Demon's Sword Master of Excalibur School 4.6

Demon's Sword Master Of Excalibur School

Chapter 38

54.9K Nov 30,23 Yuu Shimizu,Asuka Keigen

In the fantasy story, the demon king Leonis sealed himself away for 1,000 years in order to prepare for the final battle, but when he woke up, he found himself in the body of a 10-year-old boy. A beautiful young woman named Lisellia from the Holy Sword Academy then says to him, "Why were you locked up in such a place? It's OK now, this big sister will take care of you!" Under Liselli
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Gently! Don Patch 4.8

Gently! Don Patch

Vol.2 Chapter 16: Winter Heartthrob

83 Nov 30,23 Sawai Yoshio

A slice of life series taking place in an alternate universe from the main Bobobo series, focusing on Beauty's everyday with... Donpatch!? A parody of moe series.
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Nariyuki Dungeon 4.5

Nariyuki Dungeon

Vol.3 Chapter 14: The Neverending Palace - Rambling Princess

198 Nov 30,23 Koyama Motoo

A fantasy work depicting the battles between the legendary swordsmen Moka and her party traveling across the continent of Lorasia, and the enemies that appear wherever they go. The story follows on from Motoo Koyama's prior work "Ozanari Dungeon". It was published from the February 1997 issue to the September 1998 issue of "Comic Nora" magazine.
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All Starts With Ubume 4.1

All Starts With Ubume

Chapter 245

6.7K Nov 30,23 China Manhua , Zhihua Comics

Leviathan Lee, a man diagnosed with an incurable disease, is accidentally urshered in the grotesque kaleidoscope-like nether world. With his own efforts, he becomes the strongest man there. When he's travelling through the different nether spaces, he starts to figure out the deepest secrets of the world.
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Kareshi Tokidoki Kanojo 3.8

Kareshi Tokidoki Kanojo

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Formal Greetings

39 Nov 30,23 Tsumugi Musawo

Akizuki Hodaka, a high school student just turned 17, met the school’s madonna, Shishizaki Chihaya due to a certain turn of events. Prepared to be shot down, he gambled it all by telling her 'I love you. Please go out with me!' And that how they started going out. But Chihaya has a secret Hodaka cannot even imagine…? A kind of love changes everything. The curtain raises on a new frontier in shonen
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My Dragon System 3.8

My Dragon System

Chapter 101

13.2K Nov 30,23 Jksmanga, 艾鲁猫漫画工作室

I was once the legendary red dragon who stood at the top of the world. For thousands of years, my brethren have been murdered by humans and the desire for revenge slowly turned into my only mission in this world! However, I failed. On the day of the decisive battle against human beings, I died with hatred in my heart... if there is an afterlife, I will definitely avenge my kind. If there is an aft
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What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal? 4.3

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become An Immortal?

Chapter 87

3.9K Nov 30,23 糖人动漫

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal at When your soul goes into others, others are also going into you. On this day, Lin Fan and the Saintess transmigrated at the same time, and later found out that they could transmigrate infinitely! Constantly going back and forth between the two time and space, the two's chaotic journey through the immortal cultivation began. "Excuse me, your na
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A Modern Man Who Got Transmigrated Into the Murim World 4.7

A Modern Man Who Got Transmigrated Into The Murim World

Chapter 68

33.5K Nov 30,23 Yeo Beop-ryong,Cheong Ru Yeon,Park Hee Jin

I was a public official who worked part-time to survive. I was knocked out by a speeding car while making deliveries in the middle of the night. I have a strong memory of dying prematurely in a hit-and-run. “…I’m Jo Hwi?” At some point, I became the second son of the collapsing Jo Ga-cheol Clan. This family has neither the authority to drop a flying bird nor the power to carry out one’s will. Ther
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This Martial Saint Is Way Too Generous 4.6

This Martial Saint Is Way Too Generous

Chapter 25

2.5K Nov 30,23 星燃漫画

Qin Jinyang, a 997 worker, gets reincarnated to a world where might is right. However, without receiving any unique ability or system cheat, he ends up as a servant in the Helan Mountain Villa, subjected to hardship and suffering. When he is in extreme pain and despair, his system finally awakens. Qin Jingyang, full of joy, finds out that this system is different from others and requires him to gi
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Blacksmith Zig 4.3

Blacksmith Zig

Chapter 31

1.6K Nov 30,23 Kang Chan, Next Level Studio

had his character hacked and deleted one day."Damn it. No way I'm giving up! I don't know who you are, but I'm going to find you and crush you!"Having lost the character he put his all into, Kang YuHan creates 'Zigg', a blacksmith with the sole mission of finding the hacker!Can YuHan find the hacker who deleted Bartz?Follow Zigg's action-packed adventure to become the greatest blac
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Magical Ensign Blaster Mari 5

Magical Ensign Blaster Mari

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Operation: Ban And Dai's Mom!!

11 Nov 30,23 Kei Ikeda

Universal Century 0079, the girl Mariko Zeon Elementary School sixth grade five,meets Red Comet is mounted on a white horse that gives magical powers. When the colony fell into crisis, Mariko, will be able to transform into an invincible Ensign Blaster Mari sexy. Mechanism to manipulate the "Zaku day (Suzaku immediately to one)," called the old Zaku. Gym and ball against federal troops in the colo
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Aishiteru Game wo Owarasetai 4.8

Aishiteru Game Wo Owarasetai

Chapter 44: The Childhood Friends Feel The Same Way

10.4K Nov 30,23 Doumoto Yuuki

Childhood friends who have been together since they were little. They both realize their feelings for each other, but are too close to be honest. What connects them is the "I love you game" that they have been playing since they were little. The end of their love is decided in this simple game where the winner is the one who makes the other embarrassed!
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The Last Golden Child 4.5

The Last Golden Child

Chapter 111

8K Nov 30,23 Al Kkeh

How many kicks does it take to smash the heart of a giant? Though she’s not a pure Child of Golden Light, Loxy must learn to channel the sun’s warmth and topple the towering titans that stand in the way of saving her sister. With bloodthirsty giants in her path, and the ruthless God of the Gods, Odin, in hot pursuit, Loxy pushes her body to its very limits in the hopes that she can become half as
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Dating to Survive 4.6

Dating To Survive

Chapter 38

1.9K Nov 30,23 GM.T

Eunsae is an ordinary student who happens to meet her alternate self in her dream one day. Eun-i and Sae-i are both Eunsae, just from parallel universes! After a year of regularly meeting up in their dreams, Eun-i makes a tempting offer: to switch places and jump into each other's universes for a week. Sae-i, having been envious of Eun-i's perfect life, decides to accept the offer. However, Eun-i
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I Really Don't Want to Remake 4.2

I Really Don't Want To Remake

Chapter 130

6.6K Nov 30,23 Pikapi (噼咔噼)

Little had I known, I Chen Hansheng; the former elite of society and a Diamond Bachelor, was reborn. When I woke up, I was a senior graduate in high school? Later, Chen Hansheng was walking near the crosswalk, he seemed hesitant. A precious girl; Shen Youchu and two other girls; Bai Yueguang and Xiao Rongyu, who will he pick? All of them? One of them? Two of them? Read to find out. Side No
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Dong Gun 4.4

Dong Gun

Chapter 89

1.3K Nov 30,23 Dan-Ee Lee, Ji-Woo Shin

It was an era of terror, a time in history where 10 suns shone as the world below burned under its mantle. As a result, Yae, a legendary warrior, was summoned and commanded by Chunjae, the father of these 10 suns, to shoots down all but one sun. But of course, the suns’ mother, Hwaehwa, did not take this news well and, in vengeance, swore to revive her dead sons. After a long time, Hwaehwa r
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Cloud Walker 4.1

Cloud Walker

Chapter 77

2.8K Nov 30,23

Arais: demons that prey on weak-minded humans, plunging their victims into despair and taking control. A selected few of humans who possess supernatural abilities, under the organization of Cloud Walker, are the only ones who can deal with them. Through an unfortunate encounter with an Arai, Kai Wattana is forced to make a deal with one of these demon himself... or is it the other way around?
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Romelia Senki ~Maou wo Taoshita Ato mo Jinrui Yabasou Dakara Guntai Soshiki Shita~ 4.3

Romelia Senki ~Maou Wo Taoshita Ato Mo Jinrui Yabasou Dakara Guntai Soshiki Shita~

0 Nov 30,23 Ariyama Ryou

“Romé, no, Countess Romélia. I can no longer do this with you. I am breaking off our engagement. We will part as soon as I return to my country.”Prince Henri announced this to me while I was still rejoicing the long-awaited defeat of Zergis, the Demon King.But the prince did not know, I have the miraculous power of “Grace.”
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Saiaku No Avalon 4.6

Saiaku No Avalon

Chapter 19

3.1K Nov 30,23 Akito Narusawa

The main character loves the MMORPG game called Dan-Ex. During one particular day, a beta test event was announced, and he managed to beat it. In exchange for clearing the event, he was granted permission to try the beta test server. Forcing to choose different avatar and skill as the system doesn't allow his own, he eventually settled on random. However, he is transferred to
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Toto! The Wonderful Adventure 5

Toto! The Wonderful Adventure

0 Nov 30,23 Yuko Osada

(From the back of volume 1):Kakashi is a small-town boy with a big dream: to travel around the world. He's so determined to leave his little island home that he stows away onboard a marvelous zeppelin - one that just happens to be loaded with treasure and a gang of ruthless criminals!
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Akabane Honeko no Bodyguard 4.8

Akabane Honeko No Bodyguard

Chapter 52

2.2K Nov 30,23 NIGATSU Masamitsu

Honeko Akabane is an ordinary high school girl. The daughter of a lawyer, she seeks to just live a regular life - even if that means chiding her childhood friend, the ever-violent Ibuki Arakuni, whenever he gets into fights with random people. However, Ibuki holds a secret only he knows - Honeko was adopted by her current parents, and is actually the illegitimate daughter of a yakuza bigwig. A
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The Board King 3

The Board King

0 Nov 30,23 Watabiki Toshiya

A vampire who has no choice but to live in eternity challenges the strongest shogi players of the present age!? A new series of rebel shogi battle action drama!!
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Kinzoku Slime wo Taoshi Makutta Ore ga 3

Kinzoku Slime Wo Taoshi Makutta Ore Ga "kurokou No Ou" To Yobareru Made

0 Nov 30,23 Onsen Capybara

One day, a large hole opened up in the yard of a house. There was a mysterious slime with a metallic body that was trembling and shaking.For some reason, Yuma Mitaka, a dull high school student, spends his days exterminating the "metallic slime" that springs up in the hole every morning. As he repeats this daily routine, Yuma's body undergoes an astonishing evolution!This is an unprecedented Musou
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Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi 4.5

Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi

Vol.8 Chapter 88: Babysitter ②

581 Nov 30,23 Taguchi Shoutarou

Ura baito, also known as a shady part-time job. A gray area job that pays very well. The price you pay is your life. Yume Kokuryo and Nagomi Shirahama are seeking a large sum of money for some reason. To that end, they casually dive into various shady part-time jobs. This work may affect you physically and mentally. Read it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to your
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