The Heavenly Demon Destroys the Lich King’s Murim 4.7

The Heavenly Demon Destroys The Lich King’S Murim

Chapter 31

237,436 Sep 24,21 Authorbungdaeng

An unknown voice disturbed me while I was levitating during my cultivation to reach the transcendent demonic state. My concentration had been broken, and I fell into an unconscious, overloaded state. When I awoke a month later, the Lich King had already taken control of the Murim. After the battle that ended with the destruction of the Heavenly Demon Cult, I awoke a hundred and forty y
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Apotheosis – Ascension to Godhood 1.5

Apotheosis – Ascension To Godhood

Chapter 1: Learn More With Manga! Fate/grand Order!

37,782 Sep 15,21 Ranzai Studio

Luo Zheng, now a humble slave was born as the eldest son of a wealthy family. Due to his family's decline, the kidnapping of his sister by a powerful force, he can now only be stepped upon by others. However, heaven never seals off all exits. An ancient book left by his father reveals a secret divine technique, giving the reader immense power! But what is behind this power? This is a contest again
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The Return Of The Heavenly Sage 4.1

The Return Of The Heavenly Sage

Chapter 22

191,205 Sep 25,21 Updating

In the past, the Heavenly Sage Ji Fan was backstabbed by his friend and died, but the Supreme Soul Cauldron saved his life. He was treated as a mutated body that could not be cultivated and was ridiculed at every turn. With his fist breaking the sky, Ji Fan uses his power to prove his dao, purging the Hailan Clan and shattering the Dragon Cang Alliance ...He burns the immortal dao of the Nine Heav
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Binding with Monkey King 4.3

Binding With Monkey King

Chapter 7

213,275 Sep 25,21 Moonr18

His hands and hamstrings were severed, and when he was desperate, he merged with the memory of Monkey King. Since then, he has risen against the sky and is out of control.
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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience 4.3

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience

Chapter 39

108,947 Sep 13,21 Updating

Being pushed into a stove by the first born of An's family, MiaoGe An escaped with bare life and decided to change her weak personality. A crazy MiaoGe An who caused general turmoil in An's family thus appeared. The emperor is ruthless and tyrannical, it is said that he often beat his maids to death, which frightened all the girls from noble families, to pave the road for their first born, An's fa
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Become Villain In The Game Cultivation 4.6

Become Villain In The Game Cultivation

Chapter 32

570,601 Sep 25,21 Updating

Become Villain In The Game Cultivation is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by Updating This Comic is About The high-end player died tragically, crossing into the game, the villain who died tragically under the knife of thousands of people in the game, in the dark coffin, the beauty system opened the newcomer gift package, giving away 10,000 points of
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Lan Ke Qi Yuan 4.7

Lan Ke Qi Yuan

Chapter 39

377,654 Sep 24,21 Updating

“Leaves fell on the chess game by the side of Rotten Ke, and the old trees played against each other due to the uninteresting son of Tian Yuan, and then looked back on the vast mountains and seas… When he woke up, Ji Yuan became a half-blind beggar in a dilapidated mountain temple. The sword, the sacred stick and one mouth are the foundation for Ji Yuan to settle down in this terrible world.”
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Eternal Kingdom 4.4

Eternal Kingdom

Chapter 23

484,032 Sep 10,21 阅文漫画

Eternal Kingdom is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by 阅文漫画 This Comic is About On a seemingly ordinary and mediocre day, a rift rips open the sky and countless monsters start falling from above. The main character, Yi Tianxing, survived the “Seven Days of Cataclysm” along with his sisters and the others by relying on his innate third eyes. Immediatel
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Supreme Taoist (2021) 4.8

Supreme Taoist (2021)

Chapter 13

203,251 Sep 22,21 Updating

Protagonist Bai Ziyue transmigrates into a world full of humans, demons, monsters, and gods, where he discovers that he can utilize an accessorized system to raise his body's stats. He explores various forms of martial arts and techniques, masters cultivation theories and acquires experience, invents his own techniques, and embarks on the path of slaying demons, exterminating ghosts, and fighting
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Becoming A God By Teaching Six Sisters 4.7

Becoming A God By Teaching Six Sisters

Chapter 4

85,078 Sep 04,21 Fudge knight

Ye Luo's six sisters are extremely proud of the sky. The eldest sister is at the top of the battlefield, a dominating force. The second sister's cultivation is outstanding, a generation of divine emperor. The third sister has countless divine beasts, the head of a family. The fourth sister is the one who can bring back the dead, the one who has the best hands. Fifth sister formation through the sk
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The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital 4.7

The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital

Chapter 14

584,662 Sep 26,21 Updating

This is a world where evil creatures are gradually rampaging. However, the evil creatures are strong, they all disappear after this mental hospital, and even without dignity, they are reduced to ingredients and pets. This is the green mountain mental hospital, where talents are abundant and strong people are surrounded. In this regard, the seriously ill Lin Fan, who is carrying the system, said: I
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Pretend to be invincible in the world 4.5

Pretend To Be Invincible In The World

Chapter 24

460,536 Sep 24,21 Updating

“Linghu Dujue” is the number one master of martial arts in the world. It is said that he used to protect the Dharma with swordsmanship, beheaded the swordsmen of Dongying, and went to the “Black Wind Village” to slaughter three hundred bandits. The rivers and lakes are full of his legends, and his fans are everywhere in the martial arts. However, “Linghu Dujue” concealed a great secret-he did not
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Heavenly Moon 4.2

Heavenly Moon

Chapter 4

46,887 Aug 25,21 Updating

The Murim Warring States period, is where only the strong survives. This is the war slave Cheong Gwang and Myeong-Wol's Murim Survival Story.
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Xiu Tu 3.6

Xiu Tu

Chapter 26: Being Together Forever

278,554 Sep 11,21 Bai Hu Tang Comic Studio

After Pangu separated the Heaven from the Earth, the excess divine energy that remained was left to degenerate on the earth, and gradually ended up forming various divine weapons that were passed down across generations of carnage and bloodshed in the Jianghu. An arrow that can pass through walls; An umbrella that can summon a colossal whale; A spear that can transform an entire snowy mountain int
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Nirvana in Fire: The Wind Blows in Changlin 2.9

Nirvana In Fire: The Wind Blows In Changlin

Chapter 3

10,703 Aug 21,21 天成文画,旷盛动漫

Fifty years after Mei Changsu's death, history repeats itself. Again there are conflicts in love, in family, the empire, war, and the Inner Palace. Full of secretive and overt schemes, battles and intrigue, the search for justice, and love for country, follow Xiao Pingjing as he uncovers a great conspiracy and returns Da Liang to prosperity! Langya List of the Wind Rising Changlin / Langya L
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Return of The Bachelor 4.6

Return Of The Bachelor

Chapter 78

1,771,257 Sep 20,21 So yoo - hyun / Oesol

Bachelor Ma Hyun, after being missing for 10 years, he returned to society as a powerful master! While being a teacher, he's also trying to purge the evil organization named Heukcheonbyeol. And thus, his life as Joongwon's strongest teacher unfolds now! Return of The Bachelor
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The World’s Best Engineer 4.9

The World’S Best Engineer

Chapter 13

702,152 Sep 25,21 Updating

The World's Best Engineer is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Manhwa series is written by Updating This Comic is About Kim Soo-Ho, a civil engineer, became a noble from a novel. But what's this? My estate will be destroyed soon? Then I'll have to design, build and sell.
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Have You Seen My Younger Brother? 3.6

Have You Seen My Younger Brother?

Chapter 12

46,307 Aug 24,21 深海裹茶

Chu Wenshan, the world's top master, has lost his memory. The only clue about him is a kidnapping letter... huh? Is the person who got kidnapped really my brother? Wait, who even is my brother? No, I'm going to save him even if I don't know him. Excuse me, friend, have you seen my brother?
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Soaring Phoenix from the East Palace 4.1

Soaring Phoenix From The East Palace

Chapter 11

37,680 Sep 25,21 Lu feixi (路菲汐)

She is a venomous demon of a consort in the eyes of the world. On the wedding day, she snatches someone else's husband, scaring the wife into unconsciousness. The princess consort of North chen has an arrogant name, domineering Chang'an. But this world just happens to have someone more arrogant than her. Even when everyone condemns her, he only says: "I dote on the princess consort, what business
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I become immortal 4.6

I Become Immortal

Chapter 25

215,713 Sep 25,21 Updating

The bizarre and bizarre world gave birth to all kinds of amazing species. A noble son of a family who came to the great world broke through numerous obstacles, competed with those who came to the world, and kicked the high saint down in the mire. Will witness this magical universe and realize the desire to become immortal in this life!
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Legend Of Cyber Heroes

Chapter 8

66,324 Aug 18,21 Wú dào cháng bù gū,吾道长不孤 著,齐芮故乡 / 勇猛小犊子责

LEGEND OF CYBER HEROES is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by 吾道长不孤 著 / Wú dào cháng bù gū / 齐芮故乡 / 勇猛小犊子责 This Comic is About Xiang Shan, the first ancestor of cyber martial arts who reopened the world, woke up in a garbage dump somewhere. Although he lost all his memories, he still remembered the enemy's name. So the world has become like this..
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The Ember Knight 4.6

The Ember Knight

Chapter 18

304,438 Sep 24,21 Hwandaeng

His only family, his younger twin, has been murdered. He isn't as talented as his late genius brother, but in order to get his revenge, he will become “strong”. Will I be able to get my revenge? The Knight of Embers
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I Reincarnated As The Crazed Heir 4.7

I Reincarnated As The Crazed Heir

Chapter 9

467,565 Aug 26,21 Updating

I Reincarnated As The Crazed Heir is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by Updating This Comic is About Yang Jagak, who was assassinated through poison during the political wars of the Murim. While he thought he was dead, he realized he was in the body of another person. He found out that he is in the Demon Cult, the art he knows is the Heav
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The Interceptor Cross System 4.5

The Interceptor Cross System

Chapter 23

134,776 Aug 18,21 ChiChi

The Interceptor Cross System ” is a Chinese story, telling about the adventure of Song Cheng. He used to be a useless guy, working for a hopeless job. All his life is all about eating and playing boring games. One day, a powerful crystal bringing the power of breaking the limit of normal people, combined into Song Cheng body. Everything has changed, Song Cheng starts his new journey with his new p
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