Peony Elegy: Winter 4.1

Peony Elegy: Winter

Chapter 1

558 Sep 20,20 Intorno

Can I survive in this palace ruled by greed and fear, surrounded by dangerous concubines? Prequel to Peony Elegy: No Desires.
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Fruit of the Tongue 4

Fruit Of The Tongue

Chapter 2

1,765 Sep 19,20 머니

Noah, a kid that I met 6 years ago in an orphanage. His closed off appearance, made me feel like I was seeing my younger self so i have to admit that I wanted to care for him more... I didn't think that he would follow me this much. Lord, can I lead him to the right path?
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The Secret Queen 4

The Secret Queen

Chapter 33

50,476 Sep 15,20 Lee eun young

Praised solely on her looks for years, Lia was eager to put everything behind her and start anew… Until she got kidnapped and tossed into the harem of an unknown ruler. Desperate and afraid, Lia makes a deal with Karian, the handsome yet ruthless regent to the king, who seems strangely drawn to her. Will Lia be able to keep up appearances as Karian’s concubine long enough to search fo
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U12 (Under 12) 2.6

U12 (Under 12)

Chapter 9: Walking Pedophile

31,343 Sep 19,20 Yamikawa Kou

12 girls are imprisoned in a mysterious prison. Fighting their way through this unjust and abnormal conditiions, these girls have begun a life and death struggle. A harrowing little girl prison escape survival!!
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Ten Thousand Ways to Win Sex Guys’ Hearts 4.2

Ten Thousand Ways To Win Sex Guys’ Hearts

Chapter 35

25,732 Sep 09,20 XiReZhuoMa

There’s a girl called Summer. She has social phobia and is allergic to men. As soon as being crashed by a car, she got one and only chance—the qualification to get the heart of superstar Donggong Shuiyue in a game?!
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Juujika no Rokunin 4.9

Juujika No Rokunin

Chapter 5: The First

17,663 Sep 10,20 Nakatake Shiryuu

”Is it okay to kill people?" A treacherous revenge suspense by Shiryu Nakatake, a newcomer to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. "Shun, if someone is converted, let him go and do nothing. He should be given a chance to be reborn." "Grandpa, I hope he doesn't reincarnate himself." In order to d
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Eko Eko Azaraku: Reborn 4.5

Eko Eko Azaraku: Reborn

Chapter 4: The Red Colored Paint - The Flipside

4,133 Sep 12,20 Yamada J-ta,Koga Shinichi

Remake of Eko Eko Azaraku. The original manga focuses on high school student Misa, a model student who is also secretly a witch who uses brutal dark magic to fight for justice.
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Venus Trap 2.6

Venus Trap

Chapter 6

1,230 Sep 06,20 六十一分漫画工作室 / 芝士棒 / 阿喵喵喵3 /

I’m Mia Tang, a hustler, a black widow who can lure you in with a few sweet words. I’ve spent my life perfecting the ‘art of the con,’ and I’m proud of what I do. Why shouldn’t I be? The hustle is the only thing that’s real in this world full of deceptions. So when you, Ellie Xia, try to steal my biggest mark from me, with your pink frills and long lashes&
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Breaking Through the Clouds 2: Swallow the Sea 4

Breaking Through The Clouds 2: Swallow The Sea

Chapter 1

2,812 Sep 05,20 Huaishang

Wu Yu, a newcomer to the Public Security Bureau, is gentle and frail. He doesn’t care about the difficulties posed by Bu ZhongHua, his strict boss, and only wants to stay in the background and be paid on time with enough to sustain himself. However, no one knows that he is being targeted by top drug traffickers for a large bounty, or that this courageous young man had previously slaughtered
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Blood and Butterflies 4.6

Blood And Butterflies

Chapter 7

6,654 Sep 07,20 레민

One day, a giant monster in the shape of a bug appeared over the world… with only the Children of the Butterfly to fight against it.
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Hapiel 4.3


Chapter 5: I'm Going To Beat That Crazy Bitch To Death

8,014 Sep 15,20 Hira Masuo

You would think getting hit by a truck on your way back from school should change your life forever, right? Well for Saya Takahashi it did, but not in the way you would think. After  a miraculous recovery, Takahashi is on her way to get her life back on track. Unfortunately, life doesn’t seem to have that planned for her. Hapiel, an angel that for some reason only she can see, has broug
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Romero Won't Save the World 4.2

Romero Won't Save The World

Chapter 3

3,275 Sep 19,20 Nogamichi

Six months after the world ended, a young man continues to live with his manager at a shopping mall. The rest had left, believing a rumor of salvation if they manage to reach the centre. During one of his rounds, he finds the first living person he's seen in a while. The girl who introduced herself as "Romero", was roaming not for food, water, or salvation—b
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A Young Man’s Path of Self-cultivation 4.3

A Young Man’S Path Of Self-Cultivation

Chapter 72

477,538 Sep 01,20

Ye Qian, a foolish boy abandoned by his family, was bullied and despised by his classmates and everyone around him. Unexpectedly, he got awakened and got back his memory as the greatest earthly immortal in the nine realms in his last life. From then on, he changes his life, beats bastard rich second-generation, pays off old scores, and meets different people and various challenges.He grows up and
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Scheming Bosses Are Into Me 4.3

Scheming Bosses Are Into Me

Chapter 120

55,021 Sep 01,20 Mao Zhou Zi

While it started with an investigation into my father’s death, I gradually became increasingly involved in the corperate conspiracies that surround him, so much so that my first meeting with him involved a kidnapping! What romance would come as the decade’s most powerful female lead meets the universe’s ultra scheming bosses, find out in this comic!
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She is coming, please get down! 4.5

She Is Coming, Please Get Down!

Chapter 0

457 Sep 01,20 Cổ hiên - Dưỡng tiểu bạch Đích hạp hạp - Phác thúc

Writer: Cổ Hiên Editor: Dưỡng Tiểu Bạch Đích Hạp Hạp Tử Color: Giảo Giảo Background: Hạp Tử Editor: Phác Thúc The 18-year-old actress fell into the sea, when she returned her personality completely changed. Before she was soft, easy to bully, suddenly now she is a ruthless killer that everyone hears scared . From poor acting to talented actress, rich men everywhere are wholeheartedly respectful to
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Oujougiwa no Imi o Shire! 4

Oujougiwa No Imi O Shire!

Chapter 3: Purpose

3,602 Sep 13,20 Kyo Yoneshiro

Ichimatsu Kairo's ex-girlfriend, Kusakabe Hiyori, who disappeared 7 years ago appears before him again one day. As someone who was converted into a devout follower of the Hiyori religion, he became unable to live in reality when she left. Reunited, she divulges to him her unreasonable demand, "Ichimatsu-kun, I want my childbirth recorded so give me your sperm."
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Tale of the Crystal Shoes 4.2

Tale Of The Crystal Shoes

Chapter 51

19,866 Sep 03,20 Gookee

Under the hardness of reality, the fat and ugly transform into the epitome of beauty! Isolation, bullying, deceit… it was this cruel world that took away my kindness, reshaping Zhu Jing’s pure soul. Now that I have this beautiful face, all that have wronged me in the past will pay, every last one of them!
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Truth Mask 4.6

Truth Mask

Chapter 7

12,747 Sep 01,20 Iron headed wolf

Student Wu Mian accidentally obtained a mask. Once you wear it, everyone will agree with whatever you say or do. Even then, he has no courage to confess to a girl that he secretly loves. Until an incident completely changes his whole life…
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Don’t Make a Wish 4.2

Don’T Make A Wish

Chapter 11

4,241 Sep 15,20 Hei Yi

I was an only child, but when I woke up, a younger brother appeared. Even more frightening is that this younger brother can unconditionally grant any wish… for a safe life, for the sake of world peace, as his sister, I sincerely advise you to not to make a wish to my younger brother.
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Stop! You Sexy Beast 3.9

Stop! You Sexy Beast

Chapter 72

53,552 Sep 19,20 Bei Keke

The beast-like CEO is trying to lure me into his bed! As a man with a beast inside, is there still hidden tender love? For all those days, I have been sharing a room with the beast, and I end up getting to know more of his kind…how could I keep my chastity after accidently stepping into the beast lair?
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Tong Wan 3.8

Tong Wan

Chapter 144

28,374 Aug 23,20 YUNDUAN COMICS

Tong Wan, a member of Manchurian Nobility, married a humble born Military Governor in a chaotic time due to a marriage contract. However, the heartless Governor just gave her cold shoulders after they got married. She could only put up with it until she met her pre-destined Mr. Right. What’s her choice when the true love arrives?
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Evil Again 4.1

Evil Again

Chapter 4

5,955 Sep 09,20 SON YONG WAN,神的境地

One rainy morning, in a small church on the outskirts of the city, it was found that Jin Min Jun, the second year of Yingcai High School, was hung on a cross, tortured, and then killed. This technique was used 16 years ago. This happened in the first year after the team leader of an investigation team, Team Leader Zhang, became a policeman, where a chain of serial murders that used these technique
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Watashi no Tadashii Onii-chan 4.6

Watashi No Tadashii Onii-Chan

Chapter 1

2,052 Aug 19,20 Morie Satoshi

[from cotton candy scans] Rize, who’s a university student, met Kairi at her part-time job at the supermarket. While lending her shoulder to Kairi who has trouble sleeping, she is reminded of her older brother who left her when she was young, and Rize starts to feel affection towards him. However, she was shocked when she saw Kairi’s diary in his apartment saying th
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Skull Man (SHIMAMOTO Kazuhiko) 3.9

Skull Man (Shimamoto Kazuhiko)

Chapter 50: Prologue For Days Of Long War [End]

10,785 Aug 27,20 Ishinomori Shotaro,Shimamoto Kazuhiko

They took his family, they took his face, and they took his soul. Locked between the lethal but gorgeous assassin Maria and the mutant Spider Man, the Skull Man digs into the conspiracy that gave birth to his powers and those of his partner, Garo. Haunted by his past, he will not let them stand in the way of his revenge. ( from Tokyopop )
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