Rakugaki Manga 4.6

Rakugaki Manga

Chapter 2 [End]

28,674 May 25,20 Yamamoto Souichirou

A short twitter series by @udon0531.
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Suito-to! 4.1


Chapter 1: Grilled Beef

7,241 May 23,20 Okino Yui

Momose is an ordinary college student who harbors two secrets. The first is that, despite posting lots of sweet and sugary foods onto her social media, she actually hates them and wants to eat more fatty, rich meals. And the second is...
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Dai Shin You 4.3

Dai Shin You

Chapter 0: Trial Chapter

5,203 May 18,20 Oshima Towa

The story will center on two junior high school girls who first met in elementary school. They do not get along or like each other whatsoever. Despite that, a bond strangely develops between them.
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Kimi ni Tsumugu Bouhaku 4.8

Kimi Ni Tsumugu Bouhaku

Chapter 2

19,161 May 15,20 Yasaka Shuu

Tachibana Haruka is a college second year. She gave up on her dream to live a new life. One day she meets Hayama Nao, a first year student trying to become an actor. Each feeling the opposite towards theater, with unspoken feelings and unasked questions hidden in their hearts, their mutual attraction begins.
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30-sai made Doutei de Itara Mahou Shoujo ni Narimashita 4.1

30-Sai Made Doutei De Itara Mahou Shoujo Ni Narimashita

Vol.1 Chapter 8: My New Life Is Going Surprisingly Well, I Think?

69,944 Jun 01,20 Akiresu Ken

"When you are a virgin until you are 30, you will become a wizard." A famous joke around the Internet... is what I thought, but to think that it actually happened to me! Wait, but this isn't a wizard? Eh? Magical girl? Why? Comedy manga about magical girls who used to be old virgin guys! Author's Twitter
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Dream City 4

Dream City

Chapter 5

36,565 May 31,20 火家贰柒

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Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 4.3

Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy

Chapter 6

22,112 May 27,20 Myoong

"This isn't the life that I wanted." On the day of her wedding, Eunha, who has hidden the fact that she's a lesbian her entire life, decides to jump off a building and end her life, not wanting to devote her life to a person she can't love. Just as she leaps, she closes her eyes and wistfully reminiscences her first love whom she never told her feelings for... on
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Futago Wazurai 4.5

Futago Wazurai

Chapter 5: Correcting My Path

47,369 May 27,20 Itsuki Sakurano

The manga focuses on twin sisters.
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Soulmate 4.7


Chapter 19: Preoccupied

188,683 May 27,20 Ke Ran Bing (可燃冰), Wenzhi Lizi (文枝栗子)

Two girls are friends, sisters, and soulmates. Yu Qi, a 17-year-old high school student, wakes up to find that she and her 27-year-old self had switched souls. One has to relive the experience of meeting her lover again and the other has to bear the responsibility of being a girlfriend, despite being unfamiliar with the girl she's dating. Both worlds are always changing, but the only one who n
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Tamuhei's Machikado Mazoku Twitter Manga (doujin) 4.6

Tamuhei's Machikado Mazoku Twitter Manga (Doujin)

Chapter 6

42,659 Apr 29,20 Tamuhei

Tamuhei's short Machikado Mazoku stories released on Twitter Creator-approved translation by Krosis Fansub.
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Goukaku no Tame no! Yasashii Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon 3.9

Goukaku No Tame No! Yasashii Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon

Chapter 4: Romantic Comedy

74,904 May 10,20 Canno

Middle-schooler Mayuki wants to enter Ohtomo high school to join her beloved senpai Akira. Problem is: her grades are so terrible there's no way she can make it into such a high level school. Thus her mother hires a high school girl named Rin as a private teacher to help her daughter. Seeing how the girl looks so much more mature than her, Mayuki ends up asking Rin to teach
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Silkflower Fantasy Dream 3.4

Silkflower Fantasy Dream

Chapter 7

56,023 May 29,20 iLEGUO

D List actress Bai Muzhi just received her chance to shine but she ends up getting tortured to death by film director Ye Ze. Afterwards, she’s reborn…as Ye Ze’s secret wife, Yun Xiaoran?! She never thought that revenge would involve so many…men!
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Cotton Candy 4.7

Cotton Candy

Chapter 3 [End]

30,300 Mar 28,20 Hamano Ringo

1-3. Cotton Candy 4. Bitter or Sweet? 5. Haru to Miniskirt 6. 37℃ 7. Aki Iro Irozuku 8. Tori no Yukue 9. Countdown 10. Cotton Candy 1.2.3
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Give My Heart To You. 4.6

Give My Heart To You.

Chapter 4: Morning

48,475 Apr 17,20 MUHAN

Author's Weibo
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When My Boyfriend Became A She 4.5

When My Boyfriend Became A She

Chapter 3

183,799 Mar 27,20 ammk

My boyfriend has become a girl.
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Zettai Watashi no Koto Suki Daro 4.5

Zettai Watashi No Koto Suki Daro

Chapter 12

271,441 May 05,20 Youha

Sayaka's friend, Mako, is a bit weird. And she's totally in love with Sayaka. Or maybe not?
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Shinchou-sa Kanojo 4.7

Shinchou-Sa Kanojo

Chapter 2

56,248 Mar 15,20 sheepD

The story of a big and a small girlfriend Links:  Artist’s Pixiv:  Artist’s Twitter:
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Haruru's Short Stories 4.1

Haruru's Short Stories

Chapter 3: Beats!

34,484 Mar 28,20 Haruru

Haruru's short stories
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She Gets Girls Every day. 4.5

She Gets Girls Every Day.

Vol.2 Chapter 12: The Protagonist I Yearn For.

112,466 Mar 10,20 Muku

Mayuzumi Kasumi is the school Idol. However, she doesn't realize this. She just wants friends, but that's difficult when she unconsciously seduces all the girls. Links: Original Web Comic on Niconico | ComicWalker > (Raw) Twitter
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Chapter 14

312,994 May 27,20 砂上雪

This is a story between a businesswoman and an apprentice worker. She is a businesswomen. She is realistic and knows what is best for herself. She is an apprentice. She is optimistic and initiative. While at the same time (second pair )... She is a secretary who does not know where her life leads. Under life's pressure, she met her colleague who could not care le
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Akuryou 4.6


Chapter : Oneshot

18,836 Feb 12,20 Watagiri Saya

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Renegade Immortal 3.9

Renegade Immortal

Chapter 125

1,798,765 Feb 07,20 CAL,Ergen

Saints, the most formidable beings under the heaven.This history follows Tie Zhu as he entered one of the elit schools: Heng Ye School and work his way toward of being a saint. But there´s a small problem, Tie Zhu has no talent and he is knowned as a “trash”. So this is also a story of how hard work can beat talent.
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Sakura Nadeshiko 3.9

Sakura Nadeshiko

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Kiraboshi The Radiant!

52,742 Jan 22,20 Haga Yui

Two girls who want to become idols are entering into their long dreamed school—Kiraboshi-juku—Kiraboshi Nadeshiko and her close friend Mangetsu Sakurako. These two are so close that despite both being girls, they're often compared to a married couple by people around them. And so begins their life in the dormitory as roommates. However, on their first night, an unusual
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Angel x Demon 4.6

Angel X Demon

Chapter 9

348,640 May 04,20 Shimmer

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