Portrait of a Bad Guy 3.7

Portrait Of A Bad Guy

Chapter 83

1.9K Feb 27,24 Okdong-i

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The Way To Kill You 3

The Way To Kill You

Chapter 54

324 Feb 27,24 Chang , Sanla

Han Woojae put his dream of becoming a screenwriter on hold to take care of his family and support his already successful writer wife, Lee Seojin, until their daughter turns 8. One day, a mysterious girl approaches Woojae, claiming that his wife is doing "bad things" behind his back. She tells Woojae that she is the only person who knows all of Seojin's deep, dark secrets. As Woojae learns about h
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If It's Not Fate, Then What Is It? 4.1

If It's Not Fate, Then What Is It?

Chapter 43

3.4K Feb 27,24 Qrie

Yul-ha, abandoned by his ex-lover for lack of an Omega, returns to his hometown for a new start. At a drinking party to commemorate his homecoming, he quickly got drunk and was struggling with his ex-lover's memory and dialed somewhere. Last night, he had the first hit cycle of his life and lost his mind. And he found a note that said he would see him again, "I will be responsible for you
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My Girlfriend's Friend 3.2

My Girlfriend's Friend

Chapter 74

24.5K Feb 26,24 Jyura

He got a cute girlfriend who was the first in his life, but her friend tempted him with a body that was lewder than her ... What would you do if your girlfriend's friend pressed you like this? A fascinating erotic story drawn by Jura from the popular doujin circle "JACK-POT".
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I Am the Descendant of the Divine Dragon! 4.6

I Am The Descendant Of The Divine Dragon!

Chapter 40

1.6K Feb 26,24 iCiyuan

In the highly competitive world of the Xuan Realm Continent, where warriors strive to refine their bodies, cultivate their martial abilities, harness the essence of the heavens and earth, and push beyond mortal limitations, our protagonist, Lu Hao, faces unjust persecution from his own clan since childhood. However, fate smiles upon him as he awakens the dormant bloodline of the Divine Dragon with
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Call me the Devil 4.8

Call Me The Devil

Chapter 76

5.5K Feb 26,24 Ante , Jayang , sun_ah

Like other devils of his kind, Hyeonshin has adapted to the modern world to consume the Deadly Sin, Pride. Working as a plastic surgeon means there's always more than enough ego around him to feed off of. There's just one small problem: because of past trauma, he has an overwhelming repulsion toward blood! Luckily, a solution appears in the form of a plucky human named Ina, whose eyes seem to have
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The Bondservant 4.7

The Bondservant

Chapter 26

231 Feb 26,24 Jezz , Lena Jeong

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Flower of the Sun 4

Flower Of The Sun


3.1K Feb 26,24 Harvey , Havi

Dirt needs to be dug up on the Crown Prince Laurent. Zigrien, having been appointed to work under commander Sir Idris Klyne, has the perfect opportunity to get on the inside and bring to light any incriminating information. There’s just one issue: Idris Klyne is a bloodthirsty maniac and a lapdog of the crown prince. Getting caught snooping by Sir Idris could mean the end for Zigrien. But having a
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Mary Jane 4.1

Mary Jane

Chapter 25

1.4K Feb 26,24 Gwagen

Dowon, a famously known psychoanalyst in the United States, returns to Korea to work as a counselor at a research institution affiliated with the government agency, where he encounters an arsonist who’s infamously known for never leaving behind a trace. MJ, a man suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and unable to control his urges, asks Dowon to cure his illness. Eventually, Dowon accepts
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The Villainess Is a Marionette 4.8

The Villainess Is A Marionette

Chapter 86

70.6K Feb 26,24 Han Yi Rim

Cayena, the Imperial Princess, was known as the most beautiful woman in the Empire. She was a woman who knew nothing but evil and luxury. However, she was destined for ruin: she would be used as a chess piece by her younger brother to secure his throne and killed by her crazy husband. “I’ll make you the Emperor.” “… Sister, are you referring
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The Novel’s Extra 4.8

The Novel’S Extra

Chapter 98

69.6K Feb 26,24 Jee Gab Song (지갑송),Carrotoon (캐롯툰)

Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body. A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished. He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story. The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline. However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation.
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I Am the Fated Villain 4.8

I Am The Fated Villain

Chapter 136

72.7K Feb 26,24 天命反派,绘术动漫

Gu Zhangge was transmigrated into Xuanhuan World. The moment he was transmigrated, he saw many models surrounding the Lucky Male Protagonist and he really show hate him. Even the Female Protagonist was hugging him which lead to many jealousy among the VIP guest who witness it. Since I am more powerful and higher in status than him, destroying him would be very easy, but wait, there is a system her
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Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi 4.5

Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi

Chapter 135: Café Clerk

750 Feb 26,24 Taguchi Shoutarou

Ura baito, also known as a shady part-time job. A gray area job that pays very well. The price you pay is your life. Yume Kokuryo and Nagomi Shirahama are seeking a large sum of money for some reason. To that end, they casually dive into various shady part-time jobs. This work may affect you physically and mentally. Read it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to your
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The Princess Doesn’t Want To Marry Her Ideal Type 4.4

The Princess Doesn’T Want To Marry Her Ideal Type

Chapter 91

8.7K Feb 26,24 Updating

"My youngest daughter." "Yes, Father."  "This Father swears. That at any cost I'll find your particular, complicated, and confusing ideal type!" "Yes, Father." The third Duchess Kiriel Empoleon of the empire's greatest knight family Empoleon, while responding without interest, thought, 'As if a person like that would exist when in the first
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The Princess in the Dumpster 4.8

The Princess In The Dumpster

Chapter 90

57.8K Feb 26,24 하라쇼 (harasyo)

Deep sunken cheeks, dirty skin which lost its original color, twig-like wrists, filthy fingernails and a much smaller body for her age. And with neglected hair hanging over half of her face, this small child is actually the forgotten Royal Princess of the Empire. Unable to stifle her hunger any longer, she crawls out of her hiding within a tiny, old, worn-down castle in search of food… &ldq
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A Wife’s Sweet Revenge 4.2

A Wife’S Sweet Revenge

Chapter 123

3.7K Feb 26,24 JYUN , Mana

Dayoung Kim happily donated her liver to her mother-in-law, but all she got was betrayal in return. Her husband's whole family nefariously used and abused her, kicking her out before she even fully recovered from surgery. They went on with their lives, blissfully unaware that Dayoung swore revenge. She begins to systematically destroy their lives as they did hers, but what happens when someone
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He’s a Supporting Character but I Love Him Anyway 4.5

He’S A Supporting Character But I Love Him Anyway

Chapter 128

13.9K Feb 26,24 단디,소다파이

"Let's cherish each other!" The supporting character that will eventually be thrown away, don't play hard to get! I am Kim Geumja who is deeply immersed in the supporting character of a novel soon to face a miserable ending. One day, I was involved in a car accident. When I opened my eyes, I found myself inside of a novel! It's shocking but I couldn't believe I met the supporting character whom I
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The Boy of Alba and the Queen of Hell 4.8

The Boy Of Alba And The Queen Of Hell

Vol.1 Chapter 2

57 Feb 26,24 Morinaga Miki

Dante Carter was an ordinary boy in an ordinary family with his parents and younger sister. Until the whole family was murdered in cold blood. When he woke up in the Afterlife, the demons of Hell were waiting for him. They demanded that he reveal his true identity, because the court of Heaven could not properly judge his fate.(Source: Comic Fuz, translated)
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Star Martial God Technique 4.5

Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 730

432.1K Feb 26,24 Mad Snail

In the whole world there lays twelve paths to climb Tower of God, and in legends these twelve pathways leads toward legendary road of immortality. However these paths in the Tower of God, are far too long, without end. In ancient times there once were many types of martial arts, sadly the world underwent terrible changes, and only three were left: Flame, Dragon and Star Martial Arts. Generations o
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Schrödinger's sheep 5

Schrödinger's Sheep

Chapter 12: Little Sheep’S Little Expectation

23 Feb 26,24 靴下猫腰子 , 靴猫冬弘大白鹅

An ordinary corporate slave, Ding Xueyang, has a secret - He has a special ability! But his special ability has a flaw; if he is seen using it, the special ability will be randomized to a new one. For over twenty years, in order to keep this secret, Ding Xueyang has been living very cautiously. He didn't have a significant other, didn't make any friends, and didn't even keep a pet. Until one day,
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An Ode To Youth 3.2

An Ode To Youth

Chapter 27

818 Feb 26,24 Bbung5 , ₩5

Cheongwook and Unho have been living together for three months due to unavoidable circumstances. These two, who have nothing to do with each other, keep fighting over trivial matters. Just when the anger between them builds up and is about to explode, Unho gets caught with his secret by Cheongwook.
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Addicted to Her 3.5

Addicted To Her

Chapter 44: Worlds Apart

382 Feb 26,24 爬爬工作室

Nanzhi's the C.E.O. of an entertainment company, flawless and capable. Few know of her nighttime secrets. However, that kind of indulgence never made her happy--until ***she*** appeared. Initially thinking she was just a stranger, Nanzhi later discovered the other woman was the little sister of her best friend, and new talent at her company. Facing the younger woman's persistence, will Nanzhi grad
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Deep3 4.3


Vol.2 Chapter 10: Be Bold

1.3K Feb 26,24 Mitsuhiro Mizuno

Demian Kawai, who grew up being told by his mother that he is the son of a famous basketball player, became a member of a basketball team. Demian's abilities have earned him the respect of those around him, but after an injury and the mistake in a game, he has lost his confidence. Although he tries his best to rehabilitate himself, Demian suddenly feels as if his upper body is frozen while playing
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Stigma Effect 4.1

Stigma Effect

Chapter 97

4.7K Feb 26,24 Dowe , Uginon , Kim Gyu Dong , 도위

Uriel will give anything to be with Rafflet Mogris, the commander of the Paladins, her savior, and... her master. For years, Uriel happily served as his maid until he left to enlist. Uriel waited for him for seven years before deciding to journey to be at his side in the capital. What the world doesn’t know is Uriel is more than just a maid. In a world riddled with monsters, she has the ability to
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