Great Wise Man's Beloved Pupil 5

Great Wise Man's Beloved Pupil

Chapter 1.1

0 Dec 05,20 Nakamura Ayasuke,abua

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As a Result of a Classmate's Obsession with Yuri, I Was Exposed as an Author 5

As A Result Of A Classmate's Obsession With Yuri, I Was Exposed As An Author

Chapter 1: 2 Seconds After Meeting

9 Dec 05,20 KoniroSango

What happens when a classmate finds out about another girl's secret yuri obsession/feelings? A yuri comedy ensues!
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Shinyuu Ouji to Koshiginchaku 4.2

Shinyuu Ouji To Koshiginchaku

Chapter 1: You're The Only One

415 Dec 05,20 Ryuusei Honey,Magome Yori

I was cursed to become a woman in place of the prince, and then he proposed to me?! My best friend from childhood, the high-spec Prince Vincent, and me, his follower Renoa. Though I've always been a loyal yes-man… Even if you're taking responsibility for me, I can't accept that proposal! The infatuating love story between a troublesome prince and his scapegoat attendant!
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Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. Pai 4.2

Ore, Twintail Ni Narimasu. Pai

Chapter 1

154 Dec 05,20 Yuzuki Ryouta,Mizusawa Yume

Soji Mitsuka is an ordinary high school boy who has an obsession for twintails. One day he encounters a mysterious girl named Twoearle, who is from a parallel world, when monsters appear in his town and declare that all twintails in the world belong to them. These monsters feed off "attribute strength", the spiritual energy of humans. Twoearle entrusted Soji with Tail Gear, imaginary arm
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Nogizaka Asuka no Himitsu 4.7

Nogizaka Asuka No Himitsu

Chapter 1

534 Dec 05,20 Igarashi Yusaku,Hareno Chiame

My classmate, Nogizaka Asuka, is absolutely perfect. She has excellent grades and is the most attractive idol in the school, and is universally recognized as one of the best. On top of that, she is familar with the Akiba-kei (otaku) culture and belongs to the AMW club, whose activities include manga, anime and games. One day, I was just a member of the group, but when I got involved with her "
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Unparalleled Mememori-kun 3.9

Unparalleled Mememori-Kun

0 Dec 05,20 Moricocco

When Mememori woke up one morning, he had become a girl. She was surprised that she became a girl, but since she was a beauty, she decided to live her life as one!! An exciting TS Comedy opens!
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Shiikuin-san wa Isekai de Doubutsuen Tsukuritainode Monsutaa wo Tenazukeru 4.7

Shiikuin-San Wa Isekai De Doubutsuen Tsukuritainode Monsutaa Wo Tenazukeru

Chapter 1

988 Dec 05,20 KAWASAKI Meidai

A story about a man who wants to make a zoo full of mythological creatures in isekai.
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My Noble Family Is Headed for Ruin, so I May as Well Study Magic in My Free Time 4.7

My Noble Family Is Headed For Ruin, So I May As Well Study Magic In My Free Time

Chapter 1

5,169 Dec 05,20 Nazuna Miki,Akisaki Rio

A man who was enjoying an evening drink got transferred to the body of Liam, the fifth son of a nobleman from another world. "I spent easy days practicing the magic I had longed for, and learned not only attribute magic, but also how to summon spirits, obtain powerful familiars, and ended up mastering even the most difficult magic!" H
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Lord, It Doesn't Matter 3.3

Lord, It Doesn't Matter

0 Dec 05,20 SF light novel

The main character, Lord Li De is the fourth son of Lord Yunyang of YongTian Kingdom. After being reincarnated into another world filled with monsters and magic, he tried to live leisurely, but his father had different plans for him. He tried to make Li De a sacrifice in order to make his first son gain more popularity and seem a bit more cruel. This manga starts out by showing how Li De struggles
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The Useless Tamer Will Turn into the Top Unconsciously by My Previous Life Knowledge 4.7

The Useless Tamer Will Turn Into The Top Unconsciously By My Previous Life Knowledge

Chapter 1

6,791 Dec 05,20 Yoshigae Tamaki,Niwa Rythym

Due to an accident, the protagonist Varius died and was reincarnated. He was shocked to find in this new world, his former job as a Tamer in the previous world was acknowledged as a low class job in this new world. Utilizing his knowledge from his previous life as a basis, he then applied unique buffs to his beasts, taking back the ultimate power that he once possessed.
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Sekai de Ichiban Itaranu Koi 4.8

Sekai De Ichiban Itaranu Koi

Chapter 1

399 Dec 05,20 Kitagawa Yuka

Despite being very pretty, 15-year-old Mirai-chan doesn't have any friends due to her pessimistic personality. Tooru-kun is very handsome, elegant, and bright but he doesn't even have a friend, but is it because of his social status? They both want friendship but since it is the first time for them, will it be the beginning of the most immature love in the world?
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Want to steal your heart 4.3

Want To Steal Your Heart

Chapter 1

344 Dec 05,20 weibo comic

{From WebComics} – Masculine Female Teacher x Arrogant Little Prince – The leading male who always deems himself as the most handsome man in school suffered from great failure, did he steal the heart of the most popular teacher at school or was his heart stolen on the contrary?! A hilarious love comedy is about to start! As a super popular school doctor, Hunter Cheng was born with a si
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Oh! My God 4.8

Oh! My God

Chapter 1

536 Dec 04,20 Zehe

Ma Ria is an ordinary office worker until one day, a god appears and fulfills her “earnest” wish. The god promises to stay by her side and grant her a single wish every day until Ria, who has no faith in mankind, learns to love humanity. But when the god grants even her unconscious wishes, a series of unforeseeable events occur—leading to death, disaster, and chaos. Will Maria fi
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Marvelous Hero of the Sword 3.3

Marvelous Hero Of The Sword

0 Dec 04,20 Updating

Based on the great natural law, the strong is invincible. The antediluvian method of elixir shines the mountains and rivers, the all-conquering treasured sword annihilates the universe and transmigration, and the blood vessel of Shura ruins the supremacy of every realm. Inheriting from the mandate of heaven, and practicing unrivaled skills, Nan Qin overwhelmingly started his own travel towards the
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The Galaxy Next Door 4.8

The Galaxy Next Door

Chapter 2: A Fever And A Handshake

3,963 Nov 29,20 Amagakure Gido

After the death of his father, Kuga Ichirou, a shoujo mangaka fresh out of high school, has to take care of his two little siblings, Machi and Fumio, all by himself. Struggling to meet a deadline after his previous assistants get their manga debuts, he hires a new assistant through his editor. However, his life takes an unexpected turn after this new assistant is revealed to be a beautiful and mys
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Usotsuki Android 4.9

Usotsuki Android

Chapter 4: Getting To School In One Leap

3,629 Nov 29,20 Ato Rie

In order to get the attention of a boy who really likes robots, a girl lies about being an "android"...?!
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I Decided to Be a Mute So That I Can Escape My Engagement!! 4.7

I Decided To Be A Mute So That I Can Escape My Engagement!!

Chapter 1.4

21,931 Nov 29,20 Soy,Yuki Amino

Altina who's fond of books starts pretending to be a mute in order to escape the imposed image of her as a "perfect lady" role that's set-up by her older brother and older sisters.   However, that being said, that pretend act will soon be discovered by no other than the head librarian, sir Shijar himself?!
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Sesame Salt and Pudding 4.8

Sesame Salt And Pudding

Chapter 7

23,127 Dec 02,20 Suzuki Yufuko

Haruhi, a 22-year-old machine operator, woke up one day to find that she drunkenly married an older man the night before. They make a deal and end up living together!
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I'm the Best Strategy for the Strongest Bastards 4.6

I'm The Best Strategy For The Strongest Bastards

Chapter 2

4,543 Nov 29,20 Nachisuke Kawakami

Chiaki is an artificial girl manufactured in a laboratory. When she is taken out of the laboratory by Yoshiaki, who loves fighting, drinking and money, she decides to make Yoshiaki fall in love with her. Will she be able to get the attention of Yoshiaki, who doesn't see her as a love interest at all--?
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Kono Kyoushi, Zettai Wazato 4.7

Kono Kyoushi, Zettai Wazato

Chapter 4

8,196 Dec 02,20 YUZU Mirai

The beautiful Mio Saeki seems like a quiet young lady but when she's in the Japanese prep room she acts like an old man, eating squid sticks and talking about horse-racing. Only her teacher Shirokawa knows her true nature and despite his slightly sadistic teasing, they get along so well that she finds herself falling for him.
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Isekai Yurutto Survival Seikatsu: Gakkou no Minna to Isekai no Mujintou ni Tenishitakedo Ore Dake Rakushou desu 4.7

Isekai Yurutto Survival Seikatsu: Gakkou No Minna To Isekai No Mujintou Ni Tenishitakedo Ore Dake Rakushou Desu

Chapter 3

16,427 Nov 29,20 Ayano,Nishio Youichi

I’m Shinomiya Hokage, a 3rd-year high-school boy who dreams of a survival life. One day, everyone in my school transferred to a mysterious island in a parallel world. I woke up in an unknown cave and I started moving on my own. Then, I met up with some of my classmates. My knowledge and tools in survival shines through. I was a plain guy in school but I’m the leader in this world.
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Shinigami Musume ha Peropero Shitai 4.5

Shinigami Musume Ha Peropero Shitai

Chapter 2

14,850 Nov 29,20 Murata Shinya,Watanabe Tsuyoshi,Akashiro Aoi

Touya, a boy whose face was too scary, was enthusiastic about Inami-san, the most popular girl in the school, But she had a dark side....!!
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The Younger Male Lead Fell for Me before the Destruction 4.6

The Younger Male Lead Fell For Me Before The Destruction

Chapter 3

21,451 Dec 03,20 Yoondal

I spent a carefree day lounging about after paying off my tuition loans, but ended waking up inside a novel as the Amel, the only daughter of a poor count! Even if I worked for the rest of my life, the debt my family accumulated is too much for me to even be able to pay off! Not only that, but it seems that I ended up having a one-night experience with Kyle, the Male Lead, unknowingly after gettin
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The Provincial Commander’s Self-Cultivation 4.7

The Provincial Commander’S Self-Cultivation

Chapter 1

620 Nov 26,20 唐刀

Qihuang Kingdom was run by women, and as the head eunuch, Yan Lang’s dream was to mix in, eat, wait for death, and resign from office with honor, while disguising herself as a man. However, Yan Lang unexpectedly encountered the biggest failure of her career when the new empress ascended to the throne. Wait a minute! Why was the empress a male? Yan Lang barely managed to convince the empress
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