Idol Manager In Another World 2.9

Idol Manager In Another World

Chapter 17: I Am So Lucky To Have Met You

25 Sep 30,22 StoRy

Top-tier idol manager Le Qiu accidentally traveled to another world. To return to her reality as soon as possible and help the farm girl, Ella, save her village, fate led Le Qiu to bring six beautiful girls of different races and personalities together into a girl group. While she spreads the idol culture, she is also… saving the world.
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This Human Became the Bizarro Lord 3.9

This Human Became The Bizarro Lord

Chapter 29: Double Agent

83 Sep 30,22 雨田心于

Since childhood, the protagonist could often see terrible “bizarre” creatures that no one else would see throughout lifetimes. Yet, he was never afraid. Instead, he was drawn to those bizarros and grew an attachment to them. Then one day in high school, he happened to meet a bizarro monitor and receive an invite to manage a prison that houses countless bizarros, as well as track down the ones who
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My Nine wives told me not to be afraid 3.1

My Nine Wives Told Me Not To Be Afraid

Chapter 18

125 Sep 28,22 众阅动漫

My Nine wives told me not to be afraid manhua, Chen Xuan, who was admitted to Dong l ig University, went to Dong ling, prepare for his studies. His first wife, Lin Suyi, explained that if he went to Dong ling, he would remember to find his fiancee to fulfill the marriage contract. Chen Xuan entered the city and began to unlock all kinds of wonderful opportunities. The charming and domineering elde
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I Transmigrated To Demon King Of Harem? 4.1

I Transmigrated To Demon King Of Harem?

Chapter 9

417 Sep 25,22 BOOM工作室 , 二三玖陆工作室

[ I am Holy Maiden, Even if you use strange spells I will not give up, and continue to resist the coercion and temptation of you demon lord! Whether it's strange potions, special seals, mental hypnosis, just use them all on me! ] [ I am Lu Xiu, Demon Lord, I am determined to change my destiny, Who will be destroyed as a villain! So you Holy maidens, dwarven princesses, Dark elves, and Valkyries wo
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I’m Not the Villain’s White Moonlight! 3.6

I’M Not The Villain’S White Moonlight!

Chapter 7

73 Sep 18,22 绘境社

Belle opens her eyes to find herself a noble within a romance novel on a mission to seduce the main character - Duke Arges, known as "The Beast" - to change the course of the story, Adhering to the principle of "staying away from the main character" and hating the behavior of the nobles, Bell draws the attention of Duke Agnes, will Bell be able to carry out this task?I'm No
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Falling in Love Is Not as Good as the Boy Band, Crown 3.4

Falling In Love Is Not As Good As The Boy Band, Crown

Chapter 13

27 Sep 17,22 漫绘新风

Falling in Love Is Not as Good as the Boy Band Crown manhua, Yun Shang was reborn before her debut with the little brothers, who are idols part of the popular band Crown, she found out she was reborn in the body of the "Vicious Female supporting actress" all the guys in Crown hated; Lu YoYo. The little cuties who believed they were helpless, pitiful, and weak, were big bosses who stabbed people's
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Loooser Loser Loser Loser Sensei 4.2

Loooser Loser Loser Loser Sensei

Chapter 10

157 Sep 17,22 Zeroyon

Souichi Kirisaki, who teaches at a private middle school, has a problem. Three of his students, Senka Yutugami, Yuki Kitsuregawa, and Momoka Watarase, make fun of him. Souichi wants to be friends with them, but they look down on him and tease him every day. Soichi is troubled, but the truth is that all three of them love Souichi, they just can't be honest with him, plus Momoka is a stalker... A sa
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I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot 4.5

I’M Actually A Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 131

1.7K Sep 29,22 乱室佳人 , 绘世TONY

The Immortal Dao is ethereal, and Immortals are hard to find.Li Nianfan had descended into the cultivation world as a mortal. After learning that he has no hope in cultivation, he only wants to live a peaceful life.HoweverThe dog he adopts becomes a demon king of a generation when it sees his poems and paintings. It manages to suppress an entire world.The tree he plants behind his house becomes a
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Karma na Skill de Musou suru Isekai Harem Kaitoudan 4.3

Karma Na Skill De Musou Suru Isekai Harem Kaitoudan

Chapter 8

596 Sep 22,22

Karma na Skill de Musou suru Isekai Harem Kaitoudan manga, Isekai Phantom Thief, TOGA NA SKILL DE MUSOU SURU ISEKAI HAREM KAITOUDAN , Isekai Robin HoodTakio Asakawa is an ordinary salaryman who surprise, surprise dies and gets reincarnated into another world. A big fan of isekai stories, Takio is immediately ready for his OP slow life adventure.However, when he enters the other world, he discove
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I Really Don’t Want to Be the First 3.8

I Really Don’T Want To Be The First

Chapter 77

1.4K Sep 28,22

I Really Don't Want to Be the First manhua, After many rounds of death verification, Xu Xiaowen found himself with the first BUFF no matter what will easily take the first, and then the day will die a violent death. This time, Xu Xiaowen made a wish. He must be a loser, try to live until the age of eight! However, the heavens played a joke on him again, he is actually an all-powerful superpower? W
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I Really Don't Want to Remake 4.5

I Really Don't Want To Remake

Chapter 22

612 Sep 27,22 Pikapi (噼咔噼)

Little had I known, I Chen Hansheng; the former elite of society and a Diamond Bachelor, was reborn. When I woke up, I was a senior graduate in high school? Later, Chen Hansheng was walking near the crosswalk, he seemed hesitant. A precious girl; Shen Youchu and two other girls; Bai Yueguang and Xiao Rongyu, who will he pick? All of them? One of them? Two of them? Read to find out. Side No
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The Super Security Guard 3.8

The Super Security Guard

Chapter 11: 011

191 Sep 30,22 Pan-Dimensional Culture

In a flourishing city, Chen Yang thrives as a security guard through a mix of impressive skills and outstanding intelligence. He defeats tough and vicious enemies with a punch! He outsmarts craft enemies with his wit! But what's to be done with the mature, sexy, and divorced homeowner? The cunning chairwoman with unparalleled intelligence? The bold and brave policewoman? As their snares of love in
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I became the chief of a primitive village 4.6

I Became The Chief Of A Primitive Village

Chapter 7

711 Sep 28,22 大白怪妖 ; 飞卢小说网 ; 漫幽幽漫画工作室

i became the chief of a primitive village manhua, Su Bai, a novelist, falls from a cliff. Then He Transmigrated To Another World, The Primitive Tribe Society, and Using the Daily Assistance System and Modern Society's Knowledge, he led the Primitive Tribe out of Poverty and transformed it into an advanced civilization! Mc Will Build His Own Territory To Be More Advanced! Animal Ear Girl, Farmland,
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Garnet Cradle - Gekkou no Aria 3.6

Garnet Cradle - Gekkou No Aria

Vol.1 Chapter 4

32 Sep 02,22 SPICA

Amahashi Miku is a first year student at the elite Mifuta Academy and its a perfect one. Suddenly her life changes when she is chosen to play a role on the academy play. Soon a lot of events happen, including supernatural ones...and she even starts to have strange dreams with a unique black cat...
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Hell’s Tormentor Kraken 4.5

Hell’S Tormentor Kraken

Chapter 2

512 Sep 26,22 Toru Kei,Takahiro

Controlling the Queendom of Sevek’s female prison with the Power of the Kraken! From the author of Akame ga Kill and Mato Seihei no Slave!
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Immortal Maniac 3.7

Immortal Maniac

Chapter 61

701 Sep 30,22 Youyu Mutual Entertainment ; 波奇

Ye Kong, a total hooligan, got chosen by a mysterious power which tore the time portal and sent him to an ancient continent where everyone pursued immortal through cultivation. Having become a unfavored child of Ye Family, Ye Kong knew his path of cultivation would be extraordinarily difficult, but he he did find the ones he wanted to protect no matter whatmangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans
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Ten Years Later, I Married My Nemesis 4.6

Ten Years Later, I Married My Nemesis

Chapter 12

229 Oct 01,22 White Night Comic Studio

Ten Years Later I Married My Nemesis manhua, Su Qian and Han Shen have been friends for 18 years but get along like cats and dogs, a childish rivalry between them.Their first year of college is starting, and they thought nothing would change between them, when suddenly Han Shen is struck by lightning. He survives, but something happens to his memories! He now claims to be from 10 years in the fut
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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal 4.2

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal

Chapter 117

2K Sep 30,22 阅文漫画

I have to be defeated, ah, not defeated is not a waste of my parents' talent to make money?" Hong Dali said so, but inside he was playing other calculations. The only lucky thing about crossing over to this broken body that blows in the wind is that you also get a "big loser" system at the same time. As long as he loses his family, he can improve his body functions, say goodbye to the crutches as
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Moto Isekai Tenisha datta Kachou no Ojisan, Jinsei ni Dome no Isekai wo Kake Meguru 4.4

Moto Isekai Tenisha Datta Kachou No Ojisan, Jinsei Ni Dome No Isekai Wo Kake Meguru

Chapter 3.7

1.1K Sep 03,22 Ginmugi , kura

Guy gets transported to another world for the second time in his life, armed with only his business suit and glasses. This is the adventuring tale of a cool, but slightly pathetic 37 year old ossan's life in another world.
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Absolute Hypnosis in Another World 3.8

Absolute Hypnosis In Another World

Chapter 37

3.1K Sep 27,22 KAMADI (카마디), OneDollar (원달러)

HYPNO is equipped with hypnosis, status window, nonsense and self-justification. He intends to build a harem using his new abilities in a new world! And... the first woman he meets in the new world is a married one with the hottest body!!---- (
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The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become 4.5

The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become

Chapter 11

2.1K Sep 26,22 MIKI Nazuna, KINOSHITA Satoshi

The Best Noble In Another World The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become manga, Isekai Saikou no Kizoku, Harem wo Fuyasu Hodo Tsuyoku Naru , The Strongest Harem of Nobles Yuuto is suddenly reincarnated into the other world in a smartphone game and becomes the third son of a noble family."Skills" exist in that world, and Yuuto was reincarnated with "Noblesse oblige."When Yuuto, who has becom
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Starting Out With Max Favorability 4.5

Starting Out With Max Favorability

Chapter 52

1.3K Sep 18,22 吃饱饭工厂

Qin Yuan accidentally transmigrated into a game world and obtained the favorability system. Through it, he can continuously improve his favorability with others. Let's see how Qin Yuan captivates the masses with boundless favorability. / Starting point full of charmmangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes
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The Strongest Pick-Up System 2.9

The Strongest Pick-Up System

Chapter 103

1.4K Sep 29,22 Xiaomingtaiji

A poor college student suddenly awakes the bloodline of "Lord of Flowers". If he hasn't practiced the "The Fortune of Flowers", he will die before 20. The only way is to gather the true love of different types of top-notch beauties. Check the pure college student ML, and what will be his adventure after having the strongest pick-up system ever?!
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Souzou Renkinjutsushi wa Jiyuu wo Ouka suru: Kokyou wo Tsuihou saretara, Maou no Ohizamoto de Chouzetsu Kouka no Magic Item Tsukuri-houdai ni Narimashita 4.7

Souzou Renkinjutsushi Wa Jiyuu Wo Ouka Suru: Kokyou Wo Tsuihou Saretara, Maou No Ohizamoto De Chouzetsu Kouka No Magic Item Tsukuri-Houdai Ni Narimashita

Chapter 7.5

2.9K Sep 22,22 SENGETSU Sakaki

Thor Regus, a boy who lived in the empire, was banished to the territory of the Demon Lord by the hands of his father, the Duke. The reason was that he could only use [Alchemy] and didn’t have any combat skills. The empire was a military country, and those without combat skills were discriminated against. That is why the Empire decided to make him a hostage and sacrifice to the Demon Territory.
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