DD Fist of the North Star 5

Dd Fist Of The North Star

Vol.4 Chapter 27: Hokuto And Nanto's One-Day War!!

5 Jan 05,24 Hara Tetsuo, Kajio, Buronson

**"In the year 199X… The world was NOT engulfed by the flames of nuclear war!"** Bat is your ordinary college student, working several part-time jobs to get by. But all that changes once his friend, Lin, brings in a man named Kenshiro to work at his convenience store. Bat quickly grows to hate Kenshiro - but unfortunately for him, that's just the beginning of many wacky adventures… And a
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Henkyou no Yakushi, Miyako de S Rank Boukensha to naru 4.7

Henkyou No Yakushi, Miyako De S Rank Boukensha To Naru

Chapter 3: The Duke's Request

1.1K Jan 01,24 Ibarakino

Leaf has been enjoying a peaceful life in his village at the farthest end of the country, but everything gets turned upside down when his fiancée betrays him, robbing him of his home, work, and everything he cherishes. Wandering around, lost on what to do next, he encounters a distinguished lady in peril who will change his life forever! Using the cheat-like power of medicine and drugs the world s
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Peach Blossom Luck 4.1

Peach Blossom Luck

Chapter 6

51 Dec 26,23 Manke Culture

Peach Blossom LuckA young prodigy who cultivated in both differences, embarked on a life journey of passionate struggle to open a harem because of an admission letter. With whom will the ignorant teenager with perfect peach blossom skills erase the spark of love? How many unknown masters and secrets are hidden in the Longwu School, which symbolizes the temple of martial arts training? Watching the
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Be My Sugar Baby 3.8

Be My Sugar Baby

Chapter 9: I Told You I’D Just Stay Here

536 Dec 25,23 TJI

After returning to my hometown, my first order of business is to go on dating apps and meet strangers.” After an anonymous hook-up, Dr. Hall and Dr. Winter suddenly became co-workers! Winter would rather forget about it, but Hall is more than interested in picking up where they left off. When Hall offers to be Winter’s sugar daddy, will he be able to resist this temptation?“$100.000 for each m
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Yuusha Ikkou ni Senzokui 4.9

Yuusha Ikkou Ni Senzokui

37 Dec 13,23 Aozora Choco

Takuma Uzuki, the "tragic doctor" who lost the use of his right arm in an accident, wanders into another world while chasing a white cat that has wandered into the hospital. There, in a structure called "The Bastard of Disaster," he encounters a strange figure...!
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Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai 4.3

Jui-San No Oshigoto In Isekai

Chapter 55

21.3K Dec 05,23 oku Choko, Risu

Dragged by the quarrel between brother of a count of a certain remote region. Kazami Shingo (風見心悟) was summoned into another world. The purpose for that summoning was “to make the territory prosperous”. To sum it up, it the typical summoned into another world thingy —- so was what Kazami thought at the time.「But, I’m only a mere veterinarian.」However, never underestimate a
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The Dark Doctor Ikuru 4.8

The Dark Doctor Ikuru

Chapter 17.5

173 Nov 29,23 Hechii

A catastrophic event has thrust the world into an age where disease begets disease. Ostracized for his unconventional treatment methods, the dark Doctor Ikuru is stricken with an immortalizing disease. On a desperate mission to die, he must save a world desperate to live. This medical science-fiction adventure will go to the very edge of humanity and back in one man's search for an ending to his s
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Ayako 3


Vol.2 Chapter 4: Mask (Version 2)

8 Nov 23,23 Ikeda Etsuko

Ayako is a young girl of wealthy family, but in her past hides a terrible secret: her real mother had been raped in prison by a mysterious hideous creature, resulting in her birth. Ayako is perpetually chased by Dr. Ogata, who is trying to expose her demonic origins. The work remained incomplete, consisting of six independent chapters.
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Yasuko Aoike Collection 3

Yasuko Aoike Collection

Vol.5 Chapter 4: Vampire

11 Nov 04,23 Aoike Yasuko

Compilation containing many of Yasuko Aoike's famous early works including:- Volume 1 - **(** (アクアマリン), 1976 - Terence Reid, a young novelist, is invited to the outskirts of London by his old friend Gil Kane. At the castle of Thomas Barrymore, who is said to have been a vicious criminal in the past, Terence meets Aquamarine, a beautiful bo
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I'm the Only One With Genius DNA 4.6

I'm The Only One With Genius Dna

Chapter 120

47.5K Oct 17,23 Im Ido,Ji Un-seong

A status window appeared in front of Ryu Young-jun, a researcher at a pharmaceutical company. Rosalin’s status window, an artificial cell that knows everything about biology.
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Son-In-Law Above Them All 4.2

Son-In-Law Above Them All

Chapter 291

63.9K Oct 09,23 Second Week Comics , ErZhouMu , 二周目漫画

Qin Li, whose parents have disappeared, has been practicing silently for ten years after receiving the secret exercises of the mysterious old man. After marrying Chu Qingyin who is a sexy wife, he tasted the warmth of the world. After ten years of success, he began to counterattack!
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Doctor A 2.1

Doctor A

Vol.1 Chapter 13: I Am Moving As Well (Arc's Finale)

50 Oct 03,23 AntonioIII

A Strange Doctor who keeps getting lost… i mean, travels through a Mystical world attending to all kinds of creatures. Would you let this disconcerting Doctor examine you?
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Skid Mark 3.7

Skid Mark

Chapter 14

1.6K Sep 06,23 Neko, Purple Cotton

Doctor Lee Siyoon, is unable to fully accept Kang Taesung, whom he has been seeing for over a year decides to break up with him, due to the trauma that left a deep impression in his heart and thinking that he can’t hurt him anymore. And when they met again 3 years later, he finds out that Taesung doesn’t remember him at all.Taesung, who competes in motorcycle races for the backroom deals of th
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Reyn: Angel of Freedom 5

Reyn: Angel Of Freedom

10 Sep 05,23 Erlance

Betrayal, hidden identities, family secrets. Left alone after her mother's murder, Reyn struggles to accept her wings, and searches for truth in a world that wants her dead. But the more she discovers, the more she begins to fear herself. Her brother has all the answers, but he disappears that same night. Can Reyn find him before the world discovers who she really is?
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Boku no Tsuma wa Hattatsu Shougai 4.5

Boku No Tsuma Wa Hattatsu Shougai

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Employment

133 Aug 30,23 Kameyama Satoshi

(MTL)I, Satoru Kitayama (30), am a manga artist's assistant. My wife, Chika (32), is developmentally disabled. The two of us have many problems in our lives, but we manage to live our lives in harmony.
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Haibaiyoushi Mizuiro 3.7

Haibaiyoushi Mizuiro

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Person Who Hears Voices

11 Aug 24,23 Okazaki Mari

An embryologist, using a microscope, uses sperm to fertilize an eggs with their own hands to bring human life into this world. Ayumu Mizusawa is a genderless, genius embryologist who likes fishing and helping couples bring life to this earth.
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Super Doctor K 4.6

Super Doctor K

Vol.17 Chapter 146: A Virtual Balance Report

4.4K Jul 23,23 Mafune Kazuo

Doctor K is a doctor with exceptional skill. Graduated from a top-tier, high profile medical college, instead of working in a hospital or running his own clinic, he prefers to live his life wandering around to treat people in needs of help.
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A Story About Being Reborn as a Baby (Pre-Serialization) 4.3

A Story About Being Reborn As A Baby (Pre-Serialization)

Chapter 6

211 Jul 23,23 Chacha Kiniro

A salaryman (age 23) dies and meets a goddess, who laments his early passing and offers him a chance at reincarnation. No more than a few seconds later is he brought into the world once more as a newborn baby (age 0).At first, he thinks it's going to be great to have a jump-start on life. But it turns out that being a baby is harder than he expected?Originally posted on Twitter.
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I Spread Immortality All Over the World 4.5

I Spread Immortality All Over The World

Chapter 20: Last Chapter (Series Being Dropped By

1.7K Jul 08,23 琪漫文化

"Ding! There are still ten years left before the recovery of the monsters!" Su Yang listened to the voice in his ear with a very serious expression. He knew that there were only ten years left before the monsters invaded, but now, the whole world is full of ordinary people. There is no power to bind chickens. Ten years later, human beings can't prevent the recovery of demons at all. Fortunately, h
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Otanko Nurse 2.9

Otanko Nurse

Chapter 35.3: The End

127 Jul 06,23 Sasaki Noriko

Greenhorn nurse Yukie has a strong heart and a quick temper, quickly becoming a dangerous nurse prone to creating accidents. This is the diary of her growth.
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Innai Keisatsu Asclepius no Hebi 2.8

Innai Keisatsu Asclepius No Hebi

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Gift Of God

111 Jul 02,23 SAKAI Tsutomu, HAYASHI Ichi

Asugure General Hospital has an "in-hospital police box," which is still not very common in Japan. Kawamoto is hired as a clerical worker at the police box, but there he finds a mysterious in-hospital detective, Murai, who seems to have a reason for being there! Meanwhile, a cold and genius surgeon, Sakakibara, returns to Japan from overseas. The days of the "Shuraba" begin...!Genius surgeon vs. A
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Free Life of a Leisurely Otherworldly Person – I’m Not a Hero, So I’ll Do Whatever I Want 4.7

Free Life Of A Leisurely Otherworldly Person – I’M Not A Hero, So I’Ll Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 6

2.1K May 30,23 FUJIMORI Fukurou , MURAMATSU Mayu

Shinichi Sagara, a black corporate warrior. After overcoming a nightmare of consecutive workdays, he finally got on a bus to return home, but unexpectedly, he got transferred to a different world. A young goddess on her knees, “I’m so sorry! I’m sorry! I am really sorry!!” The story unfolded with a climax. I escaped from the country that treats the otherworlders like company s*aves and set out for
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Black Jack M 4.6

Black Jack M

Vol.2 Chapter 6: One Hour To Death

180 May 23,23 Tezuka Osamu, Midori Yukako, Hosoma Shin-ichi, Kazama Hiroko, Akino Matsuri, Omai Kiriko, Suzuki Yuka, Ochazuke Nori, Yoshikawa Utata, Kakinouchi Narumi

Part 2 of the Black Jack celebration. Featuring one-shots by Shojo and Josei mangaka.
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