Kind-hearted Little Sister 3.4

Kind-Hearted Little Sister

Chapter 1

50 Dec 06,22 FACON

Dooyeol is a troubled son due to his father's womanizing habits and the death of his mother. He meets two women who will become his step-mother and step-sister, much to his chagrin. However, Dooyeol didn't expect to have a whirlwind of emotions towards these two women
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Beauty Salon Sisters 2.5

Beauty Salon Sisters

Chapter 16

1.5K Oct 11,22 김도끼

Han Dong-soo, a lucky student in the rural countryside. Here, he finds a beauty salon, and his luck begins! "Student…what style do you want to do..? I'll do it all…♡"
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Siblings 2.3


Chapter 11

2.6K Sep 18,22 Iron

My father remarried my first love’s mother, I never confessed and looked at her from afar… Now we are considered ‘Brother and Sister’. “Do you like me too? Could we live a normal life?”
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Workplace Romance 3.3

Workplace Romance

Chapter 26

5K Dec 05,22 Gregor (그레고르)

Say goodbye to the never ending job hunt, the exciting and vibrant days are ahead.But it doesn’t make any sense that you’re my boss, my bully in high school! There are bad rumors about his boss, Hye-Jung. That’s how I’ll do it, I’ll find out her weakness, no matter what! A struggling new employee, Dong-hyuk’s office life and his beautiful coworkers will now begin.
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Kegareboshi 2.1


Chapter 2: Kegareboshi Aka

2.3K Aug 31,22 Vpan's EXTASY (Circle), Satou Kuuki

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Absolute Hypnosis in Another World 3.6

Absolute Hypnosis In Another World

Chapter 40

7.2K Dec 03,22 KAMADI (카마디), OneDollar (원달러)

HYPNO is equipped with hypnosis, status window, nonsense and self-justification. He intends to build a harem using his new abilities in a new world! And... the first woman he meets in the new world is a married one with the hottest body!!---- (
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Love Love Reversible Couple Heart Beat Anthology 4

Love Love Reversible Couple Heart Beat Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 12: Mismatched Morning Lovers

533 Aug 25,22 Motoyama Ako, Matsumoto Noda, Yocto Yoda, Various, Wakachiko, clamming, Imai Sasaru, Nikumaru, Tobi Washio, Hino Youhe, Gimmy, Round Cutting, Hirosato Kana

This is a collection of oneshots created by 13 artists. 1) Night Routine - MATSUMOTO Noda 2) Koukishin wa Neko wo mo Korosu - MOTOYAMA Ako 3) Kusayakyuu Nakama Batsu Nii Yamome - Gimme 4) Hajimari wa Dou Are - HIROSATO Kana 5) Turning Point - 依田ヨクト 6) Christmas Eve no Shitsuren - Shiohigari 7) Virtual Liberty - Nikumaru 8) Surprise Switch! - ためいけ 9) Nigate na Os
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To LOVE-Ru - Prototype Other Love (Doujinshi) 3

To Love-Ru - Prototype Other Love (Doujinshi)

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Magical Orange Darknes

3.3K Aug 25,22 40010Prototype

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Kumo no Michi 3.2

Kumo No Michi

Vol.1 Chapter 10

3.3K Aug 05,22 Suehirogari

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Under the Radar 3.4

Under The Radar

Chapter 16

7.1K Oct 29,22 Weak Man

Sun-jung, a senior instructor who doesn't care about affair with pretty girls, and Myung-jin, a young instructor who spends his days picking up trash because of such an idiot-like senior. Myung-jin falls in love with a beautiful student 'Yura' in an advanced class where he accidentally entered as a pinch hitter, and afterward, he sees Sun-yung, who starts flirting with Yura, like a thorn in his ey
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Unlocking her 3.7

Unlocking Her

Chapter 14

7.5K Sep 12,22 Hanai

“Are you certain that you will choose the A cup over the D cup?”….Like everyone else, I also had a solid plan for my life. However, I have been a spinster for 2 months, and working part-time at a convenience store shop is not really enjoyable. Until whence I picked up a cell phone with an image of her exposing her body…My life started to change!
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Die if you aren't a virgin 3.7

Die If You Aren't A Virgin

Chapter 5

488 Nov 28,22 Samjang Shaman

On the first day of his transfer, Gyu-tae fell in love with Seok, who greeted him warmly. He dreams of a "real" first love story with him, but soon he hears a bolt from the blue. "I think men who are not virgins should die". Shocked by Seok's strange love philosophy, Gyutae, who had been in a crush for years, one day witnessed Seok receiving a ring from another man...
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Happy Kuso Life 4.4

Happy Kuso Life

Vol.1 Chapter 6.3: Miscellaneous Extras

267 Jul 30,22 Harada

Kyoutarou Kasuya is an elite businessman who caused a scandal at his company. As a result, he gets sent off to a remote rural area where he meets a weird, unemployed – and living off his grandmother's pension – neighbor, Yoshiyuki Kuzuya.
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Gyaru JK Onee x Shota 3.6

Gyaru Jk Onee X Shota

Chapter 3

2.5K Jul 30,22 MM

Stepsiblings Onee x Shota original H doujin, by MM.
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K-On! - Azu You Like!! (Doujinshi) 2.3

K-On! - Azu You Like!! (Doujinshi)

850 Jul 21,22 Chapel, Ryunnu, Sage (Circle)

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New Town 3.6

New Town

Chapter 60

10.4K Nov 07,22 Lee Wan

" it possible for me to take more classes?" Himchan is a tutor who has no quiet days due to married women in a quiet city.
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Mother Hunting 2.9

Mother Hunting

Chapter 88: End

5.5K Oct 05,22 OUM ,Onjom (온점)

“You want to eat it too? Married woman! I’ll tell you everything.” Sang-Hyeon, a lecturer at an academy at Mosolada. One day, the sound of a moan heard in an empty lecture room, Sanghyun discovers the scene of star instructor Junbeom’s secret attack on a married woman. In exchange for keeping her secret, she listens to a special lecture on the white-haired Baekjung married woman master…---
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Boarding Diary 3.9

Boarding Diary

Chapter 119

12K Dec 06,22 Suspect H

Jun-woo is a new student who is living in his friend's boarding house that's located nearby the school. While he lives there, he receives care from Mi-kyung, the female owner of the boarding house. But one day, he catches her watching a secret video in her room… "Ajumma… I didn't see that correctly, right?"
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Sex-stop Watch 4

Sex-Stop Watch

Chapter 10

6K Aug 14,22 Serious

"Hey, Loser Joo. Did you just secretly look at my chest and panties?” Just before the ordinary repeating student, loser Joo Ohyoung, was going to get hit by a popular girl with a sexy body, he awakened the king’s ability and stopped time…! How dare you try to hit me? This is punishment for trying to lay a hand on this body!! Squish
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Good food, great sex, erotic Marshmallow Girls fuck all day long. 3.1

Good Food, Great Sex, Erotic Marshmallow Girls Fuck All Day Long.

Chapter 6

3.4K Jul 30,22 Ibuki Haruhi

I took in a girl who looked like a destitute stray. I even tried asking her why she's homeless but she wouldn't answer?! She's become my pet, but sometimes she needs a "special treat" only I can give her. Her only wants appear to be sex, food, and sleep. What will happen now that I've picked up such a starving stray?
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