Koakuma Meringue 4.4

Koakuma Meringue

Vol.1 Chapter 9

210 Jan 20,16 Atto

Luche, daughter to the one and only devil king of Hell, came to Earth to conquer the world... Having failed at this, she quietly becomes friends with humans instead... Seeing this, her younger sister, Piko, also goes to Earth...
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Millenium Loneliness 4.8

Millenium Loneliness


86 Jan 20,16 Fujiwara Kaoru

Originally published in the April 2015 issue of Comic Spica, this is the first in a series of astrology-themed one-shots created by different mangaka and collected in an anthology
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Namida Hyakuman Tsubu 5

Namida Hyakuman Tsubu

Vol.1 Ch.3

205 Jan 20,16 Aimoto Mizuho,Sakurai Machiko,Suenobu Keiko,Suetsugu Yuki,Tsugumi

A collection of oneshots: 1. Lovely You - July (Yuki Suetsugu) 2. Last Class (Machiko Sakurai) 3. Happy Tomorrow (Keiko Suenobu) 4. To Be An Angel (Mizuho Aimoto) 5. Indigo Blue (Tsugumi)
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Mikansei na Bokutachi 5

Mikansei Na Bokutachi

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Yonjyuukyuu No Eien

148 Jan 20,16 Touda Yoshimi

1) Mikansei na Bokutachi Torikoshi had an unrequited crush on her school’s soccer star, who walked home with her. He promised to always support her artistic ambitions, but one day he didn’t come to the club room after school… 2) Koe no Ato A boy who sings, and a girl intoxicated by the sound of his voice. What might develop between them? 3) Koboreru Uso to P
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Kyoukasho wa Oshiete Kurenai 5

Kyoukasho Wa Oshiete Kurenai

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Okubyou Na Kimi No Te

107 Jan 20,16 Touda Yoshimi

From Which Scanlations: 1. Kyoukasho wa Oshietekurenai 2. Toumen na Jikan Normally, people who have died haunt their lovers or their enemies... So why is Yuuri, the ghost of a high school girl, following her boyfriend's little brother around? 3. Kanojo no Tabako 4. Okubyou na Kimi no Te - The Untouchable Venus Shino thought she could drive away the persistent Takeomi by telling him t
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Mainichi Kimi no Koto Bakari 5

Mainichi Kimi No Koto Bakari

Ch.ibi-Manga : [Oneshot]

112 Jan 20,16 Kyoumachi Hisa

From Chibi Manga: I always loved him because we’re together since we are childhood friends. I couldn’t imagine he’ll find someone he loves… I can’t support my feelings anymore!!
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Renai Catalog 4.7

Renai Catalog

Vol.17 Ch.65

676 Jan 20,16 Nagata Masami

Hanamoto Mika is a shy, self-conscious 17-year-old-girl who wants very much to love and be loved. Hopelessly superstitious and unhappy with her current self, Mika tries to find answers and guidance to her life through fortune-telling and romance magazines. She decides to go on a group date with her friends and meets Takada. It’s love at first sight; at least on her end. Soon after, she encounters
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Parfait Tic 4.6

Parfait Tic


2.3K Jan 20,16 Nanaji Nagamu

Fuuko is a happy and cheerful girl. One day, two boys, Daiya and Ichi, move into the apartment upstairs. Cold Ichi and mischievous Daiya gave a very bad first impression! All three are going to the same school as well! How will Fuuko's high school life turn out?
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Murasame-kun na Tawagoto 5

Murasame-Kun Na Tawagoto

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

144 Jan 20,16 Shiraishi Yuki

From Intercross & Shoujo Crusade: Chika has always seen Murasame-kun as a rival who manages to constantly piss her off. While wondering out loud to herself, her sister whom overhears Chika, gives her a perfume necklace which supposedly able to capture a guy's heart. The next day, Chika bumps into Murasame-kun and spills all the perfume. As she begins to apologize, he suddenly asks her out?!
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Jigoku Ane 3.7

Jigoku Ane

Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Chapter 2

142 Jan 20,16 Yoshidamaru Yuu

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Paradise Heaven! 5

Paradise Heaven!

Ch.5.2 : End

173 Jan 20,16 Agawa Kouko

Tsubasa gains two brothers after his mother remarries and that is when his "normal" life goes up in smoke.
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Honey Holic 4.2

Honey Holic


240 Jan 20,16 Sakou Watari

From The Paper Dolls Project: Sakou Watari-sensei of "Cosplay Animal" fame presents with this omnibus about the love stories of five boys.
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Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru + H 4.8

Ore No Kanojo To Osananajimi Ga Shuraba Sugiru + H

Vol.1 Ch.12 : In Order To Become An Outstanding Maiden

1.8K Jan 20,16 Yuuji Yuuji

The story sets one month Eita and Masuzu start dating, and sets itself on a "what if" where the Harem element is stronger than in the original.
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Demon Rabbit Lucifer 4.3

Demon Rabbit Lucifer

Chapter 2 : Carrot Danger

130 Jan 20,16 Bai Yi

[Summary by OSTNT] It’s said that the Great Demon Lord Satan once went to the world of humans to train, however he was eaten by the humans after he passed out in a desert. Feared of the humans, many demons refused to wander the world of humans. In order to become a Super-Mega-Demon Lord, our prince Lucifer finally decides to wander the world of humans to collect 10 billion devil points.
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Boku no Tenohira de Odore 3

Boku No Tenohira De Odore

Vol.1 Ch.1

132 Jan 20,16 Anisaki Yuna

I first met Yuko in school's infirmary. I'd give her all of hair, skin, lips, everything. They are all hers, and I want to have all of her...she'll be mine forever. Dance on my palm...her sighs, her tears, everything.Includes two other stories:• Renai Junbishitsu• Tanabota-Shiki Renairon
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Merry Go Round in Wonderland 5

Merry Go Round In Wonderland

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Oneshot

78 Jan 20,16 Atsumi Rie

It was said that being in love is much like riding a roller coaster. This holds true for most except for junior high student, Haruka who finds that her love isn't at all like this and on the contrary compares it to a merry go round. When Haruka discovers that her favorite sempai in her camera club is going to move in just a month, she impulsively confesses her genuine feelings. Even so, her sem
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Angel Game 5

Angel Game

Chapter 12 : Angel Game [End]

283 Jan 20,16 Haruhara Robinson

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Hoho ni Shizumu 5

Hoho Ni Shizumu

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Yakusoku Ga Kimi Wo Yaburu

99 Jan 20,16 Yawata Aki

Consists of 4 oneshots: 4) Yakusoku ga Kimi wo Yaburu – Aina and Tooru are childhood friends who made a promise to always be siblings. As the years past, Aina’s feeling for Tooru turned to love but Tooru became cold and distant. Will either of them be able to keep their promise?
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M to N no Shouzou 5

M To N No Shouzou

Vol.3 Chapter 10

357 Jan 20,16 Higuchi Tachibana

Mitsuru is beautiful, graceful and admired by many people, but she has a weird problem--a single, violent movement against her can get her begging sweetly for more! Her nickname M, also stands for masochistic. Natsuhiko, is a guy who found out Mitsuru's secret on their first day of senior high school. Even so, he has an equally bad problem--the mere glimpse of his reflection can send him into a
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Brass Love!! 5

Brass Love!!

Vol.1 Chapter 2 : The Light Princess Thumbs

123 Jan 20,16 Tomori Miyoshi

Kotohara Sui was touched by the National Music Competition performances; and this prompted her to apply to study at the school which Sou Tsukasa attends. Though the school’s orchestra club rejected her application, after much recommendation from Tsukasa, she was admitted into the brass band… Will they be able to beat the Orchestra Club…?! Includes two other stories
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Motori 3.8


Vol.1 Ch.5

274 Jan 20,16 Hatsuki Kyo

Teranouchi Bon is an average teenager except for one thing: his imagination. As a virgin, he uses his wild and vivid imagination and envisions himself in a sexual relationship with Ichihara Ibuki, one of the heroines from one of his favorite TV shows from when he was a child. Bon finds out that one of his new schoolmates is the beautiful Mitsuba Touko, who he used to be childhood friends with, and
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Bokura wa Sore o Hitei Dekinai 4.8

Bokura Wa Sore O Hitei Dekinai

Vol.1 Chapter 4.5 : Extra [End]

271 Jan 20,16 Kyuugou

The story of two childhood friends - growing up and growing apart.
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Tumbling (MIZUKAMI Wataru) 5

Tumbling (Mizukami Wataru)

Vol.1 Ch.2

103 Jan 20,16 Mizukami Wataru

Yuuta Takenata has dreamed of being a gymnast ever since he was a little kid, so when he gets into high school he starts up the "Boys Rhythmic Gymnastics" team. He works hard and gets enough members to compete, but then the club adviser forces them to take the delinquent Azuma Wataru into they're club. He's loud, whinny and has absolutely no interest in gymnastics. Yuuta just gives up on him, tell
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GE 3.4


Vol.18 Ch.156.5 : Later Life

11K Jan 20,16 Sasuga Kei

A follow-up to a heavy response to the original yomi-kiri manga by the same title. Good Ending follows the main character Utsumi's interactions with Kurokawa Yuki, a member of the school tennis team, in order for Utsumi to confess his feelings to the captain of the tennis team. It is implied that the title of the manga is derived from the "good endings" that are achieved in visual no
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