Era of the Dragonbound 3.7

Era Of The Dragonbound

Chapter 28

4,364 Oct 29,20 iLEGUO

Mian’s world is torn asunder by a brutal attack on the people of Ba. She is helpless to protect those she loves, but this tragedy awakens the chaos and power of the rare black dragon within her. To aid her safe transformation, she becomes dragonbound with the mysterious Qianyi. Joined by their hopes for a new world and an imperial kill order against their lives, together they embark on a jou
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Kon'ya wa Tsuki ga Kirei desu ga, Toriaezu Shine - last - 4.8

Kon'ya Wa Tsuki Ga Kirei Desu Ga, Toriaezu Shine - Last -

Vol.4 Chapter 16: Moonlit Night

11,444 Oct 28,20 Kaname Majuro

The final arc of The moon is beautiful tonight, but first, die, taking up exactly where the previous series ended. Kamishiro and Hanazono must face all odds, and his former allies, to save her from a fate worse than death and find a cure for the bloodlust disease, ID, which causes the infected to desire to kill their beloved.
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Kon'ya wa Tsuki ga Kirei desu ga, Toriaezu Shine 4.5

Kon'ya Wa Tsuki Ga Kirei Desu Ga, Toriaezu Shine

Vol.10 Chapter 35: The End

34,112 Oct 28,20 Kaname Majuro

Love filled with murderous intent-- When Kamishiro Taku met his unrequited love Hanazono Mika, he saw a vision where he tried to murder Hanazono by stabbing her throat with an umbrella. In a harsh and cruel world he lives in, will his defiance bring him hope or despair?
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Denjin N 4.3

Denjin N

Chapter 2

1,815 Oct 28,20 Kuraishi Yuu,Inabe Kazu,Kuu Tanaka

Tadahiro Nasu is a downtrodden convenience store worker with nothing to live for but watching VR performances of Misaki Kanzaki, an idol who was once his classmate. Unable to take his oppressive life any longer, he electrocutes himself, only to find that his body has become pure electricity. With his newfound power to manipulate electrical objects, he'll do anything to support Misaki, whether
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Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shita hazu ga Marie Antoinette Deshita 4.7

Akuyaku Reijou Ni Tensei Shita Hazu Ga Marie Antoinette Deshita

Chapter 2: Welcome To Versailles~!

5,305 Oct 28,20 Koide Yoshito

A Christmas cake office worker got pierced by an Eiffel Tower decoration, died, and got reincarnated as Marie Antoinette.
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I've Become the Villainous Empress of a Novel 3.7

I've Become The Villainous Empress Of A Novel

Chapter 26

13,260 Oct 25,20 San-yang,Miraenabi

After a night of heavy drinking, I found myself transmigrated inside a novel as the villainous Empress Julia, who will be executed for treason in three days. This is a project to find a way for the workaholic empress to live, to exact her revenge and prevent treason from happening. Will I be able to become a good and wise ruler?
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Ihou no Oswald 4

Ihou No Oswald

Chapter 2: Pursuit Of Sleeping Beauty

3,667 Oct 25,20 OKAZAKI Satono

Year 198X, Puerto Rico. Mamiya Musashi, a boy who dreams of encountering intelligent extraterrestrial life, meets genius maverick Isaki Aira who he entreats to be hired as an assistant. From that encounter begins a story to surpass mankind's intelligence.
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Ren'ai Harem Game Shuuryou no aga kuru Koro ni 4.5

Ren'ai Harem Game Shuuryou No Aga Kuru Koro Ni

Chapter 5: Rebirth

9,310 Oct 26,20 Ryukishi07

The "academy love suspense" story is about a "love harem game" set in a real academy that was promised to a boring boy. However, in this harem scenario, the heroines will start a bloody battle.
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Maku Musubi 4

Maku Musubi

Chapter 1: Around The Drama

462 Oct 25,20 Shin Hotani

"I want to change" Sakura, Tsuchigure, who entered Sendai Hoshimi High School, had a secret that her friend Karen could not tell. That is the creative activity of "drawing a manga." ...Sakira was giving up her creative work for a certain reason, but her encounter with "high school drama" changed her daily life dramatically. --- Now, the curtain of the youth group dram
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I Raised Cinderella Preciously 4.7

I Raised Cinderella Preciously

Chapter 17

107,061 Oct 30,20 Kiarne

There is a famous fairytale. A kindhearted girl whose father and stepmother got married and became a family of five with her two stepsisters. The poor girl who was condemned by her stepmother and stepsisters when her father died. The very fairytale, Cinderella. But I am not Cinderella, I am the stepmother. At the age of thirty-seven, already married twice, been widowed twice and is raising three d
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Smoke & Rain 3.3

Smoke & Rain

1,843 Oct 24,20 Amidst the mound,烟雨冢

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” One is a demon-eye beauty who hides the secrets of the Dragon clan and the other is an orphan who has been in officialdom and was betrayed by his master. In the whirlpool of power conspiracy, the two men unfol
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New Year’s Taste 4.2

New Year’S Taste

Chapter 5

4,876 Oct 26,20 Nayoung

Gong In-joo was dumped by her boyfriend, Ahn Geurim, for no reason. In-joo, who has been living while depending on Ahn Geurim all this time, feels the emptiness of losing Geurim and plans to get him back. The first thing in the plan is to arouse Geurim’s jealousy! To do this, she tries to seduce Seo-yoon, a handsome junior she met during volunteer work, but Seo-yoon had a crush on someone&he
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Trauma Center 4.6

Trauma Center

Chapter 5

2,731 Oct 24,20 Hansan iga

Patients who can be potentially saved, die every day. And to prevent that, a doctor takes a stand. A doctor, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility. A doctor, who stands as an angel in the Trauma Center. Witness traumatologist Baek Kang-Hyuk’s journey as he restores the Trauma Center to it’s original glory.
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The Pale Horse 4.3

The Pale Horse

Chapter 125

116,868 Oct 29,20 Chu hye-yeon

In a French town wracked by fear, Rose Dupre is bullied as a witch’s daughter. Marie and Pierre don’t believe such rumors at first. But when a wave of strange deaths sweeps in, the three children are no longer safe from wary eyes. Can Rose survive the curse of magic and suspicion? An expansive yet colorful gothic tale begins. Source of collecting images:
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Face with love, affection, and time 3.5

Face With Love, Affection, And Time

Chapter 2

2,001 Oct 23,20 Yu Buyu

“You were originally the heartless one. The one who wanted to leave was you, and now you say you love me?!” Liang Zijin pulled Luo Xiangdong’s shirt: “Since you came I won’t miss it a second time.” Luo Xiangdong turned the situation around, and kissed Liang Zijin : “Lian Zijin, you can’t run away from me in this life.”
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Fiery Boss, Control Yourself! 4.3

Fiery Boss, Control Yourself!

Chapter 22

19,669 Oct 23,20 Updating

During an exquisite banquet, her fiance kneeled and asked for her sister’s hand in marriage. She was stripped of her inheritance and became a pawn for the Xi family. Her heart hardened like steel, and she thrust a knife into her own chest to try and bury all of her anger and sorrow. Then, in the blink of an eye — Mu Yuchen, the handsome, cold CEO of Shengshi Group who dominated City Z
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Silver Girl, Crow Girl 4.4

Silver Girl, Crow Girl

Chapter 4

4,328 Oct 23,20 Kkochnilang,Seong hyeon

She has everything to prove. He must pretend to be another. In this Empire where everything is about appearance, she is the scapegoat for the whole people. Everyone believes she is cursed because of the color of her hair: black raven hair symbolizing the devil and his curse. Her opponent as Empress is her opposite and has silver hair. But in this world, appearances are very often misleading&hellip
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Dictatorship 4.7


Chapter 16

48,602 Oct 29,20 김신형

“Friedrich Dürrenmatt once said, ‘It is only in love and murder that we still remain sincere.’ Since you’re still alive, does that mean I love you?” Every single moment she’s kept alive will become his weakness. To kill her or let her live? “You are very strange.” “You’re strange as well.” In his head, he had killed her many times a
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Supreme Mad Emperor System 4.4

Supreme Mad Emperor System

Chapter 17

58,802 Oct 30,20 漫巢文化&,作客文学网

Yang Yu is a loser on earth. He can bear his hunger by only drinking water. His parents were killed in a car accident and he lost a lot of money. As a result, he went to a university but was scammed by his girlfriend. In despair, he decided to commit suicide but that..did not succeed. At last, he blasts his rage upon the sky and was killed by a thunder strike. Now, you might think this poor man is
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Necrobride 4.4


Chapter 22

26,353 Oct 24,20 Updating

Shortly before Hazel’s wedding she had an unfortunate accident and drowned. But Hazel’s life didn’t end with her death. Confused and with nowhere to go she meets a strange man who offers to take her in. Will Hazel be able to keep her death a secret and find out why this stranger took her in while keeping herself from falling for him? Show less
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Trouble 4.6


Chapter 2

12,712 Oct 23,20 Nasty Cat

The God who rules over the vast world of ‘Rodowan’ one day announces a new Divine Law. All reproduction is immediately prohibited. Those who are banned from conceiving rebel for the sake of humankind and their children, but the power of God and their followers is overwhelming and oppressive. God brands children born after the Divine Law as children of traitors, killing them or turning
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Mommy is coming in, Dad please take it 4

Mommy Is Coming In, Dad Please Take It

Chapter 6

19,913 Oct 29,20 Updating

Mommy is coming in, Dad please take it from zinmanga teamenglish Full, the latest high-quality beautiful pictures, updated quickly and soonest at website to read more. Hope you enjoy them
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Rainbow Bridge Watchman 4.2

Rainbow Bridge Watchman

Chapter 1

812 Oct 22,20 Iseo

Han Cheol, a famous veterinarian who knows only money and success, can hear the animals one day…
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