The Unpopular Mangaka And The Helpful Ghost 4.6

The Unpopular Mangaka And The Helpful Ghost

Chapter 1

1,015 Sep 19,20 Mito

"There is a Ghost in my room-!" The unpopular Shoujo Mangaka, Senai Yaro, is being tormented by a "Ghost" with lingering attachment to this world! Ghost or not though the deadline still approaches...! A terrifying horror comedy about "Ghosts" and "Deadlines" begins!
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Monogurashi 5


Chapter 1

336 Sep 19,20 Ririura Yomiya

future miko (mieruko-chan) has awaken her true power, and now she'll exterminate all... wait, it's just me made up the description, pls no bully
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Fruit of the Tongue 4

Fruit Of The Tongue

Chapter 2

1,847 Sep 19,20 머니

Noah, a kid that I met 6 years ago in an orphanage. His closed off appearance, made me feel like I was seeing my younger self so i have to admit that I wanted to care for him more... I didn't think that he would follow me this much. Lord, can I lead him to the right path?
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Escape Game 4.1

Escape Game

Chapter 3

1,998 Sep 17,20 逃命游戏

You have two choices: one, die in place. Two, kill the owner of the Monroe bath next door!” Freshman Yun Hao unexpectedly receives a death mission threat. When he has to make a choice, what will he, what will he do?
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Detective VLOG 4.6

Detective Vlog

Chapter 0

294 Sep 16,20 菠萝陈/鲜漫文化

Rong Xiaoqiang is a photographer of a vlog team that specializes in shooting haunted events. The team is nameless and creates gimmicks through fraud. However, he got a DV player that could shoot ghosts, and what was captured in the viewfinder became treacherous and dangerous that ordinary people could not imagine. This camera has brought huge traffic to vlog, and the desire for money and popularit
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Mazarian 4.5


Chapter 2: Cat Paws

1,197 Sep 14,20 OKADA Sakumo

A manga about modern Japan where anomalies known as ‘hizumi’ or 'twists' appear and mix together objects. After a high school delinquent, middle school nerd, cat, and flea end up fusing together, they embark on a quest to learn more about the anomaly.
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White Throne of Bones 4.6

White Throne Of Bones

Chapter 64

120,757 Sep 14,20 Dazui

A young boy named Mu Bai embarked on the path to becoming a professional killer because he accidentally killed someone earlier. One day, a black card appeared at this door-The white throne. This is the most powerful weapon in the world, the ultimate weapon left by the night king. Who will be able to take good use of this weapon and become the best professional killer? Killers have their own paths
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U12 (Under 12) 2.6

U12 (Under 12)

Chapter 9: Walking Pedophile

31,512 Sep 19,20 Yamikawa Kou

12 girls are imprisoned in a mysterious prison. Fighting their way through this unjust and abnormal conditiions, these girls have begun a life and death struggle. A harrowing little girl prison escape survival!!
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Juujika no Rokunin 4.9

Juujika No Rokunin

Chapter 5: The First

17,695 Sep 10,20 Nakatake Shiryuu

”Is it okay to kill people?" A treacherous revenge suspense by Shiryu Nakatake, a newcomer to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. "Shun, if someone is converted, let him go and do nothing. He should be given a chance to be reborn." "Grandpa, I hope he doesn't reincarnate himself." In order to d
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Hachigatsu Kokonoka Boku wa Kimi ni Kuwareru. 4.8

Hachigatsu Kokonoka Boku Wa Kimi Ni Kuwareru.

Chapter 2

14,938 Sep 08,20 tomomi

In order to eat me, my enigmatic stalker is protecting me from other strange women― A high school boy, Sakurai, has a secret he cannot tell anyone: he has been plagued by stalkers since he was a child. One day, his classmate, Ueda, suddenly transforms into a monster, revealed to be one of his stalkers. Miyako, who has always been closely following him,
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Eko Eko Azaraku: Reborn 4.5

Eko Eko Azaraku: Reborn

Chapter 4: The Red Colored Paint - The Flipside

4,143 Sep 12,20 Yamada J-ta,Koga Shinichi

Remake of Eko Eko Azaraku. The original manga focuses on high school student Misa, a model student who is also secretly a witch who uses brutal dark magic to fight for justice.
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Here Lies the Wicked 4.3

Here Lies The Wicked

Chapter 41

54,508 Sep 06,20 Rose Studio

energy is coming back into the world, and ghosts are running rampant. An ordinary young man, Fang Zheng, chances upon a scripture of human skin that can perform miraculous things. The Gray Qi the scripture uses to upgrade objects also has strange origins. In order to survive in this world of ghosts, Fang Zheng takes a giant step onto a road filled with hilarious ghost-busting capers. Shearing wool
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Money Makes the World Go Around 4.4

Money Makes The World Go Around

Chapter 2

1,637 Sep 06,20 蛮麟

A cute GL between a spirit demon and a human demon slayer
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Blood and Butterflies 4.6

Blood And Butterflies

Chapter 7

6,655 Sep 07,20 레민

One day, a giant monster in the shape of a bug appeared over the world… with only the Children of the Butterfly to fight against it.
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Lost in the Wrong World 4.3

Lost In The Wrong World

Chapter 6

25,496 Sep 06,20 素夜/星空社

The story of an intelligent teenager leading a group of students to survive amidst the chaos of the supernatural after their field trip goes awry.
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Her Majesty's Swarm 4.8

Her Majesty's Swarm

Chapter 5: Meat And Dress

53,648 Sep 10,20 Dai 616 Tokubetsu Jyouhou Daitai,Minamoto Akira,Warita Koma

Our protagonist is a college student who enjoys playing as the evil-aligned faction Arachnea in her favorite real-time strategy game. One day, she finds herself in a world similar to the one in the game; additionally, her body is now that of a fourteen-year-old girl. While things are a bit different from how they were in the game, one element has remained the same: she is the leader of the Arachne
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Ukyo no Ozora 4.9

Ukyo No Ozora

Chapter 3: The "shadow" Burns!!

4,405 Aug 30,20 Okamura Kenji

Ukyo Ozora came from Brazil, holding up his Musashiri Tenryu, a special fist created by Miyamoto Musashi. As soon as you come to Japan, defeat the giant Rick who defeated `` Hazinkai '' karate and get attention at once!
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Truth Mask 4.6

Truth Mask

Chapter 7

12,751 Sep 01,20 Iron headed wolf

Student Wu Mian accidentally obtained a mask. Once you wear it, everyone will agree with whatever you say or do. Even then, he has no courage to confess to a girl that he secretly loves. Until an incident completely changes his whole life…
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Scream Queen 4.2

Scream Queen

Chapter 4: So Fierce

12,125 Sep 19,20 火山研漫画工作室

A comedic horror comic that even the faint of heart can read! Zhuyang bought alcohol after finding out that she will die at the hands of a female ghost the next day. When she wakes up the next day, her mind was in shambles because of her drunkenness and the house a mess. There is a female ghost hanging out of her tv. The female ghost is dead! All her bad friends accuse her of inhumanely torturing
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Division 8’s Record of Secrets 4.5

Division 8’S Record Of Secrets

Chapter 3

1,131 Aug 24,20 飞轨动漫

A strange box is seen again, as a group of innocent middle school students were dragged into this chaotic vortex. A weird daily record was kept, and the unknown black hole might be just beside you.
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Skull Man (SHIMAMOTO Kazuhiko) 3.9

Skull Man (Shimamoto Kazuhiko)

Chapter 50: Prologue For Days Of Long War [End]

10,788 Aug 27,20 Ishinomori Shotaro,Shimamoto Kazuhiko

They took his family, they took his face, and they took his soul. Locked between the lethal but gorgeous assassin Maria and the mutant Spider Man, the Skull Man digs into the conspiracy that gave birth to his powers and those of his partner, Garo. Haunted by his past, he will not let them stand in the way of his revenge. ( from Tokyopop )
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Unlimited Postman 4.3

Unlimited Postman

Chapter 0

476 Aug 17,20 阅文漫画/黑骑社

А package that came from hell , a mysterious and weird mailbox , opens the door to a new world. Please sign and retrieve this package , an exciting and fun journey, a postman will always reach his destination , only the stamp of the package last forever.
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Abnormal Hunting 4.1

Abnormal Hunting

Chapter 2: The Painter (2)

7,270 Aug 26,20 Apostle

The disaster that happened twenty years ago didn't just leave behind painful memories in Wuge City. It also brought upon unusual changes that were occurring quietly... These mutations didn't happen in just the body, but more in the human heart...
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The Saviour’s Time 4.6

The Saviour’S Time

Chapter 1

985 Aug 06,20 송극장

The protagonist who works as a translator and the younger brother who was a senior middle school student who lost his parents in an accident a long time ago and lived together. For the two brothers who had a dry relationship that didn’t even greet each other properly, an incident occurred. The younger brother committed suicide. The main character, after going through his brother’s belo
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