My Sweetest You 3.3

My Sweetest You

Chapter 1

935 Sep 17,20 Updating

My Sweetest You – webcomicsShe’s a rich family’s daughter. Centre of the stage and living without worry. When her best friend and boyfriend betray her, she even lost her virginity. After one night with a random stranger, she fled in sorrow. Five years later, she’s back again with a cute little boy in hand…Show less
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Cat and a Kiss 4.9

Cat And A Kiss

Chapter 1: The Cat And The Queen

3,226 Sep 17,20 Senri Miko

From Ikemen Manga: A fun romantic comedy revolving around Wada Erina, a high school girl who absolutely adores cats, and her classmate, Nekoyama Akira, who is unsociable and always wears a mask. Erina is usually nicknamed "Queen" by her classmates due to her cool appearance but when she talks about cats, she gets extremely excited. One day, a cat v
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Hello, Innocent 4.7

Hello, Innocent

Chapter 2

1,927 Sep 17,20 Sakai Mayu

From cotton candy scans: Yukito is a handsome scholarship student who also excels at sports. Just starting high school, he has never had the time to think about things like love. One day, he was saved by a girl he didn't know. Turns out, she's actually Yukito’s classmate who’s been absent since the school’s opening ceremony...
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The Antagonist's Pet 2.2

The Antagonist's Pet

Chapter 1

933 Sep 17,20 Servo,Harnen

"My dear villainess, do whatever you want to do. Just don't see that son of a bitch." A girl dies and is reincarnated as Sasha, the daughter of a poor noble family in a romance novel she used to read. To survive in her new life, she approaches noble ladies with her innocent appearance and cold wit. Hence, she got the nickname 'The Nobles' Pet.'
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This Uncle Likes Cute Things 4.8

This Uncle Likes Cute Things

Chapter 1: This Uncle Likes Cute Things.

1,282 Sep 17,20 Tsutomu

Handsome and hardworking manager Oji has a secret. He is obsessed with "cute characters"! But… he can't exactly tell his subordinates that—(><)! A comedy centered around this "uncle's secret," which depicts the daily struggles of how he gets by in the world with his love of cute things. Where will manager Oji go tomorrow?!
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AI boyfriend and Unpopular Doctor 4.7

Ai Boyfriend And Unpopular Doctor

Chapter 3

6,161 Sep 18,20 Riko Amaebi

Due to a request, the genius Dr. Sumiko developed an「AI boyfriend」. Sumiko is pleased with her success, but the AI boyfriend who started will recognize her as「girlfriend」...!? Initially, Sumiko rejected the AI boyfriend. However, being subject to his constant love gradually leads her to acknowledge him... A hot topic on Twitter and pixiv!  A
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Can I Kiss You Tomorrow? 4.5

Can I Kiss You Tomorrow?

Chapter 4: I'm Sorry I Love You Too Much!

6,851 Sep 18,20 Anmitsu,Hatsuharu,Rukana,Aoi Suzumine,Fuuko Yui,Hana Ayana

Various romance one-shots. 1. Mainichi Kiss shite ii desu ka? ~Kaki Oroshi Bangai-hen~ (Hatsuharu) 2. 16-sai, Oomi no Natsu (Anmitsu) 3. Isumi-senpai wa Amakunai (Rukana) 4. Daisuki Sugite Gomennasai! (Fuuko Yui) 5. Datte Kimi to Kiss shitai (Aoi Suzumine) 6. Kimi to Hajimari no Kiss (Hana Ayana)
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Saihate no Polaris 4.6

Saihate No Polaris

Chapter 4

3,746 Sep 11,20 Yukira

Chise has always believed: "Mom's actions are for my sake, so they're correct"—even when feeling suffocated. One night, she sees the delinquent classmate Asahi ride his bike with his friends, and starts to become intrigued by him...?
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Arashi-kun no Dakimakura 4.9

Arashi-Kun No Dakimakura

Chapter 1

2,532 Sep 05,20 Watanabe Ayu

"Can you sleep with me?" was the much too thrilling request from a sublime bidanshi (handsome man)...!? A 3 star grade insomnia prince x part-time worker girl's ultra-intimate love is blossoming!
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Dangerous New Hire 4.4

Dangerous New Hire

Chapter 1

647 Aug 30,20 Park Soo Jung

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A Story About a Man and a Woman and When They Sleep Together, Money Appears Out of Nowhere 4.8

A Story About A Man And A Woman And When They Sleep Together, Money Appears Out Of Nowhere

Chapter 6

6,766 Sep 13,20 Tokiwa

Money will spring?! A pure comedy open love comedy! A boy with a blunt but gentle heart, Aki, and a warm girl, Haru. When two poor college students flirt, they get money for some reason...? A comedy that aims to be a flirt while pretending to be "for money" while keeping their love for each other!
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Hey Miss, Don't You Know? 4.7

Hey Miss, Don't You Know?

Chapter 1

1,737 Aug 28,20 Asano Aya

From Ikemen Manga: Hana is a shoujo manga artist who fell in love at first sight with Riichi, a handsome hairdresser who was just passing by, and they decided to date! It’s normal for Hana to seclude herself when she’s working on a manuscript, and she’s not the ideal image of a girlfriend, but it seems that Riichi loves that side of her? &q
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I'm Not the Saint, so I'll Just Leisurely Make Food at the Royal Palace 4.7

I'm Not The Saint, So I'll Just Leisurely Make Food At The Royal Palace

Chapter 4

27,062 Sep 13,20 Kamiyama Rio,Asatani Kotori

Rina was summoned to another world to be the Saint, but was surprised at how bad the food tasted. It tastes like this even at the royal palace…? I’ll just make it myself, so give me your kitchen! Relieved of her Saint duties, Rina wins the heart and stomachs of the nobles through her food!
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It’s not easy to bully my mother 4.5

It’S Not Easy To Bully My Mother

Chapter 14

37,412 Sep 18,20 Updating

It’s not easy to bully my motherWhen I wake up, I like to be a mother, earn money to raise a baby and find a father. I’m not afraid that the scumbag is the Sea King, I am afraid that Baoma is a gangster! Dad, can you sing little star? will not? Eunuch, next one. It’s not easy to bully my mother is manhua from please read only our website and support for us! thank you
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I Was Pleased to Make a Parfait for the Demon King 4.9

I Was Pleased To Make A Parfait For The Demon King

Chapter 2.2

24,909 Aug 24,20 Kaname Ryu

Cruz was reincarnated as a low-class demon into Makai, the underworld. In her past life, aimed to be an A-list pâtissière, so now she’s bewildered by the jet-black food of this world! However, she was touched by the kindness of the demons around her. She declares, “I wish to make the citizens of Makai happy with sweets!” Thus, Cruz creates Makai's first “parfait”
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Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki 4.8

Uruwashi No Yoi No Tsuki

Chapter 1

4,320 Aug 24,20 Yamamori Mika

Because of her appearance and her behavior, Yoi has been continuously treated as a prince, despite being a girl. One day, when she already accepted being put into the role as a prince in high school, she somehow got entangled with one of her senpais at school, someone who's also being called "prince"? [BlueberryScans] Portuguese: Takiguchi Yoi é uma g
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I’m the Male Lead’s Girl Friend 4.8

I’M The Male Lead’S Girl Friend

Chapter 4

38,808 Sep 05,20 류희온

I’m the Male Lead’s “Girl” FriendI was poor and with no one looking out for me, so I was struggling financially. Because of this, I had trouble adjusting to school as well.My only hobby was reading a fantasy web novel <The Fake Lovers of the Academy> and imagining that I could become the main character of it. One day, after falling asleep and imagining this as usual&h
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Hana-buchou (52) to Kokono-chan (17) 4.4

Hana-Buchou (52) To Kokono-Chan (17)

Chapter 1

1,409 Aug 20,20 Ginka

A story about an oldman and a highschool girl friendship!
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Kuzuna Kimi Shika Aisenai 4.2

Kuzuna Kimi Shika Aisenai

Chapter 1: My Boyfriend Is A Bad Boy

5,064 Aug 20,20 SHIOSAKI Rina

From Ikemen Manga: Sae's been going out with the handsome and flirtatious Shun for two months already. He’s selfish and a bit naughty, always teasing her, but before she knew it... she had fallen in love with him...? A blinding love with a stubborn boyfriend! ♡
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Koji Koi 4.9

Koji Koi

Chapter 1

889 Aug 20,20 Tagura Tohru,IZAWA Meguru

The protagonist lives and works in a boarding house and has a phobia of boys, however she finds herself having to manage her fear when two new boys are hired in the boarding house who will live and work there. One is a silent boy who confesses he hates girls, the other is a school friend who can't stand the protagonist because of her elusive character...
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Xiao Bai’s father is a wonderful person 4

Xiao Bai’S Father Is A Wonderful Person

Chapter 56

310,913 Sep 17,20 Ake Culture

Because of a conspiracy they had a cute baby together. A few years later, they meet again and she finally felt some “love” for him. After meeting him more often her perspective of him changed. The ruthless man in the rumors doesn’t seem to be as she imagined…
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Opening Up Prince Charming With the Right Strategy 3.1

Opening Up Prince Charming With The Right Strategy

Chapter 3

12,204 Aug 19,20 热萌文化

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”
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Devil’s exclusive sweetheart 3.7

Devil’S Exclusive Sweetheart

Chapter 23

17,325 Sep 12,20 Updating

Devil’s exclusive sweetheartnew manhua from website
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Hello, Heir 4.5

Hello, Heir

Chapter 31

34,570 Sep 02,20 DaXingDao

huang Nainai has returned to the Gu Group. However, her new family demands that she woos and wins the heart of the Dihao Group’s CEO, Si Zhengting, with her adoptive mother at stake. Yet, not only was Si Zhengting promised to her in an arranged marriage when they were young, but he was also her first love, five years ago. How will Zhuang Nainai solve Si Zhengting, given their history, while
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