The Queen Of Killers 4.5

The Queen Of Killers

Chapter 4

5,329 Aug 06,20 Benming Manhua

She was the most arrogant hitwoman of the 21st century, and was unintentionally killed by her senior, and transmigrated to bingzhou continent. when she opened her eyes, she crawled out of the pond, and threw the woman who hurt her into the pond for a bath. she also met a cold and arrogant beautiful man, as she looked at his disdaining expression… she will forever remember what this cold and
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Saikawa Fusai no Renai Jijou - Nananen Jikkuri 4.5

Saikawa Fusai No Renai Jijou - Nananen Jikkuri

Chapter 6.5: Extra Scene

35,144 Aug 14,20 TOYAMA Monaka,KARASUMA Kanatsu

[from cotton candy scans] He’s super doting at work but sadistic when in private; the true nature of my colleague who’s great at his job is... Hanamura Mitsuki and Saikawa Chiaki, age 29, both work at an advertising firm. They’re called the “Saikawa Married Couple” by everyone around them because of the way they work in perfect synchrony after bein
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Cheat skill 4.7

Cheat Skill "shisha Sosei" Ga Kakusei Shite Inishieno Maougun Wo Fukkatsu Sasete Shimaimashita ~Dare Mo Shinasenai Saikyou Hiiro~

Chapter 2

39,008 Jul 29,20 Risumai,Hanyuu

Licht, a young man who has the special ability, [Resurrection], makes his living as a member of an S -Rank Adventurer's Party.  However, the King, who feared his power, ordered his comrades to betray him, and in the end, executed him in an unfair manner. But Licht, who was fortunate enough to be revived because of his own skill, now swears to carry out his reveng
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Spy Room 4.4

Spy Room

Chapter 3: 「Cooperation」 First Part

3,063 Jul 29,20 Takemachi,Seu Kaname

A world where wars are fought with spies. With a mission success rate of 100%, the remarkable, yet rather difficult to deal with, spy Klaus is being tasked with an almost impossible mission by the agency, harboring an insane 90% chance of failure and death…which for some reason involves eight inexperienced girls?!
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Fighting Spirit Mainland 4.6

Fighting Spirit Mainland

Chapter 4

7,685 Aug 15,20 Eat Nest Head + Whale Reading Every Day

waste? Unable to awaken the waste wood of the fighting soul? Shame of the Luo family? The biggest joke in Wuling County? He smiled! Clan’s scorn, father’s aversion, outsider’s sarcasm, family regrets, family abandonment, he realized! Fighting soul continent, the strongest is respected! Fist is the last word of this world! When the talents o
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Baki Gaiden: Kizudzura 4.6

Baki Gaiden: Kizudzura

Chapter 1: Hanayama, 15 Years Old

2,208 Jul 28,20 Itagaki Keisuke,Yukinao Yamauchi

The Adventures of the most dangerous Yazuka in high school, 15 years old Hanayama Kaoru!! This is a spin-off of the Baki series, showing the school years of the character Hanayama.
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Suicide Girl 4.8

Suicide Girl

Chapter 2

7,173 Jul 28,20 Nakayama Atsushi

A story where a girl of light fights against the darkness of the world.
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Oda Nobunaga to Iu Nazo no Shokugyo ga Mahou Kenshi yori Cheat Dattanode, Oukoku wo Tsukuru Koto ni Shimashita 4.3

Oda Nobunaga To Iu Nazo No Shokugyo Ga Mahou Kenshi Yori Cheat Dattanode, Oukoku Wo Tsukuru Koto Ni Shimashita

Chapter 5.2

12,782 Jul 30,20 Morita Kisetsu

The young Arsrod (Arusuroddo), is eagerly waiting for the day that he’s granted a “job” in the temple. In this world when one reaches adulthood, they are granted “jobs” like swordsman or magician by divine revelation, among them the one said to be the strongest is magic swordsman. Arsrod is the illegitimate second son of a small feudal lord, and the seat is alre
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I, Who Blocked the Demon King's Ultimate Attack, Ended up as the Little Hero's Nanny! 4.2

I, Who Blocked The Demon King's Ultimate Attack, Ended Up As The Little Hero's Nanny!

Chapter 13: Jenny & Lapis

38,109 Aug 16,20 Cang Hai Yi Li

"The strongest shield" teams up with "the weakest carry"! Watch as this pair of oddballs rely on their survivability to grind enemies to death and lead comfortable lives in this world where every man is out for himself!
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Rooftop Sword Master 4.8

Rooftop Sword Master

Chapter 30

794,154 Aug 07,20 Ui-Kwon Kim

A boy who is bullied, and forsaken, is chosen by a sword that falls from the sky. Um garoto que é intimidado e abandonado é escolhido por uma espada que cai do céu.
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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Kuzunoha Raidou Tai Kodokuno Marebito 4.6

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Kuzunoha Raidou Tai Kodokuno Marebito

Vol.6 Chapter 32: Decisive Battle

39,197 Aug 15,20 Atlus,Ra-sen

Narumi Detective Agency is where the people of old Japan go to for mysterious and supernatural cases. But Narumi is just the face of the operation and the real hero is Kuzunoha Raido, the devil summoner. As a devil summoner, Raido can call upon many different demons to assist him in solving cases that deal with other demons causing harm in the human world. Lately, there have been a surge of cases
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Mechanical Marie 4.8

Mechanical Marie

Chapter 0

2,425 Jul 27,20 Akimoto Aki

Marie gets hired to be a maid. But not just any maid... A robot maid!? How will she get through her new life pretending to be an emotionless mechanical maid? A manga full of comedy and romance! Starts with a one-shot, and has been officially serialized in LALA magazine.
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Hasla 4.6


Chapter 1.3

1,052 Aug 10,20 Carlos

If you save 7 lives, you're allowed to murder one person in the city of Hasla. DoJin dreams of the perfect revenge... by becoming a "Samaritan" in Hasla, the city of blood.
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The Devil of the Gods 4.7

The Devil Of The Gods

Chapter 1: I Saw The Devil

7,516 Jul 26,20 Kozo Takahashi,Saimura Tsukasa

A mysterious man butchers his way through a busy train car in Tokyo. This marks the starting point of a series of mysterious incidents.  Renji Amamiya is attacked by Toriko, a prostitute with whom he is in love with, but he is saved by father Mitakura, a renowned exorcist who reveals to him the existence of demons...
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Gunbured igx Sisters8 4.4

Gunbured Igx Sisters8

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Going For A Walk

14,844 Aug 15,20 Mitogawa Wataru

The manga is set in a world where, beginning with vampires, the supernatural world has been exposed to the public. Dorothy, a member of the Red Sisters clergy group that hunts down supernatural beings, has a fateful encounter with a blood-drenched woman named Maria.
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Handyman Saitou In Another World 3.4

Handyman Saitou In Another World

Chapter 4

12,678 Aug 14,20 Tuan Yu

The World-class agent opened a shop in the night market?! Apart from common folks, my old enemies, friends and even their daughters drop by for a meal!? I, Li Cheung, welcome everyone, but if ya’ll gonna pull a scheme, then don’t blame me for being uncourteous.
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The Revenge of the Soul Eater 4.1

The Revenge Of The Soul Eater

0 Jul 25,20 Gyokuto

The Mitsurugi household was given the important task of guarding the demon gate by the emperor. Sora Mitsurugi, who was the heir of the family, was called on to take the trial ceremony at the age of thirteen. He has to overcome the trial in order to learn the phantom blade style that was passed down the Mitsurugi household from generation to generation. The other seven pupils of
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I'm Not a Villainess!! Just Because I Can Control Darkness Doesn't Mean I'm a Bad Person! 4.6

I'm Not A Villainess!! Just Because I Can Control Darkness Doesn't Mean I'm A Bad Person!

Chapter 10

81,834 Jul 25,20 Otonashi Satsuki

Due to a certain incident, Sakura's life ended abruptly. To think her life amounted to this... Though depressed for a brief moment, she soon realized she'd reincarnated into the world of a novel she once read! Even so, the person she reincarnated as was none other than the villainess, Claudia. Under the divine protection of the Dark Spirit King, she finds herself
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Doomsday Girlfriend: My Backyard Leads to Doomsday 4.4

Doomsday Girlfriend: My Backyard Leads To Doomsday

Chapter 38

257,470 Aug 15,20 传奇漫业

A ring that can freely travel between the world and the end of the world was picked up by Song Chao. The food of the world is more valuable than gold in the end of the world, and more coincidentally, there is nothing in the end of the world, just more gold! This time Song Chao made a big hit! He took a tomato from his refrigerator and sold it for ten kilograms of gold! You can even exchange food f
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Vampyre 4.6


Chapter 3

1,323 Jul 25,20 Haku

Blood mages are part of the seven deadly sins and are known for their cruel and ruthless behavior, so much so that the world hunts and despises their mere existence. Dion and Mana never had it easy being born as blood mages. But despite that, Dion keeps pursuing his dream, a dream that could change the world forever. Does their struggle someday lead to a better future, or will their tainted magica
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Imperial Nian Masters 4.3

Imperial Nian Masters

Chapter 5

5,753 Jul 25,20 Hangzhou Manchao Studio

The ancient Imperial Nian Technique has roots traced to the various supernatural techniques, such as the Five Elements, Yin-Yang, and Feng Shui. The people who practices this technique are called Imperial Nian masters. In this world, the Imperial Nian masters are the symbol of evil. The main character, Zong Tian Yi, is one of the young Imperial Nian masters secretly training in the mountains, and
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Dog Nigga 2.9

Dog Nigga

Vol.2 Chapter 10: Three Dogs

24,543 Aug 15,20 Dh Animations

Rex is a half man half dog. He was created when a drunk old man forced himself on a stray female dog in the street. Because of his father, Rex has to live his life as a freak rejected by society. So one day... he’s gonna find that man, and r*pe HIM.
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Dark Blood Age 4

Dark Blood Age

Chapter 22

74,533 Aug 13,20 天下飘火

A mysterious natural phenomenon caused the Earth to be plunged into darkness. The world turned into endless bloody chaos and mankind is on the brink of extinction… Chu Yun Sheng, an ordinary white-collar worker, discovered his family heirloom, a book, shining a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the book. After long research, he still on
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Dragon Claw 4.8

Dragon Claw

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Food

11,389 Aug 01,20 JIA

As long as humanity can remember, they have been terrorized by gigantic creatures and terrifying monsters. On the brink of extinction, they have gathered on the last remaining continent still under their control and have managed to stabilize. But what happens when that balance gets out of control? A young member of the wind-clan gets caught up in this struggle for surviva
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