Isekai Ryouridou 4.7

Isekai Ryouridou

Chapter 51: A Nikujaga In Another World?!

48.3K Apr 17,24 Kochimo, EDA

Tsurumi Asuta is a 17-year-old second year high school student. He was an apprentice cook working at the public diner "Tsurumi-ya" that was managed by his father. One day, Tsurumi-ya is hit by fire and Asuta dived inside the burning shop in order to save his father's santoku knife which is said to be his father soul, where he found demise. When he came to, he was in the
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The Archmage's Restaurant 4.9

The Archmage's Restaurant

Chapter 28

6.1K Apr 17,24 Bad Boys, chassi

A man who was reincarnated in another world as a 9th class wizard and retired after saving the continent from a dragon war. He decides to open a small restaurant in the countryside, but his routine is anything but ordinary. On the second floor of his restaurant, there lives a black dragon who has transformed into a woman, named Rurin. She is greedy, cute and loyal to him, but also ignorant and clu
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The Rising of the Shield Hero 4.7

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Vol.26 Chapter 105: The Day The Game Ended

220.4K Apr 16,24 Aneko Yusagi

Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no o
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Teihen Ossan, Cheat Kokusei de Isekai Rakuraku Life 4.8

Teihen Ossan, Cheat Kokusei De Isekai Rakuraku Life

Chapter 4.1: The Grand Duchess

241 Apr 16,24 Giaman

Reincarnated from a bottom-tier salaryman to an adventurer, he possessed only one skill: . A seemingly dead-end second life enveloped in games even in another world… This is the record of a man’s meteoric rise from the depths to cheat-level life in another world!
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Youngest Chef From the 3rd Rate Hotel 4.7

Youngest Chef From The 3Rd Rate Hotel

Chapter 93

39.4K Apr 15,24 Cha Jiun,J-robin,Studio Enus

Kang Sunghoon, the youngest member of a 4 star hotel kitchen in Korea, has the ability to memorise different kinds of ingredients. However, as the youngest, he's still unable to escape dishwashing duty.
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Ramen Aka Neko 4.9

Ramen Aka Neko

Chapter 96

1.3K Apr 15,24 ANGYAMAN

Tamako comes for an interview at a ramen shop run only by cats, with no humans. The cat manager asks her if she likes cats, and when Tamako honestly says she is a dog person, she is easily hired. However, her job is not to run a ramen shop, but to look after cats...?
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Using My Cooking Skills in a Murim World 4.7

Using My Cooking Skills In A Murim World

Chapter 6

87 Apr 14,24 Heo Il,Ereuhut

With a dream to become the ultimate Chinese cuisine chef, our protagonist finds himself inexplicably transported to the Song Dynasty in China! However, upon awakening, he discovers that he possesses no martial arts skills whatsoever. All that remains are the culinary techniques he mastered in his previous life. Surprisingly, these dishes… receive an overwhelmingly positive response! Can h
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Cooking Sorcerer 4.4

Cooking Sorcerer

Chapter 44

7.1K Apr 14,24 Ppili Ppala,Purple Lemon (퍼플레몬),Dahan

A food-loving tattooist, YooJung. After losing consciousness due to a sudden accident she opens her eyes to find herself possessing ‘Sylvia’, a character from the novel she read. In addition, she happens to meet ‘Felix’, the hero of the novel, who, due to the abuse of his stepmother, suffers from anorexia and will soon turn the continent into blood. In order to eat more delicious food, to cook mor
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100-Year-Old Top Chef 3

100-Year-Old Top Chef

Chapter 67

3.8K Apr 12,24 Studio Jemi, Mungonglyong

The world’s greatest chef. First, second, third… and sixth life. The combined time I’ve spent on cooking is over 100 years.“I can’t do this anymore.” There is only one way to stop this endless reincarnation and regression. This time, I will definitely succeed.
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Tanbo de Hirotta Onna Kishi, Inaka de Ore no Yome da to Omowareteiru 4.8

Tanbo De Hirotta Onna Kishi, Inaka De Ore No Yome Da To Omowareteiru

Chapter 49

7.5K Apr 12,24 Renkinou,Otoha Saori

Jin Mita, a farmer living in a small countryside town, discovers an unconscious female knight in his rice field one morning. She calls herself Seraphim, and she seems to have come from another world. She has no knowledge of this world and nowhere to go. Unable to bear seeing her like this, Jin offered to take her in, but apparently the people around him think that Seraphim is his wife...!? A
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The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten 4.8

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

Chapter 15.2

34.9K Apr 11,24 Saekisan,Suzu Yūki,Wan Shibata

A HEAVENLY ENCOUNTER! Mahiru is a beautiful girl whose classmates all call her an “angel.” Not only is she a star athlete with perfect grades—she's also drop-dead gorgeous. Amane‚ an average guy and self-admitted slob‚ has never thought much of the divine beauty‚ despite attending the same school. Everything changes‚ however‚ when he happen
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Apocalyptic Chef Awakening 4.8

Apocalyptic Chef Awakening

Chapter 25

2.2K Apr 11,24 웨스트, 마일드커피

Shin Young-jun, a sergeant chef, was greeted by the apocalypse just days before vacation. The battalion turned into chaos in an instant, and the communication network was cut off. Then something appeared before his eyes! If I had been a warrior or an assassin, I would have tried to stand alone... What was assigned to him was chef, which is obviously a support job. There's nothing to be done if i
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Ruwei 3.6


Chapter 5: It's So Flavorful!

36 Apr 09,24 Zcloud

While getting a nighttime snack, the female artist Xin Xin accidentally saves Yin Yin, a wasted rich girl. She gives her a bath, changes her clothes, and even makes her a bowl of *suantang* noodles after much wheedling...After multiple attempts at rebuffing her forward advances, Xin Xin ends up letting the "homeless" Yin Yin stay with her as she needs a roommate.Social and beautiful, Yin Y
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My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending 4.8

My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending

Chapter 66: The Price Of Power

42.6K Apr 08,24 Izumi,Otosu Mitsuya

When he came to his senses, Hirasawa Kazuki, a normal university student, found himself in possession of the body of a game’s character. Moreover, it was Harold Stokes, the story’s most hated character who was even given the title 『King of tr*sh』by the players. Myriads of landmines are just waiting for him to step on them, like death flags! Will
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Tensei Shachiku no Cheat Saien - Ban'nou Skill to Benri na Tsukaima Yousei wo Kushishitetara, Kidzukeba Tairiku Ichi no Seisan Kyoten ga Dekiteita 4.6

Tensei Shachiku No Cheat Saien - Ban'nou Skill To Benri Na Tsukaima Yousei Wo Kushishitetara, Kidzukeba Tairiku Ichi No Seisan Kyoten Ga Dekiteita

Chapter 7: Hop & Step

4.5K Apr 07,24 Yoshigae Tamaki,Momokadai Touru

Mahato is a former corporate slave who has been reincarnated into another world. Through an incredible coincidence, he tames a large number of Dryad - fairies who bestow blessings upon plants and vegetation - and his stats become instantly boosted to MAX! Using his now-overwhelming power, he even makes friends with a dragon. With his newfound friends, he begins living out his dream of being se
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Kitchen soldier 4.7

Kitchen Soldier

Chapter 108

12.5K Apr 06,24 JRobin (제이로빈)

He is a typical poor kid in the Republic of Korea, 21-year-old Kang Sung-jae, who is struggling to make ends meet when he receives his enlistment notice. He has a chance to become a legendary chef in the army by following a "game instruction" that only he can see.
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Hosomura-san With Cat's Snack 4.8

Hosomura-San With Cat's Snack

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Egg And Ground Meat Fried Rice

755 Apr 05,24 Takada Sanko

Due to money troubles, Hosomura-san is unable to attend the company's drinking party even though she wants to. After returning home, she meets a cat…
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Kuriko to Biyori 4.9

Kuriko To Biyori

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Glittering Rock Candy

195 Apr 04,24 Yukimoto Shuuji

Sojiro, employed at a confectionery company, and his wife, Makoto, have joyfully opened their home to a foster child, Kuriko. But there's a catch – Kuriko seems to communicate mostly with a simple "mhm," perhaps due to nerves. Sojiro, who has vague memories of his own early childhood, struggles to bridge the gap between him and Kuriko. However, Kuriko harbors a deep fascination with Sojiro's speci
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Kashimashi Meshi 3.5

Kashimashi Meshi

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Recipe 8

30 Apr 04,24 Okazaki Mari

Three friends get together for an unfortunate occasion. Each of them is facing a difficult moment, between finished or complicated loves. But even if it is difficult and it seems to you that your heart is about to dry up, you can always find new light and hope if you reunite with people you love to eat rice together.
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Seraph of the End 4.7

Seraph Of The End

Chapter 136

61.7K Apr 03,24 Furuya Daisuke, Kagami Takaya

Seraph of the End Manga is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Daisuke Furuya by Yamato Yamamoto with storyboards. It's released by Shueisha on Hop SQ as well as in English by Viz Media on Weekly Shonen Jump. The collection is placed in a world in which the world-wide society has been ravaged by a virus and making only kids b
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Red Velvet 3.8

Red Velvet

Vol.3 Chapter 22

133 Apr 02,24 Tada Yumi

Set in Los Angeles, two troubled young men support each other and seek hope in the future. Earl collects the recipes for the cake shop his late mother left behind, while Randy got involved with a group of thieves and can't escape.
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A God's Invitation to Eat 5

A God's Invitation To Eat

Chapter 4: This Mortal Is Difficult To Deal With

15 Apr 01,24 HAHA尼

The God of Rain is finally able to go on vacation, and for three years at that! With the dreams of an independent life, he goes to the mortal realm.One night, a neighbor collapses on his doorstep in danger of starvation. With no other choice, he lets her eat his dinner. That should've been the end of it. However, because of the neighbour's kindness, the two become quickly acquainted.In
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Rike ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumeishitemita 4.7

Rike Ga Koi Ni Ochita No De Shoumeishitemita

Vol.12 Chapter 63: Science Fell In Love, Because... (Part 2)

4.9K Apr 01,24 Yamamoto Alfred

With the laboratory, where individual researches come together, as a stage, an experimental sciences love comedy with laughs and kyun kyun, drawn by Yamamoto Alfred.
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The Ride-On King 4.7

The Ride-On King

Chapter 67: The President And The Orphans Of The Gods

36.3K Mar 31,24 Baba Yasushi

Alexander Purchinov is president for life of the country of Pursia, a country ruled by violence and the influence of its government. Alexander always desires to be dominant, and "ride" things, whether literally or figuratively. Now that he has already ridden his country, his next target is a fantasy world that has orcs, wyverns, and centaurs.
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