Mobile Suit Gundam Aggressor 4.4

Mobile Suit Gundam Aggressor

Chapter 106

1.1K Apr 12,24 Daichi Banjo

Set during the Universal Century’s One Year War, this story followers exiled soldiers from Zeon join the Earth Federation Space Force (E.F.S.F.) and form a unit called "Aggressor."
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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Define 3.8

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Define

Chapter 94: Strategy 10

1K Apr 12,24 Hajime Yatate

Universal Century 0087, seven years after the end of the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. Ensign Reccoa Londe has provided the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) with information regarding possible mobile suit development at the civilian colonies of Green Noa. Lieutenant Quattro (Char Aznable) with his wingmen Lieutenant JGs Apolly (Andy) and Roberto (Ricardo) hea
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy 5

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Wildcat Can't Sleep

19 Apr 12,24 Takagi Shuuei

The "Noisy Fairy Squadron, a secret unit under the direct control of Kycilia Zabi of the Principality of Zeon, is deployed somewhere in the North American continent. With only female members, they fight in the One Year War against the Earth Federation Forces. They are forced to face the unreasonableness of war and the bonds with their comrades...
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Transistor Teaset 3.6

Transistor Teaset

Vol.3 Chapter 23: The Summer, The Swimsuits, And The Valve Radio

526 Apr 11,24 Yoshimi Sato

This story is about a girl named Handa Suzu who runs a store by herself while making a living off of the money she earns. One of her distant relatives used to own that store before he passed away. When Suzu was younger she had a child hood friend named Midori that went overseas with her parents. One day she goes out to town with and receives a phone call from someone unexpected…
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There is no true peace in this world -Shin Kamen Rider SHOCKER SIDE- 4.5

There Is No True Peace In This World -Shin Kamen Rider Shocker Side-

Vol.5 Chapter 47: Chain Of Loss

639 Apr 11,24 Yamada Kyuuri

A completely original manga project spun-off from *Shin Kamen Rider* directed by Anno Hideaki! A dark hero rising story by a superb production team depicting the biggest enemy in *Shin Kamen Rider* and *SHOCKER*!
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Ultraman Nexus 5

Ultraman Nexus

Chapter 5

102 Apr 11,24 Tsuburaya Productions

*Based on the 2004 Tokusatsu TV series Ultraman Nexus*TLT is a covert international anti-monster unit, established secretly to combat the Space Beasts, mysterious monsters that are out to attack humans in the year 2009. One of the TLT's new recruits, Kazuki Komon, is attacked by one of them prior to reporting for duty. However, he is saved by a silver giant that he names "Ultraman". What no on
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Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hachigakari 4.6

Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hachigakari

Vol.1 Chapter 5: File 5

292 Apr 11,24 Kouhei Ueda

Set in a part of Tokyo that has descended into a quagmire, the story follows Unit 8 of the 5th Special Public Security Section's 3rd Mobile Assault Division, popularly called "The Eighth," who don powered armor "Willwear" exoskeletons to counter the rise in crime. Assistant inspector Asami Kazari is assigned to The Eighth with the task of assessing the unit'
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Mobile War History Gundam Burai 4.7

Mobile War History Gundam Burai

Vol.4 Chapter 20: Episode 20

186 Apr 02,24 Tomino Yoshiyuki , Isobe, Kazuma , Yatate Hajime

About a samurai who battles with large armor called Tetsuki or iron machines. The story follows a teen named Kotetsu Kisaragi, who meets the daughter of an ironsmith named Suzuno. At her home, he witnesses a suspicious group of evil demons that threaten her.
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo - Vanadis Heart 3.5

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei No Majo - Vanadis Heart

Chapter 9

115 Mar 31,24 Yoneyama Kouzou

Read Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo - Vanadis Heart on mangabuddy
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Mobile Suit Gundam: The battle tales of Flanagan Boone 4.4

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Battle Tales Of Flanagan Boone

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Mad Angler Vi - Resurface

78 Mar 29,24 Oonogi Hiroshi

A new tragic tale from the "One Year War" unfolds. Flanagan Boone, a Zeon soldier, trained under his beloved Commander Garma Zabi, but then, the Gundam, the "White Devil of the Federation," appeared... A new One Year War begins from the perspective of Flanagan Boone, who appeared in the famous episode "Across the Atlantic Ocean" (Episode 28) of the "Mobile Suit Gundam" anime!
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RoboPon 4.3


Vol.2 Chapter 17: From Now On, Always

34 Mar 29,24 Tamori Ha Taru

Based on the video game of the same name by Hudson Soft & Red Company, this manga follows the story of a boy who finds a robot and uses him to battle against other robots.Note: Numbering is based on both Greatest and Specialist Editions (combines 1 & 2)
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Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story - Missing Link 4.4

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story - Missing Link

Vol.1 Chapter 5: You Traitor

21 Mar 29,24 Yoshiyuki Tomino, Tomohiro Chiba, Nakamura Koujirou, Hajime Yatate

In the midst of the Universal Century’s raging One Year War, there is a shadowy unit that purges the Federation of wrongdoers! The long-awaited first volume of the manga adaptation of the Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden Missing Link from the popular game "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories" by Namco Bandai Games!
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Manga Academy 5

Manga Academy

2 Mar 28,24 Jeffanime

In the not so distant future Manga and Anime has grown and evolved with new innovations in technology. Many manga schools abound but among them sits the most prestigious of all Manga Academy. Many aspiring manga artist come here to make it big and among them a young man named Yuta is about to realize his destiny.
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Brave Universe Sworgrader 4.8

Brave Universe Sworgrader

Chapter 4: Vs Saint Of Braves Baan Gaan! You Only Lose If You Give Up! (Part 1)

41 Mar 28,24 Yonetani Yoshitomo

The story revolves around Taira Yunokami a boy in fifth grade that helps his father run a food truck. One day, he meets a famished girl in a park on his way to school. After helping the girl, the city is suddenly attacked by Glutton, an inter-dimensional threat that endangers the world. Amidst the chaos Sworg, a young member of the Space Administration Bureau Braver saves both Taira and the gi
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Gundam Reconguista in G 4.1

Gundam Reconguista In G

Vol.3 Chapter 12: Capital Tower Occupied

16 Mar 28,24 Tomino Yoshiyuki

Set in the Regild Century, the era set after the Universal Century, follow the adventures of a pilot trainee named Bellri Zenam in the Capital Guard, an organization protecting a space elevator.
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Mobile Suit Gundam Pulitzer - Amuro Ray Beyond the Aurora 4.6

Mobile Suit Gundam Pulitzer - Amuro Ray Beyond The Aurora

Vol.3 Chapter 21: Report 21: Kikka Kobayashi

124 Mar 26,24 Chihiro Oowaki

In UC0095, following the events of Char's Counterattack, Kikka Kobayashi gathers testimonies about Amuro Ray to show the world the kind of person he was.
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Me & Roboco 4.5

Me & Roboco

Chapter 178

1.3K Mar 25,24 Miyazaki Shuuhei

The year is 20XX… A time when every household owns cute maid robots known as OrderMaids. Average grade-schooler Bondo dreams of having his very own robot. But what he got was… Unable to compute!!! Life is gonna get a whole lot weirder when Roboco, the most powerful clumsy maid ever created, shows up at his door!
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The Last Summoner 4.2

The Last Summoner

Chapter 19

4.4K Mar 19,24 Bo He Ying Xiang

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Despair Memory Gundam Sequel 4.6

Despair Memory Gundam Sequel

Vol.4 Chapter 19: Jet-Black Gentian

239 Mar 16,24 Inoue Toshiki

It has been 700 years since a certain "war" in which more than half of the human race lost their lives. The Gundam, which had protected the Earth during the Great War, was no longer necessary for humankind. In such a peaceful world, there was a woman called "Bloody Kaoris". This is a story of betrayal over the lost "God" named "Gundam".
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The World of Otome Games Kindergarten is Tough for Mobs 4

The World Of Otome Games Kindergarten Is Tough For Mobs

Chapter 25: The World Of Otome Games Kindergarten Is Tough For Mobs After All (Second Part)

2.9K Mar 13,24 Oumi Noko,Yomu Mishima

Spin-off Comic from "The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs" Starts! A kindergartener mob life comedy! Even when they're tiny, they're still female chauvinists!
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Vol.2 Chapter 5: Re:5

33 Mar 06,24 Hiroe Rei

Humans have created many stories. Joy, sadness, anger, deep emotion. Stories shake our emotions, and fascinate us. However, these are only the thoughts of bystanders. But what if the characters in the story have "intentions"? To them, are we god-like existences for bringing their story into the world? Our world is changed. Mete out punishment upon the realm of the gods. In Re:Creators, every
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Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf 3

Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf

Chapter 7.5: Extra-Case01 [Assistant & Detective]

25 Mar 04,24 Shigenobu Kou, Itou Kei

U.C. 0087, amidst the three-way conflict between the Titans, the AEUG and Axis Zeon, the Titans ship Hecate, carrying a new prototype Gundam, finds itself adrift in space after an attack by the AEUG damaged the ship's propulsion system. While the Hecate was stranded in space, most of the ship's crew would succumb to the murder spree of a so-called "wearwolf".
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Space Ape Gori vs. Spectreman 4.1

Space Ape Gori Vs. Spectreman

Vol.5 Chapter 33: Final Chapter: Farewell, Spectreman.

73 Mar 03,24 Ushio Souji

(from ebookjapan):A digitally remastered version of the legendary SF manga by "Soji Ushio" the founder of P-Production, which has produced numerous tokusatsu works, and "Daiji Kazumine" a master of manga! Gori the Space Ape Man, an evil genius scientist banished from Planet E for treason, arrives on Earth. Gori is fascinated by the beauty of the Earth, but he is outraged when he sees the p
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