Hatsukoi, Tokimeki Usuihon 3.4

Hatsukoi, Tokimeki Usuihon

Chapter 2

1,712 Oct 31,20 Takahashi Tetsuya

Indonesian: Hime adalah gadis SMA yang manis imut nan mungil, dia sangat berprasangka gay pada Itoha, gadis sepermainannya yang juga manis imut nan cantik jelita yang pesonanya dapat menyilaukan mata, suatu ketika Hime membulatkan niat dan tekadnya untuk menyatakan perasaan gay nya pada Itoha, namun siapa sangka Itoha juga merasa gay pada Hime,
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Ningen Dakedo Maougun Shitennnou ni Sodaterareta Ore wa, Maou no Musume ni Aisare Shihaizokusei no Kennnou wo Ataeraremashita 4.7

Ningen Dakedo Maougun Shitennnou Ni Sodaterareta Ore Wa, Maou No Musume Ni Aisare Shihaizokusei No Kennnou Wo Ataeraremashita

Chapter 2

26,003 Oct 28,20 Hidari Ryu,Kajiki Sui

The main character, Leon, was abandoned to the world of demons right after he was born because of his lack of magical power. However, his fate changes completely when the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King’s Army pick him up. The Four Heavenly Kings were the strongest and most powerful figures in the world had trained him personally and took good care of him. As time passed, the boy becam
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I Don’t Care. Let Me Go Home! 4.7

I Don’T Care. Let Me Go Home!

Chapter 4

13,513 Oct 28,20 Haineko Hiro,Hiraku Naki

A count’s daughter who scored hopelessly on the school's exam, Rururia Talbot! I was talking to my best friend Sarah while eating my favorite tart, before I ran into a fight between the Crown Prince Christoph and Duke’s daughter, Irene. The fantasy rom-com  of a count's daughter who wants to return home  peacefully begins!
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Senpai ga Oyobidesu! 4.3

Senpai Ga Oyobidesu!

Chapter 2

4,347 Oct 31,20 Musshu

One day, Yorino Souma comes across the school Madonna, student council president Urushijima Kinako, collapsed from hunger. This event leads to a strange relationship between them that when Kinako finds herself in trouble, she only needs to blow on a dog whistle for Yorino to come to her aid.
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Kyoudai Complex 3.7

Kyoudai Complex

Chapter 2

5,096 Oct 25,20 9℃

The virgin elder brother, Okada Naoto, and the younger sister who's unware of the concept of chastity, Machi. Machi, who often teases her brother who's never been able to get a girlfriend, and also a virgin of 20 years, with offers to fondle her boobs. While the dominant one in the Okada family is Machi, the one that she's obsessed with is...? (Wa
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Hajime Algorithm 4.6

Hajime Algorithm

Chapter 3: Deciding The Class Representatives

888 Oct 25,20 Mihara Kazuto

After giving a lecture at his hometown, Yonezawashima, the old mathematician Uchida Yutaka wandered to his alma  mater, and met Sekiguchi Hajime, a fifth grader who enjoys playing with numbers. He was trying to unravel the world using his own equations. The movement of clouds, the branching of a tree, the veins of a dragonfly, license plate numbers, deciding class representatives… Haji
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Doki Doki Yokai Love Battle! ~ Great Yokai War! 4.6

Doki Doki Yokai Love Battle! ~ Great Yokai War!

Chapter 3: The Third Kai

33,258 Oct 28,20 Misaki Sako

BOOK ☆ WALKER's popular electronic comic is finally published in a book!  A beautiful witch mother, a rugged but beautiful older sister, a lovely younger sister who longs for him, and a cute and gentle childhood friend.  An ordinary high school student, "Mitsuteru Minamoto," who is not good at horror, lived a manga-like life that all the boys in his class envied, although h
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Iroiro to Ookii Onnanoko 4.9

Iroiro To Ookii Onnanoko

Chapter 1

4,147 Oct 25,20 Rei (??)

Made by the author of I Don't Know What My Little Sister's Friend Is Thinking!
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Ren'ai Harem Game Shuuryou no aga kuru Koro ni 4.5

Ren'ai Harem Game Shuuryou No Aga Kuru Koro Ni

Chapter 5: Rebirth

9,552 Oct 26,20 Ryukishi07

The "academy love suspense" story is about a "love harem game" set in a real academy that was promised to a boring boy. However, in this harem scenario, the heroines will start a bloody battle.
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Maku Musubi 4

Maku Musubi

Chapter 1: Around The Drama

467 Oct 25,20 Shin Hotani

"I want to change" Sakura, Tsuchigure, who entered Sendai Hoshimi High School, had a secret that her friend Karen could not tell. That is the creative activity of "drawing a manga." ...Sakira was giving up her creative work for a certain reason, but her encounter with "high school drama" changed her daily life dramatically. --- Now, the curtain of the youth group dram
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Love & Kiss 4

Love & Kiss

Chapter 12

7,926 Oct 24,20 Yamada yana

Sweet Highschool romance of a naïve girl. Do you have you special someone?
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Big Life 4.7

Big Life

Chapter 1

471 Oct 22,20 Updating

life of pain and misery until came a miracle no would believe this is a story about how the poor, unpopular author’s life flipped upside down for the better.
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Odoriba ni sukaato ga naru 3.9

Odoriba Ni Sukaato Ga Naru

Chapter 2: If I Hide My Heart

2,611 Oct 20,20 Utatane Yuu

Haruma Kiki always dreamed of doing ballroom dance as the feminine "follower" role, but as she aged she only grew taller and taller, eventually causing her to give up ever looking good in a dress or anything ladylike. Now, as a second year in high school, she specializes in the masculine "leader" role—until one day, her partner suddenly leaves her. When Toribami Michiru,
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Konchuki 4.3


Chapter 2: Dear Mr. Penis

35,286 Oct 21,20 Murata Shinya,Zunta

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The Noble Girl With a Crush on a Plain and Studious Guy Finds the Arrogant Prince to Be a Nuisance 4.7

The Noble Girl With A Crush On A Plain And Studious Guy Finds The Arrogant Prince To Be A Nuisance

Chapter 1.2

10,942 Oct 21,20 Tosaka Yuuma,Carpaccio Noyama

In a garden tucked away at the back of the magic academy, Sharina falls in love with the gloomy and morose young man, Riol. She resolves to pursue him wholeheartedly… but for some reason, she finds herself in a stalkeriffic situation where the kingdom’s first prince, Leonardo, just won’t leave her alone?! Nuh-uh, that overbearing attitude of his spells nothin
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Yuri is Forbidden for Yuri Ota?! 4.1

Yuri Is Forbidden For Yuri Ota?!

Chapter 2

2,476 Oct 17,20 U-temo

Watanabe Fuyu is a diehard fan of yuri, so she studied hard to get into an all-girls private school and quietly observe the S-class setting of her fantasies. At first, it seems like heaven... until she meets Yoshiokari Rika, a cheery gyaru who reads more like an otaku's dream girl than the refined, demure ladies she's used to reading about. Thrown off by the outlier, Fuyu is reluctant to b
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Sexual Education 120% 4.2

Sexual Education 120%

Chapter 2: Second Period: A Talk On Masturbation

3,815 Oct 17,20 Takaki Kikiki,Hotomura

"Sex" made more familiar! Health and physical education teacher Tsuji, who has doubts about modern sex education, attempts boldly to teach sex education to an audience of, among others, a girl who has a girlfriend, a girl who like BL, and a girl who simply likes cats. "What is safe sex between girls?" "Positive masturbation?" "Why
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Sennou Shitsuji 4

Sennou Shitsuji

Chapter 3

4,089 Oct 27,20 Asayama Wakabi

When the daughter of the Takato family, Ichigo, returns from studying in the UK after a year, she notices a strange situation in her family. Apparently, they all seem to have been brainwashed by the butler, Seijuurou Kuki, who came while Ichigo was abroad. And so begins her efforts to return her family back to normal while desperately resisting Kuki's influence.
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When I Rescued a Beautiful Girl Who Was About to Be Mol*sted, It Was My Childhood Friend Sitting Next to Me 4.7

When I Rescued A Beautiful Girl Who Was About To Be Mol*sted, It Was My Childhood Friend Sitting Next To Me

Chapter 6: Fragments Of A Promise

32,464 Oct 27,20 Fly,Kennoji

Fushimi Hina is the most universally recognized S-class beauty in the school. She is a childhood friend of Ryo, but they hardly spoke to each other from junior high school, but one thing leads them to talk to each other again.
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Kimi no Koto Tabeteii? 4.2

Kimi No Koto Tabeteii?

Chapter 2: Omi Doesn't Want To Be Eaten

8,161 Oct 17,20 NOSHIME Nao

I eat the same things at the same time. Your protagonist Omi Sorasaki is a high school student who's a devotee to the ordinary. But one day, a mysterious and beautiful girl transfers over and says to him "I have something to say to you alone after school." But what happens after is only just the first wave of an assault on all that is ordinary!
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Hajimete no Suwa-san 4.6

Hajimete No Suwa-San

Chapter 2: My First Hand To Hand

6,436 Oct 16,20 Manuma Yasuka

Yamanaka Suguru always thinks of "a first" as a kind of trial he must overcome. But can he overcome this "first" trial that unexpectedly comes before him!?
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Natsuaki-kun wa Kyou mo Kokuhaku shitai 4.8

Natsuaki-Kun Wa Kyou Mo Kokuhaku Shitai

Chapter 2

4,474 Oct 08,20 Satoru (さとる)

Natsuaki has a crush on his classmate Nashida, if only he could just come out and say it! An unrequited love comedy between the inscrutable Natsuaki-kun and the unaware Nashida-san.
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English XX Sensei (Temporary) 4.2

English Xx Sensei (Temporary)

Chapter 3

32,447 Oct 21,20 Nishiwatari Maki

Because of our teacher, English class won't start. The reasons being: 1. She's uselessly sexy! 2. She can't read the mood! 3. She's excessively clumsy! The lesson always derails, but even so she doesn't give in. A sexy comedy where English is learned through the body.
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