Perfect Gold 4.1

Perfect Gold

Chapter 88

807 Apr 14,24 Do Anna

XTen / Archery was everything to the young prodigy Oh Binwoo. But when he loses his parents in a tragic car accident, he gives up being an archer for good, believing that he's the reason behind their deaths. Three years later, the sport he loved and dreaded the most calls for him once more when he's accused of stealing a bow and challenged to an archery match. The question is will he be able to ov
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Countach 4.6


Vol.10 Chapter 80: Night On The Town

2.1K Apr 14,24 Umezawa Haruto

The day after he finds himself dumped by his girlfriend, Sorayama Shun recieves a letter... from himself? The letter was from Shun 25 years ago for his future self. The letter reminds him of the time when he dreamed of owning a Countach and being a successful professional racer. With loads of luck and his ambition to make his childhood dream come true, he finds himself as a new owner of an LP400 C
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King of the Mound 4.8

King Of The Mound

Chapter 77

20.5K Apr 14,24 D-Dart (디다트),가운(Copin),Togi(Copin),머연(Copin)

[From the author of Kill the Hero] Through a combination of numerous injuries, a weak frame, and financial difficulties, the protagonist Lee Jinyong gave up on his path to being a baseball athlete and lived as a factory employee instead. One day, the spirit of Kim Jinho, the baseball hero who was hailed as a legend in Korea, as well as Lee Jinyong’s idol who passed away 10 years ago, appeared bef
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All Soccer Talents Are Mine 4.7

All Soccer Talents Are Mine

Chapter 49

2.9K Apr 14,24 amber, Hot Six

Uho-yeong had dreamed of becoming a soccer player. However, he was not blessed with the talent and died without realizing his dream, struck by lightning. It was then that the demon Mammon appeared, offering the ability to covet everyone's talents...
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Minna-sama Eto vu Pure 3.9

Minna-Sama Eto Vu Pure

Chapter 12

249 Apr 14,24 Tamaru Tokihiko

Chika Kuwabara pretty much drifts through life with no purpose, her days spent at arcades or getting into petty fights. But one day, she witnesses someone practicing fencing in the school gymnasium. That glimpse begins to awaken something deep inside her!
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Are You Ready for Everyone? 2.6

Are You Ready For Everyone?

Vol.2 Chapter 12

33 Apr 14,24 Tamaru Tokihiko

Chika Kuwabara pretty much drifts through life with no purpose, her days spent at arcades or getting into petty fights. But one day, she witnesses someone practicing fencing in the school gymnasium. That glimpse begins to awaken something deep inside her!
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Wind Breaker 4.7

Wind Breaker

Chapter 492

159.6K Apr 14,24 Jo Yongseuk

Street riding drama of youngsters who dream of freedom! - Naver
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Flaming Ball Girl Dodge Danko 3.9

Flaming Ball Girl Dodge Danko

Chapter 20

103 Apr 13,24 Koshita Tetsuhiro

The legendary dodgeball manga "Flame Fighter Dodge Danpei"! A modern hot-blooded dodgeball manga in which Danhei's daughter, Danko, who inherits Danhei's soul, struggles to create the strongest fighting spirit dodgeball team in the modern era of Reiwa! Can bullets overcome the obstacles of modern common sense?!
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Bungo 4.4


Vol.39 Chapter 384: Denial

36.9K Apr 13,24 Yuuji Ninomiya

In a town with no baseball team, young Bungo spends his days throwing the ball he received as a gift against a wall until Yukio Noda, Japan’s representative youth baseball player, appears before him and an unexpected showdown ensues! After a chance meeting in middle school, these two enroll in Shizuo Senior where they struggle to make it to Koshien with everything they have.
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Chiisai Boku no Haru 4.8

Chiisai Boku No Haru

Chapter 24: Summer Festival

1.4K Apr 12,24 Atsumi Takeru

Suzuki Souta, a high school boy on the school volleyball team, is interested in his classmate Shinonome Asahi, a member of the girls' volleyball team. She thought of him as a good volleyball player, so she has been seeking him out every day. Souta was a keen volleyball player until junior high. However, because of his height, he could never become the spiker he longed to be. As a result, he got in
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New Testament - Star of the Giants 3.4

New Testament - Star Of The Giants

Vol.3 Chapter 19: Intro

22 Apr 12,24 Kajiwara Ikki, Kawasaki Noboru, Murakami Yoshiyuki

Mitsuru Hanagata, the genius little league pitcher. He injured his shoulder in a little league match and withdrew from baseball. His shoulder should have healed, but in a match against the a baseball club full of hooligans, he realises that his shoulder is permantly injured. He will never be able to pitch again. So he turns to becoming a genius batter instead!
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Inazuma Eleven: Baku Gaidenshuu 4.2

Inazuma Eleven: Baku Gaidenshuu

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Captain's Determination

67 Apr 12,24 Koshita Tetsuhiro

The first volume features different stories about the original cast's training sessions and special techniques. It fills in gaps that were never explained before and offers a new point of view about some in-game scenes. The second volume recreates the world seen in the videogame "Inazuma Eleven Strikers" for Wii, from the point of view of Inazuma Japan. It features many characters from
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Mix 4.8


Chapter 136: A Place To Come Back To

4.3K Apr 12,24 Adachi Mitsuru

From ANN: The story of Mix takes place in the same Meisei Gakuen high school as Touch, only it is set 26 years later. Like Touch, Mix revolves around brothers, and promotional images indicate that Mix will also have the sport of baseball as a theme.
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Medalist 4.7


Vol.10 Chapter 38: Junior Rules

1.8K Apr 12,24 Tsuruma Ikada

There is a dream worth putting two lives on the line for. Tsukasa, a young man with shattered dreams, and Inori, a girl no one believed in. However, in the face of adversity, those two possessed a tenacity towards the rink greater than anyone had ever known. Together, they meet on the ice, and aim for the world with their figure skating! Links:
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3-gatsu no Lion Shouwa Ibun - Shakunetsu no Jidai 4

3-Gatsu No Lion Shouwa Ibun - Shakunetsu No Jidai

Chapter 12.5: Author Information & Extra Art [End]

177 Apr 11,24 Umino Chica, Nishikawa Hideaki

The story is set in the year Showa 44 (1969), and it centers around Takanori Jinguuji, the 27-year-old man who eventually become the head of the Japan Shogi Association in the main 3-gatsu no Lion series.
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby PisuPisu☆SupiSupi Golshi-chan 4.4

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Pisupisu☆Supisupi Golshi-Chan

Vol.1 Chapter 7

22 Apr 11,24 Naoki Shibata

Uma Musume Pretty Derby PisuPisu☆SupiSupi Golshi-chan is a spinoff gag manga, featuring Gold Ship as kindergartener
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Kinnikuman 4.5


Chapter 828: 441: The Butterfly That Lives Eternally!!

5.9K Apr 11,24 Yudetamago

Kinnukuman, a weak and clumsy super hero, constantly getting into wacky situations. As the series progressed, the story began changing from comedy to action as Kinnukuman battles stronger and stronger foes in the wrestling ring. The series continually introduced new Super Human characters, known as Choujins, who would challenge Kinnikuman and his friends for various purposes. (From Toriyama's
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Star of the Giants 5

Star Of The Giants

Vol.1 Chapter 5: The Wish Of The Hoshi Father And Son

6 Apr 11,24 Kajiwara Ikki

**"Hyuma, be a big giant star!"**This is the story of Hyuma Hoshi , a hot-blooded boy who endures intense, bloody training in response to his father's wish!Adapted into Anime twice once in 1968, lasting 182 episodes and again in 1977(As Shin Star of the Giants with a follow-up), lasting a total of 75 episodes. Numerous Anime films were also produced as well as an OVA featuring a crossover
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Juryo Again 3.8

Juryo Again

Vol.2 Chapter 6: An Inevitable Revolution

68 Apr 11,24 Tomoyasu Yoichi

Kanami Sakura used to be a video game otaku and a hikikomori during middle school. When he starts high school, he decides to change himself. As the first step towards that goal, he decides to join a sports club!!But which club will he end up joining? The weightlifting club?! What kind of sport is this? The story of the crybaby teenage boy and the weightlifting club's activities start here!
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Chapter 23

531 Apr 11,24 Noda Satoru

"If he wants to go wild at the ice skating rink, isn't he better off as an ice hockey player?"2010, Hokkaido. Figure skater Shirakawa Rou, who scored the highest score of all time in the finals of the All-Japan Junior Championships, suddenly goes on an inexplicable rampage. After being disqualified from the competition, he's permanently banned from the figure skating world. Rou, nicknamed the
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Blue Lock: EPISODE Nagi 4.6

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi

Chapter 22

6.7K Apr 10,24 Kaneshiro Muneyuki,Kouta Sannomiya

Nagi Seishiro is a second-year high school student. He is a boy whose habit is to say, "It's a pain in the ass," and he lives his life listlessly. Until his partner, Mikage Reo, discovers his talent in the "Blue Lock," a dormitory for training strikers that aims to win the World Cup for Japanese soccer.
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Wangan Midnight: C1 Runner 4.4

Wangan Midnight: C1 Runner

Vol.6 Chapter 64: March 1980 ①

126 Apr 10,24 Kusunoki Michiharu

By the 2010's, the Japanese racing scene is largely off the street and has moved onto the circuit thanks to heightened police enforcement. Most tuners from the old era have moved on from it, becoming everyday mechanics.Shinji Ogishima is a rising automotive journalist who aspires to revive the tuning magazine, GT Cars, in the modern era.While doing so, he encounters Nob Setoguchi. A young
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Blue Lock Legions 2.1

Blue Lock Legions

Vol.2 Chapter 15: Chosen Individuals

156 Apr 10,24 Cosmanga

Rai Gengi always dreamed of being a top football player, especially one to play for Japan. And through this unique yet harsh "Blue Lock", he's fighting every day to keep his dream afloat. Meeting new teammates and enemies along the way, Rai needs to learn and adapt to the constant improvement of everyone else to hone his skills to a professional level. Will he be able to conquer the Blue Lock? Or
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Blue Sky Lover 3.9

Blue Sky Lover

Vol.1 Chapter 4

15 Apr 09,24 Miura Kouji

Taichi, the older brother, and Yo, the younger brother, were born as twins. They grew up together, both fell in love with table tennis, and both fell in love with their childhood friend Shuri. However, one day, Yo became an active player in many tournaments, while Taichi quit ping-pong and lived a carefree life. One day, an incident occurred. This incident triggered the destiny of Taichi, Yo, and
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