The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Who Will Become the Source of Tragedy Will Devote Herself for the Sake of the People 4.8

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Who Will Become The Source Of Tragedy Will Devote Herself For The Sake Of The People

Chapter 6

26,222 Sep 26,20 Tenichi,Matsuura Bunko

At the age of eight, I realised I had reincarnated as the nefarious last boss of an otome game, Queen Pryde.  Her fighting strength is high because she's the last boss who will fight with the capture target, and her superior cunning wits make her the most powerful first princess in a matriarchal country.  Since she brings misfortune to all that surrounds her, what awaits is a future
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Mugi-kun ni koi wo shite wa ikenai 4.6

Mugi-Kun Ni Koi Wo Shite Wa Ikenai

Chapter 1: Mugi-Kun And I

1,689 Sep 25,20 Makiboros

Yui is a 28-year-old office worker who has just moved into a share house after a break-up. There, she meets a 19-year-old boy who is a member of a band...?! What kind of turn can this love that they can't tell anyone take?
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Legend of Dragoon 4.4

Legend Of Dragoon

Chapter 0: Prologue

581 Sep 25,20 Cagiva Ataru

Following the plot of Disc One from the hit video game, "The Legend of Dragoon" is a manga taking place in the fantasy world of Endiness. Dart, a knight in red, goes off to rescue his childhood friend Shana from the clutches of Hellena prsion. After saving her and making a new friend Lavitz, a knight from the town of Basil, Dart goes to knight fort Hoax to make peace with Serdio rival na
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Until you beg so sweetly 4.3

Until You Beg So Sweetly

Chapter 5

8,674 Sep 26,20 Dibi

Time after time I see my boyfriend Haru Toen, I, Yuki Shirasaka, get anxious about these wicked thoughts brought forth within me. Being enticed with "how best to train your pet" and with discussions with my experienced friend Chiaki, I awaken to a blooming sadistic desire within... Affection and sadism, and pleasures by far--
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Gakkou Gurashi! Otayori 4.6

Gakkou Gurashi! Otayori

Chapter 2

2,365 Sep 26,20 Kaihou Norimitsu,Chiba Sadoru

A sequel set after the ending of Gakkou Gurashi! which details the aftermath of the characters.
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Amateur E-girl Streaming a Space War 4.8

Amateur E-Girl Streaming A Space War

Chapter 2

1,893 Sep 26,20 Banai,Watanabe Kouzou

On a day just like any other, a giant spaceship suddenly appeared and invaded Earth, obliterating entire cities in the blink of an eye. In the midst of the attacks, Kanna Fujimiya, amateur content creator, rose to fame overnight with her video coverage of the invasion. With her newfound popularity and charms, Kanna continues to cover the war from the front lines, but...!? This
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Sennen Kitsune 4.8

Sennen Kitsune

Chapter 3: Song Daxian Meets The Fox

1,994 Sep 23,20 Cho Rokuro

The fox who has lived for a millennium will outsmart the humans?! In China during the Jin dynasty, it's said that a millennial fox lived in the tomb of King Yan Zhao of Zhou. That fox, Guangtian, goes to meet with Zhang Hua, who was well-known for his erudition,  in order to compare his wisdom with the humans...!? A strange and h
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Himegasaki Sakurako wa Kyoumo Fubin Kawaii! 4.2

Himegasaki Sakurako Wa Kyoumo Fubin Kawaii!

Chapter 4

28,388 Sep 27,20 Yasuda Kousuke

An average romcom told from the perspective of the losing childhood friend.  Other things happen as well.
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Doreiku - GANG AGE - 3.6

Doreiku - Gang Age -

Chapter 3: Shitaya Naoto (1)

20,748 Sep 24,20 Okada Shinichi,KURODA Takayoshi

Set in the fictitious city of Greater Tokyo Ward where people using the device "SCM" that can make others into slaves. In this world you can "borrow" and become a "slave" or "lend" and become a "master"? This work is the latest in the mystery-group image drama "Slave Ward" series by Shinichi Okada, with a cumulative circulation of over 3.
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Kimi ga Niku ni Nattemo 4.3

Kimi Ga Niku Ni Nattemo

Chapter 7.5: Extras

8,604 Sep 24,20 Tokomichi

One day, Hinako comes across a piece of raw meat. That same day, her friend Maki has a strange dream. Is that real life? Or is it a dream? A story about friendship, youth and horror.
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Hell Dogs 4.7

Hell Dogs

Chapter 2: The Koutzu Group

2,950 Sep 24,20 Akio Fukamachi,Keita Iizuka

Can I kill a person as a police officer!? It's been three and a half years since I became a yakuza, and the infiltration never ends. Kanetaka of the Higashi-Sheath Association is a gangster with a strong arm who has climbed up to assistant young head. He landed in Okinawa at the command of the organization and killed his target, Kino. That night, K
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Aishitagari no Maison 4.4

Aishitagari No Maison

Chapter 3

2,228 Sep 24,20 Satonaka Mika

A Girl enters a dormitory founded by a researcher where you receive 100 million yen by forming a couple with someone in a year.
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Rental Girlfriend Tsukita-san 4.3

Rental Girlfriend Tsukita-San

Chapter 3: The 3Rd Date

7,291 Sep 23,20 Shigure Tokita

A new kind of romantic comedy about a shy boy meeting a weird girl! Hoshino Masato(26) is a very shy guy who is even nervous about being handed change by a woman at a convenience store. In order to get used to women and grow as a man, he mustered up the courage to make a reservation with a rental girlfriend! But what came was a bit (?) weird girl, Tsukita-san! Tsukita-san is go
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Strongest King 4.7

Strongest King

Chapter 2

12,248 Sep 22,20 二周目漫画

The legendary key of the four kings reappears in the world, and all forces in the alien world are ready to move. Dai Xiaolou, a young girl, accidentally gets involved in the conspiracy of …
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Douki to Tawawa 4.7

Douki To Tawawa

Chapter 2 [End]

11,226 Sep 22,20 Himura Kiseki,Yom

A collaboration work between Yom (author of Ganbare, Douki-chan) and Himura Kiseki (author of Getsuyoubi no Tawawa). The manga presumably takes place after Chapter 29 of Douki-chan and Chapter 284 of Tawawa.
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Tokage Bakuhatsu Shiro 4.9

Tokage Bakuhatsu Shiro

Chapter 2

3,541 Sep 21,20 okamura(著者)

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Dead End Loop 4.3

Dead End Loop

Chapter 2: Whatever I Do

4,279 Sep 21,20 ASAGI Hiroshi

Watching his little sister attacking and killing someone was a shock but the surprise was bigger when the corpse disappeared together with the feet of his little sister! What is happening? What are the 'replacements' and why, when his sister dies, he goes 'back' to the fateful night when everything begun? How can he escape this dead-end loop?
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Iseikai Tensei 4.8

Iseikai Tensei

Chapter 2

14,947 Sep 21,20 Ooyama Sanpo

Noah, the last survivor from Earth, aims for a new universe on the spaceship that was handed down to him by his mother who was a scientist. What he arrives at is a planet where living things possess magic. When he is out doing field work, he meets a girl who proclaims herself as the demon lord's daughter. The cyborg youth will traverse a planet full of mysteries in this ise
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Kuchurieru to Akai Ito 4.6

Kuchurieru To Akai Ito

Chapter 2

3,608 Sep 21,20 Igari Soyoko

1830, France. 14-year-old Lotti decides to work as a sewing girl (couturière) for Olivier, the best tailor in Paris. However, although Olivier has a good appearance, he is a womanizer and does not have a deep personality. Lotti tries to solve the wishes of people who had troubled with the idea of dress while being baffled by him? From author of "Wagashi no An" Igari
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Senmetsumadou no Saikyou Kenja: Musai no Kenja, Madou wo Kiwame Saikyou e Itaru 4.7

Senmetsumadou No Saikyou Kenja: Musai No Kenja, Madou Wo Kiwame Saikyou E Itaru

Chapter 1.2

23,894 Sep 21,20 Shinkou Shotou,Ponjea,Runami

Senmetsumadou no Saikyou Kenja: Musai no Kenja, Madou wo Kiwame Saikyou e Itaru
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Tensei-saki de Suterareta Node, Mofumofu-tachi to Oryouri Shimasu 4.7

Tensei-Saki De Suterareta Node, Mofumofu-Tachi To Oryouri Shimasu

Chapter 2

16,433 Sep 21,20 Sakurai Yuu,Monitsunanoni

At the very moment the Prince cancels their engagement, the Duke's daughter, Letícia Gramwell, recalls her former life as a culinary lover. Much as she hates being run out of her own country, the abandoned Crown Princess resolves to go to the kingdom next door, spending her days in the royal palace with the king, surrounded by fluffiness!  But one day, after meeting and feeding a beautifu
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Sweet Bite Marks 4.1

Sweet Bite Marks

Chapter 97

66,178 Sep 25,20 Updating

Catch me if you can, this is a game about imprisonment and possession, a love of blood which makes you bewitched.The struggles, touching moments, fear and love in this comic are bewitching.A noble vampire prince falls for a menial human blood servant… from refusal to acceptance, she begins to worry about him and solve problems for him… However, there are gaps of status, classes and h
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