I’m the Stepmother, but my Daughter is too Cute 3.9

I’M The Stepmother, But My Daughter Is Too Cute

Chapter 21

206,539 Apr 23,21 IR,Mogureng

I ended up possessing the body of a stepmother in a fairytale, who was so jealous of her stepdaughter that she poisoned her and was executed by her husband. As I was getting along and showering my cute and lovely stepdaughter, Blanche, with love… “That's strange. Since when did your wife treat your daughter so preciously?” …my idiotic husband kept getting in my way!
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Enemies Should Settle But Not Be Friends 4.5

Enemies Should Settle But Not Be Friends

Chapter 2

6,009 Apr 23,21 A meng bu er

The male and female lead's first encounter was a heavily remembered thing! They hated each other, but just out of luck, they became classmates! Not only were they classmates, but also seatmates! These two, like enemies that fought and battled! They both despise each other and tortured each other. But what will this continuous torture and bothering to result in…
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She Would Never Know 4.5

She Would Never Know

Chapter 11

22,060 Apr 22,21 Cafelatte,JINHA (II)

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See You in My 19th Life 4.5

See You In My 19Th Life

Chapter 27

42,133 Apr 22,21 LEE Hye

Jieum Ban has an extraordinary ability: she can remember the memories of all her past lives. After her previous life is cut short by a tragic accident, she sets out to reconnect with the people of her past life in her current one. Will memories of her 18th life sabotage romance in her 19th? Or will love endure across different lives? Original Webtoon: Naver, Naver Series Official Translation: Engl
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Somebody Please Explain What’s Going On Here! ~A Wedding that Began With a Contract~ 4.7

Somebody Please Explain What’S Going On Here! ~A Wedding That Began With A Contract~

Chapter 1

18,055 Apr 22,21 Kinosaki kazura,Tsuredurebana

Viola is the daughter of a poor noble. One day she receives a sudden proposal…but it's for a contract marriage! Her new husband is the handsome and free super-elite earl, Lord Cersis. And he has a mistress! He'll provide her food, clothing, and shelter, she doesn't need to give birth to an heir, and she's free to do as she likes…With terms like those, she can't say no! Viola's new life as a fake b
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You’ve Won Me Over 2.7

You’Ve Won Me Over

0 Apr 22,21 Baek Hana,Hael

A mysterious hereditary illness threatens 4 elites' lives. They'd do anything to cure it. But when fate takes them to a secret manor… Are they willing even to become slaves?
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Nine 4629633.7


Chapter 2

16,048 Apr 20,21 Updating

A cute love story
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My Three Tyrant Brothers 4.6

My Three Tyrant Brothers

Chapter 11

381,032 Apr 20,21 Jomill,km,Mint

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My Three Tyrant Brothers 4.8

My Three Tyrant Brothers

Chapter 11

603,649 Apr 20,21 Jomill / Mint, km

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All Colors of Snow 4.5

All Colors Of Snow

Chapter 6

44,121 Apr 23,21 Ah-ai-maria

Eugene is an obedient daughter by day and a rebellious tomboy by night. And she is perfectly fine with the way things are. But as she gets closer to the most crucial time of her life — marriageable age — a mysterious foreign Count arrives in the city and gets tangled in her life. Now Eugene must navigate a labyrinth of intrigue and mind games whilst holding to her principles and finding her
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Éminence Grise Female Lead Is Trying to Make Me Her Stepmom 4.7

Éminence Grise Female Lead Is Trying To Make Me Her Stepmom

Chapter 2

44,117 Apr 16,21 목감기,하리힌

I have transported as civilian 1 into the “tragic novel” I wrote with my friends for fun. Since he declares revolution in order to change his daughter's unhappy future. If I leave it like this then many lives are in danger. “I will protect the female lead!” That's how I started to live with the daughter stupid duke. But the small female lead is a bit strange for some reason.
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The Scandalous Proposal 4.4

The Scandalous Proposal

Chapter 11

54,173 Apr 20,21 Jeong kyoungha,Kim rohyeon

The worst crisis in his 15 years of career as an actor! When he was considering to leave the line of business, she stepped into his life. “I could have a relationship of convenience with you, Dokyeong.” “How will I benefit from this?” “I'll be your shield.” Her life story is even more pathetic than his. Apparently, she's about to get sold into marrying a junkie. It sounds like she can be a perfect
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Money City 1.9

Money City

Chapter 46 - End

46,990 Apr 23,21 Kexiao

Several women who once got into trouble because of money formed an alliance. They seek after rich men, have an extravagant life, and believe only wealth can bring power to people. Although they are crazy about money, they will finally understand money isn't the only important thing after experiencing love, disloyal friendship and life risks.
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Shirei to Kisu 4.2

Shirei To Kisu

5,066 Apr 11,21 Eri takashima

I will destroy your life of mediocrity. A dull and sullen co-worker turns out to be Yamato Toudou -- the super pompous son of a super-rich family -- in disguise!! He forces the unfortunate Shizuku Miyashita to be his slave when she finds herself indebted to him to the tune of 30 million yen! Shizuku had lived an earnest but ordinary life up until this point, so just why in the world did this
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Shirei to Kisu 2 4.7

Shirei To Kisu 2

Chapter 1

7,226 Apr 11,21 Eri takashima

So wait, I've turned my teacher into an obedient pet?! High-school sophomore Mai Misobe spends her days dreaming of the day when her handsome world history teacher Mr. Yoshioka will see her for who she really is. One day, Mai is out late after a night of fun downtown when she spots Mr. Yoshioka smoking a cigarette and dressed up as a bartender in a back alley. She takes a picture without thi
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Watashi o Kaeru Koi o Shiyou. 3.8

Watashi O Kaeru Koi O Shiyou.

Chapter 1

10,674 Apr 11,21 Kaji

Where in the world did all of these shiny people even come from? It was then that the bewildered Aimi laid her eyes upon a lady in full bloom -- Yui. She was a member of the Ladies club. All of the most sparkling ladies around her were a part of the Ladies club. There was only one rule to become a member. "No boyfriends!" Having just been dumped by her boyfriend, Aimi decides to join. Unfort
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The evil witch’s survival plan 4.7

The Evil Witch’S Survival Plan

Chapter 6

184,494 Apr 19,21 Updating

Hello! This is a remake for The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive!.The daughter of a well-known family, Xiao Yao, died of a serious illness, upon awakening she discovered that she had become Abella, the evil sister of the heroine of “The Imperial Knight fell in love with me.” As a princess, she didn't possess magic, and under her father's repeated indulgence, her personality grew arrogant and stubbo
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There's love hidden in lies 4

There's Love Hidden In Lies

8,611 Apr 07,21 Kawai aporo

There's nothing worse than having a guy You've secretly crushed on for ten years say like you're like his mom. When Natsume Mishima is given a chance to be in fake relationship with Chikage, the hottest guy in her class to make her crush Yuuki jealous, she takes it-- even though she hate lying. Will This web of lies get her the guy she wants?
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Would You Give Your Heart to Me? 4.1

Would You Give Your Heart To Me?

Chapter 151 [End] : Special Side Story: The Final Episode (The End)

232,689 Apr 09,21 Sil-bi

Back in elementary school, Jin Sung-yu left things on a bad note with Ryu Wonha before transferring to a new school. She never really did get over it. Now she's in high school with some key players from her elementary school years: her best friend, Oh Yeonji; the girl she hates, Lee Mi-ae; and her first crush ever, Ryu Wonha. Yup, that Wonha. And it's starting to look like Wonha might not ha
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The vengeance 3.2

The Vengeance

Chapter 153

264,518 Apr 22,21 岛上project

Rebirth! Those betrayals of lover, friends, and family… all of these, she wants revenge! The road to revenge is hard. Where is the way I can find my own happiness? Yolanda, 27 years old, was abandoned by her boyfriend, her family was destroyed, and she decided to end her own life. Unexpectedly, her soul reincarnated in a 15 years old orphan who also killed herself. Two girls with the same na
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Sweet first love 2.3

Sweet First Love

11,546 Apr 05,21 Yun zhong zi

Do you remember the taste of your first love? You might have already forgotten the taste of your first love, or you have buried it in your heart, or you are currently experiencing your first love, but ignoring all that, the first love is sweet, shy, and happy. What kind of sparks will be created when you meet the person that used to be your first love?
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Watashi no shiiku gakari-kun 4

Watashi No Shiiku Gakari-Kun

13,636 Apr 05,21 Misaki natsumi

The first time for a shy girl to want to have a friend. But, mistakenly she talk to Hayamizu-kun the delinquent...! But, surprisingly Hayamizu-kun is xxx...!? Warm and kind!? A youth love story.   Please consider buying raws from the mangaka to support them!   We need Japanese Translators and redrawers! Please co
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A Poisonous Lily 4.6

A Poisonous Lily

Chapter 4

124,339 Apr 21,21 Eunrock,Hemo

The Holy Empire of Serife's saintess, Lily Stella. She was a holy existence that nobody dared to disrespect. But one day, she stopped hearing God's voice, and the Holy Empire of Serife fell to ruin. Lily Stella, who was thrown into a well by the hands of the enemy, cursed the God of Serife whom she served all her life with all her might. “Serife. If you're still listening to my voice, give me anot
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