The Iceblade Magician Rules Over the World 4.7

The Iceblade Magician Rules Over The World

Chapter 5: That's Why

43,119 Aug 11,20 Sasaki Norihito,Mikoshiba Nana

The Arnold Magic Academy, a prestigious school that has produced a lot of great wizards. One boy, Ray White, decided to attend as the only wizard from an ordinary family. He is surrounded by students from aristocratic families and magicians who distance themselves from him. But people don't know. He is a person who has made a lot of achievements in the previous Far East fight, and now he is sa
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Kiss de Okoshite. 4.4

Kiss De Okoshite.

Chapter 5

4,152 Aug 12,20 Haruta Nana

Ena is in her first year of high school and she keeps receiving confessions from weird guys. Her friend Miu, joking, says: "Maybe you have a curse that forbids you to have a mutual love?" When Ena's mother decides to remarry, Ena discovers that she'll have a little brother and sister... However, the "little brother", Touma, actually has her same age, and he
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86 — Eighty-six — Operation High-School 4.7

86 — Eighty-Six — Operation High-School

Chapter 1: The School Rules Are Absolute

1,293 Aug 09,20 Somemiya Suzume,Asato Asato

This spin-off of the “86 – Eighty-six” series takes place in the world where none of the tragic events occurred and the war never happened. Shin, Lena and other characters are enjoying their normal high school life akin to the one in Japan. Russian SpoilerВ этом спин-оффе популярной серии «Восемьдесят шесть» никаких кровопролитных и повергающих в шо
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Hanazono Twins 4.8

Hanazono Twins

Chapter 1: A Gal And An Idol

2,803 Aug 09,20 Nena Kitajima

Tatara Tani is an average high school first year, both in terms of grades and athleticism. He has two childhood friends that attend his school, and they're twins! The elder sister Ranko is a flashy gal, while the younger sister Yuriko is a popular idol. They had slowly become distant from Tatara, but even so he always secretly held a crush for Yuriko. One day, Yuriko suddenly asked him out on
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Kimi ni Todoke Special ~Soulmate~ 4.8

Kimi Ni Todoke Special ~Soulmate~

Chapter 1

1,150 Aug 08,20 Shiina Karuho

After graduating high school, Kurumi and Sawako enter the same course in university. Kurumi invites Sawako to a mixer that she wasn't interested in, but they end up meeting some strange men... The one who appeared in the nick of time to save them was "Big Brother Eiji". It turns out he is Sawako's cousin... Suddenly, Kurumi's "soulmate" appears...?!
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In the name of Sword 3.7

In The Name Of Sword

Chapter 0

250 Aug 06,20 七两

Feng Nian is someone who is naturally talented at everything. One day, as he was being bullied by his upperclassmen at school, he was saved by prodigy fencer Bai LianHua, who was just passing by. From then on, Fend Nian developed a fiery passion for fencing. When Fen Nian grew up, he attended a special university in order to pursue his dreams further. There, he encounters a true fencing genius, Yu
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My Lobster Man 4.2

My Lobster Man

Chapter 6

1,959 Aug 07,20 Sasadongman

The ordinary freshman Lv Han experienced one of the most extraordinary days in her life… her doll got a spirit! It can not only speak, transform, but also shop for Lv Han… Touched and confused, Lv Han asked about his identity, only to find a handsome red-haired boy in front of her, and he claimed himself as a miraculous man?! The only way for him to change back is to achieve Lv Han&r
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Koharu Haru!

Chapter 1: Summer

828 Aug 06,20 Arai Harumaki

A geta-sandals wearing girl from Kumamoto at a high school cheerleading club.
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Our First Kiss, Again and Again 3.6

Our First Kiss, Again And Again

Chapter 7 [End]

7,512 Aug 06,20 Kanamori keita

So I’m fated to kiss him, no matter what!? “I wish I could turn back time!” No sooner do I wish that than I relive my first kiss getting stolen… again… and again… On my 17th birthday, I accidentally kiss the most popular guy in my class, Ichizou. How could I lose my first kiss to some guy I don’t even like!? If only time would go back to before we kisse
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Tsukiatteta Koro Kara Chittomo Kawaranai Fuufu no Hanashi 4.9

Tsukiatteta Koro Kara Chittomo Kawaranai Fuufu No Hanashi

Chapter 1

3,209 Aug 05,20 Mikuni Mizuki

Mei and Tomohisa are a young live-in couple who were high school sweethearts. Many of their daily situations elicit déjà vu for them, but there has been an uninterrupted constant from those halcyon days: their love for each other.
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Azusa Kasasagi and the Seven Enemies 4.5

Azusa Kasasagi And The Seven Enemies

Chapter 3

2,146 Aug 04,20 Tsujita Ririko

The story begins with a new problem for second-year high school student Azusa, who aims to receive a college recommendation from her designated school. Around her are enemies, enemies, and enemies.
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Futsuu na Bokura no 4.7

Futsuu Na Bokura No

Chapter 1

1,916 Aug 04,20 Yuki Nojin

Our normal love story that is not "special". Tsubaki, who moved from Tokyo, fell in love with an older boy named Ibuki whom she met in the city during spring break. Shortly after, Tsubaki gave him a love letter and confessed that she wanted to have a "normal happy love" with him. However, Ibuki is deaf, and once Tsubaki found out the truth, he coldly pushed
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Tokyo Aliens 4.7

Tokyo Aliens

Chapter 0

1,830 Aug 03,20 Naoe

Gunji Akira, who has just started high school, has been chasing after his father's ghost by trying to become a police officer just like him. One day however, he has a surprise encounter with an alien while leaving school. And there begins the start of his fateful adventures with extraterrestrial life... Note: It runs in a seinen magazine and will not be BL. At most, just as
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The Irregular at Magic High School: Steeplechase Arc 4.5

The Irregular At Magic High School: Steeplechase Arc

Chapter 4: Mock Battle

20,134 Aug 05,20 Satou Tsutomu,Aonagi Nobu

In July 2096, the summer event of the year for the national magic high school competition, known as the Nine Schools Competition will be held. However the rules for this Nine Schools Competition are different from previous years. One month before the Nine Schools Competition, significant changes in the rules and events were made which forced each of the national magic high schools to be busy
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Kuroko no Basuke - Replace Plus 3.5

Kuroko No Basuke - Replace Plus

Chapter 4

10,331 Aug 02,20 Fujimaki Tadatoshi,Takahashi Ichirou,Sawako Hirabayashi

Manga adaptation of the Kuroko no Basket -Replace- novels, mainly focusing on the Generation of Miracles during their Teikou days. Summary from BAP Scans In a certain powerhouse team from Teiko middle school’s basketball club, there was a 5-man group of prodigies called “Generation of Miracles.” And then, there was one more player, highly esteemed by tho
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Last Menhealer 3.9

Last Menhealer

Chapter 6: Girl On Stage

2,259 Aug 11,20 Amano Shuninta,Ise Katsura

The girl who seventeen year old Kaname came to like was rumoured to be mentally ill (AKA "menhealer") and a wrist cutting addict. At least, the self-harm part was true, and so he lied that he was the same to get close to Igarashi, his crush who stayed aloof from everyone.
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Ijime no Jikan 3.5

Ijime No Jikan

Chapter 19: Proof

12,998 Aug 12,20 Kuni Rou

May I never be born again Trying to throw yourself off the roof of the school A boy, Ayumu, who lived an ordinary junior high school until half a year ago. What pushed him to this point? And what is the true ending that awaits...?
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Harenochi Shikibu 4.1

Harenochi Shikibu

Chapter 1

558 Aug 01,20 Hinota

Haruno witnesses a mysterious guy crying under the sakura trees. He thought it strange, but who would have thought the guy turns out to be his classmate, Hitose?! Hitose declares that he's going to establish the "Four Seasons Club", with details of club activities being very unclear. But swept up in Hitose's vigor, Haruno joins the club by announcing, "I will be with you&quo
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Ankoku Kishi no Ore desu Ga Saikyou no Seikishi wo Mezashimasu 4.6

Ankoku Kishi No Ore Desu Ga Saikyou No Seikishi Wo Mezashimasu

Chapter 1: Rescue Drama

13,453 Jul 31,20 Nishijima Fumikara,Shiranui An

Kai, who comes from a family that specialized in dark-style occupations, sought even greater strength. One day, he saved the fourth royal princess who was under attack by monsters. This was the the trigger for him managing to join an academy that specializes in training people for holy occupations. He endures training so incompatible with his physical consti
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Sore wa rei no Shiwaza desu 4.9

Sore Wa Rei No Shiwaza Desu

Chapter 3: After School Events

18,165 Aug 12,20 Noise

My name is Torii Nozomu, a plain, inconspicuous, introvert. Then a new transfer student, Kirishima Kyoko, came to sit next to me. She's cute, kind, and for some reason, she proactively talks to me, even though I'm a a nerd! A true saint.  ...But I want to get involved with her as little as possible. It's because she's haunted by a "ghost" that onl
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Mimibukuro-san no Chiebukuro 4.8

Mimibukuro-San No Chiebukuro

Chapter 1: Where Nipples Show Oxytocin

5,590 Jul 31,20 Mepuchin

Mimibukuro-san is self conscious of herself, and can't really talk to anyone. It's up to Makoto-kun to help her out and make friends with each other. However, that's not the end of it. There is someone trying to disrupt the two. Will they succeed, or will they join in...
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The wife contract and my daughter’s nanny 4.2

The Wife Contract And My Daughter’S Nanny

Chapter 184

535,981 Aug 11,20 Winter Man Club, YOOUSI

Mr. Mu, though a nanny, is also regarded as her mother, why do you manage me so much? Who do I meet, how many boyfriends do I have, this is not in the scope of the contract! on the other hand, in the contract it is written: not allowed to love you, you will not forget it? ” “I want to cancel the contract, the breach of contract will be me and my daughter, the term is all my life, Zhang
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