Kizu Darake no Jinsei 4.8

Kizu Darake No Jinsei

Vol.1 Chapter 3: What Must Be Protected

74,156 Nov 12,19 Tetsuya Saruwatari

Nagai Jinsei, aka "Bare-Knuckles Jinsei". Born in a dumpster, raised in an orphanage, living as a yakuza, he is tough enough that he fights all his fights bare-handed, and is covered with countless knife and bullet scars from his battles. But his life changes when he saves the five-year-old Ayumi, daughter of the new police chief, Enjoji Masayoshi, and befriends their family. For the fir
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Elio The Fugitive 4.7

Elio The Fugitive

Vol.3 Chapter 24: Old Man!

1,100,064 Aug 10,20 Hosokawa Masami

The journey of the fugitive, Elio Sanchez and the companions he meets as they get entangled in the Castilian Civil War.
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If You Do Not Behead, You Cannot Understand 4.2

If You Do Not Behead, You Cannot Understand

Chapter 4: The Three’S Night.

209,063 Nov 10,19 Tsukasa Monma, Yoshiki Kanata

The fourth year of the Meiji Era. Yukinosuke, the son of a family of the privileged aristocratic class, goes about his life covering up a worry he has, being “I have not once had an erection”. In the midst of such troubled days, he meets Sayo, the head of a family of executioners spanning back into the Edo period. After witnessing a beheading performed by her, something pitch black
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Onecha. 4.4


Chapter 4: Hyper Ballad

781,346 Dec 10,19 Anno Nanakamado

When Momoka's mother and Touri's father married, the two kids became sister and brother overnight, but as they grew up together, this relationship began to change...
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Strongest Abandoned Son 4.2

Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 149

25,141,644 Aug 14,20 Goose Five,HangZhou ManChao Studio

When Ye Mo woke up, he found that everything around him seemed to be changed: The beautiful master disappeared; he became the abandoned one by the family; even more, he became the object of being humiliated by a woman standing on the podium with his love letter. But these were not important at all. The most important thing was that he remembered another terrible thing that didn't belong to him
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Ura Account Jyoshi 3.2

Ura Account Jyoshi

Chapter 11: Case 11: Kamijou Moca

1,331,100 Aug 07,20 Shitenju Shichiho

What makes girls post naked pictures of themselves on social media? What hides beneath and what can be the consequences of such behavior...?
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Player (Yang Xiao Hua) 3.6

Player (Yang Xiao Hua)

Chapter 9: Break Time

234,867 Dec 28,19 Yang Xiao Hua,Three Musketeers Animation Studio

During a late-night, there was a bizarre murdering case in an alley of a small town. A few youngsters met a psycho murderer on their way home after a night-shift. After fighting, they found out that the psycho murderer was invulnerable. At that decisive moment, an ‘angel’ appeared and killed the evil. However, who was the ordinary-looking ‘angel’ that gambled with the devil
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Die Before Dawn 5

Die Before Dawn

Vol.1 Chapter 1

51,725 Oct 16,19 Mahiro Okita

A near future where the energy supply foundations have collapsed. Humans marked with the electric seal, known as Porters, are tasked with the transportation of energy cells. Trancers, electricity as their weapon, wield overwhelming combat ability, together with Chargers, carrying massive amounts of electric charge and providing charge to the Trancers, work in pairs to fulfil their duty. This is th
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Hoshihimemura no Naishobanashi 4.5

Hoshihimemura No Naishobanashi

Vol.5 Chapter 26: Sanae Onee-Chan And Me

1,894,939 Aug 09,20 Azuma Yuki

Kanzaki Hajime, overwhelmed by urban girls. He then changes his mind, come back to his hometown Hoshihime village, but the girls in that village also...!?
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Damsel in Debt 3.4

Damsel In Debt

Chapter 4

544,854 Oct 06,19 Towaka

Sayaka will do anything to help out the relatives who took her in after she became an orphan. When the restaurant owned by those relatives is about to be taken away because of debt troubles, Sayaka herself becomes the new collateral for the restaurant in order to get an extension on their loan repayment deadline…on the condition that she serve as the new “plaything” for Subaru,
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Blade Breaker 3.2

Blade Breaker

Vol.1 Chapter 4.2

88,466 Oct 01,19 Kyoutarou Suzuki

Taiki Omori, a college student, has a special ability to visually recognize humans as killing humans. Daiki, who lived by the filthy human feelings from a young age ... Once, a girl saw Daiki avoiding his friend's stalking knives that were asked to become his main sword ... The Heisei sealing martial arts book of Sword sheath, cherry blossom and Daiki is made for the purpose of sealing the swo
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Trinity Seven: Liese Chronicle 4.4

Trinity Seven: Liese Chronicle

Chapter 1.1: Crossing Time

105,936 Sep 30,19 Akinari Nao,Saitou Kenji,Chako Abeno

The story centers on Lieselotte Sherlock, an evil mage from the original manga
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Night on the Galactic Railroad (Variety Art Works) 4.3

Night On The Galactic Railroad (Variety Art Works)

Chapter 5: Giovanni's Ticket [End]

34,965 Sep 30,19 Variety Art Works,Kenji Miyazawa

Giovanni, along with his best friend Campanella, boards a train traversing the Cosmos and sets off for a mysterious new world. Kenji Miyazawa's timeless literary masterpiece illustrated in manga!
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ShaZi 3.5


Chapter 14: Tree

196,634 May 27,20 Nagy

A pair of innocent childhood friends--because of an unfortunate event in the family, the two begin to live separate lives. Around 10 years later, the two reunite after experiencing devastating changes, but the only thing that won’t change is that they will never be apart again.
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Aporia 4.5


Chapter 12

511,353 Aug 15,20 Seontae

"Goo Ja-Wook, construction and remodeling planning manager falls in love at first sight with Yung yeon, a VIP guest at a club he has visited for business reasons. They both spend a night full of frenetic impulses ... But SM games are out of the question. "
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Peepo Choo 3.2

Peepo Choo

Vol.3 In The Right Place At The Right Time (End)

316,301 Sep 27,19 Smith Felipe

Meet Chicago youth Milton, who frequents his local comics shop to watch the latest episodes of Peepo Choo, an anime that’s as wildly popular as it is bizarre. Milton would like nothing more than to escape his dreary neighborhood and travel to Tokyo, where he’d wear his cosplay outfit until it totally fell apart.<br><br>Perhaps he will get to do just that.
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Planet of the Fools 4.8

Planet Of The Fools

Chapter 7: Wish

216,572 Jul 25,20 Hiroki Endo

The setting is a planet named Slars, where the indigenous Slarsians and alien Earthians coexist uneasily. Shinta descends from both races, and is thus shunned by either side, but becomes involved in the conflict around "Regalia" that holds a mysterious power.
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Daughter's Friend 4.6

Daughter's Friend

Vol.6 Chapter 47: Can I Decide?

5,932,976 Aug 13,20 Asami Hagihara

Kosuke has lived to play the ideal self as a father at home and as a manager at work. However, his life changes 180 degrees when he meets his daughter’s friend. In front of her, Kosuke was able to be his real self and his worn-out heart was healed. However, He knows that these are feelings that should never be held. The story of the Middle Aged Man Meets Girl, presented to the modern people
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Ankoku Jiten 4.6

Ankoku Jiten

Vol.2 Chapter 8

135,975 Jan 07,20 Nori Ochazuke

Do you know the dark dictionary? No one knows when this book has been in the world. However, it is a terrifying book that has long been devastated by human fear. At some point, it will be quietly placed in a secondhand bookstore, in a library, or in a midnight convenience store. And invite what you get into the world of terror.
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Buffalo 5 Girls 3.6

Buffalo 5 Girls

Special Chapter: Brothers In The Inferno

144,764 Sep 02,19 Moyoco Anno

The girls are sold as prostitutes in the towns that dot the arid desert. Each of them is forced to receive the lusts of men for their own reasons, and each of them fall in love. They have men they are in love with, but prostitutes aren't free to choose who they love. "Love or life, which is more important to you?" "I pick love." "But you can't be in love if you'
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The King's First Embrace 4.5

The King's First Embrace

Chapter 23

426,139 Dec 26,19 Shi Yue Ying Comics,Ah Xiaolai

Qin Xiaoqing, a pretty female vampire, was cursed by another jealous vampire and sent to another realm. There she met the king of the vampire who's got a hot face and a six- pack that no girl can resist. However, the curse she got made men think that she was ugly. Then how could she seduce the hot vampire king?.
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Duet of Beautiful Goddesses 3.7

Duet Of Beautiful Goddesses

Vol.5 Chapter 51: Alone By The Grave

640,562 Aug 28,19 Yumi Hanakoji

Akane is driven to despair in her life of poverty, and Reika is sick of being confined by her family. These two look-a-likes decide to switch places! Akane finds herself in a huge mansion surrounded by Reika’s doting husband who has a mother complex, and his younger brothers who have their own agendas. Reika befriends a photographer called Kumada, and ends up approaching him with a need&hell
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Mad Summer School 4.1

Mad Summer School

Vol.4 Chapter 18: Those Living Into The Future

708,414 Jul 11,20 Yoshimi Seki,Keito Aida

It is a scorching summer in Japan and Hiromi is studying hard for her exams as she wants to enter her university of choice. She was raised by her mother, because her father, a well-known researcher, had gone missing when she was much younger. One day, on her way to school, she was attacked by a man with a knife… is this the end or a new beginning?
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Penalty School 4

Penalty School

Vol.3 Chapter 12: Episode 12

542,704 Feb 01,20 Miai,Kyo Yamazaki

Hyakujyou Academy is a boarding school with state-of-the-art educational facilities where all students are provided with smartphones and an Artificial Intelligence-powered “Avatar” that supports their studies. This academy though has another feature that makes it completely different compared to other schools, a “Penalty System” which punishes students if they don’t m
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