Namida Ame to Serenade 4.7

Namida Ame To Serenade

Vol.4 Chapter 22: Goodbye

15,012 Sep 24,21 Kawachi Haruka

Suddenly one day energetic high school girl, Katagiri Hina, time travels into the year 1907. The first person she sees is the sorrowful man by the name of Hongo Takaaki. Who exactly is this Hongo-sama? As fate works its gears, how will their romance unfold? Transcending time, two people meet. A destiny.    ---
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Into the light once again 4.7

Into The Light Once Again

Chapter 23

155,173 Sep 24,21 유야,티카티카

I was falsely accused of attempting to kill my younger sister, who was worshipped as a Saintess. There was not a single person who believed in me, nor was there a person who stood up for me. Not even my blood-related family. I was 14 years old, and it was winter. I, who was Edenbell's Fourth Princess, was miserably beheaded in front of the masses. After the end of my
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Feelings In A Dream 4.6

Feelings In A Dream

5,745 Sep 21,21 Bok,Han si nae

A one-time dream connecting reagent was made with the intention to meet Daniel, the prince that she has an unrequited love for, even in a dream. However, it was her rival, Kaiden that took the reagent, and it wasn't a one-time thing? Lizen, who has perfect grades and physical skills, is bright and strong on the outside, but hides her wounds on the inside. Kaiden, a man who is blu
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The Tyrant’s Comfort Doll 4.4

The Tyrant’S Comfort Doll

Chapter 18

110,194 Sep 25,21 Baek yideum,Yeonjoo

Legend has it that a man with black hair and red eyes will bring ruin to Den Helder's royal family. Because he was born with these features, Rayton is shunned by the palace as "the cursed one." When the vengeful prince stages a bloody coup detat years later, the powerless youngest princess, Setz, also dies by his sword. Little does Setz know that she's about to wake up in her body five years in th
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My Place 4.1

My Place

12,320 Sep 20,21 5후 작가님,한시내 작가님

Ashé, who had hoped for a stable life was forced to another country after her brother got a marriage offer. Due to the fear of dying in a horrible way if she does an unwanted marriage, she ends up poisoning her own brother. One day, after being imprisoned in the palace for that crime, the imperial prince came to find her.
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Save Me, Guild Master! 3.9

Save Me, Guild Master!

1,098 Sep 19,21 Iqiyi comics, DXD A&C

In the peak of the Tang Dynasty, Suzhou's wealthiest family, the Jia Family's precious daughter enjoys dressing as a boy. She dresses as a boy every day, pretending to be the second young master of the Jia Family as she runs about town with her two bodyguards causing trouble. With her acts of exacting justice on behalf of women, she is liked by all the women in the city and solidly holds the title
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Affairs of the Enchanting Doctor 1.6

Affairs Of The Enchanting Doctor

Chapter 3.2: Sister, I Advise You To Show Kindness

7,638 Sep 26,21 Pan-dimensional culture

I was a surgeon from a modern era who transmigrated into an ancient world. Fate had it that I was to transmigrate into the body of a consort of the imperial family. Due to some previous actions by the original owner of the body, I was despised by the prince, and my sister hated me. Originally, I had no interest in matters of the heart, and I was perfectly happy to live a relaxed life in peace. How
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A Wicked Tale of Cinderella's Stepmom 3.5

A Wicked Tale Of Cinderella's Stepmom

Chapter 40: Mask

92,158 Sep 10,21 Kiarne,Sunset

There is a famous fairytale. A kindhearted girl whose father and stepmother got married and became a family of five with her two stepsisters. The poor girl who was condemned by her stepmother and stepsisters when her father died. The very fairytale, Cinderella. But I am not Cinderella, I am the stepmother. At the age of thirty-seven, already married twice, been widowed twice and is raising three d
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Grand Duke, It Was a Mistake! 4.9

Grand Duke, It Was A Mistake!

Chapter 1

77,350 Sep 04,21 시세,죠이뽕

I accidentally kidnapped the grand duke I have a one-sided love for! I ended up accepting the grand duke's proposal to have a contractual relationship in return for fixing this issue, but……. “Vivian. May I kiss you?” Huh? Are we kissing as soon as we started dating? “We'll kiss, then we'll take things further, and then let's get married, Vivian.” ……I'm in big trouble.
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I’ve been here from the beginning 4.4

I’Ve Been Here From The Beginning

Chapter 0

37,714 Sep 04,21 허쉬하임

Don't do that too much. Poor maid The day after I commented on the pity of the extra maid, who even the author had forgotten. He has possessed that poor maid, Maria Mayer. Due to the convergence of its presence to 0, it even acquired the title of ghost. Still, I thought that I could do my job with sincerity, but people who were interested in her began to appear.
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A Heart-Captivating Smile 3.8

A Heart-Captivating Smile

Chapter 1

8,324 Sep 04,21 Updating

There was a young lady from an influential family that was famous for being a sloth. It was said that if she could lay down, she would not sit; and if she could sit, she would not stand. There was a young master from an influential family who was educated, talented, and had unparalleled good looks. However, the best-among-men young master was rumored to have an unmentionable disease?! Yang Z
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Becoming the Only Memory of the Male Lead 4.7

Becoming The Only Memory Of The Male Lead

Chapter 1

58,521 Sep 03,21 Updating

The body was possessed before the start of the novel. Also, she, the daughter of a Count, is an extra who is bound to be murdered. She didn't want to die like this, so she went in search of the male lead who's filled with the energy of life. The problem is that, due to his curse, he can't remember others. As the next best solution, she even tried to target his subordinates.
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I’m In Trouble Because My Husband Is So Cute 4.7

I’M In Trouble Because My Husband Is So Cute

Chapter 22

1,051,254 Sep 16,21 Choo hye yeon,Rana,라나,추혜연

‘I was sad just for being reincarnated with a dirt spoon, and now you're telling me I also have to marry because of a debt?' Not just that, but the person who will be my husband is the Heir Apparent of Duke Hessenweitz, the monster from all those horrifying rumors! “A monster doesn't deserve good treatment.” However, in the castle of the duke, I saw my young husband being abused
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Flowers Rot and You Remain 4.8

Flowers Rot And You Remain

Chapter 2

49,074 Aug 29,21 Paula,Yeon suh

Along with Raymond's beauty, complicated relationships with women also followed. At first, Helen tried to stay away from him, but she slowly started to fall for his kindness without knowing what's hidden behind his beautiful face.
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Today the Villainess has Fun Again 4.8

Today The Villainess Has Fun Again

Chapter 24 - 1Stkiss

1,196,271 Sep 19,21 Updating

My friend stole my boyfriend and then dared to hand me a wedding invitation with a smile? Ha! I had a blast enjoying my revenge and came home and fell asleep but... When I woke up I was in the body of the Villainess of a Romance Fantasy novel who has everything, appearance, assets, and intelligence. The only thing this girl lacked was the insight to judge a man. Throw the b
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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience 4.3

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience

Chapter 39

108,947 Sep 13,21 Updating

Being pushed into a stove by the first born of An's family, MiaoGe An escaped with bare life and decided to change her weak personality. A crazy MiaoGe An who caused general turmoil in An's family thus appeared. The emperor is ruthless and tyrannical, it is said that he often beat his maids to death, which frightened all the girls from noble families, to pave the road for their first born, An's fa
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The Elegant Duke’s Teaching Methods 4.2

The Elegant Duke’S Teaching Methods

Chapter 5

171,459 Aug 31,21 Ab,반이,에이비

"Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." “You mean you want to play without knowing how to kiss?” Lillian, Duchess of Astrid, receives several pictures one day. The main character in the picture is her husband, Arthur Astrid. In the photo, he was seen weari
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Fight For Her Gifted Son 4.5

Fight For Her Gifted Son

Chapter 41

229,080 Aug 27,21 Cha,Dian tong

A 21st century top-class assassin travels back in time one day to find that she's been transformed into the Second Miss of the Duanmu Family, one of the five great aristocratic families of the Xuanyuan Dynasty. But, this Second Miss was naturally useless, obsessed with men and a mother out of wedlock! Fine, since she was there already, then she should live coolly. When she appeared in front of
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How to Clear a Dating Sim as a Side Character 4.5

How To Clear A Dating Sim As A Side Character

Chapter 13

266,267 Sep 18,21 Cherti,Dalzo,Metal kang

When Yewon opens her eyes inside Midnight, the top-ranked dating simulation game, she realizes things aren't quite as fun when her own life is at stake without a “Load Save” option. The only way to clear Midnight is to reach a happy ending with one of the five love interests, but each route poses a different set of problems. Meeting the master of the mage's tower will lead to almost certain death,
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I Didn’t Mean to Seduce the Male Lead 4.8

I Didn’T Mean To Seduce The Male Lead

Chapter 26

805,854 Sep 23,21 단청,레이지피스,솔티

A baroness who lost her husband at an early age. I've possessed the body of “Eleanor Maurice”. But in the original story, I have a mere four lines of dialogue! After pouring my blood sweat and tears, I've finally been able to achieve a respectable position within this society. To this prestigious Eleanor, I've been offered a sweet deal. If I'm able to introduce the male lea
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Flowers are flowers, leaves are leaves 4.5

Flowers Are Flowers, Leaves Are Leaves

Chapter 1

17,886 Aug 24,21 골지,우지혜,해표

Hong Seol-young, the daughter of a concubine of a chaebol family, stood proudly despite all kinds of persecution, when her parents suddenly died in a car accident and Seol-young also dies under the guise of suicide. Seol-young curses the Hong family until the moment she closes her eyes. Seol-young, who suddenly came to consciousness, opened her eyes and found her surroundings reminiscent to that o
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Cecilia’s Little Lover 4.1

Cecilia’S Little Lover

Chapter 2

19,570 Sep 25,21 Moi_02

Celia, who met her nephew Rindelle's request one day
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The Beauty Within 4.2

The Beauty Within

Chapter 10

30,602 Aug 25,21 Marguerite kaye,nei nowaki

Cressie may be the daughter of a count, but society regards her as plain and strange. Still, she's highly intelligent, sneaking into scientific society disguised as a man. Now, years after her debut in London society, she is yet unwed. Cressie then encounters Giovanni di Matteo, a world-famous artist hired for a portrait of her stepbrothers. Cressie and the comely Signor di Matteo discuss seriousl
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There, can’t I go? 3.5

There, Can’T I Go?

Chapter 0

17,743 Aug 25,21 Geumyi lee,Ji yoon

A maid swaps lives with a lady... Set in the Japanese colonial period, a young girl is gifted a maidservant who looks just like her on her 8th birthday. The fate of the two children entwines as they each carve out their own destiny, surpassing obstacles such as status and gender, education and culture, and ethnicity and race. If I Were You / 거기, 내가 가면 안 돼요?
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