I'm only two thousand five hundred years old 4.5

I'm Only Two Thousand Five Hundred Years Old

29 Aug 09,22 步行天下

The 2,500-year-old Su Ye lived to the day when he was 22 years old and traveled back to the ancient times. When another person traveled back to the ancient times, he regained his identity as a college student and officially started his glorious life. Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, all are excellent, and all are well-known in civil and military affairs. "I just want to live for a hundred yea
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Arifureta Gakuen de Sekai Saikyou 4.2

Arifureta Gakuen De Sekai Saikyou

Vol.1 Chapter 4: The Case Of Kaori (1)

73 Aug 17,22 Shirakome Ryo

A comedy spin-off based around the characters of the main series. The series is based on the Bonus Short-Story "Arifureta Magic Academy" which was released along with the Light Novel volumes as Store Exclusives.Special student Hajime Nagumo enters the largest magic school of Tortus to meet new friends, enemies and fall in love with the most powerful vampire in this world, Yue.
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Urban: I Have a New Identity Weekly 4.4

Urban: I Have A New Identity Weekly

Vol.1 Chapter 24: I'll Take This Woman

374 Aug 17,22 软糖骑士

Activate the strongest vest system and get a new status every week.Some people are ordinary students on the surface, but behind the scenes he is the chairman of a multinational group, a peerless genius doctor, a chef who makes the world crazy, the world's top killer, and a superb hypnotist.In short, he has countless vests.Su Xun: I really just want to be an ordinary person, why is it s
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The Darkness Was Comfortable For Me 4.5

The Darkness Was Comfortable For Me

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Beginning

159 Aug 05,22 Hoshizaki Kon

“I will have the 1,000 people I have chosen go to a parallel world.”Chaos spread once those words of God were displayed to the whole world.Kurose Hikaru, whose childhood friend had been chosen, was killed together with her on the same day she was supposed to be transferred. However, for some reason, Hikaru didn’t die and, even though he wasn’t chosen at first, he ended up as one of the .
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Unlocking her 4.1

Unlocking Her

Chapter 9

1.1K Aug 10,22 Hanai

“Are you certain that you will choose the A cup over the D cup?”….Like everyone else, I also had a solid plan for my life. However, I have been a spinster for 2 months, and working part-time at a convenience store shop is not really enjoyable. Until whence I picked up a cell phone with an image of her exposing her body…My life started to change!
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Batsu-Hare 4.2


Vol.2 Chapter 8: Lascivious Feeling

209 Aug 05,22 Inaba Minori

The story begins with the protagonist, Wakou Ichiro, who decides to return home early from work to celebrate his second anniversary with his wife. But, when he opens the door of his house.... He finds his wife cheating on him! Although the marriage was short-lived, his life changes again when suddenly, a certain woman appears in front of him? Thus begins a new story, a new erotic comedy!
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A Heroic Tale About Starting With a Personal Relations Cheat(Ability) and Letting Others Do the Job 4.7

A Heroic Tale About Starting With A Personal Relations Cheat(Ability) And Letting Others Do The Job

Chapter 3: Lucila-Sama Likes Adventure Stories

188 Jul 30,22 Yuusaku Sakaishi,Noy,Motowashi Tagi

The hero and weapon are the strongest connections! An exhilarating fantasy that lurks from the back of the world! Ned, a young man who has been behind many of the world's greatest achievements, using a weapon known as human networking. One day, however, he is judged by the selfish king to be a liability and expelled from the heroic party. Ned decides to start as an adventurer from scratch. But his
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Succubus in Love's Erotic Situation 3.2

Succubus In Love's Erotic Situation

Chapter 8: Succubus’S Ball Circumstances

67 Jul 30,22 Leafy

twin succubus sisters fight against each other to get their stepbrother's sperm. well, you know.. the usual family friendly stuff. and yes the author also made hentai doujin The twins, Oona and Hooru, are girls who come to the house of Takeuchi Kou, a super-skilled JAV Actor. They looks like a normal girls but they're actually not. In fact, they are succubus who devours human sexual desire
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Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku: The Alternative 4.4

Saikyou Mahoushi No Inton Keikaku: The Alternative

Chapter 12: 「The Night Before Extracurricular Class」

542 Aug 17,22 Izushiro,Karu Yoneshiro

This is a reboot of the original manga adaptation and will go down a different route, it starts right at the beginning of the original.
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Ataerareta Skill wo Tsukatte Kasei de Isekai Bijotachi to Ichaicha shitai 4.6

Ataerareta Skill Wo Tsukatte Kasei De Isekai Bijotachi To Ichaicha Shitai

Vol.1 Chapter 6.2

2.2K Aug 10,22 RENKI Shun

That day, Ichita Yamada was working part-time as usual. When he opened the back door after finishing his part-time job, he found a blank space and a person who called himself God. It was by chance that he was chosen by God to go to another world. He was perplexed, but decided to live anyway. Thinking about how to survive in this other world using the skills he received from God, he tries his best
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Nightwatcher 4.6


Chapter 10: Heaven Did Not Give Birth To Me, Xu Xinnian

172 Aug 07,22 初樱社, 龙宝

In this world, there is: Confucianism; Taoism; Buddhism, Demons, and Magicians. Xu Qi’an, a graduate from the police academy, suddenly finds himself waking up in prison, to be exiled to the border three days later …His initial goal was to protect himself in this world with no laws, and to be able to live a leisurely life as a rich man..Many years later, Xu Qi’an looks back on the past, and
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Kunoichi no Ichi! no Ni 4

Kunoichi No Ichi! No Ni

Vol.5 Chapter 44: Chairman's Will

784 Aug 18,22 Yamamoto Kazuyoshi, Kanazawa Shinnosuke

A high school student Ichi who visited a ninja residence on a school excursion was caught in a strange structure during the tour and time slipped to the ninja world. Along with his friends, Ichi who got the “Ninpocho”, a key to return to the present age, returns safely to the present age. However, suddenly an awakening appears in front of Ichi who lives a peaceful life ...!?
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The Strongest Female Masters, Who Are Trying to Raise Me Up, Are in Shambles Over Their Training Policy 4.5

The Strongest Female Masters, Who Are Trying To Raise Me Up, Are In Shambles Over Their Training Policy

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Training, Start!

283 Jul 30,22 Akagi Hirotaka

There are three female masters who are known to be the strongest in the world. The only thing they can’t get their hands on… their ideal man.“ If there are no ideal men, why not raise one yourself!?”As they pore over the list of candidates, the ladies' eyes all fixate on one man. A level 0 with no shred of talent…(Taken from NovelUpdates.)
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Sign In The Mystery Box To Dominate The World Of Cultivation 4.4

Sign In The Mystery Box To Dominate The World Of Cultivation

Chapter 3

50 Jul 30,22 云朵屋互娱

Xiao Che, a modern man, received a mysterious box and opened it. After opening it, he transmigrated into the world of cultivation. Here, the righteous sect all harboured evil ideas, the demonic sects are all cruel and ruthless, and the Hehuan Sect wants his body. His cheat finally arrived after being doomed by a slight mistake. Ding, Sign In Mystery Box System activated.Ding, sign in to the Sw
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I Changed My Life By Signing In 3.7

I Changed My Life By Signing In

Chapter 25

408 Aug 16,22

After the male protagonist crossed, he was mistakenly taken in by the Jade Female Sect, which was full of female disciples, and became a nursing home to watch the gate. Favoured by the god-level check-in system, he obtained a magical physique that had never been seen in ancient times: the Spring Heart Divine Body. It is necessary to constantly adjust the girls to obtain welfare stimuli and convert
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An Ardent Teaching Life 4.5

An Ardent Teaching Life

Chapter 16: Daughter Drenched In Front Of Mum!

1.5K Jul 14,22 Hwang Geon-Jeok

Yoo-Dong Seo was drunk and posted on his university bulletin board that he was selling a dildo after being dumped by his ex. Surprisingly, someone called him up to buy the article. As he arrived at the rendezvous point, a pretty girl approaches.... "Are you going to use this?"
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Hiiragi-san Chi no Kyuuketsu Jijou 4.5

Hiiragi-San Chi No Kyuuketsu Jijou

Vol.2 Chapter 8: A New World

339 Aug 08,22 Yoshikawa Miki

Every family has its own "secrets"... Shota Minamoto, a junior high school student, lives in an orphanage. One day, he is taken in by a family who lives in a gorgeous Japanese style mansion. Shota is welcomed with open arms, but the family has a secret that must not be revealed to the world.
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Sex Fantasy 4.2

Sex Fantasy

Vol.2 Chapter 9.1

2.5K Aug 18,22 Kagami Yuu

With his temptation powers, corrupt the most powerful princesses! A limit-breaking war fantasy story.*Source: MangaUpdates*
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Shuumatsu no Harem After World 3.9

Shuumatsu No Harem After World

Vol.13 Chapter 5: Being Chosen For Reason

342 Jul 14,22 LINK

2049, Tokyo. The "after-vaccine era" has arrived, and even though men have returned to society, their sexual desire has disappeared and their reproductive function has been lost. However, only the boy, Riku, who revived from cold sleep three years ago, feels something wrong with his body!? The second part of erotic suspense in the near future opens!!---**Links:**- (https://shonenjumppl
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Kimi ga Megami nara Ii no ni 4.5

Kimi Ga Megami Nara Ii No Ni

Chapter 3

77 Jul 08,22 Kashiwagi Kano

The general election of love begins with the seat of the No. 1 heroine! At this school, once a year, there is a so-called "Goddess General Election" that decides the school's No. 1 heroine "Goddess (Muse)". The childhood friend Tsugumi Aiba, whose main character, Shield, has a passion for, is the winner of the previous year. Her shadow classmate, Uzura Takahina, says, "She wants to participate in
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The Novel’s Extra 4.8

The Novel’S Extra

Chapter 27

3.8K Aug 16,22 Jee Gab Song (지갑송),Carrotoon (캐롯툰)

Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body. A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished. He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story. The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline. However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation.
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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e: 2-nensei-hen 4.7

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi No Kyoushitsu E: 2-Nensei-Hen

Chapter 6: Room 6

151 Jul 06,22 Kinugasa Shougo,Shia Sasane

The second spring at the Advanced Nurturing High School is welcoming Ayanokoji and Class D. The special exams aren't only what awaits them, but the unique freshmen as well. Kazuomi Hōsen and Ryūen. The two who shared the bad reputation between themselves during Ryuen's middle school days. Takuya Yagami, who proclaims to come from the same middle school as Kushida, is approaching her. And t
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The Sichuan Cuisine Chef and His Valiant Babes of Another World 4.3

The Sichuan Cuisine Chef And His Valiant Babes Of Another World

Chapter 31: Work In Progress

2.7K Aug 16,22 Chen Guojian

After transmigrating into a world of magic, Qin Chuan who was a Sichuan Cuisine Chef discovers his food is key to boosting combativity. With demons rampaging the land, it’s about time to put an end to the misery and suffering.Who’s to say a chef can’t save the world? But why are the heroes super hot babes?
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