Imiko to Yobareta Shoukanshi 4.7

Imiko To Yobareta Shoukanshi

Chapter 1.1

7,629 Aug 10,20 Ryokuoushoku Yasai (Parsley),Koishi,Koyo Mitsuki

There is a world where there is no end to those who seek spirits and those who hunt spirits. In this world, there was a baby who was abandoned by his real parents as a detester to black hair and black eyes. The name of this child is Wilm. Picked up by the spirits, he grew into a summoner who protects his beloved sisters and the beloved village. "I won't tolerate the gu
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The Iceblade Magician Rules Over the World 4.7

The Iceblade Magician Rules Over The World

Chapter 5: That's Why

9,689 Aug 11,20 Sasaki Norihito,Mikoshiba Nana

The Arnold Magic Academy, a prestigious school that has produced a lot of great wizards. One boy, Ray White, decided to attend as the only wizard from an ordinary family. He is surrounded by students from aristocratic families and magicians who distance themselves from him. But people don't know. He is a person who has made a lot of achievements in the previous Far East fight, and now he is sa
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I Am Not Your Enemy 4.7

I Am Not Your Enemy

Chapter 1: It Will Happen When It's Time

872 Aug 10,20 Bo Jiang

Mi Yo-Chu, the second daughter of the general, was betrayed and killed by the Ding Palace's prince, Su Bu-Xiao, and her personal maid in her previous life and gets a chance to be reborn. "This time, I will protect those dear to me and not repeat the same mistakes twice." Despite that, she gets into the same scenario as when she fell for Su Bu-Xiao in her past life. Though this time,
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Fairy Tail Gaiden - Raigou Issen 3.5

Fairy Tail Gaiden - Raigou Issen

Chapter 9

8,603 Aug 10,20 Shibano Kyouta

Following the disbandment of Fairy Tail, Laxus and the Thunder Tribe turn up at the door of Blue Pegasus, seeking to join the guild. Even though they are accepted, the environment is different from Fairy Tail: not only is it a guild, but also a host club. Before they can settle in, Ichiya is kidnapped by the rival guild Red Princess! Laxus and the Thunder Tribe set out to rescue Ichiya from the cl
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Super Aleste 4.7

Super Aleste

Chapter 3: Air Force 00

454 Aug 09,20 Muneo Kubo,Sami Okazaki

An unknown alien enemy attacks the Earth and the armies on Earth must try to hold off the invasion. It is based on the story for the SNES shoot-em up game Super Aleste.
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Isekai Cheat Kaitakuki 4.5

Isekai Cheat Kaitakuki

Chapter 1: Anyd Is Here To Recover His Magical Power!

24,246 Aug 08,20 Morisu Nakamura,FAAST,Minori FUYUZORA

I was living a life of a NEET, and I was supposed to have died suddenly because of my daily indolence - but when I woke up, I had become a baby. It seems that I was reincarnated in another world where magic exists. I was born the son of a lord in a remote village, and began to lead a second life with my beautiful mother Kara, my big-breasted maid and nanny Ruina, and my beautiful sister Amelia, wh
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Phoenix Descends From Above 4.4

Phoenix Descends From Above

Chapter 6

6,858 Aug 10,20 Updating

JunAoHuang, the number one female of all, got into the body of a Miss of the Feng Family that got her identity stolen and life taken away by her trusted servant. Now we will show you what a really Miss of the family is like! Did the ex husband do this for power? Breaking people’s knees and destroying their glory! Once undefeated and respected by all, now facing royal uncles that are nothing
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Who said I’m the boss 4.6

Who Said I’M The Boss

Chapter 1

2,517 Aug 07,20 大行道动漫

Li Qiyue, only wanted to get married, but with the special ability to refine his daily necessities into magic weapons, he ended up beginning his career as a refiner instead… But wait, why is the protection bureaus main job beating people up? Why did his girlfriend dump him to save the world? And most importantly who said he was the boss? (this might be a bad description, but Chinese isn&rsq
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Tang Yin in Another Realm II: The Rise of Feng Nation 4.4

Tang Yin In Another Realm Ii: The Rise Of Feng Nation

Chapter 2

7,692 Aug 10,20 Cloud Comics,云端漫画

The assassin Tang Yin, who had transmigrated to another world, relied on his decisive and determined heart to sit on the throne as the king of Feng Nation, but two days after he became king, he was met with an assassination attempt. The mysterious Ling Wu Academy, the superpower nation Zhen Nation, and the Hao Tian Empire appeared one after another. In the midst of many crisis and obstacles, how d
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Female General and Eldest Princess 4.9

Female General And Eldest Princess

Chapter 1

913 Aug 07,20 请君莫笑

In order to survive in troubled times, to avenge her loved ones, and to seek justice for the 118 people who died in her village, Lin Wanyue took the identity of Lin Feixing, her younger twin brother, to join the army, resolving to kill the all Huns in the world. The queen died in the court, leaving the sixteen-year-old princess and eight-year-old prince to depend on each other for survival. Severa
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Evil CEvil City Girlity Girl 3.9

Evil Cevil City Girlity Girl

Chapter 2

1,236 Aug 11,20 Wow Anime

The hostess Yi Xiang and her friend Qiao Mai Mai met the mysterious girl Zhong Yi, caught in the terrifying conspiracy of the ancient cult Chaos Hall to resurrect the Chaos King, so Yi Xiang also knew the other side of the world, and the beautiful girl embarked on the road to save the world!
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Prince of Daxia 4

Prince Of Daxia

Chapter 0

514 Aug 07,20 极漫文化

Ning Chen accidentally came into the Daxia Dynasty and was going became a “eunuch” at Empress Changsun’s side, coincidentally he befriended the assassin of the daxia Emperor – Gure Chengxue. He used the advanced knowledge that the ancients did not understand to break through the many dangers, all the way up to hit the face to soar to the top and become a great god of Kyushu
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Steel Fist Attack 4.5

Steel Fist Attack

Chapter 0

1,118 Aug 07,20 极漫文化

The story is about a young man named wali, wanting to live an ordinary life, but suddenly one day met the second-year boy Barr from the demon world. Since then, life has been completely disrupted and has been involved in a mysterious organization. In the conspiracy to seize their “power”. who is the sacred organization behind this series of events? Was the encounter between Wali and Ba
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Truthfully, They Only Remembered Her 4.8

Truthfully, They Only Remembered Her

Chapter 4

16,204 Aug 05,20 Ryu Heeon

“I’m leaving.” “Really? I’m sure the people who fought together with you in the war will miss you.” “Nobody will remember me. ” At the end of the war, a commoner knight, Clarence Holton, left everything behind and ran away, including the promised honor and happiness she could have received after winning the war. But– “Where the hell did C
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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II 4.3

Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka Ii

Chapter 0: The Goddess Of Bell

4,404 Aug 05,20 Oomori Fujino,Yamachi Taisei

Only "heroes" can save a captive princess. "Danmachi" has restarted. A fox person, Haruhime, is trapped in the "red light district" of the labyrinth city of Orario. Bell's fierce battle begins to save her!
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Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management 4.8

Task Force For Paranormal Disaster Management

Chapter 0: Prologue

494 Aug 04,20 Inoue Junya

A classic kaijū manga by the author of BTOOOM! Follow JSDF officers Yamato Yoshikazu and Sakimori Konoe as they face off against monsters of unknown origin that infest the troubled, disputed waters of the East Asian sea and have humans as a preferential prey!
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My Harem Depends on Drawing Cards 3.9

My Harem Depends On Drawing Cards

Chapter 4

9,664 Aug 07,20 びーびーびーといっと! 天神学園浪漫あるばむ

Genius learns to go through different worlds and become waste materials? Use the draw card to open the back road of Xueba’s harem!
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One Thousand Live Broadcast Big Local Tyrant 4.2

One Thousand Live Broadcast Big Local Tyrant

Chapter 2

1,581 Aug 09,20 哒哒猫漫画

Wang Tian, ​​who works in the martial arts hall, found a bug when he registered on a live broadcast platform after being expelled. Using the rewards in the live broadcast room, he opened the treasure chest to get cheats and swept those who once looked down on him! Martial arts, food, art, wealth! Wang Tian has everything!
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Gosam Mussang 4.7

Gosam Mussang

Chapter 7

21,564 Aug 05,20 B-gyup Dal'gung,B급달궁

1000s of years of history lies dormant in the hidden world of martial arts. Yet the struggles have never ceased and the masters emerge and fight on, now with a high school as its battleground.
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Supreme Deity 4.4

Supreme Deity

Chapter 4

8,179 Aug 03,20 大行道动漫

Li Haifeng, a teenager, accidentally broke into the mysterious tomb when he was eight years old. The yin and yang awakened the soul of Xuanyuan Luoxue, the owner of the tomb, and was possessed by Xuanyuan Luoxue. Li Haifeng was later accepted as a disciple. Ten years later…..
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A Skeleton Who Was The Brave 4.6

A Skeleton Who Was The Brave

Vol.1 Chapter 4: The Skeleton Adventurer Challenges An Underground Dungeon, Just Like An Undead Would. (Part 3)

27,828 Aug 03,20 Saeki Yousuke

Alvis, the hero, lost his life in a battle with the Demon King. However, he lived on... as a skeleton!? Ending his career as the hero who defeated the Demon King, he spent 3 years sleeping, playing and enjoying every day. However, in order to find his long time friend, Izana, he once again enrolls as an adventurer, and changes his name from Alvis to Al the Skeleton. Due to his appeara
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Tokyo Aliens 4.7

Tokyo Aliens

Chapter 0

1,793 Aug 03,20 Naoe

Gunji Akira, who has just started high school, has been chasing after his father's ghost by trying to become a police officer just like him. One day however, he has a surprise encounter with an alien while leaving school. And there begins the start of his fateful adventures with extraterrestrial life... Note: It runs in a seinen magazine and will not be BL. At most, just as
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Hereos of imjin war 4.4

Hereos Of Imjin War

Chapter 1

1,513 Aug 02,20 Lee Woo-Hyuk,Team Landscape

Two centuries after the establishment of the Joseon dynasty, a long war breaks out because of the Japanese invasion. Four beings, both human and celestial, struggle to correct the balance of the universe: Eun-dong, a boy who lost his mother to the war and is now searching for his father; Tae-eul, the Angel of Death who seeks to solve the mystery of the lost souls, the honorable 800-year-old Tiger
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Irregular Empress 4.6

Irregular Empress

Chapter 4

13,056 Aug 04,20 GEUM Naru (금나루),HAN Mint

“Do you want to live as Estella instead of Estien?” A member of the famous Arthur family that went into ruin, Estien. Estien hid his talent and lived as a regular knight but one day the crown prince offered something weird.
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