Kiss Me Please 3.3

Kiss Me Please

Chapter 1

987 Jul 03,20 Han Ji-Heh,Han Jihae

A story about a man with a disease where he dies if he doesn’t kiss, and the secret kissing contract made in order to keep him alive; an office contract romance. (Hour of Lunacy)
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One Thing I Can’t Say 4.6

One Thing I Can’T Say

Chapter 2

1,841 Jul 03,20 Nillsp

Glen has feelings for his childhood friend, Nikki, but cannot tell her because they promised to stay friends forever. Giving up on having a romantic relationship with her, Glen decided to be happy just by staying by her side. But slowly, their friendship is changing.
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Monster's Entertainment Guide 4.2

Monster's Entertainment Guide

Chapter 0

276 Jul 02,20 Lin youqing (林幼清)

After the destruction of his home, the mountain god Shen Shan entered the entertainment industry, rising to the top to become the King of Movies. A small, slow snail by the name of Jinglin descended the mountain to become the Movie King’s assistant, aiding him in his daily life. In an industry filled with monsters, these two help their fellow displaced monsters in rebuilding their homes and
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Unsound Relationship 3.4

Unsound Relationship

Chapter 0

517 Jul 02,20 Qiyan

The hot-tempered criminal investigation team leader Qian was wrong, and Teng Ruiyu, a cold-blooded detective with high intelligence quotient, and the two of them partnered to solve countless incredible cases, and were involved in continuous alchemy crimes two years ago …
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Monster Bar 4.6

Monster Bar

Chapter 10

2,916 Jul 02,20 Mu ba

A quaint little bar awaits its destined clients… Meanwhile, the strange bartender with a glass of cocktail reveals the mysteries of your life by looking into your past reincarnations — containing stories of love and hate throughout the centuries. Come and explore the brotherly bond between a dragon bartender and demon hunter. A touching story that even dazzles the heavens with its wor
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My Father-in-Law Is My Wife 3.5

My Father-In-Law Is My Wife

Chapter 2

13,834 Jul 01,20 月关日

On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist’s wife is officially his father-in-law!
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A Story About a Grandpa and Grandma Who Returned Back to Their Youth 4.8

A Story About A Grandpa And Grandma Who Returned Back To Their Youth

Chapter 35: Tug Of War

196,545 Jul 04,20 Araido Kagiri

A Twitter series by the creator of "Osananajimi ni Najimitai", this story is about Ine and Shouzou, two pensioners well into their 80s who are mysteriously returned to their 20s one night. Author's Twitter Author's Pixiv Support on Fanbox!
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The Rest Of My Life With You 4.2

The Rest Of My Life With You

Chapter 5

4,848 Jul 04,20 Si yu - Zhi wen

After losing his wife Yusheng, Heling was utterly devastated. But somehow he found a girl who is a mirror image of Yusheng, but has the memories of someone named Wenning. Even worse, some guy who claims to be her childhood sweetheart hangs out around her everyday nonstop! How will Heling find his way back into her memories again? And how will he find the girl he loved before?
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Love Contract 4

Love Contract

Chapter 18

13,065 Jun 23,20 Shen yu man she

Can love be secured through a contract? Before getting enough time to contemplate this deep question, she has to first face the occupational hazard of becoming the Party A of said contract— “Perform the duty as we stipulated, ” says her overbearing Party B, smirking, hands gliding down the small of her back…
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Autumn Wind and Rain 4.7

Autumn Wind And Rain

Chapter 10

4,658 Jul 06,20 Er qi

Zhang Luofeng is just trying to live a peaceful life – all he wants is to fit in at school and make friends! He even has a crush on Yin Qiuqiu, the beautiful but cold Student Council member. The only problem? He’s the young master of the Sui Feng Clan! A tale about the ups and downs of high school life, Autumn Winds is about fighting back against bullies, the thorny path of adolescent
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Kamiina Botan, Yoeru Sugata wa Yuri no Hana. 4.1

Kamiina Botan, Yoeru Sugata Wa Yuri No Hana.

Chapter 1: #1

7,509 Jun 23,20 Hey 塀

Kamiina Botan is a 20-year-old college student. At the welcome party for the dorm she was assigned to, the dorm leader Ibuki gives her a highball to drink and she becomes tipsy, leading to her involvement with Ibuki from now on... A tipsy teasing girl's comedy!
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This Italian Girl Has Become Such A Freeloader 4.7

This Italian Girl Has Become Such A Freeloader

Chapter 9

47,819 Jul 05,20 Hamita

A twitter short by @hamita1220
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Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai 4.8

Boku No Tsuma Wa Kanjou Ga Nai

Chapter 3

6,035 Jun 30,20 Sugiura Jiro

A story about the humble marriage of a corporate slave salaryman and a housework robot.
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Miss Time 4.7

Miss Time

Chapter 5.1

6,709 Jul 04,20 Bonggu

Miss Gold Lee Gaon made a successful career as a personal trainer and is in a rival-like relationship against the famous romance novelist, Jiho, famous for his notorious badmouthing. * Miss Gold in South Korea is an unmarried woman with high socioeconomic background. Gaon went to her frenemy Sera’s wedding ceremony and somehow ended up helping her escape. And her groom? It was Jiho, the man
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 Shining Love 4.3

Shining Love

Chapter 0

552 Jun 19,20 Li qing

No one dislikes a delicate, pure and beautiful boy. As a popular Xiuxian novelist, You Menxian wants to write a pure love story. When she meets the perfect male character, she deliberately tries to get closer to him, but she never thought of getting involved in his life! A bizarre love story between a silly but amusing woman and an aloof and anxious pretty boy begins quietly~
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President daddy is chasing you 3.9

President Daddy Is Chasing You

Chapter 36

109,058 Jul 06,20 Màn kè wénhuà (漫客文化)

Three years later, she brought her child come back homeShocking! On the huge screen, there’s an intimate picture of a man and a woman. That pair in the pictures was her own sister and fiancee. Ruo Yun Fei who was the most innocent was accused of everything. Three years later, she returned with her daughter. How much pain you suffered before… When you break from your cocoon and turn in
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Clover Under Foot 4.7

Clover Under Foot

Chapter 10

13,697 Jul 05,20 타쏘

Dogs, cats, rabbits, tigers, and foxes exist in this world. Everything was chosen in the past and nothing has changed since. …. Is it true that nothing has changed? [Mutant] A ‘breed’ the world has ignored and refused to accept. To those who justify their beliefs and kept their eyes shut, they are none other than existences that go against the ‘rules’. This story is
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Planet Nya Nya Nya~ 4.7

Planet Nya Nya Nya~

Chapter 12

6,190 Jul 05,20 Dalsup son

A human documentary about cat butlers that appeared out of nowhere. From the creator of “The Daily Lives of Us Siblings”.
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A Village Protected by a Dragon 4.3

A Village Protected By A Dragon

Chapter 3

11,655 Jun 30,20 Chai quan

Hua Dai found herself with an illness – whenever she touches something she wants/likes, her hands will get stuck to it until she buys it. Due to this illness, she is in great debt. Without choice, she decided to go back to her grandpa’s house with this secret key her grandpa gave her in search of treasure, hoping to pay off her debts. As Hua Dai arrived at Bai Lin Village, she found a
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Sesame and Rice Cake 4.7

Sesame And Rice Cake

Chapter 3

3,302 Jun 27,20 西凌萝卜

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The Sunshine Powerhouse 4.8

The Sunshine Powerhouse

Chapter 1

773 Jun 16,20 Seung woo (승우)

Chae Kang is really a soft-hearted guy, despite his completely opposite looks. He is determined to make friends at school, but HetSal wrongfully gets the impression that he’s a bully. Kang’s online friend “Bada-nim” consoles him, as he tries to clear up the misunderstanding. Will he succeed? And what will happen to him and HetSal?
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Minos's Beef 100% 4.3

Minos's Beef 100%

Chapter 5

3,429 Jul 06,20 Yuki Shushu

In this Jashin-chan Dropkick spinoff, Minos and Jashin-chan bar-hop searching for the most delectable cuts of meat they can find! May the meat and booze come aplenty!
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Zombi Shoujo no Fujimi-san 5

Zombi Shoujo No Fujimi-San

Chapter 1

1,722 Jun 16,20 Saito Ryo

An ashen-colored adolescence vividly resurrects in a broken collapsed world. Saito Ryo presents a dystopian youth romcom!
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