Namida Ame to Serenade 4.7

Namida Ame To Serenade

Vol.4 Chapter 22: Goodbye

15,012 Sep 24,21 Kawachi Haruka

Suddenly one day energetic high school girl, Katagiri Hina, time travels into the year 1907. The first person she sees is the sorrowful man by the name of Hongo Takaaki. Who exactly is this Hongo-sama? As fate works its gears, how will their romance unfold? Transcending time, two people meet. A destiny.    ---
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That Girl Is Cute... But Dangerous? 4.8

That Girl Is Cute... But Dangerous?

Chapter 7

97,025 Sep 26,21 Ryon

[That girl is cute…but dangerous] The girl sitting next to me at the start of the new semester is the rumored Jirai girl… but… is Chihara-san really the [Jirai] that everyone says she is?
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Please Have a Meal! 2.5

Please Have A Meal!

Chapter 1

9,768 Sep 21,21 Studio Weiib

A growing period of experiencing the five senses in [Real.], a virtual reality game, while cooking and adventure and re-challenging the chef's dream in re-ability.
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Protect Me, Knight 4.6

Protect Me, Knight

Chapter 1

7,196 Sep 21,21 달봉

After “Ye Eun” fell in love at first sight with a Male student, she practiced kissing her older sister's figurine called “Brick” While imagining the boy she fell in love with. She woke up because of a strange dream that night. She saw the figure “Brick” moved as if its alive. The figure asked her for help to lift the curse. Ye Eun accepts Brick's request for some reason and begins to find clues ab
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Feelings In A Dream 4.6

Feelings In A Dream

5,745 Sep 21,21 Bok,Han si nae

A one-time dream connecting reagent was made with the intention to meet Daniel, the prince that she has an unrequited love for, even in a dream. However, it was her rival, Kaiden that took the reagent, and it wasn't a one-time thing? Lizen, who has perfect grades and physical skills, is bright and strong on the outside, but hides her wounds on the inside. Kaiden, a man who is blu
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My Boss is a Goddess 3.2

My Boss Is A Goddess

Chapter 1

3,468 Sep 20,21 Ah tai,Mao qiuqiu

In this world, there are many special, unique, and glamorous people. However, there are those who play a supporting role in these relationship dynamics. Lin Mu was one such character, where he played the role of a wallflower. Boss Lord Is the Goddess / Boss's Top Secret / boss / 大人是女神
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My Goodness, Your Majesty 4.8

My Goodness, Your Majesty

Chapter 1

13,294 Sep 19,21 gray cat,Hang hyojin

Sistina, who has been spending her days peacefully while running Grand Grand bakery, received favor to become the emperor one day. As she feels tormented due to the pile of work after becoming an emperor overnight, she wisely solves through each work due to her know-hows while running the bakery… On one side, because she has a life of a witch, she feels anxious because her most important ‘fate sea
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Housekeeper’s Cafe 4

Housekeeper’S Cafe

Chapter 1

3,802 Sep 19,21 Mobeiming,Tuanji

Sparks fly when busy restaurateur Justin meets handsome waiter Jake at a themed “butler service” cafe. He relishes the idea of bossing someone around, and Jake's service is excellent—he even saves Justin from a rogue wine bottle! Then it's just one revelation after the other: They're neighbors! Jake cooks like a master chef (and Justin will eat all his treats)!! And even a possible past encounter.
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Hypnosis School 4.1

Hypnosis School

Chapter 1

25,323 Sep 19,21 park eun-hyuk,박은혁

Recommended for 15 years and above audiences.
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Moonlight Beauty Parlor 4

Moonlight Beauty Parlor

2,456 Sep 19,21 Nawa

Ina Yun is left without a job or home after she gets fired and her house burns down. Her luck takes a turn when Hyeondu Seo, owner of the Moonlight Beauty Parlor, offers her a place to stay as well as a job -- on one condition! Hyeondu suffers from insomnia, and it seems Ina's presence is the only thing that allows him to sleep through the night. If she agrees to help him sleep at night, she can s
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Azur Lane Comic Anthology Breaking!! 4.2

Azur Lane Comic Anthology Breaking!!

Vol.4 Chapter 46: Veneto's Mission

57,195 Sep 18,21 Anthology

Breaking news!!  A new series to bring you the latest events and characters from the game "Azur Lane" as fast as possible!  Bringing you plenty of comics to make you love Azur Lane even more!
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Lonely Attack on the Different World 3.1

Lonely Attack On The Different World

Chapter 100: It's Not Merimeri-San?!

415,434 Sep 22,21 Goji Shoji

The strongest doesn't need any cheats!    Haruka, who spends his high school life a loner, was suddenly summoned to another world one day along with all his classmates.    When ol' God enters the picture, Haruka believes he can just choose whatever cheat skill he wants to help him survive in the new world…  But, contrary to his expectations, that list of cheat skills works on a
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Mint Couple 4.2

Mint Couple

Chapter 44

69,492 Sep 21,21 Anzo

After dating for a year, my boyfriend confessed to me that he had a special ability! Not only can he use it anytime I want, he can also be summoned at will! A cute, forgetful girl and her boyfriend with superpowers - What kind of sweet and troublesome love story will they brew? Shine and Sweet
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NG Impossible 4.2

Ng Impossible

Chapter 20

8,239 Sep 19,21 go sun-young,고선영

Drama Fanatic ‘Ryu Jae Rin' enters the world of drama script! That too with the actor who played her favorite and the most beloved character, ‘Ian'. In order to survive here, she has to play the role of the female lead and the love interest with her favorite character..?! This is a survival romance between a popular actor and a die-hard fanatic! (Synopsis: Gourmet Scans)
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Sekai de Ichiban Yasashii Ongaku 4.7

Sekai De Ichiban Yasashii Ongaku

Chapter 7.3

22,743 Sep 23,21 OZAWA Mari

A cute and touching story of a single mother, Sumireko, and her daughter, Nozomi. The manga starts off with Nozomi being sixteen years old in the first chapter, then hops back to before she was born. Finally with the third chapter starts the "real" story, when Non-Non (Nozomi) is three years old.    Won the 19th Kodansha Manga Award for Shoujo in 1995.
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Tanaka no Atelier ~Nenrei Equal Kanojo Inaireki no Mahoutsukai~ 2.9

Tanaka No Atelier ~Nenrei Equal Kanojo Inaireki No Mahoutsukai~

Chapter 1: Reincarnation

27,060 Sep 15,21 Buncololi

Tanaka is a middle-aged man with a face only a mother could love and a personality that no mother could love. After dying from an accident, a god sends him to another world where he has healing magic.     This is a new manga version of the LN isekai series of the same name.
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Dungeon Majesty 2.3

Dungeon Majesty

Chapter 87

96,532 Sep 26,21 Badia,Park jaehoo,Studio lambda

Juyoon Oh is a typical guy trying to find a full-time job. But one day, he dives into the Han River and puts himself at risk of drowning to save a child that fell in. As he is about to meet an untimely death, a goddess appears before him and gives him a chance at another life... not as a hero or a wizard, but as a weak, skill-less “brick larva.” It's the beginning of an atrocious a
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The Fabled Warrior 3.1

The Fabled Warrior

Chapter 14

41,577 Sep 24,21 Gosha,Solem

Myeongok is just your typical 49-year-old mother living her life with her family--at least, that's what she'd want you to believe. When two people from another world suddenly show up and ask her to help save their world, she refuses. She has a family now and can't risk putting her life on hold... but will she be able to say no if her daughter is involved? Will Myeongok be able to find some way to
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I Will ~Not~ Fall For My Contractual Girlfriend 4.2

I Will ~Not~ Fall For My Contractual Girlfriend

Chapter 22

61,093 Sep 25,21 Updating

I will not fall in love with my boyfriendThree years ago, Shen Yucheng and Mo Ran were framed into a night of entanglement but failed to remember each other's face. Shen Yucheng was blackmailed with his photos. For his own benefits, he lied about her being his girlfriend who was going to study overseas for three years. Three years later—pressured with marriage—he found her figure to be very simila
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Mister Wolf’s Miss Rabbit 4.2

Mister Wolf’S Miss Rabbit

Chapter 26

67,068 Sep 25,21 Updating

"""For the sake of her brother—who had congenital heart disease—Yun Yao's stepparents 'sold' her off to a wealthy man. Yun Yao appeared to agree to the marriage, and she wanted to get out of it after her brother was sent abroad for treatment. Unwilling to compromise with the arrangement, she decided to walk toward a male brothel, thinking that she would get a divorce sooner if she were no lo
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51st Man 2.8

51St Man

Chapter 0

7,493 Sep 04,21 Moon mi-young

The struggling romance of a woman with an iron wall and men chasing her!
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The Greatest Estate Designer 4.3

The Greatest Estate Designer

Chapter 13

97,681 Sep 24,21 Updating

Kim Suho, who's a civil engineer, became a Noble inside a novel. So what? My estate is about to fail? Then it must be saved. To design, build and sell. [The awaited special opportunity all over the continent! The perfect transportation, highest educational district, pleasant forest area, and a one stop premium estate life by Baron Frontera that everyone has been waiting for. A first-come-first-ser
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Tenants from Another World 4.3

Tenants From Another World

Chapter 13

34,805 Sep 23,21 Kiki (III)

Haeseo Han is an ordinary, hard-working office worker whose main concerns revolve around being overlooked for promotions, smug colleagues, and workplace stress. That is, until she finds herself intertwined in a prophecy that will determine the fate of a fantasy world! In the realm of the Beiston Empire, Haeseo is seen as the oracle who will determine the next successor to the throne and bring peac
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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience 4.3

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience

Chapter 39

108,947 Sep 13,21 Updating

Being pushed into a stove by the first born of An's family, MiaoGe An escaped with bare life and decided to change her weak personality. A crazy MiaoGe An who caused general turmoil in An's family thus appeared. The emperor is ruthless and tyrannical, it is said that he often beat his maids to death, which frightened all the girls from noble families, to pave the road for their first born, An's fa
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