Yukan Club 4.2

Yukan Club

Chapter 15.3

137,656 Jul 08,20 Ichijo Yukari

Everyday is the same old boring activities and pattern for the rich students of the St. President Academy's student council. The six of them only go to the Yukan/Leisure club because they have nothing else to do. One day, one of them gets into trouble, and the other five help her to solve her problems. This marked the beginning of their awesome adventures.
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Descent Of A Goddess 3.8

Descent Of A Goddess

Chapter 102

1,806,691 Jul 08,20 Yaongyi

A high school girl who rises to pretty girl fame in her school after she masters the art of make-up via Youtube.
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Emergency Love 4.5

Emergency Love

Chapter 18

390,206 Jul 08,20 Gang Gyu Won,Tobi (토비)

Despite having no connections and oppositions from her family, Shin Chae-rin went to practice medicine as an intern at Migang Hospital. There she meets a doctor by the name of Baek Kangwoo who has everything in his favor yet wants to give up his training. This is a love story blossoming in the emergency room where Chaerin struggles with her daily work and her love for Kangwoo.
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The Earl's Daughter was Suddenly Employed as the Crown Prince's Fiancée 4.8

The Earl's Daughter Was Suddenly Employed As The Crown Prince's Fiancée

Chapter 10

1,491,458 Jul 08,20 Kazuki Ko

Although she had traveled to the Royal Capital to train as a lady of the court, before she realized it, the daughter of an impoverished Earl was seen as nothing more than another of the servants. It was during one of her usual morning cleaning rounds when by chance the Crown Prince Isaac, who was rumored for one reason or another to keep all women at arm's length, passed by, but...
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Sweet Bitter 4.5

Sweet Bitter

Chapter 7

180,485 Jul 07,20 Ayapan

Mizuha is in a one sided love with a college student named Ren. Mizuha's whole world revolves around him until she meets a guy named Chiaki who sits next to her and is a pudding loving weirdo, who freaks out if you insult pudding.
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Nanohana no Kare 4.4

Nanohana No Kare

Vol.9 Chapter 53: 53 + Extra

2,079,455 Jul 07,20 Tekkotsu Saro, Toumori Miyoshi

First confession in life. but to see the face only a moment after confession!? calm and deep love story is about to begin. - Nanoka's friends are only interested in boys, leaving Nanoka feeling alone and left out. The truth is, she had a boyfriend before, but was left so heartbroken by his lies that she's not interested in dating anymore. That's what she thought, until an overheard con
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Rengoku ni Warau 4.5

Rengoku Ni Warau

Vol.9 Chapter 52: The Brazen One, Descending Into The Underground

435,309 Jul 07,20 Karakara Kemuri

The story is set 300 years before Donten ni Warau, during the Tensho Period. At Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, the battle with Orochi ensued.
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Oh No! I’ve Swapped Bodies with an Anti-Fan 4.3

Oh No! I’Ve Swapped Bodies With An Anti-Fan

Chapter 25

180,039 Jul 07,20 Dai Xi,This melon has poison

I’m the leader of the popular boy band TREE. But I’ve somehow swapped bodies with a random girl? Turns out, she’s a big fan of my group mate Ji Shan, but she’s also my anti-fan?! She ends up using my body to enter TREE’s apartment, sleep in my bed and chase after her idol. She’s seriously trying to dig my grave… Ugh, I have no choice but to think of a way
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Miao Shou Xian Dan 4.6

Miao Shou Xian Dan

Chapter 92

10,376,901 Jul 07,20 Yu Qi Lin

e path to becoming an immortal (cultivation) of a unparalleled girl with strange powers...... Although it's a shoujo manhua, there is no lack of fighting elements. With myself liking shounen manhua content, neither romance nor adventure is neglected. A round of applause please for the handsome guys and beautiful girls that are about to appear! Source:
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Paranoid Love 4.3

Paranoid Love

Chapter 13: Moving Forward

301,969 Jul 07,20 Can Can,Summer Zoo

Yu Mang Mang, a senior student who is graduating soon still doesn't have a boyfriend. That is because she's surrounded by rumors ever since she was in high school and it caused her to have no friend at all when she entered the university.<br>Yet on the day of her intern interview, she met the campus king, Lin You. The scary part is... that Campus King is going to live in her house?!
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Yomogi Mochi Yaketa? 4.5

Yomogi Mochi Yaketa?

Chapter 13

274,518 Jul 07,20 Arai Kiyoko

From Animenewsnetwork: The titular character, Yomogi, is a high school freshman who sees her friends falling in love, but she prefers money over boys.
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Daughter of the Emperor 4.6

Daughter Of The Emperor

Chapter 186

12,161,385 Jul 07,20 Yunsul

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. And so my life begins with this ridiculously long name, born to royalty and the center of attention — all because of one dangerous man; the veritably insane tyrant king, ruthless conqueror of ten empires, nightmare of all continents… and my father?! Will I be able to survive this maniac?
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Emp's Contracted Ex 3.6

Emp's Contracted Ex

Chapter 48

110,108 Jul 07,20 FanCiYuan

Her fiancé died on the wedding day. The person of interest was someone called “night.” To discover the truth, she signed away her freedom to her ex, who promised to pull strings for her. However, things were way more complicated than she thought…MangaToon got authorization from Fanciyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author’s own point of view, and does not rep
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Valentine Kiss 4.7

Valentine Kiss

Chapter 28

482,677 Jul 07,20 Lee Yousu,Kim Hyesung

God's disciple, Valentine, meddled with the human world out of sympathy. Angered, God punished Valentine to experience nine miserable human lives. Finally, reaching the ninth life, Valentine will soon find out that this ninth life will be just as hard. However, throughout this harsh destiny, the romance between them continues to blossom.
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Heroine Hajimemashita 4.6

Heroine Hajimemashita

Chapter 7

234,480 Jul 07,20 Fuyu Amakura

I have to protect the most popular guy...?!
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The Devil King's Sonata 4.5

The Devil King's Sonata

Chapter 14

417,950 Jul 07,20 Qian Zi,Nan Gua,Jiu Hui

Luna Xia summoned a devil to help retaliate against her classmates. However, she never expected to summon the Devil King! Suddenly, Luna's life starts to take off on a crazy roller coaster of events! Along the way, they attracted a succubus, angel, and knight. They jumped right past Luna's skepticism and went straight for the gas pedal!<br>Devil King Lucifer: Romance can't be rom
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Spirit Fingers 4.7

Spirit Fingers

Chapter 116

1,610,841 Jul 07,20 Han Gyeong Chal

​An ordinary girl... joins an extraordinary drawing club?! A story of finding one's true colors.
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Girl's World 4.2

Girl's World

Chapter 213: 213 - Nari's Letter

1,374,063 Jul 07,20 Morangji

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...
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The Golden Haired Wizard 4.7

The Golden Haired Wizard

Chapter 22

850,011 Jul 07,20 Seulbi,Domag

I thought I was dead, but when I woke up, I was reincarnated as a nobleman's daughter?! The only thing I did in the seventeen years of my first life was studying. Now that I'm alive again, I won't live just to study! The second life of an ordinary middle school girl with a slightly strange personality, Jean, begins an unstoppable journey on this continent!
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Isekai de 4.7

Isekai De "kuro No Iyashi Te" Tte Yobarete Imasu

Vol.7 Chapter 49

8,850,957 Jul 07,20 Fujima Miya

From MangaHelpers: One day, 22-year-old Kanzaki Misuzu is suddenly transported to a strange world. Based on the pop-up screens she can access, it seems she's entered some kind of RPG as a magic user! Luckily, she can use the gaming skills she acquired as an otaku to make her way in this new world. But before she knows it, people start calling her "the Black Healer"!! [tethysdust]
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Mirai no Danna-Sama 4.6

Mirai No Danna-Sama

Chapter 5

91,223 Jul 07,20 Yuu Yoshinaga

Senior high school student Mirai is surrounded by good-looking guys. One day, a mysterious fortune teller foretold that she would marry one of 3 guys… with whom does she share the red string of destiny…??
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Nagareboshi Lens 4.9

Nagareboshi Lens

Chapter 26: Twinkle 21

837,153 Jul 07,20 Murata Mayu

From Eternal Heart: Risa is a middle-school student who has zero experience in love, but hopes to one day find that special someone. After an unexpected event, Risa now finds herself entangled with the most popular boy in her grade, Yuugure. Could this be the beginning of love for Risa...!?
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Kawaii Hito (SAITOU Ken) 4.9

Kawaii Hito (Saitou Ken)

Chapter 21

1,054,031 Jul 07,20 Saitou Ken

Hanazono is feared due to his grim reaper-like face. However, college student Suzuka Hiyori confessed to him and they started going out! While Hanazono is pretty much bewildered about it, seems like Hiyori is the only one who notices his "real face."
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Usotoki Rhetoric 4.9

Usotoki Rhetoric

Chapter 47

722,951 Jul 07,20 Miyako Ritsu

A girl who could tell lies from truth, who suffered from this strange ability meets a strange detective.
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