Wizard's Martial World 4.1

Wizard's Martial World

Chapter 8

56,156 Jan 17,21 Park Jeongsu (박정수),Jeiko (제이코)

At the age of 78, Midran, an archmage is still searching for a way to reach 8th circle.  Then he is suddenly turned into a child. Will he be able to recover mana from his past life and become the Archmage of the 9th circle? This is the story of the archmage's struggle in the Murim...  
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SSS-Class Suicide Hunter 4.9

Sss-Class Suicide Hunter

Chapter 22

1,200,133 Jan 15,21 Shin Noah (신노아),Neida (네이다),Bill K

I want an S-Rank skill too! I want it so badly, I could die for it! [You have awakened an S-Rank skill.] [But it only works when you die.] HUH!? WHAT’S THE POINT OF GETTING ONE IF I DIE !? 1st Trailer:
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Faking It In Style 4.7

Faking It In Style

Chapter 11

88,522 Jan 14,21 Dagabi,Flower j,Jin soye

Suah is a petite, red-haired designer who leads a drama-free life… until one morning, she wakes up tied to a chair. The man scowling down at her is none other than her roommate’s scary older brother, Seung-hyun, the owner of the apartment she’s been living in rent-free for the past eight years. He gives her one week to pack her bags and move out. Panicked Suah tries to plead and
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Get Out of My Way, Prince! 4.1

Get Out Of My Way, Prince!

Chapter 59

184,815 Jan 11,21 Fanfan

Yaoi fan Ye Song becomes a wife who couldn’t stop loving her husband after her time travel. Died of anger because the imperial prince had been sleeping with her mistress? No problem! She could still make a scene in his place in this life! Thrilling activities like hanging out in the brothel, reading dirty books and having gang fight just keep coming! Could she win the heart of both the emper
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Gingerly in Love 4.6

Gingerly In Love

Chapter 46

20,042 Dec 29,20 Hi,Im jeongwon

1000-year-old ginseng turns into a human to find her true love. Les racines du cœur / 진심으로 심쿵
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Prince Bastard’s Parenting Book 4.6

Prince Bastard’S Parenting Book

Chapter 32

265,952 Jan 14,21 Sanfu Comics

Yan Xi, the invincible 7th prince, brought back a little princess after defeating the enemy state, State of Qi. Tao Xiaowei, the five-year-old princess, rumbled up the whole prince’s palace. This was Yan Xi’s first parenting experience. After years of fighting in battlefields, Yan Xi came back and found that the little princess has grown up into a peerless beauty. Since then, Yan Xi ha
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The Deathless 4.7

The Deathless

Chapter 71

143,122 Jan 06,21 Anjeo,KKWorld

An ordinary girl as she is, she possesses the eyes of death which can make her see the death rate of others. Even if she’s troubled, she has no access to death! Hearing her calling, the god of death comes for her. However, it’s useless? What will happen between a girl who desires death and the god of death who cannot kill the girl? What’s the secret of the girl’s super powe
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I’m Being Shipped With the King of Film! 4.5

I’M Being Shipped With The King Of Film!

Chapter 32

122,576 Jan 17,21 Yue wen manhua

Whaaa?! The demon spirit management just arranged a husband for me again?! This time, the guy’s a movie god! OMG~ I’m only a recently matured small fox. Arranging such an old demon to me, what am I to do~ The Internet Are Character Pair Fans of the Movie God and Me / The Internet are CP fans of the Movie God and Me
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Mango's Bone 4.1

Mango's Bone

Chapter 60.5: Epilogue

32,193 Dec 19,20 Gold Kiwi Bird,Tired Vagabond

Baek Jooin is a smart, diligent student and has a crush on Ham Sobok, another elite student. However, things start to go downhill when Jooin's twin brother, Jooyul, turns up to meet Sobok while pretending to be Jooin. What's worse, Sobok's best friend, Lisa, doesn't seem to like Jooin one bit. How will it all play out?
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Such a Cute Spy 4.4

Such A Cute Spy

Chapter 40: Such A Cute Spy [End]

212,314 Dec 19,20 Lee Hyun-min,Ganghyeon Yeo,Life of Ruin,여강현

North Korean spy Anna Rhee must seducethe South Korean math genius Donggu Park and return with him to North Korea!  
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Unladylike 4


Chapter 4

7,029 Dec 18,20 Giinjii

Sophia is living her dream as a distinguished writer. With failed dating experience and no prospect suitor in sight, she busied herself with her career and brushed off romance in her life. She thinks she is a strong, independent woman until she’s mysteriously transported back to the prim and proper Victorian era. Will she be able to survive this period as a modern woman?
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The Best Actress Returns 4.4

The Best Actress Returns

Chapter 33

59,730 Jan 13,21 Yofox culture

Once, she was a super star with million of fans, now she has become a fatty, a joke in the eyes of the public. Let’s witness how a tough woman reshapes herself from a weak loser into a confident, cold-blooded predator, winning the love of her prince charming, fighting off her enemies, and regaining her glory as a super star.
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My Mom is Not to be Messed with 4.6

My Mom Is Not To Be Messed With

Chapter 41

106,803 Jan 14,21 Nuò dòngmàn gōngzuò shì

My Mom is Not to be Messed withAfter waking up, she found that she had traveled back to ancient times and even had a cute son. Once the owner of this body was at the mercy of others, but she was different. She’s going to make those arrogant people pay the price. Most importantly, she is determined to find her son’s father. What kind of a man is he…  
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Raise A Mink As My Wife 4.6

Raise A Mink As My Wife

Chapter 28

46,267 Dec 23,20 Damaizhongjin

A lovely spirit animal is forced to marry a man? travelling into another world, the girl actually became an adorable spirit animal and she even offended the cold and kindless prince who wanted to marry her! She thought she put herself under the patronage of a higher-up, it turned out that the new world is filled with danger and conspiracies… [webcomics]
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June’s Love 3.3

June’S Love

Chapter 19

12,197 Jan 16,21 Jae jae,U jaim

The older guy she’s had a one-way crush on for years vs. the younger guy she can’t stop thinking about… Who will she choose? June, a political reporter at a newspaper giant, decides to quit her job after her boss turns down her idea for a gutsy and powerful political piece… …And ends up getting a job offer from her long-time crush who also happens to hold a high po
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Mejaz Regulus in the World – Webtoon 4.4

Mejaz Regulus In The World – Webtoon

Chapter 113

163,524 Jan 15,21 Erciyuan,飒飒动漫

A marriage alliance between two influential magical families was made, turning Mo Yan and Xuanyuan Yu a married couple. But during the night of their consummation, Mo Yan was ruthless in his words after overhearing a rumor about his wife being in love with another person. He thought she’d be fuming mad, but she wasn’t worked up at all. It made him taken aback instead! The power-loving
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Prince Charming’s Lovely Gaze 3.9

Prince Charming’S Lovely Gaze

Chapter 52

39,577 Jan 13,21 Shidai Manwang

Su Aixin, a fourth-year university student got a magic bracelet by chance. Since then, she has had the ability to change her personality, and each different personality that she changes into grants her different powerful abilities and knowledge that she never had. With this unexpected turn of events, her life has never been the same again….
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Billionaire’s One True Love 3.6

Billionaire’S One True Love

Chapter 24

52,898 Jan 14,21 Updating

Billionaire’s One True LoveLife is always melodramatic to me. I went to the hotel to help my sister catch the adulterous couple, but was almost raped by my “brother-in-law”. It turned out that the man wasn’t my brother-in-law, but an overbearing CEO! He wants me to be his maid, but don’t worry, I will not be attracted to his beauty! Because I believe that the one I mi
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The Wolf That Picked Something Up 4.8

The Wolf That Picked Something Up

Chapter 38: Still On The Street

224,239 Jan 11,21 Ma Wei

A story about a wolf, his encounter with a small puppy, and their life together following.
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Worn and Torn Newbie 4.8

Worn And Torn Newbie

Chapter 26

827,822 Jan 13,21 REDICE studio,레고밟았어,보늬

15 years remain till termination of service. The ending is known only to me. 'I am a veteran'.
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Heartbeat Teleportation 4.6

Heartbeat Teleportation

Chapter 12

10,418 Dec 11,20 Mengge shao bao gu,White bear

Kiss the front page of an autographed book and teleport to your favourite author? Anle working in a coffee shop, from a frequent customer Yu Zhengya, got a signature book from his favourite author. When she turned into a fangirl and rolled over the book, a miracle happened-she actually teleported to Yu Zhengya! It turns out that this little-spoken codeword migrant worker is Anle’s favo
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My Harem, My Rule 2.7

My Harem, My Rule

Chapter 21

17,148 Dec 25,20 Updating

My Harem, My RuleThis is a comic with a lot of handsome guys!Ji Guanxue is a doctor in Bian City. She’s surrounded by a cold and ascetic priest, a loyal and devoted guard, a powerful and domineering gang boss… Still not enough! Here’re many more beautiful men to be unlocked!To save herself and those around her from further misfortune, she decided to…
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Duchess, what is identity? 4.8

Duchess, What Is Identity?

Chapter 7- End

27,969 Dec 10,20 Young hyun

Duchess, what is identity?Though he had lost his family at a young age, through the help of Duchess Orleans and the Emperor, Karl grew up excellently. But at the banquet where Karl intends to tell the Duchess of the Emperor’s meaningful words, a questionable explosion takes place. Duchess, what is your true identity?! Show less
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Unmelting Words 3.8

Unmelting Words

Chapter 7

6,173 Dec 06,20 Michii

[New Sequel to ‘340 Days’] Police officer Nohee is an Unliar: she is completely unable to lie. But telling the truth gets tricky when she meets the wanted criminal Yeonho. As a Word Wraith, Yeonho can make others do whatever he wants just by speaking – he can even kill them. Because of this astonshing ability, he’s now a suspect in the murder of his adoptive parents. Yeonho
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