Mujang 4.8


Chapter 229

13,545,660 May 12,18 Kim Chul Hyun

Set during the Goryeo military regime, a hero that arises from a slave to be reborn as a general.
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Hooky 4.7


Chapter 200

668,102 Aug 10,19 Míriam Bonastre Tur

Dani and Dorian have missed the bus of the school of magic. Now, they must find someone who teach them how to be a great and good witches... Or maybe not.​
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Stalker 4.9


Ch.38 : After Time Passed

100,314 Mar 07,16 Dan Woo

A strange man stalks a common house hold wife. He one day witnesses the wife's child getting kidnapped .
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Santa (Silyeong) 5

Santa (Silyeong)

Ch.63.5 : End

479,222 Feb 18,16 Silyeong

After years in a abusive household, Bell fled from her hopeless situation. After being left bloody and beaten on the side of the road, she experienced a Christmas miracle.
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Kubera 4.3


Chapter 453: [Season 3] Ep. 168 - The Weight Of Time (8)

3,115,264 Jan 25,21 Currygom

From The Company: Gods with everlasting lives. Sura who possess unrivaled power. And humans, caught helplessly in-between. When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue. Together they begin on a journey in search of answers and revenge. Meanwhile across the realms, a web of entwined fates is growing tighter. One by one the other play
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Lunarbaboon 4.6


Chapter 403 : Fight

332,285 Aug 02,18 Lunarbaboon

Lunarbaboon is a half man/half moon monkey trying to make sense of it all.
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Doodle for Food 4.1

Doodle For Food

Chapter 312 : Vacation Part 2

236,040 Jul 08,18 Megan Mckay

Cute and funny comics with a pinch of biting humor.
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Cluster Fudge 5

Cluster Fudge

Chapter 228

234,420 Feb 03,17 John Mcnamee

Cluster Fudge is a comic collection of whatever fudge happens to cluster in creator John McNamee's mind on a particular day. Common topic for Cluster Fudge include robots, wizards, Kierkegaardian existentialism, and robotic wizards. Warning: For external use only.
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Lil' Green & Lil' Blue 4.9

Lil' Green & Lil' Blue

Chapter 73: A Rhythm Game

485,766 Feb 09,19 Ocarina

This is a Chinese Comedy Webtoon...
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Hellper 4.8


Chapter 46

237,453 Jan 20,16 Sakk

The city is protected by the guard led by gwangnam, untill a mysterious crash occurs A drunk lion appears... Watch as this journey into hell unfolds. Original webcomic:
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The Day the Magpie Cries 4.3

The Day The Magpie Cries

Chapter 30: The End

253,054 Jul 31,19 Nubi

From Chocolate Kimchi Scans: Lee Dan Ah, a girl who is very proud of her Korean heritage, is on a crusade to preserve her culture! She starts by wearing her hanbok to her freshman orientation...
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White Epic 4.7

White Epic

Chapter 107

3,226,158 Nov 29,20 Gul Nuil Ril, Gul Ruim, GMAN

In an era where monsters threaten both humans and outlaws, ascetics arise to fight back over the past 500 years. Some of them were heroes, some of them were prophets, some of them were just ascetics going from place to place, in order to protect people from being devoured and the lands from being corrupted. Baek So-Juh is a girl isolated from her village by other youngsters, since she knows how to
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Soul Cartel 4.6

Soul Cartel

Vol.1 Chapter 226

2,220,196 Jan 22,18 Kim Eun-hyo

Read Soul Cartel manga Soul Cartel manga follows Si-hun Cha, a young Korean boy who's not unable to see the spirits of the deceased. He could be cared for by his big sister, Su-In Cha, and comes from a household of exorcists and strong mediums. Si-hun Cha himself is without just about any spiritual powers whatsoever apart from his power to see s
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A Bittersweet Life 5

A Bittersweet Life

Chapter 161

201,379 Jan 12,18 Lee Dong-gun

The sweet stories of singles and couples. The sweet episodes of the employed and unemployed.
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Yumi's Cells 4.4

Yumi's Cells

Chapter 511: Ep. 511 - Epilogue

2,432,010 Dec 16,20 Donggun Lee

A story of Yumi and her brain cells.
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Bluechair 4.2


Chapter 759

1,059,436 Dec 21,19 Shen

Bluechair follows the musings of Shen, a mysterious figure in a colorful plane of existence where thoughts and reality seem to blend together. What is the blue chair? What compels him to sit on it? Where is this realm he resides in? Stay tuned as none of this is answered and you are instead taken on a rousing adventure through the mind of a complete dork.
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The Dragon Next Door 4.9

The Dragon Next Door

Vol.1 Chapter 56.5: Season 1 Q&a

307,712 Oct 07,19 Cho

Meet my neighbor - a typical fantasy novelist, more than a little scatterbrained, likes to gossip, borrow things without asking, and play MMORPGs. Oh, and by the way, he's a dragon in disguise. Named Dragon Kim. ...Yeah...
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A Simple Thinking About Blood Type 4.5

A Simple Thinking About Blood Type

Chapter 18 : Misunderstanding

162,204 Mar 17,16 Park Dongsun

Have you ever wondered why Koreans ask you about your blood type? It’s not because they want to know what to do in case you happen to be in an accident (although it really is vital information), but it’s because there is a underlying belief that blood types affect personalities and character in the way an astrological sign may. Another hugely successful webtoon, it has packed al
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Hear My Voice 5

Hear My Voice

Chapter 17

154,653 Sep 07,16 Lee Hyeon-min

A chance for an interview for a large company is given to a man who has nothing to show for himself. An authentic fiery interview will now begin! Are you paying attention? Get ready!’ Lee Hyunmin’s begins!
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Red Storm 4.6

Red Storm

Vol.16 Chapter 388.5: Epilogue

28,693,829 Dec 21,20 Cyungchan Noh

Red Storm is an on-going weekly manhwa/webtoon collection drawn by Ahm Hyun and composed by Noh Kyungchan. Red Storm follows the life and experiences of Yulian Provoke, the Young Glow (Glow is a name similar to Chieftan) of the Pareia Tribe, who dreams of becoming the most powerful warrior of the Red Desert. The early portions of the narrative focus on Yulian assembly Noya, a strong g
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The DaneMen 5

The Danemen

Ch.141 : The One About Loss

152,259 Jul 07,16 David Danemen

"Show, don't tell. That's what they told me. "The DaneMen" is a silent comic strip. People all look the same. There are three main flavors: absurd, truthy and grim. Hitchcock said "Drama is life with all the dull bits cut out." Too bad. Life is 99% dull bits. Seems like a waste of bits to me. Chaplin said "Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy
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ShootAround 5


Chapter 101

127,226 Dec 20,17 Suspu

When a zombie apocalypse hits during the practice of a high school basketball team, it's a whole new life for the coach, Jeff. The world's turned upside down and the girls seem to be handling the changes way better than Jeff, who has troubles adjusting. A close-knit group of friends, the girls are eager to tackle this new world with its challenges!
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Adamsville 5


Vol.3 Chapter 85

161,786 Oct 14,17 Michael Regina

Adamsville” is an all ages graphic novel series about two middle school friends who must work together to solve a series of supernatural mysteries in their hometown. What they discover is a vast conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything they know about their lives, town and their future. Now they’re the only one’s who can stop the coming catastrophe.
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Roar Street Journal 5

Roar Street Journal

Chapter 301 : Homeless Animals

183,756 Jul 22,18 Bonnie Pang

Created and run by animals, Roar Street Journal provides a selection of stories and comics to bring a smile to your everyday life.
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