Ryoma Is Coming 3

Ryoma Is Coming

Chapter 1

232 Aug 04,20 Kasuga Mikage,Hanaya

A new story focusing on our historical heroes Sakamoto Ryoma and Napoleon Bonaparte.  From different times and different countries, these two heroes meet! The time period is during Bakumatsu. Sakamoto Ryoma, a leading figure during the Meiji Restoration period, is about to be killed... When he awoke, he found himself in an unknown place. The young man calling out to him looks unreliable at fi
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Baskerville's Family Political Marriage 4.8

Baskerville's Family Political Marriage

Chapter 1

1,441 Aug 04,20 Takasato Michi,TSUBASAKI Fujiko

Baskerville, the family of tragedy. Sophia, the daughter of a wealthy family, is to marry Gwyn Baskerville, the young heir of the Baskerville family who succeeded the title at the mere age of thirteen. After the recent death of his family, Gwyn, the ‘tragedy boy’ was thrown into the public eye. Although Sofia manages to establ
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Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management 4.9

Task Force For Paranormal Disaster Management

Chapter 0: Prologue

295 Aug 04,20 Inoue Junya

A classic kaijū manga by the author of BTOOOM! Follow JSDF officers Yamato Yoshikazu and Sakimori Konoe as they face off against monsters of unknown origin that infest the troubled, disputed waters of the East Asian sea and have humans as a preferential prey!
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The Devil 4.9

The Devil

Chapter 1

2,916 Aug 04,20 Ena

The princess trapped in the tower brings in a marriage. Her husband has killed his ex-wife several times. The frightened princess eventually wakes up the sarcophagus in the basement and calls out the devil…. “I don’t want to marry him, Raven.”
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Daisy and the Prince 4.1

Daisy And The Prince

Chapter 1

733 Aug 04,20 Kaykayb

Daisy doesn’t want to live a luxurious life because her family is restraining her from doing what she likes. Instead, they want her to be an elegant lady and marry a nobleman. Will she accomplish it when the Crown Prince appear making it more complicated for her goals?Source of collecting this is kaykayb, I’m sorry for the incorrect grammar I&rs
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I Favor the Villainess 4.8

I Favor The Villainess

Chapter 2: Their First Contest (Part 1)

10,765 Aug 03,20 Sumio Aono,Inori,Hanagata

Ordinary office worker Oohashi Rei wakes up in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, Revolution. To her delight, the first person to greet her is also her favorite character, Claire Francois–the main antagonist of the story! Now, Rei is determined to romance Claire instead of the game’s male leads. But how will her villainous lady love react to this new courtship?!
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Love Is Full of Thorns 3.9

Love Is Full Of Thorns

Chapter 9

5,484 Aug 03,20 Zhang yue keji

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Gradual Love 4.3

Gradual Love

Chapter 3

2,076 Aug 02,20 요니요니 (Yoniyoni)

'Chan-geun' was born with the curse from his forefathers, baldness. Then he meets 'Yeong-shin' a hairdresser who hates baldness! Chan-geun's hard days of struggle to hide the cruel truth begins!
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I Hear I'm Poor 4

I Hear I'm Poor

Chapter 16: Xie You On The Move!

6,041 Aug 02,20 Su Jing Xian

The cold and aloof company president only had one goal: attack the new singer Yu Nian on Weibo and become his number one anti-fan! A few months later, he announced, "We're together." Anti-fans: ...?!
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The Irregular at Magic High School: Steeplechase Arc 4.5

The Irregular At Magic High School: Steeplechase Arc

Chapter 4: Mock Battle

7,854 Aug 05,20 Satou Tsutomu,Aonagi Nobu

In July 2096, the summer event of the year for the national magic high school competition, known as the Nine Schools Competition will be held. However the rules for this Nine Schools Competition are different from previous years. One month before the Nine Schools Competition, significant changes in the rules and events were made which forced each of the national magic high schools to be busy
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Last Menhealer 3.8

Last Menhealer

Chapter 1: The Thing At The Center Of All Existence

820 Aug 01,20 Amano Shuninta,Ise Katsura

The girl who seventeen year old Kaname came to like was rumoured to be mentally ill (AKA "menhealer") and a wrist cutting addict. At least, the self-harm part was true, and so he lied that he was the same to get close to Igarashi, his crush who stayed aloof from everyone.
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Super Shared Boyfriend System 4.4

Super Shared Boyfriend System

Chapter 4

14,157 Aug 04,20 Iciyuan动漫,映梦社

Being friendzoned by different girls for almost a hundred times, the extremely unlucky man, Lin Yi, was chosen by the Super Shared Boyfriend System as a qualified host. As long as he receives the order, he will temporarily acquire all the skills required by the clients! Masculine charm = Charming eyes; Transgender = A man wears female clothing… Wait! Why does a girl want her boyfriend to be
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The Only Love I Know 4.4

The Only Love I Know

Chapter 8

14,222 Aug 04,20 Aim

Hari Lee, a girl who’s busy balancing both part-time jobs and school, falls for her senior at school, Jinho, but her one-sided love ends without her getting the chance to confess when Jinho starts dating her friend, Yeonju, instead. 3 years later, Jinho and Yeonju are still together and Hari has gotten over Jinho, but Jinho suddenly starts drunk-calling Hari and confessing to her? To get rid
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Enoch (Modak) 4.5

Enoch (Modak)

Chapter 10

21,688 Aug 04,20 S

“Chimeras” are people that have been infused with animal DNA in order to give them superpowers and abilities, however society doesn’t favor them so they live in fear and rejection. Our main character, code name “01”, works as a mercenary who happens upon an old acquaintance. He’s then given a job to protect and transport Enoch, a girl who is sought out to be the
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Ijime no Jikan 4

Ijime No Jikan

Chapter 1: The Beginning

1,428 Aug 01,20 Kuni Rou

May I never be born again Trying to throw yourself off the roof of the school A boy, Ayumu, who lived an ordinary junior high school until half a year ago. What pushed him to this point? And what is the true ending that awaits...?
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My King, My Male Lead 3.7

My King, My Male Lead

Chapter 1

1,711 Aug 01,20 iCiyuan

What if the male lead from the show you are playing is real? What if he’s love for you is true? Is it just because of the plot of the show or because you are meant for each other? Never mind, I am satisfied as long as he’s SUPER HANDSOME AND HOT!
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Inu no Naku Mura 4.5

Inu No Naku Mura

Chapter 1: The First Night

959 Aug 01,20 Kurokawa Komachi

Isazuki Village is a village with a deep, strong faith in the Inugami folklore. As the opinions of redevelopment of the village are divided among the villagers, they are greeted with the strange deaths of the people from a construction company who had come to investigate the village. Tachibana Tsukiko, who lives in this village, and her three childhood friends are getting ready to participate in t
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Yajin Tensei: Karate Survivor in Another World 4.5

Yajin Tensei: Karate Survivor In Another World

Chapter 1.1: Gob Koshibo And I

4,442 Aug 01,20 Yazin,Kobayashi Takahito

If you're reincarnated in another world, you will be naked and alone in the forest. The only things you can rely on without magic or cheats is your wits and fists!
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Pumpkin Time 4.6

Pumpkin Time

Chapter 16

15,195 Aug 02,20 Gaedarae

Boys grow up fast… The main character, Fujiwara Itsuki, quickly grew up and have now become a splendid high school girl! … Huh?! Appearing in front of her is her close friend, Ritsu, who has just come back from studying abroad and the days pass on while she continues to leave her identity undisclosed… Where will their relationship head towards after t
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Tatarigoroshi-hen 3.9

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni - Tatarigoroshi-Hen

Vol.2 Chapter 13

2,698 Jul 31,20 Ryukishi07

In the village of Hinamizawa, Keiichi Maebara and his friends live their everyday lives peacefully and without incident. Having just moved to the town, Keiichi finds himself with no shortage of new friends. One of the youngest of this group, Satoko Houjou, plays many pranks on her friends and is always cheerful. But behind her smile lies a dark past, filled with personal heartache. De
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Chi no Soko no Mahoutsukai 4.3

Chi No Soko No Mahoutsukai

Chapter 1: Kunimi And Chisayo

2,699 Jul 30,20 Hiramatsu Yariku

In a world in which, a long time ago, a mage was said to have been brought to destruction by a monster that ate it. Without parents, Kunimi and Chisayo are picked up by the owner of the region and are made to work. One day Chisayo receives a harsh punishment. Kunimi who thought that it won’t be a good idea if this continues, takes his sister and runs away. But then, they are swallowed by a l
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Revenge must be taken coldly 4.8

Revenge Must Be Taken Coldly

Chapter 1

2,618 Jul 30,20 Laku Sakura

A Taiwanese Webcomic focused on friend taking revenge for her friend. Xiao Yue, who Just moved back to Taiwan, happen to see her best friend, Xiao Nai,  jumped off the building. Once she knows the reason why Xiao Nai‘s suicide, decides to take revenge for her friend.  With no time, she collects all the information of her targets. This is the story of how she takes down
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