Swordmaster of Warcraft: Invasion of the Otherworld 3.7

Swordmaster Of Warcraft: Invasion Of The Otherworld

Chapter 19.2: We Are Friends

45,061 Sep 24,21 Tiancan Tudou

Liu Feng, a youngster who is an internet addict, had accidentally travelled through dimension into a world of swords and magic. He was unable to use his magic and held the grudge where many ridiculed him as a “Sword and magic wreck”. At first, he thought that he could be at the peak of his life when he awakened the skills of a swordmaster in this game with his extraordinary gaming skills. However,
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Lonely Attack on the Different World 3.1

Lonely Attack On The Different World

Chapter 100: It's Not Merimeri-San?!

415,434 Sep 22,21 Goji Shoji

The strongest doesn't need any cheats!    Haruka, who spends his high school life a loner, was suddenly summoned to another world one day along with all his classmates.    When ol' God enters the picture, Haruka believes he can just choose whatever cheat skill he wants to help him survive in the new world…  But, contrary to his expectations, that list of cheat skills works on a
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Mamono wo Shitagaeru 4.3

Mamono Wo Shitagaeru "teiin" Wo Motsu Tensei Kenjya~ Katsute No Maho To Jyuma De Hissori Saikyo No Bokensha Ninaru~

Chapter 11

629,301 Sep 24,21 Naehara Hajime,Dieepzee

Emperor Ludis, Unfortunately passed away due to "Emperor's mark" (which subjugates "Magic Beasts"). 1000 years later , Ludis reincarnates into a person who should have died. Ludis, chained by rules in his previous life, will become an adventurer and travel around the world to live freely. He may appear to be an ordinary adventurer but behind the facade he is the strongest magic beast tamer. Togeth
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Becoming A God By Teaching Six Sisters 4.7

Becoming A God By Teaching Six Sisters

Chapter 4

85,078 Sep 04,21 Fudge knight

Ye Luo's six sisters are extremely proud of the sky. The eldest sister is at the top of the battlefield, a dominating force. The second sister's cultivation is outstanding, a generation of divine emperor. The third sister has countless divine beasts, the head of a family. The fourth sister is the one who can bring back the dead, the one who has the best hands. Fifth sister formation through the sk
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The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital 4.7

The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital

Chapter 14

584,662 Sep 26,21 Updating

This is a world where evil creatures are gradually rampaging. However, the evil creatures are strong, they all disappear after this mental hospital, and even without dignity, they are reduced to ingredients and pets. This is the green mountain mental hospital, where talents are abundant and strong people are surrounded. In this regard, the seriously ill Lin Fan, who is carrying the system, said: I
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The Hero and The Harem are mine now 4.5

The Hero And The Harem Are Mine Now

Chapter 5

104,709 Sep 25,21 Neoman

Li Xiu, a genius schoolmaster, complained that the author of the comic book "I'm Alone Eliminating Demons" wrote off his favorite supporting role of the same name, and received a letter from the author: "Since I think I wrote it badly, come here! You are Li Xiu, Li Xiu is you ." Attempted to frame the protagonist? Was tortured to death? After death, the body was manipulated by the demons and chopp
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Lord of Catastrophe 4.4

Lord Of Catastrophe

Chapter 61

625,012 Sep 25,21 Void Hunter

Known in his high school as "Calamity", the "Lord of Catastrophe" Lin Xiongchen is a high school kid who's been bogged down by bad luck for most of his life. Because he is known to "attract bad luck to those who get close to him", he is ostracised by his classmates, which leads to him mastering the incredible ability of reflection which helps him evade all forms of danger. In a situation both than
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The Way of Domination 4.6

The Way Of Domination

Chapter 2

50,383 Aug 25,21 Updating

Liu Chengfeng woke up from the coffin and found that he had reincarnated as the infamous wicked man with the same name as his in Xuanhui Continent. In front of him is a desolate wicked sect founded by the original owner and an honorable sect who came to encircle and suppress them. In order to survive on the Xuanhui Continent, Liu Chengfeng, who is bound to the “Good Man System”, must complete the
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Valhalla Penis Mansion 4.5

Valhalla Penis Mansion

Chapter 10: Oh Shit, I'm Fucked Up

680,806 Sep 10,21 Gurashi,Yuhito

Shota Iijima picked up erotic books during his childhood and suffers from a severe foreign sister fetish. Thereafter, from the years between his age of 12 to 15, he masturbated 999 times. For his 1000th round of masturbation, he had been transferred to a different world. And Shota is sold as a slave. A paradise for women and hell for men… Valhalla, the
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Rokuhime wa Kami Goe ni Koi ni Suru 4.8

Rokuhime Wa Kami Goe Ni Koi Ni Suru

Chapter 6

207,039 Sep 10,21 Touwa Akatsuki

Synopsis (MTL): Vance, the guardian knight of the female emperor of the Celestial Empire, one of the Seven Empires, swore to be the Emperor guard in the next life as well, and ended his first life by performing the Reincarnation Ceremony with his sovereign, who died in order to end the war. A thousand years later, after the war has died down, Vance is reborn in a world where he
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Sword God’s Life Is Not That Boring 4.4

Sword God’S Life Is Not That Boring

Chapter 10

276,544 Aug 26,21 点星动漫,蓝色大蜗牛

It took him ten years to become a sword god, and now he wanted to go down to the mountain to pass the boring time
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Demon King’s Rules X Witch’s Covenant 3.5

Demon King’S Rules X Witch’S Covenant

Chapter 57

364,665 Sep 25,21 Updating

Warning! An association of valiant individuals formed by the villainous demon lord and the rebellious witches has surfaced! Through casual methods of operation, they will turn the definition of justice upside down! By committing crimes across dimensions, they will ultimately snatch the halo of the main characters away from the hands of pesky humans!
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I am the Strongest Lord in Another World 4.6

I Am The Strongest Lord In Another World

Chapter 13

688,352 Sep 16,21 Updating

Richard, a traveller, becomes a pioneering nobleman in the other world. At that time, he was surrounded by the natives and surrounded by the nobles. There are few things he can rely on, one of which is called… Lord System. He had to build a castle, find dwarfs to buy equipment. Bears, minotaurs, goblins… all kinds of enemies came one after another! The road to upgrade and become the strongest lord
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My 7 Wives Are Forcing Me To Die 4.4

My 7 Wives Are Forcing Me To Die

Chapter 13

171,456 Sep 11,21 Updating

I, Long Haotian, actually have seven different kinds of wives after getting isekaid? Seems to be a very happy world, but these beautiful wives of mine actually wants my life! But! So what! No matter what kind of tigress you are, you have to kneel down and hail your husband!
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Soaring Phoenix from the East Palace 4.1

Soaring Phoenix From The East Palace

Chapter 11

37,680 Sep 25,21 Lu feixi (路菲汐)

She is a venomous demon of a consort in the eyes of the world. On the wedding day, she snatches someone else's husband, scaring the wife into unconsciousness. The princess consort of North chen has an arrogant name, domineering Chang'an. But this world just happens to have someone more arrogant than her. Even when everyone condemns her, he only says: "I dote on the princess consort, what business
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Yondome wa Iya na Shizokusei Majutsushi 3.2

Yondome Wa Iya Na Shizokusei Majutsushi

Chapter 26: A New Land

255,446 Aug 15,21 Kojima Takehiro

Amamiya Hiroto is unlucky. His life consisted of misfortune after misfortune, culminating in an unlucky death during an incident on a school boat trip, trying to save a girl he barely knew. After death, he met a god of reincarnation who requested that the hundred or so dead passengers - one of them being the girl he tried in vain to save - be reincarnated into another world. Y
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My Phoenix Is on Top 4.1

My Phoenix Is On Top

Chapter 50: Kiss Me, And I'll Tell You

78,535 Aug 15,21 Ao Xiao Ze

An unfortunate girl living in modern times travels to another world and by chance, receives an amazing power. She is able to attract the hearts of many and captures the hearts of the four Crown Princes from four different countries. As she travels down this path, will she be able to succeed in becoming the master of an imperial harem?Official English PV Official English: WebComics, Manga
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Monster Pet Evolution 4.8

Monster Pet Evolution

Chapter 18

770,718 Sep 26,21 China Literature,Wine pool inebriation

The world experienced a cataclysm and monsters are now roaming the Earth. Born out of a necessity to subjugate these monsters, this new era saw the rise of a new profession. Monster Trainers – individuals who conquer, cultivate, and train these monsters. Thus begins the story of Gao Peng. An ambitious young man with dreams of his own, who gets launched right into the golden age of monster cultivat
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The Deer and the Cauldron 4.8

The Deer And The Cauldron

Chapter 146: Dangers Lurk Everywhere

211,563 Sep 19,21 沙丘, Phoenix Entertainment (凤凰娱乐)

He's a lazy, impish, vulgar, and irreverent playboy. From Lichun Brothel to the Forbidden City, the little imp Wei Xiaobao survives through the dangers. He doesn't know martial arts, yet the martial world and the imperial court become playthings in his hands. As it has once been said: There's danger in every step, and a beauty to bring home in every stage. Chinese:
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I Want to Roam 4.1

I Want To Roam

Chapter 14

249,155 Sep 15,21 Updating

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Dekisokonai to Yobareta Moto Eiyuu wa, Jikka Kara Tsuihousareta no de Suki Katte ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita 3.4

Dekisokonai To Yobareta Moto Eiyuu Wa, Jikka Kara Tsuihousareta No De Suki Katte Ni Ikiru Koto Ni Shita

Chapter 14.1

881,468 Aug 30,21 Karasuma Ru

A boy named Allen who was called not to be able to get the gift of God's bounty. But his true identity was a former hero with memories and powers of previous life?! Fortunately to have been expelled from his duke's family, Allen was trying to start a free-spirited journey, but he would encounter an assassination attempt on his former fiancée…?! Unwanted heroic saga opens for former hero who wants
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Finger Girls 3.6

Finger Girls

Chapter 51.2

487,703 Sep 24,21

Feige, a high school student, has no special characteristics except that his left hand is thicker than an ordinary person, and his biggest wish is to have a wonderful youth encounter. Unexpectedly, on this day, Banhua would take the initiative to invite him to the rooftop for lunch! ! It didn't take long for Feige to realize that things were not simple. On his left index finger, a grumpy girl live
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