Immortal Bone 4.3

Immortal Bone

Chapter 2

11,211 Jun 16,21 Updating

A proud as an immortal, a wisp of lonely soul against the sky! Countless beauties? It's just a bonus. Immortal legend with endless ways? It's just a random move! A boy who will never give in, a mysterious and mysterious bone refining scroll, step by step on the peak, one day, I will also refine this day!
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Brother is not the villain 4.5

Brother Is Not The Villain

Chapter 3

10,242 Jun 16,21 极漫文化

The second generation of rich and wealthy Xiong Yang traveled to ancient times in a football match! I thought I could inherit his father's billions of assets like before crossing, but I didn't expect to devote himself to a prodigal son with the same name and surname
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Ultimate Abandoned 3.7

Ultimate Abandoned

Chapter 15

135,131 Jun 16,21 Updating

Su Mu, the fourth youngest son of the Su family, is driven out of the family because of a temporary loss of investment, and coincidentally becomes the Chen family's superfluous son-in-law, who is despised by everyone. However, a tiger is a tiger and a dragon is a dragon. Until one day he is like a dragon and tiger, recovered overnight, those who insulted him kneel before him and beg for forgivenes
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The Senior Disciple 4.4

The Senior Disciple

Chapter 6

35,940 Jun 16,21 Updating

“Master, I'm not fit for being the messenger!” the second swordsman of the Gweol Academy, Chang Baek, who is worthless by nature and has no merit, with the sudden death of the first sword dragon that everyone respected, takes over the position of the messenger job he didn't want. After a while, Master Goun-haeng was murdered by an unknown, even the Do-orpa is in danger of being taken away!!! “Mast
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Medical Crazy Soldier 4.2

Medical Crazy Soldier

Chapter 8

15,193 Jun 16,21 Updating

He used to be a sharp blade in China, the king of kings in the military world, and a member of Tianjian (10 Heavenly sword)! He is also the Oriental king of hell who created the underground world in the West! He said, “my name is Liu Feng. Liu, who is surnamed Liu, is a romantic wind. I'm good at two things, one is killing people, the other is saving people. The ghost messengers can't take away th
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Hero of His Own Opinion 4.8

Hero Of His Own Opinion

Chapter 9

78,421 Jun 16,21 Oro Prizivayushiy

Life is full of surprises that one would never expect, and I say this after living one life as a Demon King and another as an ordinary mortal. Now, a third life awaits me – one where I'll be the hero and fight on the side of justice in my first world.Ironic, isn't it?I was known as a bastard and a psycho, but now I'm supposed to be fighting for the good and for a brighter future? As a former Demon
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I Grow Stronger By Eating! 4.7

I Grow Stronger By Eating!

Chapter 19

310,344 Jun 12,21 Updating

Everyone has a talent of their own. And the talent I have is ‘eating'. A talent that shines much brighter in this world where countless powerful organisms dwell. Feast. Devour. Consume the blood and flesh of the strong and make that yours. Even if it's a dragon, a demon king, or a god!
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Take the Crown, I Want to Be a King 4.7

Take The Crown, I Want To Be A King

Chapter 12

84,314 Jun 16,21 三石兄,超藤耀

Yuan Go, a university student suffering from a terminal illness was caught up in an incident and obtained a supernatural system that could cure him, but only after he defeats Nine Kings with powerful abilities. He accepted the task and later found that the system had given him a skill called [Domination] : An enemy defeated by his own hands, must unconditionally obey his command once! Follow Yuan
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I Am A Supreme Son In Law 4.4

I Am A Supreme Son In Law

Chapter 27

145,216 Jun 16,21 Updating

Because of an accident, Lin Huan crossed over to a different world, where he was the son of a wealthy businessman with the same name and surname. Lin Huan from a different world originally had a rich family background, but after Lin Huan was born, it was as if the family was under a spell, their business repeatedly losing money and the family's situation became worse and worse, and eventually, all
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Even Though I’m the Villainess, I’ll Become the Heroine! 4.8

Even Though I’M The Villainess, I’Ll Become The Heroine!

Chapter 20

455,452 Jun 12,21 Devastating,Pig cake,돼지케이크,유린해

I wasn't able to overcome the harassment and took my life, but I was reincarnated with the perpetrator? The perpetrator is the heroine, Florre, and I am the villainess, Dahlia, who's going to die horribly. “They said you are a villain with neither blood nor tears, but unlike the rumors, you often shed tears.” “Your Highness must believe all the nonsense the idiots are talking about, huh?” Grand Du
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Burial Sword Art 4

Burial Sword Art

Chapter 7

24,999 Jun 11,21 You Several Springs

Due to the greed and wicked desires of the human heart, a huge evil force is formed. This power was absorbed by the demon king who was originally sealed under the Kunlun Mountains. All kinds of demons gradually awakened from the sealed land. They broke the agreement made after the battle of the fairy and demons six hundred years ago and was a disaster for the world. For this reason, Lu Qingchuan,
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The Legendary Fossil 4.5

The Legendary Fossil

Chapter 4

93,303 Jun 15,21 Abyu,Cheong jeong

Ashley Lute, who finally came back home after three years of grueling adventure, returned to the Academy at the request of her sister Carneline. Already famous as the only returning student, she tried to finish her remaining years at the Academy in peace. In addition to that, as the Second Prince Luke and the young lady of the Vellock Duchy approach her, the attention on the newcomer grows even mo
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To be immortal for 9000 years old ( Way To Be Immortal ) 4.5

To Be Immortal For 9000 Years Old ( Way To Be Immortal )

Chapter 69

536,925 Jun 16,21 娱乐没错

The first great sect in the Eternal Life world, the heir of the Nine Thousand Years was born, was destroyed by an enemy family, although the flesh died, but the immortal body escaped a disaster, into the reincarnation, when the eyes opened again, has been reincarnated into a mortal. But Jiu Chien has a bad destiny and will not live to 19 years old. Seventeen years later, with a mortal body, Jiu Ch
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There’s no way that my clan has a female player 3.9

There’S No Way That My Clan Has A Female Player

Chapter 3

53,116 Jun 11,21 晔越文化

Li Ning, a nerd, is a veteran player of the [Star Trails] MMORPG., but due to all of his clan members being male characters, his clan is called the [ Gay clan]. Even though he's embarrassed about the title given to them, Li Ning found out that he is actually the only male player in his clan and the rest are all female players. They all have special qualities and are all beautiful girls, and he has
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Time Roulette 4.6

Time Roulette

Chapter 21

200,219 Jun 12,21 Choi Yegyoon

Jeohun is taking the law course at elite school Korean National University. To make matters worse, my father was hit and run…! A strange compass-like object enters his desperate eyes! Suddenly a messenger named ‘Jun' appeared! It is said that the Time Roulette grands wishes with its powers. Unexpected missions and disasters! And the master of time travel, Karma! Will Junghoon be able to find out t
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Out of Batteries 4.6

Out Of Batteries

Chapter 17

9,925 Jun 07,21 Sidik rizal/hieva sp

I came back to life! But now my life is like a battery !?! Will I continue to be able to live !?
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History Of Three States 4.8

History Of Three States

Chapter 23

189,712 Jun 15,21 Coby

The three kingdoms. The era where heroes flocked in order to defeat the world. The best-armed follicles got lost in history due to a momentary mistake. The last moments of life… “Give me one more chance, I promise I'll defeat the world!” When I opened my eyes, the follicle was in it's twenties. It went back in time, with its tumultuous spirit beginning to unfold!
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The Butler’s Romance 4.1

The Butler’S Romance

Chapter 69

14,375 Jun 12,21 爱奇艺

With the help of a“loving butler”, she regained her confidence and re-pursuedher dream boy… However, she didn't know that this butler is not just arobo
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Reborn as a Dog 4.4

Reborn As A Dog

Chapter 77

610,368 Jun 15,21 Zhiyin Animation x You'ouqi Factory

Yang Shan, an argumentative online commentator and a paid hater, says: “Even if I'm a dog, I can do much better than you!” Finally, one day, he made this wish come true in a mysterious system. In the new world, he starts living as an ordinary yellow dog and has lots of adventures. The show is on!
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A Symbiotic Relationship Between A Rabbit And A Black Panther 4.9

A Symbiotic Relationship Between A Rabbit And A Black Panther

Chapter 24

685,754 Jun 12,21 Boicha,야식먹는중

I was a rabbit shapeshifter who couldn't even transform into a human by my coming of age ceremony. My family said that I was just a halfling and placed me in a basket… “You're crying? Go on, cry more.” Then I was then picked up by a black panther with an awful personality. “You're lacking in stamina. I'll eat you the day after tomorrow, so keep trying.” This fierce beast. Staring at my trembling f
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Era of Great Universe 4.5

Era Of Great Universe

Chapter 5

28,461 Jun 02,21

Endless sky and infinite space, the cosmos isn't some paradise waiting to be found, it is full of darkness and danger, death and terror of the great unknown. However, for that glittering swath of blue, we have no fear! For the longevity of men, we have no regrets! Nothing shall stand in our way because it is finally our time, our age! The Era of Great Universe!
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Dragon throne 4.6

Dragon Throne

Chapter 21

156,066 Jun 15,21 Updating

After passing through, he became Ao Fan, the eldest prince of the East China Sea Dragon Palace, inherited the East China Sea Dragon Palace and became the new generation of East China Sea Dragon King. At the time of the crisis, Zhuo Fan found that he had turned on the system and could add something to everything! “God blocks and kills the gods, meets the ghosts and beats the ghosts. Whoever refuses
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Bisheng Supreme 4.4

Bisheng Supreme

Chapter 34

217,845 Jun 16,21 Updating

The alien beasts invaded, in order to save the common people, Bi Sa led all the gods to fight side by side with the spiritual eater. The war subsided, and Bi Sa was wounded. When he was retreating in the land of the source of heaven, he was secretly calculated. When his soul was scattered, the spiritual tool Long Dinglan protected a trace of the soul, and the supreme God of Eater was reborn as a c
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Conquest of the Demon King 3.8

Conquest Of The Demon King

Chapter 140

432,441 Jun 15,21 iCiyuan

Young Xiao Lang was born with an awakened super spirit power but was mistaken for a broken spirit. After being humiliated and framed, he was forced to leave his family. From then on, he has soared through life on his own. If the sky's the limit, then he shall break through it!
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