Sugar Glazed Darling 4.4

Sugar Glazed Darling

Chapter 3

832 Dec 30,22

Keiichiro, who is actually the object of Reo's unrequited love, mistakes Reo for a girl and confesses to him. When Keiichiro admits to being bad at dealing with girls, Reo suggests that Keiichiro practice with him, while thinking of him as a girl... An impatient, fiery love story, as sweet as sugar, between a devilish, pampered boy and a straight-laced, super sweetheart.
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Yuri Love Slave 4.3

Yuri Love Slave

Vol.2 Chapter 10

1.8K Dec 28,22 Yuu Araoshi

Asakura is an ordinary high school girl. Once upon a time, she accidentally saw Reina, the class president who was rude and stiff, going to a bookstore. Asakura followed the chairman, and discovered that book the chairman bought turn was a gay manga.Asakura, who was surprised by it, along with a feeling of shame, opened and read contents of the book, and over time something tickled her crotch.
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Kimi wa Alpha 4.4

Kimi Wa Alpha

Vol.1 Chapter 3

689 Dec 27,22 Asanae Arata

An honor student who has been turned into an Alpha and Omega who vows to protect his best friend. I'm supposed to be the Alpha. Shun-chan and Ryouta attend a prestigious school where only alpha boys are allowed to enter. Although they themselves are alpha, they dislike their alpha constitution and want to develop a new drug together. They have made up their minds to develop a new drug together in
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Dating Practice 4.1

Dating Practice

Chapter 10

720 Dec 26,22 Kkobogbyeol

Kwon Joo-hyuk, who doesn't believe in fate but sees the red thread of fate.As soon as he became a college student...He goes to a gay bar, saying he wants to find his partner.In front of Joo Hyuk, Han Shin-ho, an older brother who lived downstairs when he was young...But why is the thread of my destiny connected to him?
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Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete 3

Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete

Vol.15 Chapter 67

1.4K Dec 25,22 Yumachi Shin

I'm Haru. first year in high school. Please listen to my troubles. I accidentally gave my love letter to the number one problem child at school, Seishirou-kun… Even though I told him to give it back, he won't. He says I'm already his girlfriend…He'll chase me down if he sees me at school, he takes my lunch, keeps his eye on me, and e-even kisses me…Ah and doing perverted stuff…!!
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Don't Kiss Me 4.3

Don't Kiss Me

Chapter 6

337 Dec 25,22 Chosae (초새)

He cries whenever he’s kissed?!On the first day of university, Haebin, who had never been rejected before due to his gorgeous/handsome appearance, met Shiyul, who was prickly from their first meeting, and began to get butterflies. At the end of a long while of clinginess, Haebin finally entered Shiyul’s room!After watching a gay porno his friend sent as a joke, he got swept away in the atm
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Love Sick Dog 3.4

Love Sick Dog

Chapter 4

738 Dec 24,22 Songhyel

Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Ye-Gyeom, who is thirsty for love, but always lived a life of being abandoned and betrayed, meets Joo-Yeong. The love he receives from him is twisted instead of affectionate.However,
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Hirumano Blue Paradox 2.1

Hirumano Blue Paradox

Vol.3 Chapter 10

3.1K Dec 21,22 Ibuki Kaede

Satisfy your body and soul with a young body and intensity!! Miku has been married for three years. Her life with her Husband is peaceful but empty. How would sex with the handsome delivery man Mr. Takanashi be? Is this a chance for Miku's lewd fantasies to become reality?
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Kei x Yaku: Abunai Aibou 4

Kei X Yaku: Abunai Aibou

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Cornered + Extras

588 Dec 18,22 Kaoruhara Yoshie

Ichiro, an investigator at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau, under the order of his superior, approaches Shiro, a yakuza who is engaging in sexual companionships with politicians, in order to investigate and monitor him. However, he unexpectedly finds out that Shiro is the younger brother of his senior investigator. Ichiro, who always wanted to find his senior wh
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Henkutsu Shosetsuka wa Koi ni Irozuku 3.6

Henkutsu Shosetsuka Wa Koi Ni Irozuku

Chapter 7

820 Dec 18,22 Yan

Novelist Kazuaki Kiriya is in a writer's slump, and what's more he hates people and is shy. One day a gardener, Torai Sotetsu, come to Kiriya's house to do some work. A story about a gardener in his 30s and a novelist in his 40s.
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Drastic Omega 3.9

Drastic Omega

Chapter 6.5: Extras

1.9K Dec 12,22 MIKAWA Keiya

"I'm sorry, but I'm a Top. I'm not going to let anyone hold me, even if it's an Alpha."'Club Bar Puddle' looks like any other nightclub on the surface, but in reality it runs an illegal entertainment service in the form of prostitution. The club's resident Omega, Aoi, who boasts the top sales of the club is the envy of everyone. It doesn't matter who his client is, he'll sleep with any Omega,
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Ippai Aite Oku Made Misete? - Gouin Ecchi na Haisha-san 2.7

Ippai Aite Oku Made Misete? - Gouin Ecchi Na Haisha-San

Chapter 1

398 Dec 10,22 Koyori Kyobashi

"If your mouth is feeling so lonely... I fill that in for you." The doctor's tongue makes lewd noises in the dark as he violates me inside of my mouth...! I went under the care of the super handsome dentist: Kyousuke. But then he got mad at me for not being able to quit smoking after being influenced by my ex-boyfriend... "That mouth of yours, I'll fill it with something nice if you can't stop." A
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Lost in Love and Lust 2.9

Lost In Love And Lust

Chapter 0: Free Preview Chapter

284 Dec 10,22 Suguru Takeura

“No… we can’t here…ah!” In a bathroom…so close to where their friends are… Juri is a college student. She belongs to the movie club and is dating a fellow member Shuichi for 6 months. In April her junior from high school appears. Why... She panics and couldn't tell anyone that he is her ex... Taku says “I can't give up on you...”Juri is confused about her feelings. Shuichi loves Juri. Hina lik
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The Anatomist 3.7

The Anatomist

Chapter 1

242 Dec 10,22 Esa Parr

Giorgio is a passionate anatomist who is willing to do anything to advance in the field of medicine. For years, he has kept the beautiful and submissive Belfore as his lover and guinea pig. Giorgio's interest sparks when they meet the mysteriously gorgeous Harlow and his unique physiology
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Kyougoku ka no Kekkon 4.4

Kyougoku Ka No Kekkon

Chapter 6: The End

176 Dec 10,22 Kinoshita Keiko

Enter into a fake marriage with me! Seishiro Kyogoku, who works as a secretary for his father, the minister of Justice, is panicking. He has to live secretly with his half-brother, Reo, who suddenly appeared! Not only that, when he met his former classmate, Takeru Kyogoku, by chance, he discovered Seishiro’s secret! Seishiro declares that he will protect Reo and Takeru with his life, while Takeru
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More Than Blue 4.6

More Than Blue

Chapter 3

165 Dec 10,22 J.W.

Jinwoo dreams to be a preschool teacher, but he has a scary aura and works at a gay bar. After an unfortunate incident in the bar, Yoo Chungha offered him to take care of his son. With Chungha's son being taken care of by Jinwoo, will he be able to let go of the past?
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The Sadist Training Plan Condition - No Way… You’re Going to Lick Me There? 2.8

The Sadist Training Plan Condition - No Way… You’Re Going To Lick Me There?

Chapter 1

701 Dec 07,22 Sawamura Mariko

"You actually like being watched, don't you?" He roughly pushes my legs open and pulls on the string of my underwear. I'm dripping as he speads me with his tongue and fingers, pushing his way in...! I feel like I'm melting... I can't breathe! ...Because of her severe looks, everyone in the company thinks Akari is a sadist. But the truth is, you'd be shocked by what a masochist she is! One day, she
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Hoshii Mono wa Doushitatte 3.8

Hoshii Mono Wa Doushitatte

Chapter 0: Free Preview Chapter

143 Dec 07,22 Tsuba Daeki

Ever since fifth grade, aspiring actors Tsukasa and Kaname have always been together. It should be the chance of a lifetime for them when they both get cast into the same hero show – but their characters are on opposite sides of the story! Is the charming hero Tsukasa really too shining too bright for someone like Kaname to reach? And is Tsukasa really content with just being the perfect, selfless
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How to Be an Alpha 3.3

How To Be An Alpha

Chapter 24

1.6K Dec 06,22 Dohan

Jinha, an omega who suffers from alpha phobia, is dating the beta, Tae-Oh whose secondary gender hasn’t awakened yet. Jinha suspects it’s his fault that Tae-Oh can't awaken into an alpha, and if Tae-Oh awakens, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to overcome his fear. Meanwhile, some lowly alphas from school start conspiring against Jinha, who’s easily intimidated by alpha pheromones...
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Ikenie Monzenbarai 4.2

Ikenie Monzenbarai

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5

119 Dec 06,22 KATOU Susu

“I don't want a sacrifice or anything like that, so please leave.” Born into the prominent Uzumaki family, Nanao was raised to become a god’s sacrifice. On the day of the 111th year contract renewal, Nanao visited the serpent god’s shrine to be eaten. However, the god rejects Nanao at the door, saying that there is no need for a sacrifice!
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Mina-sama no Omocha desu 2.5

Mina-Sama No Omocha Desu

Vol.3 Chapter 32

10.9K Nov 21,22 Ishii Yasuyuki

Tsukimiya is a dutiful kid who has been looking after his family since his mother's passing, and a popular pretty boy at school, but he rejects all those who confess to him due to an unrequited love he holds for one of his teachers. However he suddenly finds himself kidnapped by a group of beautiful women, who promise him a life of daily torture from now on.
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Inside the Cave of Obscenity 3.7

Inside The Cave Of Obscenity

Chapter 6: Return Of The Prisoners

3.6K Nov 19,22 Umetane,Afukuro

A world where the Demon King was defeated by a Hero that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the Demon King and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the “Black Ooze”. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary s
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Shh! Top Confidential Report 3.5

Shh! Top Confidential Report

Chapter 22

3.4K Nov 18,22 Hyuk

A new employee, Ah-young, has been secretly in love with her boss, Cheon Seung-hee. Then one day, while secretly masturbating on Seunghee's desk, Ayoung discovers her secret diary and discovers the shocking truth..."What? My love, manager Cheon Seung-hee, actually scolds people with sex every night?!"
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Pheromoholic 4.3


Vol.2 Chapter 8

1.2K Nov 16,22 Nagi Wataru

Cool model, Towa is an herbivorous rabbit and clownfish chimera.His partner at his next job is a popular model… However, he’s his natural enemy, a first generation carnivorous lion seed chimera.Since his early childhood, he has never been able to forget Towa’s pheromones,“I’ll feel better after holding you once” he says while approaching himーーHating his constitution and his heat in
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