Sultan's Love 4.4

Sultan's Love

20,073 Apr 23,21 춈춈 / 꽁

"Even if no one believes in me, you must, Saye. I am a man who has decided to become the Sultan because you are a woman that belongs to the Sultan.” Saye, who was a young flower who had not been picked in the Sultan's harem, survives the crisis of the 9th Prince, Kainer, who is the son of the previous Sultan, starting a rebellion. Saye, who struggled to even keep herself alive, only wishes
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I’m the Stepmother, but my Daughter is too Cute 3.8

I’M The Stepmother, But My Daughter Is Too Cute

Chapter 21

196,516 Apr 23,21 IR,Mogureng

I ended up possessing the body of a stepmother in a fairytale, who was so jealous of her stepdaughter that she poisoned her and was executed by her husband. As I was getting along and showering my cute and lovely stepdaughter, Blanche, with love… “That's strange. Since when did your wife treat your daughter so preciously?” …my idiotic husband kept getting in my way!
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340 Days 4.3

340 Days

Chapter 71

162,468 Apr 23,21 Updating

Lin is a Shut, destined to a life of undying love towards one person. Dosung is a Destroy, always on edge to hide the violent outbursts they're known for. In this world, it's not just the genetic, but also the psychological traits that distinguish them. Just as Lin is coldly rejected by Dosung, a string of horrific murders threatens their lives and the investigation creeps ever closer. Everyone ha
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Asirhart Kingdom’s Aide 4.7

Asirhart Kingdom’S Aide

Chapter 9

58,164 Apr 23,21 수성,이태산

“Would you like to become the Princess of Asirhart?” Mia Sihit, the bread-winner of her family from a defeated nation becomes the Princess's substitute for the war powerhouse nation of Asirhart. Princess Rivel who left all of a sudden after installing the Princess's substitute, And The Royal Honorary Knight's suspicion of Mia all the while helping her! Life inside the palac
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Somebody Please Explain What’s Going On Here! ~A Wedding that Began With a Contract~ 4.7

Somebody Please Explain What’S Going On Here! ~A Wedding That Began With A Contract~

Chapter 1

18,055 Apr 22,21 Kinosaki kazura,Tsuredurebana

Viola is the daughter of a poor noble. One day she receives a sudden proposal…but it's for a contract marriage! Her new husband is the handsome and free super-elite earl, Lord Cersis. And he has a mistress! He'll provide her food, clothing, and shelter, she doesn't need to give birth to an heir, and she's free to do as she likes…With terms like those, she can't say no! Viola's new life as a fake b
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You’ve Won Me Over 2.7

You’Ve Won Me Over

0 Apr 22,21 Baek Hana,Hael

A mysterious hereditary illness threatens 4 elites' lives. They'd do anything to cure it. But when fate takes them to a secret manor… Are they willing even to become slaves?
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5500 Shades of the Demon King 4.3

5500 Shades Of The Demon King

Chapter 7

64,175 Apr 21,21 Youndal / Moonto

King as the male lead. The King has charged Seirin for libel as the scenes in the novel didn't occur in real life. Believing that the Queen was the only reader of the novel, the King swears on his magical gem, to which he has to obey or die, that he will punish everyone who read the novel. After realizing that Seirin has a huge fan base, he tries to acquit the charge by making sure half of t
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Marquis, Leave Me Alone! 4.1

Marquis, Leave Me Alone!

Chapter 13

36,101 Apr 22,21 Red Cyan Anime

month…to suck blood! What should I do? ” Su Li, a quirky slave girl, is mistakenly bought by the cold-faced and arrogant Marquis to treat his bloodthirsty disease. In the most horrible Marquis' residence in the capital, a series of hilarious stories are coming soon…
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I Don’t Want a Harem! 3.7

I Don’T Want A Harem!

Chapter 0 : Prologue

6,016 Apr 19,21 乖小兽工作室

The female leads who reincarnate into different worlds are usually both smart and brave, and possess special skills as the main characters. They avenge the original heroine who died a tragic death, then win over handsome men and conquer the world. But what would happen if a useless person reincarnated as the female lead of a harem story?
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Welcome, It's the First Time With This Kind of Villainess 2.3

Welcome, It's The First Time With This Kind Of Villainess

Chapter 4

166,461 Apr 20,21 돗토리쥬이,리디

How did I accidentally change the empire's entertainment industry? This is the success story of an evil woman's virtuous life!! I spent an entire five years as a trainee, working relentlessly to achieve my goal. But before I knew it, my juniors began debuting before me! I lived days without hope, without being given a single chance, and now this happens…?! One day, I suddenly took possession of a
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My Three Tyrant Brothers 4.6

My Three Tyrant Brothers

Chapter 11

381,032 Apr 20,21 Jomill,km,Mint

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The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus 4.6

The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus

Chapter 9 : Do You Get Scared?

29,982 Apr 23,21 Bao qing manhua / 三娘 / 晋江文学城 / 白羽摘雕弓 / 郝一个佳思

Ling Miaomiao transmigrated into a novel. She became the cannon fodder girl No.3 and she still has to finish those extremely cliché missions?! It's already enough that she has to spoil the relationship between the original male and female lead, but she also needs to 'conquer' the vicious and merciless Black Lotus, Mu Sheng?! How hard can this be? Genius Miaomiao will conquer you now~ Wait
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Lucky Paradise 2.7

Lucky Paradise

18,040 Apr 17,21 Kangneuk

One very lucky morning, Ho-in accidentally bumps into Chunwoo on his way sprinting full speed to class. To Ho-in's dismay, he also manages to spray pickle juice all over him later the same day. Ho-in follows Chunwoo to his place to make up for his mistakes, but somehow wakes up in Chunwoo's bed the next morning... Leading to one lucky (?) encounter after another!
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Brainless Witch 4.6

Brainless Witch

6,387 Apr 17,21 落灰之书 / 瑞兽萌

The immortal witch cannot stop her tears after losing what was precious to her once again, while trying to find a way to stop her tears the witch accidentally provokes the prince of hell. This is the start of a chaotic daily life!
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The Man in the Mirror 3.8

The Man In The Mirror

Chapter 5 : [End]

72,222 Apr 18,21 Yukibayashi

Sal Senba is going to be the head of the Senba clan-a family with a long and distinguished history teaching the art of ikebana, or Japanese flower arrangements. He's not sure he's up for this role, though, being born into it instead of "earning" it. Months before the ritualistic ikebana exhibition to symbolize the succession, he falls into his mirror and finds himself in another world... one
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Professor's Secret Past Life 3.2

Professor's Secret Past Life

Chapter 1

11,054 Apr 17,21 Gongju

The dragon 'Gabriel', who lived in the magical era of the past, crosses time searching for the reincarnation of his dead lover, Albert. Gabriel has a dramatic reunion with Albert, who lives as a university professor named 'Isaac' without remembering the previous life's memories. The secret love of the dragon and professor begins!
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The Secret Life of the Demon King 1.9

The Secret Life Of The Demon King

Chapter 16

342,979 Apr 23,21 Arnoysil / Jungkun

After the holy war, the demon world fell into an economic recession. To restart his life, Demon King Hel started a part-time job. But, from muscular machos to pretty boys, his workplace is a 24hr "Knights Only Gay Club"?
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Cultivating the supreme dantian 4.7

Cultivating The Supreme Dantian

Chapter 8

72,209 Apr 23,21 Updating

he gets transferred to a new world in the body of waste son of a god, he gets a system that gives him tasks and rewards…
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The Duchess of the Glass Greenhouse 4.1

The Duchess Of The Glass Greenhouse

Chapter 11

232,624 Apr 22,21 Updating

Reina was born from a high noble lineage and became the wife of Duke Heathville. However, she faces a miserable death in which she is despised by her loved one, and even her child is taken away from her. But when Reina finally gave up on everything…she was given a second chance. «This time, I won't turn a blind eye to whatever I see!» Reina summoned her courage and began to live her second life. «
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I really love his bad temper 3.9

I Really Love His Bad Temper

Chapter 4

15,334 Apr 21,21 Updating

Twenty-seven-year-old crossed to the Ming Dynasty in a car accident and came back to life as a 14 year-old beggar she stumbled upon two beautiful men, the young master and the young son, who were plotting to find the former crown prince.The poisonous tongue is the yin and yang of Xiaohai's master, and the gentle son is her” old acquaintance.The true identity of the little beggar is closely related
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Dear My Hunny Bunny 4.8

Dear My Hunny Bunny

Chapter 18

222,581 Apr 19,21 Lee min young

Jay is an 8th rank public official. She works as a special guardian, and her mission is to heal children whose souls have been deeply wounded. Ludwig shuts himself off from the world. He seems as if he's forgotten how to smile. However, he learns what it means to be happy through Jay, and Jay cherishes him as her own precious Hunny bunny.
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Nine-Yang Emperor 4

Nine-Yang Emperor

Chapter 34

82,175 Apr 17,21 Updating

Lu Xuan, the mad ruler of the Five Emperors and One Madman, was killed by his best friend, the Scorched Sun Emperor, in a sneak attack after exhausting his efforts to kill the world's number one expert, the Vaulted Demon Emperor. Three hundred years after his rebirth, things have changed, but the hatred has not disappeared. Let's see how Lu Xuan, who has lived a new life, will rise again, stir up
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Invasion Of The Immortal Emperor 4.4

Invasion Of The Immortal Emperor

Chapter 21

74,669 Apr 21,21 extreme comic culture,iqiyi comics

The miserable strange man reborn into a sect full of sister papers. He originally thought that he could spend the rest of his life with the sister papers, but he was accompanied by countless blood. Rainy wind. The rubbish bloodline in the eyes of others, the abandoned son of the family, is destined to be a waste of nothing for a lifetime. In order to prove himself, get back what he lost, and prote
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