Jail Bird 4

Jail Bird

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Futaba & Futaba

174 Jan 20,16 Ozawa Nao

collection of onehsot 3) Blue Cheer Nobuhiro Honjou was, all of a sudden, attacked and kidnapped by two guys. He woke up to find himself tied to a chair in front of a an unfamiliar young man... 27 pages concerning abduction, drugs, death, sex, and torture. "Maybe it was the drugs... or... or because I was already insane... or maybe because I was only looking for body pleasure... or... maybe in
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The Legend of Lady Mirror 4.6

The Legend Of Lady Mirror


370 Jan 20,16 Fantasy Turtle

From A Duck's Paradise: Doppelgangers. Mice that take the form of humans. With murderous intent, the look-alikes and the originals are both pressured to fight in their own ways. After an ambiguous event in their life, Jin-Uk and So-Hee's love life has been shattered. While trying to reconcile with her, Ji-Suk meets her look-alike, and that's how this story starts. What will he do when he, too, ha
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The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf 4.6

The Moment When A Fox Becomes A Wolf

Vol.10 Ch.46

760 Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

Gook Eun-Song is your average high school girl... that is until her attractive younger sister stole the man she had a crush on. Depressed, Eun-Song purchased a bottle of alcohol and crawled into a supposedly cursed closet in her father's furniture store. Yu Ha is your average typical bad boy. He even broke traffic regulations just to end up being chased by a couple of police officers. Oddly en
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Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji 4.9

Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji

Vol.13 Ch.134 : [End]

1.7K Jan 20,16 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

After Kaiji's showdown with Chairman Hyoudo at Starside Hotel Kaiji is forced into labor at an underground mine. With meager wages each day, he will work for decades unless he doesn't do something. Now Kaiji must wager his earnings in underground Chinchirorin gambles for a ticket to the rest of the world. But even if he surfaces, he only has one chance to pay back his enormous debt, and that is b
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Tobenai Tori 4.2

Tobenai Tori

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Sweet Tears

192 Jan 20,16 Mitsuha Yuu

Aoi was abused by her teacher in middle school, a trauma she is still unable to overcome. One day, because of a family vacation, she is reunited with her first love, Kaoru: even though she has never forgotten him, she definitely doesn't want him to see how much she's changed...!
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Cassandra 5


Chapter 2 : Chapter 2~3

108 Jan 20,16 Hajin Lee

A gripping reinterpretation/adaptation of The Illiad by Homer that revolves around Priam's daughter, Cassandra, who was believed to have been given the gift of prophecy by Apollo when he proposed to her.
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Cat and Bird 5

Cat And Bird

Vol.2 Ch.10

152 Jan 20,16 Kim So Hee

From Entropy: Jin Young is a good student with good grades, but she has a little bit of an unstable mind. Hye Jung is a cheerful girl who helps out at her mom's "snack shop", a sort of small restaurant that offers light meals to diners. Both attended the same school, and both transferred to an independent-study private school, where they meet Si Hyung who is an instructor there. Si Hyung used to
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Kabocha to Mayonnaise 4.7

Kabocha To Mayonnaise

Vol.1 Ch.10

201 Jan 20,16 Nananan Kiriko

Ten stories about the everyday life of Sei, an idealistic songwriter, and Miho, the young woman who struggles to support the both of them. ------------ Miho and Sei are living together. She works at a boutique while he tries to make it as a musician. Even though Miho still can’t forget about Hagio, her ex-lover, she is happy in her relationship with Sei. However, all is not well for the youn
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Kagakushitsu e Douzo 4.9

Kagakushitsu E Douzo

Vol.3 Chapter 16.1 : Omake Character Profile

518 Jan 20,16 Honjou Rie

First yaoi book by Honjou. 1) Welcome to the Chemistry Lab (Kagakushitsu e Douzo). (Two chapters). Shibaura, the Chemistry teacher, usually seems gentle and kind but, in reality, is a beast. Kousuke loves this Shiba-chan but will his chastity be safe?! 2) Only You Would Steal me Away (Kimi Dake ga Boku wo Ubaisaru) : story of Kousuke's brother and best friend. 3) The King's Lens (Ousama no
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Kagi 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.6 : How's The Lozenge? [Kagi - Key Epilogue]

142 Jan 20,16 Mochizuki Karin

Consists of a volume with various oneshots. Hattori's in love with his best friend Kameda but shuts out his feelings because he doesn't want to destroy their friendship. But what happens to the lock he put on his heart when a girl Kameda likes makes an appearance...?! Aside from "Kagi - Key" this book also contains the one shots "Alkaloid", "Breath", "Night, Midnight" and "Dogs and Summer Clot
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Kagome 3



126 Jan 20,16 Dr.ten

When a young master’s father unexpectedly passes away, he knew he wouldn‘t be free from the madness his father left behind. His father’s eccentric tastes led him to buy and raise his very own lover and now that he has died his father’s lover is to be his responsibility. Old wounds are torn open and the painful past resurface once again.
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Kaibutsu Ouji 5

Kaibutsu Ouji

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Bye Bye Mizuhara

140 Jan 20,16 Motoni Modoru

1) Sambika: In a far country ruled by a beautiful Duke who seems to have formed a peculiar relationship with his right hand, Lord Yuri, there are cases of unexplained deaths... they would involve a vampire according to the spreading rumour. ~ Pg. 3-35 2) Killing Moon ~ Pg. 37-76 3) Life of the Machine: Koreya Takane, a famous scientist, had enough of the constant obligations required by his
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Kami no Kodomo 4.6

Kami No Kodomo

Vol.1 Ch.11 : Judgement

509 Jan 20,16 Nishioka Kyoudai

The twisted and deeply disturbing tale of a psychopathic serial killer...
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Kanojo ga Tonda Hi 5

Kanojo Ga Tonda Hi

Vol.1 Ch.4.5 : The Road Home Lit By Evening Lights

131 Jan 20,16 Teshirogi Shiori

Drawn from the heart, a collection of sketches about the problems of our time. “Recruiting those who want to finish it and die, but feel sad doing it alone…” Fed up with everything, Mie posted a notice on an Internet Bulletin Board and found suicide-partners. Four boys and girls were gathered together because of their ties to death. And then…?!
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Chaos;HEAd 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 11 : (End)

288 Jan 20,16 Nitro+

Chaos;Head's story is set in 2008 in Shibuya and is centered around Takumi Nishij?, a high school student at the private Suimei Academy, and the strange and brutal murders that have recently occurred in the Shibuya area, known as the "New Generation" (????????????) Madness. The story begins on September 28 with Takumi talking to an online friend called Grim (??? Gurimu?). Grim is trying to bring T
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Chaos;HEAd - Blue Complex 5

Chaos;head - Blue Complex

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : A Chance Encounter

172 Jan 20,16 5pb,Nitroplus

Takumi is a high school student. He is withdrawn and is not interested in 3D things. In his town, a mysterious serial murder case happens and people get panicked. One day, when he chats on the internet, a man suddenly contacts him and gives him an URL. He goes to the website and finds a blog image that suggests a next murder case... On the next day, it really happens... Takumi Nishijo suffers f
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Toxic 5


Ch.15 : End

233 Jan 20,16 Takahashi Ryo

From Hyper Parfait: After World War III, the Führer established the Unified World Government. Anything considered as damaging to the creation of the “Perfect World” is eliminated, such as people with disabilities, believers of a different religion, those that are considered as “traitors”, and so on. The Black Rose is the personal protection guard unit of the Führer. Luka Ogami, the top gradu
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Charisma (ISHIHARA Satoru) 4.7

Charisma (Ishihara Satoru)

Vol.1 Ch.1.1

127 Jan 20,16 Ishihara Satoru

From Translated Treasures: It is a multi-perspective story following several different characters. The central character is Archer Rogue. Archer's entire family is a bit off-kilter. His father Ed is bi-polar due to physical abuse from his father as a child. As a result, he beats Archer at times ("for his own good"), or swings to a scared, child-like persona and is incapable of even feeding hims
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Uzumaki 4.6


Ch.20 : Lost Chapter#galaxies

14.6K Jan 20,16 Itou Junji

Kurôzu-cho, a small fogbound town on the coast of Japan, is cursed. According to Shuichi Saito, the withdrawn boyfriend of teenager Kirie Goshima, their town is haunted not by a person or being but by a pattern: uzumaki, the spiral, the hypnotic secret shape of the world. It manifests itself in small ways: seashells, ferns, whirlpools in water, whirlwinds in air. And in large ways: the spira
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Variante 4.7


Vol.4 Ch.19 : Requiem For The World

445 Jan 20,16 Sugimoto Iqura

[From SnowKiss]: Aiko should be dead, but when she awakes in a secret hospital, she has no recollection of what happened that night until a monster showed up and her memories flood back. Her arm changed into a powerful weapon similar to the monster, a chimera arm. The secret organization Atheos asked her to help them fight off the chimeras. An accident happened that led Aiko to understand ho
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xxxHOLiC 4.8


Vol.19 Ch.213

4.6K Jan 20,16 Ohkawa Ageha,Clamp

Watanuki Kimihiro is a high school student plagued by yokai and ayakashi – spirits with a strong attraction to him. The spirits are invisible to others and encounters with them are extremely troublesome. When he stumbles into a shop that grants wishes, however, events in his life promise to become more unusual. The shop is owned by Yuuko Ichihara – a mysterious and beautiful (sometimes
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Kawa Yori mo Nagaku Yuruyaka ni 4.6

Kawa Yori Mo Nagaku Yuruyaka Ni

Vol.2 Chapter 11 : Let's Aim For A-Rank

188 Jan 20,16 Yoshida Akimi

Toshi is your regular senior high student, except in the evenings when he's a bartender at a joint frequented by American servicemen, where he deals drugs, pimps, and even cross-dresses a little on the side. And his best friend Miyuki just happens to be the son of a loan shark with gay tendencies. If this sounds like the hardboiled world of Yoshida's later and most well-known work Banana Fish, it'
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Yami no Purple Eye 4.6

Yami No Purple Eye

Vol.12 Ch.47 : Volume 12, Part 4: Goodbye, My Black Shadow [End]

880 Jan 20,16 Shinohara Chie

From Aerandria Scans: Rinko is an ordinary girl who was born with a mysterious birthmark on her left arm. But when that mark starts to get darker, strange accidents begin to happen everywhere around her, involving even the people she cares about. What will the powerful magic awakening inside Rinko bring her? In 1987, Purple Eyes in the Dark was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award for the shou
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Udagawachou de Mattete yo. 4.7

Udagawachou De Mattete Yo.

Ch.7 : Movie Special

406 Jan 20,16 Hideyoshico

While walking around the streets, Momose stumbled upon his classmate cross-dressing as a girl. Ever since then, he couldn’t help but to take notice of him in school…
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