Otogi no Uta ~Chronicle~ 3

Otogi No Uta ~Chronicle~

Chapter 3: Hello Wonder World♣, Part 1

10 Nov 30,23 Nippon Columbia, San-X

In order to obtain the "ending" that will make all their wishes come true, the songwriters decide to fight with the power of their music.What awaits them is either hope or――。
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Kareshi Tokidoki Kanojo 3.7

Kareshi Tokidoki Kanojo

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Formal Greetings

39 Nov 30,23 Tsumugi Musawo

Akizuki Hodaka, a high school student just turned 17, met the school’s madonna, Shishizaki Chihaya due to a certain turn of events. Prepared to be shot down, he gambled it all by telling her 'I love you. Please go out with me!' And that how they started going out. But Chihaya has a secret Hodaka cannot even imagine…? A kind of love changes everything. The curtain raises on a new frontier in shonen
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What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal? 4.3

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become An Immortal?

Chapter 87

3.9K Nov 30,23 糖人动漫

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal at When your soul goes into others, others are also going into you. On this day, Lin Fan and the Saintess transmigrated at the same time, and later found out that they could transmigrate infinitely! Constantly going back and forth between the two time and space, the two's chaotic journey through the immortal cultivation began. "Excuse me, your na
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Blood Hotel 3.9

Blood Hotel

Chapter 32

12 Nov 30,23 Kit Penn

Read manhwa Blood HotelAfter narrowly escaping an attempt on her life, Ms. Maria quickly started over under the name "Sheridan" and even found a new job at a fancy hotel to boot. Unfortunately, The Lodge hotel is much more than meets the eye! She soon learns that the hotel is actually a safe house where humans and vampires coexist. With nowhere else to turn, can Sheridan make the best of this bloo
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Dating to Survive 4.6

Dating To Survive

Chapter 38

1.9K Nov 30,23 GM.T

Eunsae is an ordinary student who happens to meet her alternate self in her dream one day. Eun-i and Sae-i are both Eunsae, just from parallel universes! After a year of regularly meeting up in their dreams, Eun-i makes a tempting offer: to switch places and jump into each other's universes for a week. Sae-i, having been envious of Eun-i's perfect life, decides to accept the offer. However, Eun-i
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Hell of a Romance 4.8

Hell Of A Romance

Chapter 26

72 Nov 30,23 Jung Sung-wan

An unpopular webtoon writer whose next work was rejected by all serials. When he complains that he wants to sell his soul to the devil at a drinking party, he gets a real devil's phone number. He is soon met by a handsome demon and has a contract to become a hit writer at the price of vitalityHell of a Romance, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Wh
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Dong Gun 4.4

Dong Gun

Chapter 89

1.3K Nov 30,23 Dan-Ee Lee, Ji-Woo Shin

It was an era of terror, a time in history where 10 suns shone as the world below burned under its mantle. As a result, Yae, a legendary warrior, was summoned and commanded by Chunjae, the father of these 10 suns, to shoots down all but one sun. But of course, the suns’ mother, Hwaehwa, did not take this news well and, in vengeance, swore to revive her dead sons. After a long time, Hwaehwa r
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My Love Tiger 4.5

My Love Tiger

Chapter 263

27.6K Nov 30,23 Kanel, Yoon Jae Ho

Sung Hoon was a normal High School student, but one day he finds himself with a tiger that Hwangun didn't marry, and is told that the world will end if he doesn't marry that tiger. The story begins with the cute smile of the tiger girl.
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Saiaku No Avalon 4.6

Saiaku No Avalon

Chapter 19

3.1K Nov 30,23 Akito Narusawa

The main character loves the MMORPG game called Dan-Ex. During one particular day, a beta test event was announced, and he managed to beat it. In exchange for clearing the event, he was granted permission to try the beta test server. Forcing to choose different avatar and skill as the system doesn't allow his own, he eventually settled on random. However, he is transferred to
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The Board King 3

The Board King

0 Nov 30,23 Watabiki Toshiya

A vampire who has no choice but to live in eternity challenges the strongest shogi players of the present age!? A new series of rebel shogi battle action drama!!
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When The Demon Gets Tempted 3

When The Demon Gets Tempted

0 Nov 30,23 Ba Tong Mu , Ji Lin, 青青果

Xia Yang is a college student that's a sucker for people with good looking faces and has been a fan of the idol, Jiang Zhengze, for many years. He is obsessed with idols, crazy about idols, and would do anything for his idols. But one day, the idol he longed for turned into a demon who wants to eat him up, constantly pushing him to the edge of his sanity. Thus his agonizing and turbulent cohabitat
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Liar Satsuki Can See Death 4.6

Liar Satsuki Can See Death

Vol.8 Chapter 75: Adoration

21.8K Nov 30,23 Ryouko

"You... are going to die tomorrow." Minadzuki Satsuki, 16 years old. Apart from being antisocial and declaring the death of her classmates, she is a normal high school second-year student. Her nickname is "Liar Satsuki". However, her eyes alone are abnormal. What she is gazing at is... Twitter of the author : https://t
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Please Call Me Ghost Messenger 4.4

Please Call Me Ghost Messenger

Chapter 50

791 Nov 30,23 徐二家的猫

After the eternal night, terror resurges! Supernatural ghosts and monsters descend upon the modern city! All common knowledge and rules are overturned! Blood rains down beneath the calm campus, tombstones crack open in the outskirts' cemetery, and dilapidated apartments are haunted by numerous apparitions In this dark and desperate environment, there stands a midnight-revealing post office, and a
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A Streamer in the Past 3.8

A Streamer In The Past

Chapter 45

242 Nov 30,23 Lee Jae-heon, HONG Gi-woo

Wukyung is a famous Korean streamer: she eats extra spicy food live and her fans go crazy when they see her. But she not only enjoys eating, but she is also an excellent chef. One day she, without knowing how, she appears in the old Joseon era, in the body of an orphan girl who had died. And the only thing she has of hers from her own time is a pearl her mother gave her! Wukyung will have to resor
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Guilty Affection 3.1

Guilty Affection

Chapter 57

2.5K Nov 30,23 Chelliace

Years after waves of a mysterious fog blanketed the globe, seeing people with unimaginable powers and scenes of deadly chaos has become an almost everyday occurrence. Though many of these gifted humans, known as espers, choose to do good with their new powers, prolonged use always results in corruption - a darkening of the mind and soul. The very safety of society relies on the help of those who c
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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 4.9

Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun

Chapter 327: A Fortunate Person

294.7K Nov 30,23 Nishi Osamu

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is the story of Suzuki Iruma, who has been sold to the demon by his irresponsible parents in exchange for money. Surprisingly, next thing he knows, he is living with the demon and has been transferred into a school from Demon World. We invite you to follow Iruma-kun's extraordinary school life.
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Temple 4.8


Chapter 89

31.2K Nov 30,23 Kimitake Yoshioka

That's right, let's become a monk! Not knowing what to do with his worldly desires, Akagami Akemitsu aims to live a stoic life. However, the thick karmic blood flowing from him will not permit it!
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Akatsuki Jihen 4.2

Akatsuki Jihen

Vol.4 Chapter 28: I Like Your Face

930 Nov 30,23 Chigusa Ichihara

The Sukaku (Zhu He) family is a distinguished line of shamans that protects mankind from divine beasts. Our protagonist, Mutsuki, (Wang Yue) bears a promising future while his sister Uzuki (Chu Yue) completely lacks the capability to use any spiritual techniques. "You are not a child of Sukaku if you are not a shaman." Bound by those antiquated customs, Uzuki is forbidden from leaving the house. A
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Hardcore Leveling Warrior 4.4

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Chapter 328

141.3K Nov 30,23 Kim Sehoon (김세훈)

"Those who clear quests, shall receive everything." An RPG adventure with HCLW and his allies, set in a lucid reality.
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Onepunch-Man 4.8


Chapter 197

334.8K Nov 30,23 One, Murata Yuusuke

Onepunch man Manga One punch-Man imitates the life of an average hero who wins all of his fights with only one punch! This is why he is called Onepunch man Manga. This story takes place in the fictional Z-City. The world is full of mysterious beings, villains and monsters that cause destruction and havoc. An association of heroes has been establishe
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Bloody Hellthy 2.4

Bloody Hellthy

Chapter 2

94 Nov 30,23 Awook

A vampire named 'Collin', who doesn't drink blood, accidentally tastes 'Ian's' blood. Enthralled by the sweet taste of it, Collin losses his rationality and attempts to attack Ian but fails. Feeling guilty towards Collin's mistakes and experiencing hunger, Ian decided to make a small condition and promises to offer his blood. However, through the contract of blood-sharing, their rel
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Saint Seiya (Kanzenban Edition) 4.4

Saint Seiya (Kanzenban Edition)

Vol.6 Chapter 28: The Hour Of Battle Approaches

209 Nov 30,23 Kurumada Masami

Ages ago, the goddess Athena was served by fighters known as Saints who channeled the power of the cosmos within them. Now a youth named Seiya has trained to earn the mystical cloth of Pegasus and become a Saint himself. He is joined by other Saints with cloths of their own to fight for Athena. This is the Kanzenban edition of the original Saint Seiya manga. It is a special edition that
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Jungle Juice 4.7

Jungle Juice

Chapter 106

92.7K Nov 30,23 Youn In-Wan

The mysterious bug medicine ‘Jungle juice’ made him an insect human. Jang Su-chan, a college student who used to hide his teeth, one day he looked like that. You’ll be seen by everyone, and you’ll be in the insect world. You fight against the weak-kneed logic…
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