Hunter and Snow 3.8

Hunter And Snow

Chapter 11

12,323 Oct 28,20 天与姬

The third son of the Dong Hai dragon palace who was born with a useless dragon soul? And he wants to become the hero of the dragons? That’s ridiculous! Ao xue grew up despised by everyone and never thought he’d have a chance to get close to the person that he longed for. Luckily, a dazzling beam of light began shining on his life……
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Where the Sea Breeze Blows 4

Where The Sea Breeze Blows

Chapter 1

230 Aug 21,20 王大客

During an accident, he was once able to feel the warmth of mankind. Many years later, he met his savior again during a migratory period but was unable to save her so he brought her child back home. The person who picked the child up was the her father who named him Xiao Hai. For more than ten years, Xiao Hai’s kindness and warmth healed his grandfather and affected the people around him&hell
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Skull Man (SHIMAMOTO Kazuhiko) 4

Skull Man (Shimamoto Kazuhiko)

Chapter 50: Prologue For Days Of Long War [End]

11,822 Aug 27,20 Ishinomori Shotaro,Shimamoto Kazuhiko

They took his family, they took his face, and they took his soul. Locked between the lethal but gorgeous assassin Maria and the mutant Spider Man, the Skull Man digs into the conspiracy that gave birth to his powers and those of his partner, Garo. Haunted by his past, he will not let them stand in the way of his revenge. ( from Tokyopop )
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Pet 3.8


Vol.2 Chapter 13: Key

2,828 Sep 30,20 Miyake Ranjou

The story revolves around people who possess the ability to infiltrate human minds and manipulate memories. Their powers have been used in the underworld for covering up accidents, assassinations, and all manner of crimes. But these powers not only destroy others' spirits, but also corrupt the users' own hearts...
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My Fiancé is in Love with My Little Sister 4.5

My Fiancé Is In Love With My Little Sister

Chapter 2.2

19,216 Sep 10,20 Mashiro,Hanabusa

There my fiancé stood, gazing intently at my charming younger sister. When I saw them fall in love the moment they laid eyes on each other, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. Aah, again?   My fiancé had been in love with my younger sister even in my previous life. There was nothing I could do but watch it all unfold.
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Blind to You 4.2

Blind To You

Chapter 10

16,451 Oct 21,20 Ndelooknow Studio

Karen, who used to be known as the #1 bully at her school, was abandoned by a boy she loved. However, who would have thought an unexpected fate would happen to her!
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The Saviour’s Time 4.6

The Saviour’S Time

Chapter 1

1,042 Aug 06,20 송극장

The protagonist who works as a translator and the younger brother who was a senior middle school student who lost his parents in an accident a long time ago and lived together. For the two brothers who had a dry relationship that didn’t even greet each other properly, an incident occurred. The younger brother committed suicide. The main character, after going through his brother’s belo
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Brides for the King 4.7

Brides For The King

Chapter 4


In the Chaehongsa, a Kisaeng House serving directly for the King, works a man who disguises himself as female.
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Revenge must be taken coldly 4.7

Revenge Must Be Taken Coldly

Chapter 1

3,289 Jul 30,20 Laku Sakura

A Taiwanese Webcomic focused on friend taking revenge for her friend. Xiao Yue, who Just moved back to Taiwan, happen to see her best friend, Xiao Nai,  jumped off the building. Once she knows the reason why Xiao Nai‘s suicide, decides to take revenge for her friend.  With no time, she collects all the information of her targets. This is the story of how she takes down
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Time Difference 4.9

Time Difference

Chapter 1: Where Have You Been All These Years?

573 Jul 30,20 Tian Ye

The man whom she used to be so passionately in love with so many years ago suddenly disappears, only to appear right before her eyes once more. What should Lin Shan Shan do? Interrogate him? Ignore him? Pretend that nothing ever happened? Unfortunately, Lin Shan Shan is unable to do any of those. Despite it all, she could never erase the man before her from her heart. Yet, when he had reappe
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Baki Gaiden: Kizudzura 4.7

Baki Gaiden: Kizudzura

Chapter 1: Hanayama, 15 Years Old

3,082 Jul 28,20 Itagaki Keisuke,Yukinao Yamauchi

The Adventures of the most dangerous Yazuka in high school, 15 years old Hanayama Kaoru!! This is a spin-off of the Baki series, showing the school years of the character Hanayama.
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Shi no Tori 4.3

Shi No Tori

Vol.1 Chapter 2

3,913 Oct 17,20 Dr. Imu

The prisoner Akeboshi Kurou who was being transferred to a prison in Tokyo is involved in a plane hijacking, in the process he tries to save a girl who was taken as a hostage. But the plane is attacked by a herd of crows and a monster raven that make the plane crash. Spanish / EspañolEl prisionero Akeboshi Kurou que estaba siendo trasladado a una prisión en Tokio está involucrado en e
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The Devil of the Gods 4.6

The Devil Of The Gods

Chapter 7

44,495 Oct 21,20 Kozo Takahashi,Saimura Tsukasa

A mysterious man butchers his way through a busy train car in Tokyo. This marks the starting point of a series of mysterious incidents.  Renji Amamiya is attacked by Toriko, a prostitute with whom he is in love with, but he is saved by father Mitakura, a renowned exorcist who reveals to him the existence of demons...
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Kami-Yome 4.9


Chapter 6: Blushing God

5,854 Oct 21,20 Kagisora Tomiyaki

Suika is a cheerful 14-year-old who is growing a crush on her stoic but cute childhood friend, Yorozu. On the night where she has a literal brush with death, he rescues her and makes a very hasty proposal. Will she marry him!?
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The Revenge of the Soul Eater 4.4

The Revenge Of The Soul Eater

Chapter 2.2

25,535 Oct 24,20 Gyokuto

The Mitsurugi household was given the important task of guarding the demon gate by the emperor. Sora Mitsurugi, who was the heir of the family, was called on to take the trial ceremony at the age of thirteen. He has to overcome the trial in order to learn the phantom blade style that was passed down the Mitsurugi household from generation to generation. The other seven pupils of
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Vampyre 4.3


Chapter 6

6,229 Oct 11,20 Haku

Blood mages are part of the seven deadly sins and are known for their cruel and ruthless behavior, so much so that the world hunts and despises their mere existence. Dion and Mana never had it easy being born as blood mages. But despite that, Dion keeps pursuing his dream, a dream that could change the world forever. Does their struggle someday lead to a better future, or will their tainted magica
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Dragon Claw 4.7

Dragon Claw

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Rotten To The Core

32,751 Sep 30,20 JIA

As long as humanity can remember, they have been terrorized by gigantic creatures and terrifying monsters. On the brink of extinction, they have gathered on the last remaining continent still under their control and have managed to stabilize. But what happens when that balance gets out of control? A young member of the wind-clan gets caught up in this struggle for surviva
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The Sword of Glory 4.1

The Sword Of Glory

Chapter 34: One Of Them <04>

151,696 Oct 27,20 Dogado,Haneulso

This is an era that belongs to the warriors. They are the law. Powerful and honorable, they decide life and death. Blood drawn by the swords are the melody of this era. In the midst of all this a lone boy, after the death of his grandfather, sets on journey to find his father who fights in the battlefield.
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Hello, Summer 4.4

Hello, Summer

Chapter 3

3,655 Jul 20,20 Yam

He climbed onto a tree to avoid the teacher and saw a strange girl on top of the tree full of white beautiful petals. The summer sun shined as bright as the white flowers on the strange Han Yeoreum (summer). He endlessly searches for the storage room filled with memories of her.
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Unsound Relationship 4.1

Unsound Relationship

Chapter 5

6,416 Jul 28,20 Qiyan

The hot-tempered criminal investigation team leader Qian was wrong, and Teng Ruiyu, a cold-blooded detective with high intelligence quotient, and the two of them partnered to solve countless incredible cases, and were involved in continuous alchemy crimes two years ago …
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Evil Museum 3.7

Evil Museum

Chapter 10

9,182 Oct 20,20 Bing

Many creative liberties: “In a dark and obscure museum with an enigmatic collection, a group of teens, Millennials, work. Behind each piece is a chilling story of sorrow. A rubber ball retrieved from a haunted cave, a strange robot with the form of a butler, a salted pork rice from the window of a shop of murders.. What is the depth of darkness of the human condition. Come closer and I will
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Divine Soul Emperor 4.5

Divine Soul Emperor

Chapter 14

100,190 Aug 07,20 大行道动漫

The young man Lin Yan awakened the waste spirit and was ridiculed by everyone, but he did not know that the spirit was called the life and death coffin, and he turned around the heavens and earth. He also included a beautiful young girl master Qian Qianxue with unlimited ability. Ultimately the position of God Emperor Wu.
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The Reborn 4.5

The Reborn

Chapter 12

56,870 Aug 22,20 210 animation

A century ago, in a continent far, far away, an ancient kingdom, Laham, was destroyed. In the war. Zeluo died in another country and his body was reduced to bones and ashes. However, one day, Zeluo awoke from a mysterious magic. Reborn losing all his memories and emotions. The hallucinations and voices in his mind urged him nonstop to return to his homeland, Laham. In order to retrieve his origina
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