Ch.5

81,294 Jan 20,16 Sakuragi Chisako

Enji is moving on to college and it turns out he’ll be living with his cousin Mizuho, who he hasn’t seen in seven years. Enji, once the younger cousin that Mizuho thought of as a cute little brother, is now a tall, handsome man practically oozing with cool. And yet, despite how close they used to be, Enji’s giving him the cold shoulder. Has Enji simply grown out of being Mizuho’s surrogate younger
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Tenshi Nanka ja Nai 4.5

Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai

Vol.8 Chapter 39

355,555 Jan 20,16 Yazawa Ai

From Dragon Voice: A rather humorous and light-hearted look at high school life as we follow the protagonist, Saejima Midori. Interesting manga with likable characters. Highly recommended!
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Tenshi no Hohoemi, Akuma no Namida 5

Tenshi No Hohoemi, Akuma No Namida

Vol.1 Ch.3

49,222 Jan 20,16 Saitou Chiho,Takarazuka Kagekidan

From Shoujo Manga Maniac: Three manga adaptations of Takarazuka Revue productions: Turandot: Loosely based on Puccini's opera of the same name. After Prince Calaf's homeland is destroyed by war, he flees and lives the life of a vagabond. After hearing rumors that his long lost father has been spotted in Beijing, Calaf makes his way there. Angel's Smile, Devil's Tears: Loosely based on Goeth
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Tenshi no Kokoro de 5

Tenshi No Kokoro De

Vol.1 Ch.5

70,878 Jan 20,16 Yuzuki Naho

This is an action & criminal story of yakuza, but the hero is an ordinary housekeeper. When Takashi Nagumo was a high school student, he was attacked by street gangs. Luckily, a very impressive & strong guy, Ryuusei Kuragano, saved him. After three years, Takashi becomes a housekeeper and is suddenly involved in the money trouble of his friend. His friend escapes with a large amount of debt and
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Tenshi no Pocket 5

Tenshi No Pocket

Vol.1 Ch.4 : 9 O'clock Bomb

55,023 Jan 20,16 Takanashi Mitsuba

From ShoujoMagic]: A collection of short stories 1) Angel's Pocket (Tenshi no Pocket) - When Sui refuses to date a stalker guy at school, he's insistent to the point of being scary. Sui starts to run, but then slips on the stairs... and lands on top of Taki -- the school delinquent! The stalker is still in pursuit, so Sui makes like she's going to run again, but Taki grabs her and kisses he
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Machina Angelus 4.4

Machina Angelus

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Chapter 04

79,836 Jan 20,16 Fuwa Shinri

1) Machina Angelus Yuya was all alone after his grandfather passed away. Then Kou, his childhood friend, who abandoned Yuya reappeared back in his life. Unbeknownst to Yuya, Kou has a debilitating disease that forced him to leave his side. So in order for Kou to see Yuya again, he decided to become a Machina Angelus (Machine Angel), a machine he founded! Will the single-minded determination of a
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Tenshi Shukushi 5

Tenshi Shukushi

Vol.1 Ch.5

53,392 Jan 20,16 Kusanagi Toshiki

Yui, codename: "The Killing Doll" is an matchless assassin, programmed with an emotional override that makes him little more than a puppet. Hired out by a ruthless coorporation, Yui loses control of himself whenever there's a job to be done. In the precious few moments he has to himself, he tries to build a life for himself with the guidance of a priest and fellow assassin, Miyagi.
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Tetsudou In, Love Letter 5

Tetsudou In, Love Letter

Vol.1 Ch.5

61,171 Jan 20,16 Asada Jiro

Poppoya: Satou Otomatsu is a lonely station master of a small station in Hokkaido, situated at the end of the line in a small village with an aging population. The station is due to close in the coming spring, and he will retire with it. One night in his last winter manning the station, an encounter with a young girl marks the beginning of the events that will see him reflect on his working life -
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The Boys Who Stopped Time 3.7

The Boys Who Stopped Time

Vol.1 Ch.0

32,466 Jan 20,16 Yuki Kaori

England, 1918 year. Rupert enrolls to his new school just a few days after the murder of a maid called Noelle. He's the type that just can't sit still, so when he meets Noelle's sister, he's determined to help her find out who murdered her sister...
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Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas 4.8

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Ch.223 : Final Chapter : Future Begins

742,335 Jan 20,16 Teshirogi Shiori,Kurumada Masami

This manga tells the story of the previous Holy War, taking place in the 18th century, 250 years before the original series, in the Saint Seiya universe. The story centers on the relation between Tenma, the Pegasus Saint and his beloved friend, Alone, who would eventually become his greatest enemy, Hades. The story takes place in the same time period as Saint Seiya Next Dimension.
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The Color Trilogy 4.6

The Color Trilogy

Ch.30 : The Bridal Night

184,612 Jan 20,16 Kim Dong Hwa

In the tradition of "My Antonia" and "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", from the pen of the renowned Korean manwha creator Kim Dong Hwa, comes a trilogy about a girl coming of age, set in the vibrant, beautiful landscape of pastoral Korea. 1. "The Color of Earth": First love is never easy. Ehwa grows up helping her widowed mother run the local tavern, watching as their customers – both neighbors and
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White Album 4.3

White Album


220,805 Jan 20,16 AQUAPLUS

Touya now has a new girlfriend, Yuki Morikawa--but before they enter college she is going to debut as an idol. How will this new development affect their relationship? What about the current idol, Rina Ogata, who seems to have set her sights on Touya?
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• REC (MIZU Asato) 4.8

• Rec (Mizu Asato)

Vol.1 Ch.0 : Rec (Mizu Asato)

73,169 Jan 20,16 Milmake Orange (Circle),MIZU Asato

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The Glade in the Forest Behind the School 5

The Glade In The Forest Behind The School

Vol.0 Ch.0

31,340 Jan 20,16 Kasuga Miho

The 5th oneshot from Yuri Tengoku Anthology. In The Glade in the Forest Behind the School, two girls share a secret place, and become close because of it.
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