Kaeru no Ossan 5

Kaeru No Ossan

Chapter 36

184,432 Jan 20,16 Shimabukuro Zenyuu

Synopsis by Mangabox: "There's an old man with a face like a frog living in my house…what's up with that?" A short comedy about what happens when an elementary school student who looks good in short pants and a middle-aged amphibian live together!
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Difu Daili Ren 5

Difu Daili Ren

Chapter 20 : This Is Bad, I'm Falling For The Enemy

138,569 Jan 20,16 Fisher Kid

Ghosts want to be reincarnated, but in order to do so, they’ll have to rebel against Hell’s rules… Upsetting the balance of Yin and Yang, ghosts begin to band together and form groups, in an attempt to return to the realm of the living. The leaders of Hell must find these ghosts and return them to the realm they belong to, but there’s a problem… There aren’t enough people for the job! So now, w
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Kono Jinruiiki no Zelphy 5

Kono Jinruiiki No Zelphy

Vol.3 Chapter 10 : Zelphy

105,823 Jan 20,16 Shiono Etorouji

From MangaHelpers: Reesha was once a prince of a powerful dynasty, but after the end of a war, his home is no more. In the the first three years of Reesha's new life, he went to school with some of his family's former subjects, now his friends. However, after they graduated, they all joined the military. Reesha's small size, due to his artificial heart, has prevented his acceptance into the mil
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Cyborg Future Fox 5

Cyborg Future Fox

Vol.1 Chapter 1 Part 2

45,808 Jan 20,16 Nick Reid

On the planet Paradyze, a war between the surface and underworld has been going on for centuries. A young cyborg fox named Maze fights for the resistance against the underworld, but has lost hope for an end to the war...until an alien named Grumble crash lands on his planet, and brings with him the technology to change everything...
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S+M 4.3


Vol.1 Ch.3

121,177 Jan 20,16 SUMOTO Amu

From ShoujoMagic:Ryou has the biggest breasts of any shoujo manga heroine to date! But life isn't any piece of (cheese) cake, because she's constantly being assaulted by perverts who want to cop a feel. The first man who doesn't obsess over her assets turns out to be the first man she ever wants to have obsess over her, though there's something strange about him... One time she's with him, he's a
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Chiiko Basketball! 5

Chiiko Basketball!

Chapter 1

45,683 Jan 20,16 Komeshiro Kasu

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Werewolf Breeding 4.6

Werewolf Breeding

Vol.1 Ch.101.5 : Season Hiatus

693,850 Jan 20,16 Yoon Joon-sik

Vampires rule the night taking the blood of those they desire. Humanity's only chance of defeating them is to restore the long lost Original Werewolf. Join in the fight between werewolves and vampires to save humanity, to save the world. Original webtoon (Korean webcomic) initially published on Daum.
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Tora to Ookami 5

Tora To Ookami

Vol.4 Ch.12

122,405 Jan 20,16 Kamio Youko

From Nagareboshi Manga: Mii is a BL (Boys Love) fanatic who helps her grandmother run a family restaurant. Her monotonous life is turned around when two beautiful college boys come to eat! One is the kind Tora, and the other is the snotty Ookami, who refuses to eat the restaurant's food. More than boy troubles, Mii needs to save the restaurant from corporate big-shots who want to renovate the ar
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Sawattemo Ii kana 4.9

Sawattemo Ii Kana

Vol.1 Ch.4

74,771 Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Miecohouse

After Shirou accidentally witnesses his older brother having sex with his best friend's brother, his world is turned upside down. Masami, on the other hand, seems to be taking this way too calmly while Shirou doesn't even know how to act around his friend anymore, but what goes on between their brothers shouldn't affect their friendship, right? -Baka-updates
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Ashita Mata, Kono Sekai de 5

Ashita Mata, Kono Sekai De

Vol.5 Chapter 29 : Escorts, Part Vi

193,118 Jan 20,16 Hama

You awake on your back in a forest covered with ash, confused, uncertain. How did you get there? Why does your head hurt so much? Why is a book containing but blank pages strapped to your back? Why are you… a rabbit? Yes, you’re a rabbit. And you are being chased by a massive wolf. What will you do now? Original web manga
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Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan 4.9

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei No Kyoukan

Chapter 2 : Practical Training

100,121 Jan 20,16 Moroboshi Yuu

The story is set in a world where humanity, driven off the land by the threat of magical armored insects, now live in aerial floating cities. Thus wizards - aerial combat mages who fight the insects with magical powers - came into being. Kanata Age is a young man who lives on the floating wizard academy city of "Misutogan." He was once celebrated as the "Black Master Swordsman," the elite ace o
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Kimi no Tame ni Hiku Chopin 5

Kimi No Tame Ni Hiku Chopin

Vol.3 Ch.9

102,074 Jan 20,16 Nagae Tomomi

From Aerandria Scans: Our protagonist, Aine, met Hiroshi by chance when she was very little, and she remembers even now how much fun she had listening to his piano performance. She has always dreamt of meeting him again, but when she does, he is called "The Piano Prince" and seems very hard to approach. And then, before her appears the spirit of Chopin himself! He will make the wheel of fate tu
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Kidou Senshi Z Gundam Define 5

Kidou Senshi Z Gundam Define

Chapter 44

59,272 Jan 20,16 Yatate Hajime

Ensign Reccoa Londe has provided the AEUG with information regarding possible mobile suit development at the civilian colonies of Green Noa. Lieutenant Quattro (Char Aznable) with his wingmen Lieutenant JGs Apolly (Andy) and Roberto (Ricardo) head to the colony to investigate. On Green Noa 1, Kamille Bidan is rushing to the spaceport where the Temptation, a ship a former One Year War ace is on, is
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Dame Ijiwaru H 5

Dame Ijiwaru H

Vol.1 Chapter 4

41,557 Jan 20,16

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Tsume to Toge 5

Tsume To Toge

Vol.1 Ch.6

114,005 Jan 20,16 Miyagi Tooko

From Paradise Love Scanlations: Nanao Shuuji left his hometown where his family runs a well-known chain of supermarkets, and became a part-time teacher at a cram school. One day the son of his father’s mistress, Takatou Kazuomi, appears before him. Shuuji once confronted Kazuomi’s mother, and also injured Kazuomi as well. Kazuomi made use of Shuuji’s weakness in order to keep getting financial
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Asanaga Ryuutarou no Midara na Nichijou 4.8

Asanaga Ryuutarou No Midara Na Nichijou

Chapter 2 : Asanaga Ryuutarou, Kadouka Desu 2

86,140 Jan 20,16 Kitazawa Kyou

Asanaga Ryuutarou, the successor to a floral arrangement family, has a severe but overly beautiful appearance. Despite this, he has two secrets which have not yet been let out into the world. Number one: he has a male lover. Number two: he is an extreme masochist. With those secrets noticed by the creepy and wild movie director Edagawa, will they be let out to Ryuutarou’s beloved boyfriend, Maki..
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Unmei no Hana 4.7

Unmei No Hana

Vol.2 Ch.10

135,252 Jan 20,16 Tsunoda Ryoku

From Fantasyshrine: “Wanna sleep with me and see?” said the beautiful young man, Shunen, to the not-so-ordinary salary man Yuuki! “DON’T SUCCUMB TO LUST!” preached the serious Yuuki. Yet, under Shunen’s skillful seduction, Yuuki was unable to resist! As fate would have it, Shunen turned out to be Yuuki's betrothed! And unbeknownst to Yuuki, Shunen has a perculiar quirk... he couldn’t live witho
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Usotsuki 4.4


Vol.1 Ch.6 : A Liar

69,559 Jan 20,16 Cj Michalski

Collection of oneshots: 1) Saigo ni, Kimi Dake wo Hiro has been inseparably bound up with his selfish friend from his childhood. He is called and comforts him whenever his friend parts from his lovers. His friend confesses his love to Hiro only after they fall over the cliff and is going to die... 2) Love Letter An urban delinquent student should transfer to local school by his parents' or
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Utopia's Avenger 4.2

Utopia's Avenger

Vol.3 Ch.23 : Heaven´s Shadow

178,537 Jan 20,16 Oh Se-kwon

From Tokyopop: After establishing an idealized utopian country, the legendary warrior, Hong Gil-Dong, disappeared without a trace. As time passed, the people of the land began to forget about Hong Gil-Dong, who had been enjoying a peaceful existence of anonymity in a small village. Until one day, when a band of unknown warriors invaded the village, leaving it in utter ruin. Now, Hong Gil-Dong h
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(Tomato that is) Going Bad 4.6

(Tomato That Is) Going Bad

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Chapter 4

79,139 Jan 20,16 Sadahiro Mika

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Change-R 5


Chapter 4

65,149 Jan 20,16 Ueno Nito

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Utsukushii Otoko 5

Utsukushii Otoko

Vol.2 Ch.6

76,528 Jan 20,16 Takaguchi Satosumi

Welcome to the future. In tried-and-true sci-fi fashion, the date is given in a time system that we have no reference for, so I can't tell you how far into the future we are beyond saying that it is S.E. 156. Thirty years before our story begins, an ace space pilot by the name of M2 Rimstein was put into an experimental cold sleep until such time as he would be needed. That time is now. He is u
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Goshujin-sama to Watashi (Hachishiro) 4.8

Goshujin-Sama To Watashi (Hachishiro)

Chapter 3

80,615 Jan 20,16 Hachishiro (itou Hachi)

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Yoru no Taiko 5

Yoru No Taiko


63,371 Jan 20,16 Yamakawa Naoto

A one-volume compilation of three stories meditating on work, identity, and purpose. The first three chapters contain "Psychic Training," the story of a young girl who desperately wants to become a psychic. The fourth and fifth contain a retelling of "Bartleby the Scrivener." The sixth contains "Yoru no Taiko."
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