Tousled Melancholy 4.9

Tousled Melancholy

Chapter: Oneshot

58,566 Dec 25,19 Shore (Tatsunokosso)

Shion is anxious about having to find a new hairdresser to cut her hair, when suddenly a strange girl from an unknown hair salon calls out to her.
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After Release the Spyce 4.4

After Release The Spyce

Chapter 12: [End]

94,889 Nov 07,19 Takahiro,Bakutendou

4-koma gag manga for Release the Spyce anime broadcast.
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A Hundred Scenes of Girls Love 4.8

A Hundred Scenes Of Girls Love

Chapter 18: March [End]

388,240 Oct 07,19 Hachiko

A full-color manga featuring 100 scenes of girls love! Featuring classmates, sempai and kouhai, teacher and student, sisters and childhood friends!
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The Girls' Arcadia 4.7

The Girls' Arcadia

Chapter 9.1: Twitter Extra

242,470 Jun 30,20 Yatosaki Haru

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Akaiito Anthology Comic 4.3

Akaiito Anthology Comic

Chapter 9: Promise (By Muttri Moony) [End]

98,844 Jul 23,19 Mucchiri Muunii,Anthology,Mizuki Fuuju,Nozomi Watase,Agana Hasei,Naoyuki Inugami,Kazumi Kurihara,Mikako Mikaki,Haruto Mizuki,Setsuna Takegami,Chomo,Fumio,Gennosuke,hal,Maruto!,Hideki Sanada,Tenmu,Uo

Official Comic Anthology for Akaiito that came with the limited edition version of the PS2 game.
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Fuwafuwa Futashika Yume Mitai 4.7

Fuwafuwa Futashika Yume Mitai

Chapter 11: Extra #3

150,728 Nov 30,19 Hakamada Mera

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Kimochi no Katachi 4.7

Kimochi No Katachi

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Kana Part 7

105,151 May 22,19 KITAO Taki

Takenaka Satsuki, first year high school student and Library assistant, is secretly attracted to her Senpai, Kitamura Kano. With the help of an accepting friend, Satsuki must learn to overcome her own sense of what is 'normal' in order to embrace her feelings for the one she loves.
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True Story 4.4

True Story

Chapter 1.2: Encore

76,086 Mar 07,19 Neiigal

From creator's pixiv: True story happening around. Just wanna draw them for memorizing
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KanColle dj: Shikinami o Hisho ni Shitaku Naru Hon 4.4

Kancolle Dj: Shikinami O Hisho Ni Shitaku Naru Hon

Chapter 5: Good Reason (Shikinami O Hisho Ni Shitaku Naru Hon Soushuuhen) [End]

92,300 Dec 03,18 gumichoko

Part of the Kantai Collection franchise. A Kantai Collection Doujinshi starring a Female Admiral and her Secretary Ship, Destroyer Shikinami, Shikinami's sister ship, Ayanami, and occasionally other members of the fleet.
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Love Cubic 4.3

Love Cubic

Chapter 5.5: Love Perfume [End]

81,632 Dec 03,18 Marika Tanimura

When Yusami is reunited with her best friend, Sena, with a new school term, things get crazy! Sena's little sister is now in high school and can't wait to spend time with her sister! What Yusami didn't know was that Yusami's sister has a sister complex, and what's more is she has been in love with her sister for the longest. Yusami starts to figure out her feelings for her
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Koi-Iro Cocktail 4

Koi-Iro Cocktail

Vol.1 Chapter: Missing Link Side:shuri

172,640 Aug 27,18 Gotou Yuuki

Junna has a crush on Mayumi, but because she always over-analyzes things, she’s never been able to confess her feelings. One night, they go out drinking and Mayumi gets drunk, forcing them to spend the night at one of the nearby love hotels. Is this Junna’s opportunity to finally let loose and confess…!?
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My Girlfriend Is A Gamer!! 4.5

My Girlfriend Is A Gamer!!


579,734 Aug 27,18 Xian Jun

The daily lives of a gamer and her girlfriend.
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I want you to say you love me 4.9

I Want You To Say You Love Me

Chapter 1

151,513 Dec 28,17 Takeshima eku

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Lady Snowblood 4.1

Lady Snowblood

Vol.04 Chapter 015 : Final Episode - Bamboo's Tears

261,095 Dec 26,17 Koike kazuo

What is Lady Snowblood about? Vengeance. Pure and simple, this is a revenge story. Yuki was named as a child of hell by her mother. Yuki's father was killed by a group of men who conspired to use him to start an uprising; they then brutalized her mother. Her mother subsequently killed one of her attackers and ended up in jail, where Yuki is born. Yuki's mother was serving a life sentence; there w
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Love Left Behind 4.4

Love Left Behind

Chapter 10

58,442 Sep 18,17 Mochizawa

Sunae meets the ghost of her dead twin sister.
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Yaezakura Sympathy 4.8

Yaezakura Sympathy

Chapter 2

77,305 Aug 22,17 Takemiya Jin

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Twin Sisters 4.6

Twin Sisters

Chapter 4

144,605 Jun 18,17 Mochi Au Lait

Twin sisters yuri.
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Drift 4.6


Chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

153,913 Jun 02,17 Nald Tabuzo, Godley Malabanan

Nothing but Action - Yuri..
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PAX 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 177

211,023 Jun 18,17 Awauri (aice)

Original doujinshi.
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With an Earnest Love 5

With An Earnest Love

Chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

59,289 May 25,17 SENGOKU Hiroko

A one shot-yuri....
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My Little Princess 4.9

My Little Princess

Chapter 1

80,220 May 24,17 Hara Yui

A Yuri-Oneshot......
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