The Chronicle of Seven Cities 4.5

The Chronicle Of Seven Cities

Chapter 3: Arctic Front, Part ③

20,597 Mar 01,21 Tanaka Yoshiki,Fukuda Ikumi

The story is set in a near-future Earth, in the aftermath of a major disaster that shifts the planet's polar axis 90 degrees, situating the poles along the equatorial line and killing everyone on Earth. A moon-based colony avoids the disaster, and begins recolonizing the depopulated Earth by establishing seven cities in strategic locations. However, to ensure the loyalty of the Earth colony, t
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Kimi Shi ni Tamafu Koto Nakare 4.3

Kimi Shi Ni Tamafu Koto Nakare

Vol.8 Chapter 46

189,336 Jan 20,21 Yoko Taro

In the future, supernatural powers not only exist but have become science fact. The “Special Abilities Private High School” is established in order to utilize students’ powers for the military. Students are roped onto the battlefield without knowing the meaning of the fight, whether it will save their lives…or spell their demise.
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Jungle Juice 4.8

Jungle Juice

Chapter 20

1,450,061 May 11,21 형은

The mysterious bug medicine ‘Jungle juice’ made him an insect human. Jang Su-chan, a college student who used to hide his teeth, one day he looked like that. You’ll be seen by everyone, and you’ll be in the insect world. You fight against the weak-kneed logic…
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Products 4.4


Chapter 10: Doubt

934,566 Mar 14,21 Minami Tamano,ZENOSHIN

Shiba, a college student with a communicative disorder, has been reading rumors circulating on Internet forums about women 'clones', which look like a human, but are not actually a human! Instead they are perfectly obedient to their owner's orders and fulfill every desire! This should have been hastily dismissed as an urban legend but then an incident started when Shiba was hospitalize
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Outta Fire 4.5

Outta Fire

Chapter 1

25,578 Jan 12,21 载水

Translated by Isekai Scan Team The ninth son of the Dragon Pool Sea came to the world to learn through experience, but he accidentally joined a special high-tech fire brigade. In order to blend in with his human partner, he must perform dangerous tasks while hiding the fact that he has superpowers, constantly having to choose between a life or death choice of saving lives or not exposing his ident
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Freak-Quency 4.6


Chapter 100 - End

838,321 Apr 27,21 Sakon,Xero

Sonnya’s brother Milo is missing, and the only clue she has to his disappearance is a mysterious text message. She discovers Milo is somehow involved with the now-defunct RPG game, “Freak-quency,” which was stopped for good reason: players were disappearing. To her horror, she also finds that the game is no longer confined to computers, and has found a new home in the world of th
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Urban Castaway 4.5

Urban Castaway

Chapter 6

178,783 Feb 21,21 YOOUSI

Fang Xiaotang, an orphan, lost everything in a fire, but gained a unique system for asking God, and since then set off on the path of tracking his enemies. All the cultivating sects in the world will prevent him from obtaining the truth, but can they stop the gods who are helping him?
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Soaring Heavenly Dragon 4.2

Soaring Heavenly Dragon

Chapter 28

500,251 Mar 14,21 暗鱼

After the loss of their family, the Ling Family’s descendants flee for shelter. Unexpectedly, they come across a young man while escaping. From then on, they commence the path of the unknown.
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Yumemi ga oka Wonderland 4.7

Yumemi Ga Oka Wonderland

Chapter 2: Debt Repaying Tanya-San

39,197 Jan 01,21 Masuda Eiji

One day, a UFO suddenly crashes in the middle of an ordinary city, making the world change in unexpected ways. Suddenly, all sorts of wishes come true and everything seems possible… The series follows the stories of the people affected by these changes. From Masuda Eiji, the author and artist of Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa and Shuukan Shounen Hachi Published
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I Alone Have Genius DNA 4.6

I Alone Have Genius Dna

Chapter 9

205,365 Feb 24,21 Lim Lee-Doh

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Convention 4.4


Chapter 1

17,827 Dec 24,20 风炫动画

Wasteland sống trong một bệnh viện bí ẩn được gọi là “thư viện”, nơi có một số môi trường kỳ lạ. tuy nhiên anh ta đã trốn thoát được với sự giúp đỡ của giám đốc bệnh viện trẻ tuổi Mo Xiao, nhưng anh ta ngay lập tức phát hiện ra rằng thế giới đang đối mặt với sự sụp đổ, rằng công ước giới hạn trừng phạt vũ trụ bí ẩn sắp có mặt trên Trái đất và anh ta có thể là chìa khóa cho ngăn chặn mọ
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World’s Apocalypse Online 4.8

World’S Apocalypse Online

Chapter 18

908,244 Apr 06,21 Fireworks Becomes a City

When the end of the world came, in the hopeless darkness, Gu Qingshan broke away from time and space, and returned to the world before it collapsed, determined to change his fate. But as time went on, he gradually realized that the apocalypse is not as simple as it seemed…
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Presenting My Sadistic Manager With Stupidity 4

Presenting My Sadistic Manager With Stupidity

Chapter 84

234,832 May 09,21 社畜本人

Lovers in their past life, enemies in their current life, the stupid girlfriend and the sadistic president fell in love and killed each other. The heroine was involved in a virus spying incident and was killed. She reincarnated, but turned into a blockhead due to a memory load failure. The sadistic president wanted to avenge his parents, so he entered a relationship contract with the heroine, but&
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Kyomushi Sanmyaku 2.8

Kyomushi Sanmyaku

Chapter 4: Decision

334,539 Mar 20,21 Fujimi Yasutaka,Sazanami Yusuke

A tunnel in a mountain that a college student visited with the intention of trying to deliver a video. The giant bugs that appeared there attacked them! VS. Human cruel survival.
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Cultivation through science 4.6

Cultivation Through Science

Chapter 9

314,692 Mar 18,21 Updating

After traveling to the world of Xianxia, ​​Qin Yun became a peak master of a sect, with the “Super Master System”. Qin Yun always said, “Learn mathematics, physics, and chemistry, and you can travel the world without any fear”.
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Real Man 4.8

Real Man

Chapter 26

1,487,030 May 09,21 도가도

The world’s only one best CEO, Han Yoo Hyun. He leaves everything behind and relives his life!
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The Boys of Summer 3.7

The Boys Of Summer

Chapter 5

27,661 Feb 03,21 박하

33 years have passed since the world filled with zombies. However, a boy named Lee Ji-seung, whose blood can heal zombies, appears. For this, he is worshiped as a guardian angel to his people. Ji Seung, who admires the Zero era (when there were no zombies), is strangely attracted when he is near a man who has just been awakened from his dream and who goes by the name of Jeon Ho-gyeong.
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Virtual Reality Action RPG 4.5

Virtual Reality Action Rpg

Chapter 5

163,800 Dec 05,20 dho080

In the near future, two years since the launch of the Virtual Reality RPG, Mob Saga Online. Even in the game, ‘Jerry’ an outsider is surrounded by danger.
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It Starts with a kingpin account 4.3

It Starts With A Kingpin Account

Chapter 59

3,432,307 May 08,21 Renshan Animation

The sudden crisis brought the earth directly into the OL era, and all mankind was reduced to the palm of unknown forces. Everyone became a first-class trumpet. In the cruel era of the weak and the strong, the high school student Ye Hao could only rise to three. Level, when he was about to die, accidentally opened the king’s account upgrade system, can Ye Hao become the strongest king?
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God Eater 2 4.5

God Eater 2

Chapter 9

74,105 Apr 10,21 Katagiri Ikumi

Three years after the event in God Eater Burst, a new fatal pandemic called the Black Plague caused by red rain has struck the Far East area. Members of Special Forces Blood, an affiliate of Fenrir who reside in a mobile base, are sent to assist.
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Mercenary Enrollment 4.9

Mercenary Enrollment

Chapter 32

11,798,804 May 09,21 YC

Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was little. After becoming a mercenary to survive for 10 years, he returns to his family in his hometown.
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I Must Be A Good Man 3.7

I Must Be A Good Man

Chapter 7

36,372 Nov 13,20 魔小利

I, Luo Li, the nickname, mad dog, raised 20 or 30 people under my hand, and live by collecting usury, and occasionally go to those noble schools to bully those wealthy children to collect protection fees. In this county seat Here, it can be considered a small celebrity. Who saw me and didn’t call me Gou Ge? As a result, one night… was entangled by a strange loli, and was told that if
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Unparalleled Path ~ Reincarnated as the AI for a Space Battleship ~ 4.4

Unparalleled Path ~ Reincarnated As The Ai For A Space Battleship ~

Chapter 3: Mutiny Course

301,596 Jan 02,21 Matsuya Daisuki,Ishiguchi Juu

After regaining consciousness, your average high-schooler Asagaya Shin has become an AI for a space battleship. As if that wasn’t enough, the ship has been surrounded by enemies, and he himself has a damaged engine, putting him in a dire situation. The warship commander had already died in combat, and taking the place of the temporary commander is a young girl of t
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