Isshou Tsuzukerarenai Shigoto side story - Mori and Mikami 4.3

Isshou Tsuzukerarenai Shigoto Side Story - Mori And Mikami

Chapter 7: The End

287 Sep 11,22 Yamada Yugi

(, an elite lawyer at a major firm, falls in love at first sight with Mikami, the head of law firm Mikami & Katayama. They even had a physical relationship for a while, but eventually ended it. One day, Mori receives a call from the company he works for that a former employee has filed a power har
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Bad Young Blood 4.6

Bad Young Blood

Chapter 5

1.1K Sep 10,22 Shimono Kei

Satomi is a fuckboy on the outside, but in reality he has a fetish for wounds. He gets excited by biting and leaving marks on girls' skin. During class, he witnesses Kanoe, a clumsy boy covered in injuries, getting hurt. After seeing Satomi’s strange reaction to his injuries, Kanoe becomes curious about Satomi and continuously approaches him…
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Love Countdown 1.7

Love Countdown

Chapter 6

999 Sep 06,22 Lange (란게)

Yoo Minhee finds her boyfriend cheating on her. On her way home, she runs into her childhood friend Park Heemin. After having seen Minhee crying, Heemin proposes to Minhee that the two of them make a love contract...?!
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Syunrai to Mitsu 4.8

Syunrai To Mitsu

Chapter 6: [End]

1.1K Sep 04,22 Retsujyo

Yuen was abandoned by his parents and taken to an orphanage. His only support was Yan, who was like an older brother. Yan also cherished Yuen like his younger brother, but one night, a cruel incident that separates them occurs. A few years later Yan, who became a yakuza and lived as Aoyagi, visited the facility again. However, Yuen, whom he reunited with, is different from the boy in his memory. H
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Sex Fantasy 4.1

Sex Fantasy

Vol.3 Chapter 11.1

24K Aug 25,22 Kagami Yuu,Maco

With his temptation powers, corrupt the most powerful princesses! A limit-breaking war fantasy story.*Source: MangaUpdates*
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Love Gauge 100% 4.8

Love Gauge 100%

Chapter 7

1.1K Aug 25,22 Sagold

Beautiful characters, an immersive story, and the option to choose your position are some of the characteristics of the popular BL game that otaku Kim Yihan is obsessed with!Yihan's favourite character is the handsome mint-haired character name Mikaros, but one day, Parkha, a man who looks exactly like Mikaros appears in front of Yihan! Will Kim Yihan be able to select Mikaros in real life
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Collection of parodies from xDOMITORIx 2.6

Collection Of Parodies From Xdomitorix

Vol.1 Chapter 1: A Parody Of Rangiku Matsumoto And Ikkaku Madarame (From Anime Bleach)

668 Aug 21,22 Domitori

A collection of stories... Parodies of all kinds of anime and manga by DOMITORI.
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Gaishuu Isshoku 3.8

Gaishuu Isshoku

Chapter 35

36.2K Aug 09,22 Shikishiro Konomi

A doormat of a realtor who's not over his last breakup got blackmailed by a foul-mouthed young female mangaka who ran away from home. Put them under one roof and this is probably what you'd get.
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Imitation Gold 4.4

Imitation Gold

Chapter 9

1.1K Aug 08,22 WADI

After Sunwoo’s mother became the chairman’s mistress, Sunwoo and Seungwook became a specious fake family when they were young. However, Sunwoo, who lived an indistinguishable life despite his best efforts, was unable to close the gap between him and Seungwook, a young man who was born with everything he needed. 5 years later, Seungwook, who had gone to the U.S to study, returned to Korea which the
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Konna Jinsei wa Zettai Iyada 3.4

Konna Jinsei Wa Zettai Iyada

Chapter 6

1.5K Jul 30,22 Gonzalez Maruyama

Saki comes from a poor family and leads a boring life filled with constant studying. She worries about her relationship with her parents not ending well and any lingering backlash caused by their fights. One day, she happens upon a group of troublemakers who pressures her into smoking a cigarette. Somehow, her relationship with them turns out to be more pleasant than expected. The time she spends
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The Old Man And The Maiden 2.7

The Old Man And The Maiden

Chapter 11

2.5K Jul 30,22 Gojou Uruno

Five years ago, tragedy struck office worker Hazuka as she suddenly lost her mother. Akitsu, an older man and friend of her late mother, kindly offered Hazuka refuge. As time passed, Hazuka developed feelings for him. After years of cohabitation, news of Akitsu's job transfer has Hazuka's heart reeling. She decides to make her move even if it's only for one night. Sexual tension and overflowing fe
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Boku no Danna-sama 4.4

Boku No Danna-Sama

Vol.3 Chapter 17.5

9.1K Jul 18,22 Naono Bohra

A love story between a young cat and a protective dog.
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Bloody Festival 4.3

Bloody Festival

Vol.1 Chapter 57

747 Jul 14,22 Heenari

On a beautiful day in City K, where everyone was gathered for the festivities of the annual cherry blossom festival, a woman starts her ruthless and vile revenge. She's sexy, cool, and outright violent! See how the merry cherry blossom festival becomes a rampant bloodbath!
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Love Sex Relationship 2.7

Love Sex Relationship

Chapter 31

1.5K Jul 14,22 KIM In Jung (김인정)

After five years, things between Jiwon and her boyfriend are stable. Well, maybe stable is the wrong word. He's thoughtful, caring, and handsome… but the sex is horrible. Hanna, on the other hand, has a phonebook of one night stands… all of whom get detailed on her nightly blog. But, when these two meet, all bets are off. - ( - (http://webtoo
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Stop at the Red Light 4.7

Stop At The Red Light

Chapter 16: Epilogue

437 Jul 14,22 Ssing Ssing

I like you, but I don't want to lose our friendship…? Hae-in finds it harder and harder to suppress his feelings for his good friend and roommate, Min. It doesn't help that Min is a natural flirt who likes to tease Hae-in every chance he gets. These two make an adorable will-they-won't-they couple! This comic is a collection of three short stories. While the first focuses on Hae-in and
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Shuumatsu no Harem After World 2.9

Shuumatsu No Harem After World

Vol.13 Chapter 5: Being Chosen For Reason

4.3K Jul 14,22 LINK

2049, Tokyo. The "after-vaccine era" has arrived, and even though men have returned to society, their sexual desire has disappeared and their reproductive function has been lost. However, only the boy, Riku, who revived from cold sleep three years ago, feels something wrong with his body!? The second part of erotic suspense in the near future opens!!---**Links:**- (https://shonenjumppl
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Dégajé 3.8


Chapter 7

791 Jul 07,22 Jo Killmer

Even if it was twisted it was twisted badly.After barely waking up from a coma due to a car accident, Lark despairs at the fact that he can no longer dance. Lark resents Sadin's fault for the car accident and leaves the academy where he danced all his life and leaves to live a new life. After a difficult day, ex-boyfriend Kwai comes to visit Lark.But what? Wasn't the car accident caused by
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Mike-chan to Kuro-sensei 4.2

Mike-Chan To Kuro-Sensei

Chapter 4.2: Ashita, Mata, Oyasumi No Toki,

344 Jul 02,22 Sakurai Taiki

The worries of a virgin teacher nearing his thirties, “Is it okay if I’m the only one being doted on!?” A bright popular honor student x a kind and admirable math teacher. ーー A math teacher who is well-liked by students for his warm personality, Kusunoki. His lover is the most popular in class, Mishiro. Just when they were thinking about having sex, they both wanted to be bottoms with no experienc
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Ookami no Bonito 4.4

Ookami No Bonito

Chapter 7: Extra

1.8K Jun 30,22 Kumase Aki

Ioto is a Japanese who have come to study in a distant country to study architecture.His destination, Spain, is a beautiful country inhabited by many beastmen.While Ioto is still unfamiliar with the country, he is approached by Leo, a wolf-beastman who works as a police officer.Finally, he has a friend...! Ioto is happy to finally have a friend, but Leo kisses him.He is puzzled, th
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The Younger Male Lead Fell for Me before the Destruction 4.7

The Younger Male Lead Fell For Me Before The Destruction

Chapter 85

31.2K Jun 23,22 Yoondal

I spent a carefree day lounging about after paying off my tuition loans, but ended waking up inside a novel as the Amel, the only daughter of a poor count! Even if I worked for the rest of my life, the debt my family accumulated is too much for me to even be able to pay off! Not only that, but it seems that I ended up having a one-night experience with Kyle, the Male Lead, unknowingly after gettin
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Tempt Me, Marry Me! 4.4

Tempt Me, Marry Me!

Chapter 119

6.7K Jun 20,22 Qian Hui

Her cousin seduced her boyfriend and her friend married her father. Xia Wan’s life was so miserable that it was worth being adapted for television. After she entered the wrong hotel room, she was seen naked and soon even threatened to marry this old cheeky man. Their relationship was unexpectedly harmonious. He loved her and respected her. It would be a happy life if there had been no those
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Don't Give Him A Leash 4.4

Don't Give Him A Leash

Chapter 30

1.5K Jun 15,22 YP

'I've always wanted to have a dog, but that's not what I meant...!"---- >( >( >( >( >( >(https://series.n
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Cage Of Larkspur 3.9

Cage Of Larkspur

Chapter 6: End

783 Jun 04,22 Munesumi K Okamoto

Noah, an orphan, is deceived by a friend and put up for auction. The person who brought him was rumoured to be a ruthless man, Gilbert, who won the bid for Noah, who has a rebellious attitude, for 200 million. Noah was prepared to be treated badly, but during his first sexual encounter he was taught pleasure he had never felt before. I should have wanted to escape, but I was gradually moved by the
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Ferocious Princess 3.6

Ferocious Princess

Chapter 133 [End]

5.5K Oct 23,19 Chen Guojian, Kai Yuan Comic

As a talented agent, she failed to make a successful time-travel during her first task in which she dropped onto the bed of a tyrant and broke his sex. Knocked out, she regarded the man as a man-whore and paid him for their sex. Obviously she went too far. However, tyrants are for torturing, money for spending, kungfu for teasing and beauty for seduction.
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