Mu You Cai Se 4.7

Mu You Cai Se

Ch.1.1 : Draft Chapter (Alt.ver)

65,254 Jan 20,16 Feng Yu Mu Mu

Haotian and the Emperor's third son, Liu Xi, were rivals. One day, they quarrelled with each other and unfortunately both of them fell into the Otome Reincarnation Road and being reincarnated into pretty girls.
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Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All 5

Pokémon Gotta Catch 'em All

Vol.5 Ch.69 : Protectorate God Of The Sea (2Nd Half)

41,599 Jan 20,16 ASADA Miho

Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All is a comedy-adventure series about a Pokemon trainer named Shuu, who can communicate with his Pokemon, such as his Pikachu, through a headset. The series is mostly composed of short stories about his attempts to make up for his lackluster skills in capturing Pokemon.-MyAnimeList
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Space China Dress (WON Hyun-Jae) 5

Space China Dress (Won Hyun-Jae)


123,695 Jan 20,16 Choi Bong-su

Shaolin Space, a place that's said to be where all martial arts in the universe originated from. And within this planet... a most sacred place among martial artists, Mt. Kunlun. And on top of that Mt. Kunlun, there's Kunlun Headquarters. And if you go down... a long way, inside a small run-down dumpling restaurant, our heroine lives. Color webtoon derived (almost exact replica) from Space China
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Satsui no Senki 5

Satsui No Senki

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Burial Demon

99,477 Jan 20,16 Kobayashi Daiki

Mikoto Rikudou, your average Secondary School kid, lives an ordinary life and doesn't think much about the unexplained appearances of figures called "demons" in the city. This is all turned upside-down when he finds the most timid girl in class is one of them, he is caught in the middle of a battle between these creatures and ends up becoming one himself… only to be told he will have to kill other
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Library of Life 5

Library Of Life

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Chapter 23

47,996 Jan 20,16 Queso Caliente

Paper people have lived for centuries in the library, maintaining and surveying it. Mulch, a book keeper, has his own doubts and suspicions about the library but was always too afraid to speak up about them until Vredrick, a radical paper person, breaks into his house at night. Vredrick eggs on Mulch's suspicions until the protectors of the people arrest Vredrick. He is sentenced to death by fire.
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Jade Pill [Yu Dan] 5

Jade Pill [Yu Dan]

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Trap

50,782 Jan 20,16 Ǻ?横盏琉璃 (not Sure)

The practitioner's Dan energy originates from the moon sun and five elements, the body has five elements, since all living things have the five elements, regarding the issue if humans can train the Dan, there are two main views: one party believes using people will result in many difficulties, thus they only use the elemental energy from external sources, they are called true practitioners, the ot
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Bokukoi Conductor 5

Bokukoi Conductor

Vol.2 Ch.20

146,408 Jan 20,16 Sakamaki Akimu

Nakamura Kouta is a freshman in high school who dislikes girls. One day he is visited by his childhood friend Karen, with whom he lost contact over time. Karen is a tomboyish girl, who refers to herself as "Boku" (a first person pronoun usually used by males). She asks him to help her become more feminine to win the affection of Itsuki-san, a colleague at her part time job. Even though he is reluc
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Sakura Sakura (Morishige) 4.9

Sakura Sakura (Morishige)

Vol.4 Ch.20 : Extracurricular Activities

235,786 Jan 20,16 Morishige

Fifteen years ago, birthrate decreased greatly in Japan and the few who were born during that time are called the "LastGen." Hanasaka Haru, a 15-year-old LastGen kid, has never met any classmates before. Now, he goes to school for the first time and meets Himeshiro Sakurako. But Sakurako is not quite the ideal classmate he imagined, and his dream school life isn't turning out the way he wanted
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Tumbling 5


Vol.1 Ch.2

45,420 Jan 20,16 Mizukami Wataru

Yuuta Takenata has dreamed of being a gymnast ever since he was a little kid, so when he gets into high school he starts the Boy's Rhythmic Gymnastics team. Then, the club advisor forces them to take the delinquent Azuma Wataru under their wing. He's loud, whiny and has absolutely no interest in gymnastics. Yuuta just gives up on him, telling to stop coming to the practices. But when Wataru accide
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Two Colors 5

Two Colors

Vol.1 Ch.3

59,106 Jan 20,16 Kisaragi Manami

The first time Tsujiya met Hayashi, it wasn't a pretty sight, at least for him. He had his clothes blotched with paint and was blown away by his senpai's frankness. Tsujiya asked Hayashi whether he could practice in the studio once in a while. Before they knew it, their relationship started to blossom
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Two Lifetimes of a Moon 4.3

Two Lifetimes Of A Moon

Vol.0 Ch.1 : Original Pre Designs

39,091 Jan 20,16 Despoina Skalimi

A 16 years Old Girl, Deb, lives with her mother and her two siblings because her father has left the house, when Deb was around eight. Eight years now, her family and she, move out to a new town. She thinks that her family hides something important from her. At the new town, Deb goes to see her sister, Kelly at her new job, but she faces a bunch of strange, deformed men. Suddenly, a man ap
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Ubukawa - Hajimete no Kare 4.9

Ubukawa - Hajimete No Kare

Vol.2 Ch.5

139,703 Jan 20,16 Doumoto Nao

From Midnight Scans: Uri was just a normal, average female high school student, but, one day, she suddenly got three older brothers!! Not only that, but they are all extremely handsome?! Surrounded by big brothers like that, who will be Uri's first love...?!
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Ue wo Muite Arukou 5

Ue Wo Muite Arukou

Vol.1 Ch.3

50,434 Jan 20,16 Takasuka Yue

From Perfect Illusions: The story is about a girl who has constantly fighting with an orange-haired boy since the first day of high school. One day she meets Shintaro, her first love. Suddenly the orange-haired boy confesses his love to the girl. Shintaro mistakes them for a couple and thus ruins the girl's chances of expressing her love for Shintaro.
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Umi ni Nemuru Hana 5

Umi Ni Nemuru Hana

Vol.3 Ch.10

118,181 Jan 20,16 Nakamura Shungiku

The young pirate head Sakaki met the autistic but beautiful samurai Murou... Why did Murou have the other half of the treasure island map left by Sakaki's grandfather? Why did Murou keep to himself? Could Sakaki open Murou's closed heart? And how should he handle his best friend who loved him, Juurou? (From
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Umi Yori mo Fukaku 4

Umi Yori Mo Fukaku

Vol.2 Chapter 2

71,231 Jan 20,16 Yoshimura Akemi

Nemuko, a college student, is told by a fortune teller with spiritual powers that she will die 3 years later. A few days later the fortune teller is arrested for fraud. But on a news program, the fortune teller's words at the time of his arrest are reported, "I didn't take money from anyone who I saw had the shadow of death." Nemuko doesn't remember paying any money, and one after another, other t
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Yudan 5



48,465 Jan 20,16

From: Angelic Scanlations: A practitioner's Dan energy originates from the moon, the sun and the five elements. The human body has the five elements, since all living things do. Regarding the issue if humans can train the Dan, there are two main views: One group thinks that using people will result in many difficulties, thus they only use elemental energy from external sources. They are call
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How I Became a Pokémon Card 5

How I Became A Pokémon Card

Vol.6 Ch.38 : Akari And Pikachu's Birthday

42,150 Jan 20,16 HIMENO Kagemaru

How I Became a Pokémon Card is a manga created by Kagemaru Himeno, who is also an artist for the TCG. While the manga includes some reoccurring characters, each chapter is mainly a standalone story featuring one Pokémon, such as Dratini or Jolteon. At some point within each story an image of an actual Pokémon card is shown, the stories expand on the image that appears on the c
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Love x Rob x Stockholm 5

Love X Rob X Stockholm

Vol.1 Ch.5 : The Flaming Choice (Prologue)

78,150 Jan 20,16 Haruse Hiroki

Sayama Junichirou is an ordinary student who wishes for some action in his life. Then when he comes home one day, he becomes the hostage of a famous bank robber, Kazuha.
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Unjou Roukaku Kidan 4.7

Unjou Roukaku Kidan

Vol.3 Ch.14 : Safety

101,357 Jan 20,16 Gotou Sei

Kasumi was given a name favored by the gods so she would always be protected. Yet, when there is a drought in her village, she's the one chosen as the human sacrifice to go to beg the gods for rain. Her parents are sad, but Kasumi goes anyway. When she gets to the heavens, they try to send her back, but she won't go until her village sees rain, and now she's determined to become a fairy of the hea
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Unlimited Wings 5

Unlimited Wings

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Ancient Craft

38,728 Jan 20,16 Matsuda Miki

Elizabeth Whitehead is a foreign teenage girl with a terminal illness who is particularly fond of air races. When she needed a new engine for her airplanes, she goes to Japan to a famous smith, Aramaki. Aramaki has stopped making jet engines as he still hasn't forgiven himself for contributing to WWII, but upon hearing Elizabeth's situation, he offers his services.
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Wild Pitch 4.6

Wild Pitch

Vol.2 Ch.12 : In Corner

118,061 Jan 20,16 Kaneda Mario

From Promfret: Sakuraba Kenji is an aspiring baseball player, however due to some circumstances he gave up on baseball, and moved to a new High School so that he is able to give up on it totally. On the day that he visit the new school he will be attending, he meets a girl, Mamiya Itsuka who mistakenly does something to him, causing him to faint. When he awakes, he realizes that the place he will
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Hisureba 4.3



70,592 Jan 20,16 Kanno Touko

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