Drop-Dead Beauty 4.7

Drop-Dead Beauty

Chapter 0

381 Nov 30,20 Damaizhongjin

Drop-dead BeautyAs a strong lady, how will she change the miserable destinies of her family and herself?Combining rebirth, time travel, revenge and martial arts, this is a unique comic.The daughter of the celestial emperor died distressingly, when she woke up again, she was reborn to be an abandoned girl who could be bullied by everyone, her father was poisoned, her brother lost his eyes after bei
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Taiyou to Tsuki no Hagane 4.8

Taiyou To Tsuki No Hagane

Chapter 2

2,806 Nov 29,20 Matsuura Daruma

Kounosuke Ryuudo is a samurai who is stuck in perpetual poverty. Looking for a job is fruitless, as he cannot wield a blade. Quite literally, in fact. One day, after being accosted by some criminals and wishing to only reach the sweet embrace of death, he receives a marriage proposal from a mysterious woman... The newest work from the author of
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Chaos Alchemist 4.6

Chaos Alchemist

Chapter 6

23,861 Nov 29,20 火星动漫

Gu Yun, a young gifted genius, is reduced to doing odd jobs at the Qing Shan sect because his spiritual energy was weakened from an ancient god’s seal. His father was also implicated, and had his role as head of the Qing Shan sect stripped, and was imprisoned by the opposing Feilu family. At this time, Gu Yun discovers the secret hidden within his body, and forms a pact with the ancient god&
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The Provincial Commander’s Self-Cultivation 4.6

The Provincial Commander’S Self-Cultivation

Chapter 1

583 Nov 26,20 唐刀

Qihuang Kingdom was run by women, and as the head eunuch, Yan Lang’s dream was to mix in, eat, wait for death, and resign from office with honor, while disguising herself as a man. However, Yan Lang unexpectedly encountered the biggest failure of her career when the new empress ascended to the throne. Wait a minute! Why was the empress a male? Yan Lang barely managed to convince the empress
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Everything was a Mistake 4.8

Everything Was A Mistake

Chapter 21

115,423 Dec 01,20 Guan

Roa Valrose reincarnated as villainess in the book. In order to avoid the fate of being burned at the stake, she approaches the hero, Nocton Edgar. It hurts every time she gets closer to him. Nevertheless, for her survival, she does everything he wants her to do. “Come again, Valrose.” The mysterious Nocton unexpectedly sought her out every day. Then one day, her friend for 10 years sa
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Crimson Snow 4.8

Crimson Snow

Chapter 9

5,201 Dec 02,20 Yuwan

The prince is a beautiful, weak, dying young man who is desperate to find anyone who can save him. Li Siyun, a mysterious girl, appears and brings the near-death prince to her mansion to help. A dramatic romance set in ancient china in a time of turmoil and unrest! Source of collecting images:
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Lily of Two Colors 4.5

Lily Of Two Colors

Chapter 2

5,168 Nov 21,20 克因COEN

“Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” Miriam is a young princess of the royal family who is loved by all, but she puts all her thoughts on her sister. The only person of such nobility and beauty is her sister, who is so perfect. She has always admired her,
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Night Flight! 4.5

Night Flight!

Chapter 2

2,787 Nov 19,20 Leo Hara

Amadeonte Elvin, the legendary swordsman of the Elcano Kingdom and the first woman to join the Royal Guard, and Cyonel Gavadien Meon, the prince who is entangled in a struggle for his succession to the throne and is hated by his own father. Two really different people who share one common goal: to escape the country. Will they be allied or enemies?
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I Gave Birth To A Murderer’s Child 4.6

I Gave Birth To A Murderer’S Child

Chapter 10

203,257 Dec 01,20 하라쇼

Karinne, the daughter of Viscount Tyrian, is on the verge of getting sold off as one of the lustful Count Dupo’s concubines. After sleeping with a mysterious handsome stranger, Karinne gives birth to her son…all according to plan! After deeming his daughter worthless, he sells her off. Losing the will to live, she reunites with the man who she spent that fateful night with, who is rev
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A Depiction of Hell 4.2

A Depiction Of Hell

Chapter 0

494 Nov 15,20 Xi Liu

A story about a demon living and dying in hell — the life of the 13th generation spirit.
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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Rengoku Kyoujurou Gaiden 4.7

Kimetsu No Yaiba: Rengoku Kyoujurou Gaiden

Chapter 2: Part Two [End]

9,376 Nov 12,20 Gotouge Koyoharu,Hirano Ryouji

Since ancient times, rumors have abounded of man-eating demons lurking in the woods. Because of this, the local townsfolk never venture outside at night. Legend has it that a demon slayer also roams the night, hunting down these bloodthirsty demons. Set before the events of the main series, this spinoff tells the story of Rengoku Kyoujurou, an energetic young demon hunte
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The Secret of Rakutadou 4.5

The Secret Of Rakutadou

Chapter 18

7,510 Nov 13,20 Satoru

“I received the gift of life the day I met you.” Shikibi works at an antique store called Rakutadou. Because of her strong spiritual power, she has a predisposition to attract things that are not human. Sousuke, the owner of the antique store, also works as an exorcist. He was the one who previously saved her from her misfortune fate. Now, will he be able to continue protecting her fro
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A Villainess? No, a Heinous Young Lady 4.8

A Villainess? No, A Heinous Young Lady

Chapter 4

38,642 Nov 19,20 ASANA Yuuna,KONAMI Asato

Rosalia, a Marquis’ daughter, for some reason only lived within the premises of the Marquis’ residence. One day when she was sixteen, she fell in love with a red headed knight who wandered into the garden by accident. It was at that moment the powerful Marquis’ daughter felt something trigger― A knight who is a reincarnator, but doesn’t realize that he’s a capture tar
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Birth of a Villainess 4.4

Birth Of A Villainess

Chapter 12

26,311 Nov 28,20 TB

Cecil has lost all of her legacy to her cousin for not being a son. Three men agpear in front of her. The Duke of Marmontel, who has wealth and power as a royal family on the periphery, the young and handsome Count Rohan, who came to France from England and Azrail, the devil who covets her soul. Smart Cecil, with the ability to grasp the other’s desires. begins to use three men to get what s
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Olive’s Plan To Get Rich 4.4

Olive’S Plan To Get Rich

Chapter 2

7,591 Nov 22,20 自由沙漏

Olive, a young girl who is not satisfied with being a marriage tool, runs away from home overnight. On the way out, she accidentally saved Snow, a man who calls himself a nobleman in distress. Olive, who lost her belongings because of her helpfulness towards others, decides to seize Snow’s house for her own business plan. With her own efforts, she was able to build up her jewelry stand busin
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The Sold Off Bride 4.7

The Sold Off Bride

Chapter 1

1,576 Nov 03,20 시크크

A noble man in silk clothing appears in front of the fifteen year old Eun Hong, who is about to be sold off to the Courtesan house due to her father’s debts. He was the same man who occasionally bought the straw shoes that Eun Hong sold at the market. After coming across him at the courtesan house, Eun Hong is sold off to him for a handsome sum of five hundred taels… “Until you
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To be Reborn at dynasty tang 4.3

To Be Reborn At Dynasty Tang

Chapter 5

11,761 Nov 22,20 Dian xing dongman

One representative of the king’s special forces, to protect the country’s treasures, he was struck by Thunder and sent to the early days of the Tang Dynasty. In this strange and ever changing era, He will fulfill all modern human dreams with a sincere heart: beautiful princesses, shui queens, loli, beautiful harem ladies!
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The Princess of Vengeance 4.4

The Princess Of Vengeance

Chapter 20

33,362 Nov 30,20 Updating

She was the king’s daughter, yet treachery took her whole family’s lives. With the help of a legendary artifact, she was granted a new life. She decided to hide her astounding beauty in disguise and concealed her real power, only to seek her vengeance!MangaToon got authorization from BYdongman to publish this manga, the content is the author’s own point of view, and does not repr
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The Double Agent 4.8

The Double Agent

Chapter 4

9,578 Nov 12,20 Pi sook hae

Sasha becomes a spy after losing everything in the war. She was found by John, the leader of the war and a demon officer with the face of an angel, but…! The spy is caught by the enemy country and becomes a double agent!
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The Newlywed Life of a Witch and a Dragon 4.7

The Newlywed Life Of A Witch And A Dragon

Chapter 11

78,641 Nov 30,20 뉴릉이,디망

The sweet newlywed life of a genius witch who entangled her life with a dragon by mistake! Espanol [spoiler]Un día Wendy se enteró del matrimonio de su amor platónico. Profundamente afligida, pasa la noche con su recién llegado Aiden Winter bajo la influencia de alcohol.[/spoiler]
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Itan Empire’s Jacheongbi 4.5

Itan Empire’S Jacheongbi

Chapter 3

12,807 Nov 09,20 나넷

A fantasy romance transcending time and space! Jacheongbi, a student of Taekwondo, stumbles into the world of an ash-scented palace! After a spectacular win in the national Taekwondo trials, Jacheongbi meets a man from her dreams in the hospital garden. After choosing to follow him, Jacheongbi is led into a lake by the hand and opened her eyes to find herself in a glorious palace! Stuck in a stran
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Elysian’s Bride 4.1

Elysian’S Bride

Chapter 10

56,529 Nov 16,20 Wang Bo Ram

Elysian, the world which only has males. Which one of them will be my husband? The main character, Yoo In-ah, was suddenly transported to the world of Elysian on her way to the convenience store. Elysian, the place where only males are born. Just to reproduce, females are summoned and are treated like a goddess in Elysian. How is Yoo In-Ah going to survive in a strange place filled with magic, pol
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Era of the Dragonbound 4.1

Era Of The Dragonbound

Chapter 38

16,809 Nov 21,20 iLEGUO

Mian’s world is torn asunder by a brutal attack on the people of Ba. She is helpless to protect those she loves, but this tragedy awakens the chaos and power of the rare black dragon within her. To aid her safe transformation, she becomes dragonbound with the mysterious Qianyi. Joined by their hopes for a new world and an imperial kill order against their lives, together they embark on a jou
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Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shita hazu ga Marie Antoinette Deshita 4.7

Akuyaku Reijou Ni Tensei Shita Hazu Ga Marie Antoinette Deshita

Chapter 2: Welcome To Versailles~!

6,329 Oct 28,20 Koide Yoshito

A Christmas cake office worker got pierced by an Eiffel Tower decoration, died, and got reincarnated as Marie Antoinette.
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