Pampered Mr. Lu’s wife and fateful meeting 5

Pampered Mr. Lu’S Wife And Fateful Meeting

Chapter 1

15 Sep 20,20 Updating

Pampered Mr. Lu’s wife and fateful meetingAn unwanted adopted daughter, spiked drink, a wrong room with a bossy president in…sounds like some CEO comic cliche all over again, right? Well… this time, what makes a difference is the president’s ADORKABLE courtship of her. Let’s welcome our clumsy yet sincere president, who’s making his first wooing attempt~Woo-ho
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Boss, don’t send me back! 5

Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!

Chapter 1

21 Sep 20,20 Updating

Boss, don’t send me back!A president gossiped to be a homosexual vs a girl pretending to be a robot. But who can give her a hand, she doesn’t want to stay with extremely president anymore.Will the president send her back or fall for the real her?For some people, they can barely earn 10 million yuan all their lives, but for Zhao Hao, it’s nothing but the price of a robot. However,
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King of Gold 4

King Of Gold

Chapter 2

2,159 Sep 20,20 虎虎生威动漫

Sometime in Wang Fan’s life, grief happened and he was left without a livelihood, but thanks to the gold system, he was able to be reborn! Do you consider yourself a martial artist? It’s nothing to him. Are you smart? I’m sorry, but Wang Fan will bypass you. Everything will do for donat: pay and enjoy!
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Peony Elegy: Winter 4.1

Peony Elegy: Winter

Chapter 1

544 Sep 20,20 Intorno

Can I survive in this palace ruled by greed and fear, surrounded by dangerous concubines? Prequel to Peony Elegy: No Desires.
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Tamamo no Koi 4.9

Tamamo No Koi

Chapter 0

692 Sep 19,20 Mito

After I visited a Shinto Shrine just outside the town, a beast-eared girl came back to repay me!? A heartful comedy about a high school student, Haru,  who lived alone and the very caring Tamamo! Author's Twitter: @mitokuma
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Haru to Midori 4.4

Haru To Midori

Vol.3 Chapter 15

1,961 Sep 19,20 Fukaumi Kon

Midori isn't good with people, and at 31 years old, she feels like she has no place in life. One day, she is attending the funeral of a close friend of hers from junior high school, Tsugumi. Unable to forget about her, she has a vision of the young friend she knew standing above her - only it isn't the girl she once knew, but her daughter, Haruko. This is the story of th
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Suimitsutou Ha  Shoujo Ni Kajirareru 3.7

Suimitsutou Ha Shoujo Ni Kajirareru

Chapter 1: The Girl That Is Going To Have Sex Today...

7,398 Sep 19,20 Amasaki Iroha

Momoka who has become an arasa with zero romance experience. Frustrated by this situation, she discovers the existence of "lesbian sex" while searching for an online encounter. Momoka decides to use it, but she is attracted to her by having sex with a lesbian sex girl "Riko" who appeared at the meeting place, but she has a secret ...?
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Dark Cherry to Shoujo A 3.7

Dark Cherry To Shoujo A

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Girls Bitter Ambitious

1,863 Sep 19,20 Chisako

1. Candy Trap 2. Honey Method Sakura realizes that lasting love is possible with Mai, even if she's a woman. 3. Tadashii Pantsu no Sutekata 4. Naisho no Kaijuu-chan 5. Sakasama Buranko 6. From Tomorrow on, No More Drinking Madoka and Yuina were in the same high school friend group but went separate ways in college. No
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Seishun no After 3.8

Seishun No After

Chapter 1

1,413 Sep 19,20 Midori No Ruupe

Makoto Toba hates everyone in his class. Everyone except, Sakura Touwa, an introverted high school girl who lives with her grandma and loves video games. But one day, Sakura disappears right in front of Makoto? Makoto has visited the site of her disappearance on the anniversary of her disappearance for the last 16 years. That is, until Sakura comes back from the time slip she was stuck in, and to
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An Abyss 3.8

An Abyss

Chapter 1

1,980 Sep 19,20 Cha Ji Ahn

"I... thought you were dead..." Kinard has lived for revenge after the incident that took place ten years ago. Despite his longtime friend Raman's worries for him, he and Yesing hid their identities under the alias, "chaff", and strived for revenge. In doing so, he runs into Alvin, who was certain that he was fated to die. While protecting Alvin und
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To Read The Criminal Tells 5

To Read The Criminal Tells

Chapter 1

280 Sep 19,20 Hayasaka Gabu

Inspector Oogura Amane has just been reassigned to Investigation Division 6, which is considered a graveyard for police detectives transferred there. Disappointed to discover that her only partner is a slacker by the name of Ebisu Kei, she soon finds out that he has the ability to read the slightest change in facial expressions, or "Tells" as he calls it...
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The Spring of the Sea 4.5

The Spring Of The Sea

Chapter 1

403 Sep 19,20 2L

A mermaid’s peaceful days under the sea collapses after her parents are fished and caught by humans.
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Akuyaku Reijou, Shomin ni Ochiru 4.6

Akuyaku Reijou, Shomin Ni Ochiru

Vol.1 Chapter 1

2,673 Sep 19,20 HIZUKI Shihou

An ordinary office worker is suddenly killed one day and finds himself in the body of Kisaragi Kotone, an egotistic girl from an affluent family. After inheriting the life of a girl who is disliked by everyone around her and who has just recently been disowned by her family, he intends to live a normal life, however, because of Kotone's reputation, living a normal life will be difficult to ach
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Like A Wind On A Dry Branch 4.7

Like A Wind On A Dry Branch

Chapter 1

1,630 Sep 19,20 Moon Seaul,Uret

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Just Your Cat 3.7

Just Your Cat

Chapter 0

179 Sep 19,20 九木

A cat has nine lives, and loves only one person in all of them. In pursuit of his one true love, a cat man from another world uses forbidden techniques to come to earth to find her again. When she appears before him again, can he overcome his difficulties and embrace her once more? No matter how many times we meet, I still wish to only be your cat!
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An Inescapable Love 4.2

An Inescapable Love

Chapter 1

475 Sep 19,20 Koodo,lee jong eun,mieun-lee

For Princess Seollan, life as the twin sister and shadow of the sickly crown prince was a suffocating prison. So when the king commands her to marry Jihwan of House Choi, she knows it’s her only chance to escape the palace and its shackles. Unfortunately, poor Jihwan was cursed by a vengeful white fox with a dangerous thirst for royal blood, and is dead set against their marriage. But in the
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One Piece - Digital Colored Comics 4.8

One Piece - Digital Colored Comics

Vol.6 Chapter 51: Roronoa Zoro Falls Into The Sea

14,126 Sep 19,20 Oda Eiichiro

Gol D. Roger, a man referred to as the "Pirate King," is set to be executed by the World Government. But just before his demise, he confirms the existence of a great treasure, One Piece, located somewhere within the vast ocean known as the Grand Line. Announcing that One Piece can be claimed by anyone worthy enough to reach it, the Pirate King is executed and the Great Age of Pirates beg
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Ying You Chang Feng Yi Bi Yuan 4.6

Ying You Chang Feng Yi Bi Yuan

Chapter 1

327 Sep 19,20 毛啾

The chef Nibi, who was stalling on the snack street, was famous in the capital with a recipe for a bowl of exclusive “Acacia soup”. The recipe was swept into the palace by the food-loving Wang Zhaofeng. Wang Ye insisted on asking for the secret recipe, and the chef certainly didn’t agree … So she was detained in Wang Ye Mansion … The two gradually saw the other side
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Sora ni Mairu 4.7

Sora Ni Mairu

Vol.1 Chapter 2: An Absolute Logic

790 Sep 20,20 Abarabone Hekosuke

Sora Hiyodori, a housewife who's oddly familiar with machines and programming, went on a trip through space to deliver the ashes of her husband who passed away from illness to her mother-in-law. Accompanying her is her son Chuujirou, a robot installed with an AI.
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Coffee wo Shizuka ni 4.8

Coffee Wo Shizuka Ni

Vol.1 Chapter 2

3,228 Sep 19,20 Miyabi Akino

Hatano Takaki is a third-year in high school who can’t wait to become a “real adult”. One day, he passes by a café and finds himself mysteriously drawn to the proprietress, a mysterious woman who seems to be hiding a secret sadness. Through her, through coffee, and through his encounters with the other café patrons, he begins to taste the bittersweet feelings of love and growing
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Liquor Gummies 3.2

Liquor Gummies

Chapter 10

2,576 Sep 19,20 抽筋可乐_Alice

Xiang Qihong, a college student who has been unwilling to go to school for a long time, was entrusted by a university professor and a friend one day to help take care of their nephew! So now all of a sudden there's an older student/neighbour who had an elusive personality. Can Xiang Qihong get along well with the other party if he is so used to living alone? Russian/Русский: Сян Ци
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Star Road Witch 4

Star Road Witch

Chapter 0

130 Sep 19,20 Rita

A failed idol was confronted with the crisis of needing to quit her group, but instead exchanged bodies with a failed witch who crossed over to her world. One is the novice witch who wants to conquer the world, and the other is the novice idol who wants to return to a center position idol. How can two girls with opposite personalities mature and embark on a new adventure in another world?
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Missy’s geek residing plan 4.3

Missy’S Geek Residing Plan

Chapter 1

518 Sep 19,20 七夕,轻之文库,闻源文化

What is the experience of a campus hottie chasing the campus belle? He Fengqi transformed from a dead fat geek into a handsome guy, and was rejected by the goddess! But accidentally discovered that the goddess likes the geek! How will the campus hottie chase her? anxious! Waiting for an answer! Why does the goddess have a unique taste? Is it human nature distorted or forced by life? Read to find o
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Upgrading the Frivolous Emperor 4.7

Upgrading The Frivolous Emperor

Chapter 2

3,318 Sep 19,20 Wu Shi

Stabbed from the start, upgrading with his own wits, self-proclaimed “No.1 Playboy” Wen Zhao Sheng was forced to become the emperor. After being unluckily assassinated, he was reborn miraculously. Now, he plans to use some “dirty tricks” to make a unexpected comeback! This man sure is more cunning than a fox! Playboy emperor x Heartless assassin
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